realme X3 Superzoom Unboxing | The realme Flagship!

So today we are going to unbox and take a first look at the latest realme X3 superzoom. realme x3 superzoom price in pakistan is not announced while make this video it will however be announced on 25 june during its official launch. realme x3 superzoom comes with a snapdragon 855+ chipset 12 GB RAM AND 256 GB STORAGE.

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OP Memes
OP Memes:
Why u didn't highlight LCD screen. Your reviews are getting biased day by day.
ij ij
ij ij:
براہ کرم سادہ رنگ کا پس منظر تبدیل کریں Please change the plain color background
Icxy Dragon
Icxy Dragon:
I had this phone in my dream but with a really better camera design 😂📸
Shahzaib Sultan
Shahzaib Sultan:
Reapme flagship. With no amoled display and old poor design 😂🤣
Imran Saeed
Imran Saeed:
realme 6i wala design h back p
Noob Gamer
Noob Gamer:
Realme X2 Amoled Display Realme X3 Ips Display Realme X4 Tft Display WTF 🤪🤪
I'm really obsessed with realme's same camera design for almost all phones
Saad Ali
Saad Ali:
Love this cellphone😍😍 and your way to represent it❤️
Maaz Koreja
Maaz Koreja:
I think amoled isliye nahi di kyun keh realme ko 120hz ka display dena tha, amoled mein high refresh dalo toh phone bahot mahenga ho jata hai!
Khakchang Jamatia
Khakchang Jamatia:
Bro can you tell me What's the price please 🙏..
Talha Ahmed
Talha Ahmed:
Design is bit old now. Realme should work on it now
Champion Iron
Champion Iron:
The intro was really good
Music World
Music World:
Just watch auto generated subtitles😂😂
This is a great phone.
This is very suitable for photography.
Intro is Amazing❤ It makes your video more professional.Good addition
Taha Siddiqui
Taha Siddiqui:
Bilal where can we pre-order this phone, please help
Shohaib MSX
Shohaib MSX:
6:47 are those nebulas?
Faizan Ali
Faizan Ali:
Kindly upload a detailed review
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh:
These is realmex50 🤣
ahmed hassan
ahmed hassan:
Should've mentioned that its a LCD display instead of AMOLED.
BloodThirsty Gaming
BloodThirsty Gaming:
Anyone noticed the subtitles😂😂😂 #Auto Generated
hammad mirza
hammad mirza:
Love From Jhang Bro
hammad mirza
hammad mirza:
Love From Jhang Bro
hammad mirza
hammad mirza:
Love From Jhang Bro
Finally a phone with non daba style
Mohammad Adeel Tahir
Mohammad Adeel Tahir:
In 80k there should super amoled display otherwise it's price should 70k
M Abdullah
M Abdullah:
It have IPS display. What the hell😂😂
Ak Studio
Ak Studio:
Hello sir I am student.i need a educational help.if you provide me a phone if you have extra I am asking because during lockdown I am unable to continue my studies
jsjsjbsjhs jsjsjbsjhsbzbbs
jsjsjbsjhs jsjsjbsjhsbzbbs:
We need complete Review😇
hammad mirza
hammad mirza:
Love From Jhang Broo
hammad mirza
hammad mirza:
Love From Jhang Broo
Nasir Khan
Nasir Khan:
when you are unboxing mobile, please told the price of mobile
hammad mirza
hammad mirza:
Love From Jhang Broo
*Display is unsatisfactory despite of having all high end features*
Great intro
muhammad ammar
muhammad ammar:
There should be 8gb of ram wth minimum price
Kamran Ali
Kamran Ali:
I used Realme ❣️❣️❣️
Abdullah Sultan
Abdullah Sultan:
Upload a proper review with camera reasult
Ali Jalal
Ali Jalal:
Asalam o alaikum
Price ktne ho ge is ke🖤
atul roy
atul roy:
realme beast 👌
Muhammad Aneel
Muhammad Aneel:
امولڈ ڈسپلے کا نہ ہونا اور Realme کا وہی پرانا اور عام سا ڈیزائن. شاید پاکستانی صارفین کو اپنی طرف زیادہ متوجہ نہ کر پائے.
Hadi malik
Hadi malik:
Realme 6 8gb or realme x3 ?
31-Iram Naz
31-Iram Naz:
Yes review
mega gaming
mega gaming:
Mehdi Muhammed
Mehdi Muhammed:
dr noor ul ain jamro
dr noor ul ain jamro:
After your review when buy anything I had good experience kindly please laptops ki reviews Dana start kra please
Najam Sheikh
Najam Sheikh:
Samsung A71 has sd 730 and Realme X3 has Sd 855+ so sad😥
BunnYisLive !
