Rebel Wilson - 2020 Weight Loss Transformation at 40

'The year of health' is what Rebel Wilson has declared here 2020. As the star turns 40 she has made some dramatic life changes that have put her in the healthiest position of her adult life.

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Can Be Fit
Can Be Fit:
Lets all in the words of Rebel Wilson make this 'the year of health'.
Timothy Lee, MS, OT, CPT
Timothy Lee, MS, OT, CPT:
Wow, I didn't know she was trying to lose weight. She looks completely different and I'm sure she's healthier!
Taylor Dizon
Taylor Dizon:
She not all about the bass, she can do the treble too.
Good for her. Affects of Obesity has caused more deaths than most people realize. Hope she is able to stay at a healthy weight for her. She looks very nice. Wish her the best.
Alex Liliano
Alex Liliano:
Rebel Wilson actually has a really pretty face when she's skinny. She can be a dime if she loses enough weight.
Pogiboy Productions
Pogiboy Productions:
She is true inspiration! At 40 years old, anything is possible 🙂
Mieka Fasting Weight Loss
Mieka Fasting Weight Loss:
Wow I don’t even remember her being that big. Love her movies.
Guided Investor
Guided Investor:
Damn I didn't realise she had lost so much weight! Extra pressure on her being a celebrity aswell. Respect
Ann David
Ann David:
Proud of her....She is an inspiration to us all.....Great share, my friend.....Sixty nine
Dive Monster
Dive Monster:
She is such an inspiration!!! Fat Amy who??!!!
Grey Wolf Fitness
Grey Wolf Fitness:
She looking fantastic but the weird thing is how will Hollywood take to her new look MINT
simply cm
simply cm:
hope your having a wonderful day
Water Bug
Water Bug:
Good for her! I love her as an actress and it’s amazing to see how far she’s come in 2020 despite everything that’s happened! She won’t ever see this but great job!!
She was beautiful before, but now she’s beautiful and healthy! Congrats, rebel.
Victoria Albastra
Victoria Albastra:
Good for her! First Adele, now Rebel, next : ME
Total shred Fitness
Total shred Fitness:
The year of health I like that... she worked so hard 🙌🏼
Dang she looks like she’s still in her late 20s maybe early 30s. Wouldn’t figure she was 40
Kirsten Quick Fit
Kirsten Quick Fit:
Beautiful transformation!! The positive changes we experience physically affects us mentally and spiritually!! This is beautiful!!
Asm Loke
Asm Loke:
very motivate video. I going to start again my diet and exercise this weekend. hopefully can make some diff. ^_^
Love love love these. I love the boxing one. Boxing is so much fun! How are you doing Chris? (:
YH Legacy
YH Legacy:
She looks amazing, congrats to her!
sha wn
sha wn:
I hope your having a wonderful day just remember when times get tough you have us to support you love the channel and I really hope you grow 🌱
tuksakat1 tuksakat1
tuksakat1 tuksakat1:
She is still about 40 lbs too much for her height.
Mr Jeewan
Mr Jeewan:
Great day..!!! Again great doing fantastic.hope you growing well.
See you soon..God bless you..!!!❤🙏
Márcio Costa o canhotinho do forró
Márcio Costa o canhotinho do forró:
Bom Dia!! Estou por aqui com você viu,,sempre somando e
fortalecendo seu trabalho,,,Parabéns,,,que Deus abençoe
Discoveringbands by Michael Nagy
Discoveringbands by Michael Nagy:
Wow very inspiring video and it's truly amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!!
Sebastian Stolz
Sebastian Stolz:
Wow she looks so good and she will be more healthy for sure
Art and Colours
Art and Colours:
Brilliant transformation
Devi Siregarrr
Devi Siregarrr:
Very nice
Woven Chaos
Woven Chaos:
She looks incredible
She’s a true talent ♠️✨♠️✨♠️✨♠️🔆♠️✨♠️✨
grace miks ejera
grace miks ejera:
wow loveeeit...great transformation
simply cm
simply cm:
Proud of her....She is an inspiration to us all....
sofiyarini ambarwati
sofiyarini ambarwati:
Is it me or her hair is still on the fat mode and need some adjustment 😁
marvelous sweet411
marvelous sweet411:
That's amazing it's always so positive when you see people are making such extreme transformation
Dark Woods
Dark Woods:
Good for her. Takes a lot of effort and discipline to lose weight and get healthy like that.
Adrian and Nico
Adrian and Nico:
I dont know who this is ... however I am proud of her for getting her addiction down! She rocked it! VERY proud
RENAISSANCE channel Meet the Farmer family
RENAISSANCE channel Meet the Farmer family:
she look wonderful after her weight loss
Rebel Wilson - 2020 Weight Loss Transformation at 40
Seven Day Creation
Seven Day Creation:
i'm so glad. i have found your channel❤❤❤Watched your full video.amazing content Very nice to watch. Keep going sending my full support..😍😍hope you do back also❤️
Eyes Telesales
Eyes Telesales:
Hey you! Awesome intro!
Hi there!
New friend is here
Sending you my PERMANENT support!
Hope to see you in my 🏡sales 😊
Thank you

