Remdesivir to cost $3120 for typical COVID-19 treatment: Report

As the country begins to pullback on reopenings, U.S. coronavirus cases continue to surge. Yahoo Finance’s Anjalee Khemlani weighs in.
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Scarlette Sobera
Scarlette Sobera:
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Update: Gilead Sciences to charge US government $2,340 for remdesivir. ONLY FIVE DOSES REQUIRED!!!! $500 per dose!!!! It is reported in the U.K. that Liverpool University worked out that it costs $9.32 to manufacture one 10-day course of remdesivir treatment - and that includes an fair profit’. !!!!

The only vaccine the USA will get is from the U.K., that’s why they gave British research $1billion only weeks ago. British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca will manufacture and distribute the British vaccine AT COST PRICE! Contrast this with American behaviour, the USA have bought the worlds supply of remdesivir, leaving everybody else without!!

British vaccine supplies to the US look doubtful - I hope!
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo:
that´s like saying China should take over the USA, because it will save like 50 trillion instead of 100 trillion
carebear09 White
carebear09 White:
Go to Mexico like dallas buyers club
Taking advantage of those that need money the most.

The antiviral medicine remdesivir from Gilead Sciences failed to speed the
improvement of patients with Covid-19 or prevent them from dying,
according to results from a long-awaited clinical trial conducted in
China. Gilead, however, said the data suggest a “potential benefit.”

A summary of the study results was
inadvertently posted to the website of the World Health Organization and
seen by STAT on Thursday, but then removed.
Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo:
why not just charge as much as someone´s life is worth, so a milionaire would pay say 1 million
Reginald Fluffington
Reginald Fluffington:
This is exactly why people are railing against the US medical system. Making drugs that expensive and the CEOs of these companies get millions in profit off people's suffering.
Sideways Obama
Sideways Obama:
American Pharmaceutical doing what they do best 🤦‍♂️
Victor Pati
Victor Pati:
Sound good 👍
Veronica Quednau
Veronica Quednau:
Why, when the government FAILED to protect us, are we going to foot this bill.

Write your elected officials- the government should foot the cost for everything.

We are the victim's. Victim's of the virus. Victim's of the government WE PAY to represent us and EPICALLY failed!

Why are we getting "it" without even a kiss on the cheek?

We did get that "GREAT" stimulus check, how long ago?? Was that payment for taking "it" up the "Oops" now?

This was government funded treatment.

This is outrageous. Healthcare premiums will go up. Co Pays will go up etc...

We don't fail to pay our taxes to thee out of touch, teet sucking politicians. WHY, then are we rooting this bill for THEIR failure?
anony moose
anony moose:
That means the Gold to Remdesivir ratio is 1.76.. Nearly 2 ounces of gold for this treatment..
D J:
No thanks I don't associate with drug dealers
John Smith
John Smith:
There are vast amounts of profits to be made off of Covid-19. It's a big moneymaker for big Pharma. Money makes the world go around, always has. Remember, life is not a Disney movie people.
Earl Bramley-Howard
Earl Bramley-Howard:
And now you know why a prophylactic, generic drug treatment which costs a hundred bucks per patient was so roundly condemned as 'dangerous'.
Electricos Cosmos
Electricos Cosmos:
Grandmas Hydroxychloroquine arthritis medication is like $5 a bottle, I’d rather take that for 3 days and be ok.
Poetically So
Poetically So:
Martin Shkreli
Sebastian Pichardo
Sebastian Pichardo:
World needs to end already
Jean Martin
Jean Martin:
This scam is a shame !
If just 1 million people buy it, that will be over 3 trillion dollars. Greed is astounding.
After paying $3k there is no guarantee of full recovery from this medication. Someone could spend that much and still die.