Rebel Wilson Dishes On Weight Loss Journey & New Series ‘LOL’

Rebel Wilson is feelin' good! The "Pitch Perfect" star flaunted her svelte figure in a plunging blue dress as she posed for a hotel room photo shoot during press for her upcoming comedy series "LOL." In May, the 40-year-old actress shared an update on her goals in a motivational Instagram post and revealed that her health mission was to get down to 165 pounds. She also confessed that she hopes to have one of her movies in production by 2021.

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Rebel Wilson Dishes On Weight Loss Journey & New Series ‘LOL’


76 komento:

De tudo um pouco
De tudo um pouco:
She's 40? She looks younger then that.
No way she’s 40! She looks like she’s in her late 20s. Good luck to her in her journey.
Koral Davis
Koral Davis:
I love her no matter what size she is
Jessica Notyoursnowbunnytho Irvin
Jessica Notyoursnowbunnytho Irvin:
She looks incredible
Inspiration Motivation
Inspiration Motivation:
She’s 40!?
Aisha N. B
Aisha N. B:
She looks 30 as apposed to 40. Beautiful 💗
Lorenzo Lorenzo
Lorenzo Lorenzo:
Wait rebel is 40.i thought she was in her 20s
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous:
First Adele now her you go!! . 🖤
Search Party
Search Party:
She's always been a beautiful lady. Her personality and sense of humor is what started me crushing on her years ago. I find her even more attractive now. Not for the change in her appearance, which is quite stunning to be honest. As an overweight person myself I'm well aware of the accompanying health-related issues. I'm so proud of her for having the strength and determination to make the changes necessary to not just give her a damn sexy body, but a healthier one that will ensure she can continue to entertain us for years to com. Love ya Rebel. Always have and always will.
Lorenzo Crespin
Lorenzo Crespin:
Beautiful young woman regardless of her weight. You go rebel.
Amber Campbell
Amber Campbell:
I am so happy for her, because she did something that she wanted to do for herself. I hope she reaches her goal!
Anne ONeill
Anne ONeill:
She looks great! My favorite thing about her is her sense of humor! She is one if the best comedians around!
Isabella ncali
Isabella ncali:
I love Rebel and she is absolutely gorgeous!
Martin Smith
Martin Smith:
She's pretty!
SARAH Secret-LastName
SARAH Secret-LastName:
She's the freakin best!!
Lori Reece
Lori Reece:
This woman is stunning! Her size should not matter in this day and age.
Vernell Harris
Vernell Harris:
Happy for her!!
Liza Schizas
Liza Schizas:
Wow! What a transformation! You go girl! 👊 just remember progress not perfection 👊
Liberty Hussein
Liberty Hussein:
OMG! She was beautiful before weight loss, and look at her now!
Elliot Domoney
Elliot Domoney:
Jesus around 75kg, that's so amazing. Good for her.
Jonathan Guzman
Jonathan Guzman:
She's an inspiration. I looked up to her ever since she recounted her story of becoming an actress after hallucinating from malaria. She made me believe in Destiny. Te amo Fat Amy!!!!
Alan Godden
Alan Godden:
Hey Rebel good luck to you hard work it feels great getting fit hey your looking really good keep up the fighting spirit girl all the best from Alan Qld Australia...🌷
Orion xXx
Orion xXx:
Always Prioritize Your Own Health and Overall Well Being... For Without.. NOTHING Else Matters !!!
Rebel you look incredible. You have inspired me to lose weight. You look amazing
Race Ros69
Race Ros69:
Super happy for her!!!❤️👏😍gorgeous always
Love her either way
Goji Berry
Goji Berry:
She's always had a pretty face this woman
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd:
Holy shit as a guy I’m seriously jealous that’s awesome
Cole Cash
Cole Cash:
I've had a crush on her ever since I first seen her
Queen Supreme
Queen Supreme:
I really like her and I don’t know why ❤️
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas:
You look amazing...... Very happy for you and your hard work
Seon Cantrell
Seon Cantrell:
She was sexy when she was big 😍
alvin medina
