Regis Philbin, legendary television host, dies at 88 years old

Legendary television host Regis Philbin has died at 88 years old, according to a statement from his family. Actor Alan Alda reflects on his friendship with Philbin in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

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Slow down 2020. Too many great people dying. I can’t keep up. 😫😩😭💔RIP Regis! 😢
Celena Oxley
Celena Oxley:
R. I. P. Too many icons being lost during this already depressing year.
Kerry-Ann McKenzie
Kerry-Ann McKenzie:
I was sad when he came off television. Sadder now that he has passed. May his soul rest in peace.
David J
David J:
RIP. He lived a good long life.
Political Overload
Political Overload:
"I had my years of struggling. Some of my shows failed miserably, and I was upset by it and it dented my confidence. But I never stopped. I kept going for it." Regis Philbin
Suzy Q
Suzy Q:
🥀Rest in peace, Regis.
Yes, that is my final answer.
Always viewed Reeg as the male Betty White and he'd live forever. A Letterman Legend. Always seemed genuine. Ode to Joy. Peace is the final answer. Rest well, Mr. Philbin ...
Angel Eyes33
Angel Eyes33:
2020 is a whirlwind man.
Trojan Hell
Trojan Hell:
Everyone is dying in 2020 everyone we knew who gave us memorable childhoods is dying ..... and we ending up stuck with political buffoons instead ......
He was a good man. RIP.
Victoria Ballard
Victoria Ballard:
Regis aged so beautifully. His kindness showed through on his face. He will be much missed. Love to the family.
Shari Crocker
Shari Crocker:
RIP REGIS, you will be missed. Condolences to your family, my prayers are with all.
Shlisa Shell
Shlisa Shell:
*Anyone who didn't grow up with Regis has really missed out.* Seek out some of the best of Regis videos if you are not familiar with him.
Get IT J
Get IT J:
Wow, he was such a great man it seemed. Much personality and kindness
Shlisa Shell
Shlisa Shell:
Regis has been in my life for so long. I am sad he is gone. Sending blessings to the family.
Mrs Atkinson
Mrs Atkinson:
Fly High Regis 👼 🙏
Love Regis! So sad.
Final Answer!
1K subscribers With zero videos
1K subscribers With zero videos:
Rest In Peace ☮️ Regis❤️❤️❤️Much love
That man lived a blessed life! Could put a smile on anyone's face
Samuel Dumas
Samuel Dumas:
I remember when I was a kid I thought that him and kathie lee was husband and wife 😂 I was sad when I found out that was not true
Ugh watching who wants to be a millionaire with my dad was one of my childhood highlights =(
Boa Boy
Boa Boy:
The hardest working man in heaven
What an insurmountable loss. RIP Regis Francis Xavier Philbin: 1931-2020.
I got to meet Regis, as I was his bartender, he was most gracious and good fun.
James MG
James MG:
He had a really good run, he lived a good life in New York, achieved fame, wealth, and status, made a lot of folks smile and laugh for decades...I guess he just ran out of life lines.
maame boatemaa t
maame boatemaa t:
I loved his Monday morning stories..I actually looked forward to hear how his weekend was..I loved the story when he went to Martha Stewart's party a day earlier it was hilarious RIP ..sorry for ur loss Joy
Bryan christy
Bryan christy:
God Bless his soul and his family
I always liked Regis Philbin.He seemed like a very nice and gentle man.He was funny too.Rest in peace,Rege.
Faith E. Bodle
Faith E. Bodle:
So sorry to hear...prayers & condolences for his wife & family! RIP
Brenda Taylor
Brenda Taylor:
I can’t believe that Alan Alda, I must be getting old to.
Dewey Watts
Dewey Watts:
NBC are masters at firing the wrong people.
mike conley
mike conley:
We've lost so many historical figures from my generation the last few years.
Rip sir.
VAGA Official TV
VAGA Official TV:
RIP Regis 🙏
I remember seeing him on TV with Kathy Lee when I was in kindergarten before school. He always seemed like such a kind man and my heart goes out to Joy his wife and family RIP Regis 🌈💙💗💗💗🌞
lisa tran
lisa tran:
Sad he is gone , I love to watch his show.
Donna GB
Donna GB:
Omg. A legend 😇🌷🌷broken hearts ♥️. I’m sorry to his family n sending love 💝. He will be missed but he he is loved 🙏❤️🌷🌷❤️ God bless
devon rampersad
devon rampersad:
I do not believe it. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I can hear him say "who wants to be a millionaire?"
Dr. Jones
Dr. Jones:
This is definitely the end of a generation. RIP Regis
Paul LaRue
Paul LaRue:
He hosted "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?", and "Million Dollar Password".
Samuel Dumas
Samuel Dumas:
Rip 😢 sad to hear about this another Legend gone that I grew up watching
Kathi Kamholz
Kathi Kamholz:
RIP Regis. My deepest heartfelt prayers n condolences to Joy and their girls.
Well done, good and faithful servant
Simone .ctw
Simone .ctw:
We love Regis. He was such a good man and he will surely be missed. Remembering him fondly. May he "Rest in Peace"..
C.D Hen-War
C.D Hen-War:
Another one is gone. Every week we are losing someone..😔
Speaking of legends, Alan Alda is one of them.
Danette Costa
Danette Costa:
So very sorry to hear this. My heart is with his family and his many, many friends. I watched his show for so many years since a child.