BunnYisLive !:
New here i want pubg gaming video please bro ❤️
Mustafa Baig
Mustafa Baig:
The faxct that i got an add for this phone on this vid is weirdly funny
Hashim Ilyas
Hashim Ilyas:
Make more videos about x3 detailed review etc
M.M Ehtasham Gohar.
M.M Ehtasham Gohar.:
review plzz
abdullah khan
abdullah khan:
Yes gaming and camra test
hammad mirza
hammad mirza:
Love From Jhang Broo
Rehan Ali
Rehan Ali:
اللہ‎ پاک آپ کو ہر کام میں کامیاب کرے اور نظر بعد بد سے محفوظ رکھے ۔
jamshaid Alam
jamshaid Alam:
Videoes upgraded...thats good.. specially in start
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman:
I love it
The next level video 😊👌
Khalid khan
Khalid khan:
Haha lols old camera position 🤣🤣 no super amoled 🤣🤣 lols h ye
Realme x3 aur realmex3 super zoom different hain?
Atif Tareen
Atif Tareen:
Gaming review do
Raiyan Kath Official
Raiyan Kath Official:
Make a review of it brother
By the way nice video
Malik Funny clips
Malik Funny clips:
Realme x3 super zoom ke price...?
Priyansu Burma
Priyansu Burma:
bro plz we need more videos on this phone
I wish it had an amoled display.
Hasnain Khan
Hasnain Khan:
@realme update camera design
The cinematic shots were awesome
subho jit
subho jit:
Bhai plz I need honestly gaming review please 😭😭
Bijut Telenga
Bijut Telenga:
realme x3 price
Muhammad Rehman
Muhammad Rehman:
Share a deatiled review pl
Ayesha Abdul'razzaq .cooking tv
Ayesha Abdul'razzaq .cooking tv:
Hello0o every one I,m mew here
Izhar Gaming
Izhar Gaming:
Realme x3 superzoom price bd
abrar hussain
abrar hussain:
Bahi please Realme X3 superzoon Ka review ka video to bna do
And your all videos very good and well understood content
Janzeb Ali
Janzeb Ali:
Waiting for Realme x3.
Muhammad Ibrahim
Muhammad Ibrahim:
Very nice video and also please post the review of this phone. It will be very much appreciated and keep making very good videos.
hammad mirza
hammad mirza:
Love From Jhang Broo
hammad mirza
hammad mirza:
Love From Jhang Broo
hammad mirza
hammad mirza:
Love From Jhang Broo
Ch Muhammad Mubeen
Ch Muhammad Mubeen:
Review and unbox realme x3
Afia Murtaza
Afia Murtaza:
😂😂😂🤣🤣IPS display
Saqib's Gaming Zone
Saqib's Gaming Zone:
Kindly sir full gaming review of this phone.
Sir only realme x3 ka review
Syed Aamir
Syed Aamir:
He for once didn't mention its ips lcd panel.
No headphone🤣🤣
Muhammad Junaid Mughal
Muhammad Junaid Mughal:
Price btaen bro..❤
Ismail Hanif
Ismail Hanif:
X3 k vedio me x3 ki add 😂😂
Zeeshan Jutt
Zeeshan Jutt:
#Pubg #lover hazir Hoon ...
Fahad Hasan
Fahad Hasan:
Allah apko or apke ghr Mai sub ko mehfooz rkhe !
Arif Tanha
Arif Tanha:
Full review karlo bro realme x3 superzoom ki
Mehar Hamza
Mehar Hamza:
Me watching this video untill he said SD 855+ and then I lost interest
That phone intro though
uzair uzair
uzair uzair:
A12 oppo
Yahya Jarral Vlogs
Yahya Jarral Vlogs:
@videowalisarkar Bro u havent told mobile price🤣🤣🤣🤣
armaan armaan
armaan armaan:
25 thousand me aukaat se Jada feature mil Raha hai. I love this ❤️
Mhr Ahmad
Mhr Ahmad:
BRO realme x3 Akeley ki unboxing kro plzZz
Bilal Bhai review to upload Kar Dy x3 super zoom ka
Arslan Arslan Ahmedali
Arslan Arslan Ahmedali:
Allah succeed your channel because you work hard for this channel
Parmar Pratipalsinh
Parmar Pratipalsinh:
Bhai 5g realme x3
Deep Lohana
Deep Lohana:
Sarkar osm 😍👌
Salman Tariq
Salman Tariq:
Walaikum Assalaam 😊
Gaming Channel
Gaming Channel:
Good review bro
Zubair Ahmed
Zubair Ahmed:
Intro was freezingly hot.💨💨 🔥