alvin medina:
awesome rebel. you can and will reach your goals!
Dark Woods
Dark Woods:
Good for her. Takes a lot of effort and discipline to lose weight and get healthy like that.
Zara KB
Zara KB:
40?! ain’t no way
Jimmy Iggy
Jimmy Iggy:
Amy Schroeder?
John P M
John P M:
Wow like I'm in love, she is soooooo sexy
wtf. smh
wtf. smh:
I would bend that. lol
Damien Lee
Damien Lee:
Very beautiful rebel you are doing great also I always support her in her career no matter what size she is or was big women she gourgues 😊.
Yvette Wong
Yvette Wong:
stopppp she's not 40! 👁👄👁
Kimberley Pex
Kimberley Pex:
Great ! She has the same nice face ! A great actrice , “ the hustle ! “ a top comedy movie and much other movie s !
crazzi-j north
crazzi-j north:
I just hope she doesn’t lose her funny with the weight that seems to happen a lot
A lot of people had the nerve to attack her for wanting to get slim and fit.
Steve H.
Steve H.:
Whether you are plus size or smaller you are a beautiful person and are very talented!
Oliver Sykes
Oliver Sykes:
Weapon X
Weapon X:
Giggity 🥰
matthew mark
matthew mark:
just eat starch based low oil vegan food for a couple of months. your whole body would reset and become very lean.
From Maine Jim
From Maine Jim:
I'm so happy you're finally losing weight. You have such a beautiful face in to carry around all that extra weight is just not good in any way. Congratulations and keep up the good hard work. You will feel better or you'll be healthier and you'll look absolutely beautiful.
K A:
💨 show
The Judged
The Judged:
Charles Kim
Charles Kim:
She look so much younger now.
kenny jensen
kenny jensen:
Is it selfish of me to say that I liked her before, Idk I cant see her the same way anymore just another face of hollywood actresses 😔
Gautam Amur
Gautam Amur:
Gurl your accent
Barb Foertsch
Barb Foertsch:
Love Rebel
Where's the weight loss?
Lerzoos Lercoos
Lerzoos Lercoos:
Losing weight and still busty . that's good that's good
James Victorovich
James Victorovich:
I find her annoying AF, but 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻.
Christian S Kenyon
Christian S Kenyon:
She was never fat. I just felt gorged.
Truth Seeker.
Truth Seeker.:
Keep going,Ur career will go bananas, you're a good looking chick,truth is excess negative weight isn't healthy,so boot it off!get fit & spunky,all the best!
wookie one
wookie one:
Why can she say rebel right wtf it's not hard.
Mimi Simone
Mimi Simone:
She is beautiful no matter what. She has one of the most beautiful face. She actually looks like nicole kidman
Rahmat ullah
Rahmat ullah:
ARE you vERy NicE 🌷
Samuel Gallezzo
Samuel Gallezzo:
She is hot at any weight
Shane Flemming
Shane Flemming:
Rebel you don't need to loose weight you are so hot!!!!
I don’t know who narrated this ..but wow. I don’t think anyone could sound more stupid. Hire someone who can actually read like a normal person
Aww man who else is sad bc she loocked better with weight
John Duwe
John Duwe:
But wait a minute....Isn't she body shaming herself by trying to get
Kotol Tokol
Kotol Tokol:
If ur not single rebel ill date either ur fat or skinny ill still date u ...I would love to take u to one of the most beautiful islands in the world
Orange OwL
Orange OwL:
Skinny Rebel is way hotter than skinny Adel. Adel looked better as a BBW.
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor:
Too bad losing weight does not make someone smarter.
violet jebraily
violet jebraily:
You must looking for customer in your bedroom 😎
Rebel Wilson has been on a diet since she was born. Ridiculous.
James Short
James Short:
she is definitely 5 months away from being every guys sexual fantasy no doubt!!!😘😍
D Lee
D Lee:
why is it a big deal when some pig from down under need more attention and stops eating? or starts puking more?
Iking Little
Iking Little:
Stormy Daniels
Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher:
But i thought fat was beautiful. Is she being fatphobic?
The fat is what kept her looking young bet she will look older now like Adele 😭 hope she puts it back on.