I’m relieved to come here and see such lovely comments. That’s how scared I am of how people behave these days. :( Civilization isn’t completely gone. 💛💛
Lloyd B
Lloyd B:
This year smh, RIP Mr. Philbin
Tyler Smash
Tyler Smash:
2020 sucks.
Regis Philbin is LEGENDARY and truly will be missed , may he rest in peace
Man what a year this has been so far smh. Rest in paradise Regis
Riquel Pyles
Riquel Pyles:
Absolute SADNESS!! My condolences to his family, as well as the rest of the world. Very sorely missed already!
JC Tutoring
JC Tutoring:
I’ll remember Regis as my favorite host on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. He will always be remembered as a great man with a great personality.

RIP Regis Philbin!
barb spina
barb spina:
RIP Regis you were a very special man. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
I hate Hipsters
I hate Hipsters:
Why do good people die ?
And, why do terrible people like ______ keep living?
KelZ X
KelZ X:
R.I.P. Regis 🥺
Diana Rojas
Diana Rojas:
May he rest in peace 💔 hopefully they play a Dean Martin song at his funeral that's something I loved about him we loved Dean Martin made me feel close to him we had something in common ❣
So can y'all stop doing loud and low flying fear helicopter runs over my house now? Otherwise...
Rae Chevlin
Rae Chevlin:
May his memory be for a blessing ❤️
This is so sad 2020 has been a tragic
RIP Regis. A legend. 🙏❤️
DJ Deathgrip
DJ Deathgrip:
Honestly I’m really getting sick of people dying
Alan Anderson
Alan Anderson:
"Is that your final answer?"
Derek Kelley
Derek Kelley:
He is an absolute legend! I loved Regis! I was 9 or 10 one summer when I was out on summer vacation and there he and Cathy Lee were. I watched everyday that summer. He had a spice for life, and was just plain like-able! He also had a smash hit with "Who Wants to be a Millionaire".That show still plays today. To say I'll miss him is an understatement. Thank You Regis Philbin.
Paula Baumann
Paula Baumann:
I have missed him ever since he retired. I sorry to hear he transitioned.
Rest in Peace Regis Philbin, great man, great entertainer.
I still have his "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" game with his voice on it giving the questions.
All my childhood heroes going to rest is so hard to understand, still feels like I'm 15 and watching these guys...
Cole Warren
Cole Warren:
RIP. He was the host for NYRE 2005 on ABC, but I'll miss him so much.
Jeffrey Dohnger
Jeffrey Dohnger:
Damn Regis. I'm 45 and I was certain you'd be around long after my passing. Hey, 88 is a long life and you saw the world, had a family and left your mark on the world. You will be missed. I hope the media doesn't gloss over this and pays homage to your long career.
Cecil Thornton
Cecil Thornton:
One classy gentleman here;)
Rudedog gonzo
Rudedog gonzo:
Such a wonderful interview Allen
Yes we're going to miss Regis
It was always on in our house in the morning get a chuckle in before our day started. Rest in peace my friend!
MsCarla Jefferson
MsCarla Jefferson:
My ❤️ goes out to his family and thanks for years of warm, real kindness you shared with us all...Carla.
Rob Li
Rob Li:
Regis Philbin *** Born: August 25, 1931 (age 88 years), The Bronx, New York, NY
Spouse: Joy Philbin (m. 1970), Catherine Faylen (m. 1955–1968)
1 son (died at age 49) and 3 daughters / 1 grandson and 1 granddaughter
Net Worth: $150 Million ..................................... RIP Legend.
Tito Choudhury
Tito Choudhury:
RIP My favorite Regis.
Bernie Cruz
Bernie Cruz:
WOW... So hard to believe and hear! He was one of my favs! RIP REG!
Clancy Greenwood
Clancy Greenwood:
I watched the man over the years.I would like to send my condolences to his his family....RIP Regis.
Patricia A. Badea
Patricia A. Badea:
Rest in Pease Reg - THANK YOU for ALL OF THE MEMORIES growing up in the 90’s, and watching your daytime program when I was sick, or out of school during the work-week.
Hopes Heavenly Creations
Hopes Heavenly Creations:
What an Amazing man❤Always a Gentlman.God Bless him and his Family now and always🙏Rest Easy king xoxo
larie Munoz
larie Munoz:
I can't believe this! Regis is gone..
We've lost someone truly amazing.
God bless you , and my thoughts and prayers are w/ his friends and family..
Happily, Kathy Lee comforted Joy by promising to sing at the funeral, prompting Joy to say "The hell you will".