Fully watched here❤️
The Shamus of Slots
The Shamus of Slots:
Brian Wilson is my hero ... great viewing!
Cristine Baloaloa
Cristine Baloaloa:
Amazing transformation, big done, stay safe
Moody Blooms
Moody Blooms:
She looks great! Have you seen her new netflix show? HILARIOUS!!
very good sharing,Have the great moment friend
Korean kella කොරියන් කෙල්ල
Korean kella කොරියන් කෙල්ල: frnd here..❤
Underwater World Philippine Sea
Underwater World Philippine Sea:
Great video my friend I'm happy to watch it, very inspiring 🤗
That was awesome my friend 🤩👍. Good for her ❤️.
Filipino Cooking Channel and Filipino Fitness
Filipino Cooking Channel and Filipino Fitness:
great weight loss transformation with a full view
Glorious Presence
Glorious Presence:
She's done really well!
Gabriel Pitit granmet la
Gabriel Pitit granmet la:
Hello guys in sending my full support to you rest back
AB's Kitchen Recipes & Vlogs
AB's Kitchen Recipes & Vlogs:
Nice upload:):)
Bang Tomi Chanel
Bang Tomi Chanel:
She looks completely different
The Stephenson Grech Family
The Stephenson Grech Family:
she looks amazing
Filipino Cooking Channel and Filipino Fitness
Filipino Cooking Channel and Filipino Fitness:
great weight loss, like 73 with a full view
Susanne Feddern
Susanne Feddern:
Wow, this is so incredible. Many thanks for sharing my friend!!!
LeoCasio Music
LeoCasio Music:
Wow rebel Wilson skinny reminds me a lot of dolly Parton
How 2 Housewife
How 2 Housewife:
Been waiting for this!
Barnali World
Barnali World:
Nice New frnd here sending my full support hope you will do the same
ChiTown Scratcher
ChiTown Scratcher:
Oh wow! She hit her goals. Awesome 👍
The Stephenson Grech Family
The Stephenson Grech Family:
that was so amazing hope u are doing ok
Albert Towns
Albert Towns:
Wow, I love these videos, amazing.
Man what a difference!
This is a super job! Cool video! Let's go!
The Barefoot Vlogger
The Barefoot Vlogger:
Hey CBF another quality compilation! Can't believe how much Rebel lost looks like another person!
Cheguei adorei seu vídeo deixei meu joinha fica com Deus
pam pam TV
pam pam TV:
Omg didn't realise this
tasha shaback
tasha shaback:
wow this is so great
C D:
Now if she could just work on that face and hair
Ezo Fitness
Ezo Fitness:
Amazing video!
she Kenya tv
she Kenya tv:
Thanks for this content lol
Shree Innovative Crafts
Shree Innovative Crafts:
Wow! Great weight loss transformation at 40. Amazing job. Big big like 36. Stay connected.
Giuseppe Messina
Giuseppe Messina:
Like 66
Brad Cooper
Brad Cooper:
She looks fantastic 👍
Ritchie Egam
Ritchie Egam:
wow Rebel Wilson did made it.
Arab Tourism Egyptian pharaoh / السياحه العربيه
Arab Tourism Egyptian pharaoh / السياحه العربيه:
Useful content. Very good, amazing high quality videos. My friend, complete your journey to success
Filipino Cooking Channel and Filipino Fitness
Filipino Cooking Channel and Filipino Fitness:
watch again with a full view
Kota Tape
Kota Tape:
I like your video! thanks for sharing.
Om Je Bws
Om Je Bws:
wow nice video good job my friend.
Roadtrip Lover미국 싸다니기
Roadtrip Lover미국 싸다니기:
Awesome video. I like this actress. Thank you bro.
2 Aussie
2 Aussie:
Been watching Rebel for years great to see her do this for herself 👍
Armed & All Heart
Armed & All Heart:
Good for her!
Rubia Family
Rubia Family:
Nice weight loss transformation friend
Yosue channel
Yosue channel:
wow! great video !!
dazzling wave
dazzling wave:
Noor Bakht
Noor Bakht:
whoa/what a sexy mama she has become!
Dr Yang’s Life Tips Channel · Y-LTC
Dr Yang’s Life Tips Channel · Y-LTC:
Wow, excellent weight losses. Well done, my friend. Keep it up please.
Dauntless Harsh
Dauntless Harsh:
Wow what a fantastic real transformation
Cornel Michael
Cornel Michael:
Your video is awesome
Great and Nice content
It is amaizing keep it up
it super nice
Great and keep it up
connect with me 💖❤️
Lift and Play
Lift and Play:
Awesome transformations! New Supporter💪💲👍💪💲👍
Crew Aesthetics
Crew Aesthetics:
Grace For Living
Grace For Living:
Wowwwwwwwww all glory to God almighty. She is a great inspirational woman. Well done 👍🏾 dear. Absolutely stunning. Great job done ✅. Thank you my dear, we really appreciate you
Hau Liverpol
Hau Liverpol:
glad to see your video, wish you even more success. Thanks
Hello, I am just floored the difference and the transformation. thank you so much for sharing. 💕NonnaGrace
Rubia Family
Rubia Family:
Thanks for sharing friend
ايمان غمرى
ايمان غمرى:
Vijay Das
Vijay Das:
how they loose weight
Ubet Ubet
Ubet Ubet:
What is the name of song
Awesome video my friend 👍
Cristi Nicola
Cristi Nicola:
wow great