I guess that's better than Kelly Ripas typically passive-aggressive snide remark, "Who's Regis Philbin?"
Maria Smith
Maria Smith:
Regis was a unique, talented, witty and a very smart person. I miss him since he left Regis and Kelly. There will not be another one like him. RIP Regis
Princess Snape
Princess Snape:
He'll be missed love him.
On the morning talk show
Barbie Whaley
Barbie Whaley:
😭 he will be missed by many! Prayers for the family and all who loved him. He's now a beautiful angel!
Foolie Wayne the 3rd
Foolie Wayne the 3rd:
Mad love for Regis I remember the OG show Regis and Kathy Lee
Hey Jamie
Hey Jamie:
“Whenever someone can get on camera, and talk to a lens like he’s talking to you personally, that’s something really rare.”
Bless his heart, he’s never heard of youtube... where we are highly oversaturated in exactly that....
John irfan mehmet
John irfan mehmet:
Damn god bless him!
Press f to pay respects.

Boathousejoe D
Boathousejoe D:
R.i.p.As far back as I can remember Regis was a force of positivity!
laura j phillips
laura j phillips:
Everyone forgot about Christins Ferrari she worked with him too, I’m sure she is sad also!
R.i.p Regis 🙏🙏❤
jerry smith
jerry smith:
Condolences 💔 to his family 💔 friends 💔 Also co-workers too.
David Carpenter
David Carpenter:
You brightened up many hours for me, Regis. Thank you, and RIP.
Jameer Johnson
Jameer Johnson:
Rip Regis 🙏🏽
😭🌹RIP Mr Philbin you'll truly be missed
John F
John F:
RIP Regis, thank you for those great moments you brought to us.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith:
RIP, Millionaire was one of my favorites as a kid! What a legend.
Mr. Wonderful
Mr. Wonderful:
I went to Regis & Kelly in '02, Colin Farrell & L. Lohan were the guests. Me & my mom were able to meet him after & get a pic, & he was a really really sweet guy
Phillis Parrott
Phillis Parrott:
He was so real. So sad for his family. He could make me laugh when others could not. He is an icon, which will be missed
3D Drew
3D Drew:
Wow. Such a legend lost. Absolutely amazing host of so many shows. He was amazing. RIP.
Beastmen Delegate
Beastmen Delegate:
My mom loved this guy’s show. Thanks for the memories Mr. Philbin.
I remember the first time I saw Regis was decades ago when he was the announcer on The Joey Bishop Show.