Realme X3 Superzoom has 4 obvious problems I can’t ignore

The #RealmeX3Superzoom is a great phone in many aspects but some basic factors have been overlooked. I take a look at them to find out why I am slightly disappointed by this phone.

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Host: Ershad
Editor: Rohit Panghal


Video Highlights

00:00 Montage
00:24 Introduction
01:44 Design
02:29 Display
03:11 No Headphone jack
03:58 No Stereo Speaker
04:38 Final

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Prashant Karmacharya
Prashant Karmacharya:
Lets see if you will be making similar video for oneplus Nord or not.
Pratyush Sharma
Pratyush Sharma:
They just omitted headphone jack to sell their wireless earphones 😑
Vikram Kushwaha
Vikram Kushwaha:
1:00 "Snapdragon 855+ plus is possibly the most powerful snapdragon 855+ chip" ~Mr. Phone
Sumit Ram
Sumit Ram:
Only the Rear camera zoom feature is very impressive in this device. But many cons are there like No stereo speakers, No 3.5 mm headphone jack etc etc. BTW Thanks for this detailed video Sir. 👌🔥

Twitter @SumitRamSays
maitreyi.fotografia #YT
maitreyi.fotografia #YT:
I agree!
Don't care much about the design but headphone jack was absolutely necessary!
sansak 11
sansak 11:
Realme x2 pro with ufs 3.0 is priced at 32k many advantages is with realme x3 even poco f1 has lcd screen
Pratik Mondal
Pratik Mondal:
I don't understand why brands are skipping on Amoled Display & 3.5 mm audio jack more frequently these days!
Prakash Mudliyar
Prakash Mudliyar:
01:44 Design, OnePlus nord joins the Realme design clan🤣
Pretty Much Everything
Pretty Much Everything:
Forget about Superzoom. Watched lots of videos about this. Tell us about X3 give us review if possible
Rohit Gajula
Rohit Gajula:
The reviews people can trust love you guys... I bought the realme X2 pro after seeing your review😍
Sayed Wasim
Sayed Wasim:
Today when i was searching headphones jack I'm surprised and finally i found this video on YouTube 😔😔😔
Manmeet Singh
Manmeet Singh:
Excellent video🔥 especially love the end summary, you cover details no one else do, more like these please!
Please do the review of ibasso DAC-2 review
Ayush Panigrahi
Ayush Panigrahi:
Please Review The Realme X3 🙏🏻 Also It's Camera Review 🤟
Tha zuala
Tha zuala:
The omission of the headphone jack is for me a surprise. Reason being this is supposed to be a budget oriented phone.
Tech set Go
Tech set Go:
A tech channel where u can strong vocabulary along with tech😍
Paulo Manuntag
Paulo Manuntag:
if you want to disappear the 4 cases lets this phone cost about 600 dollar phone... 😉
Review the Realme X2 sir!!!!! As a long term review with updates!!! Plssssssssss!!!!!!
Govind Singh
Govind Singh:
Thanks for genuine review
gopi kannan
gopi kannan:
Now cold war starts btw ershad and Srihari 😂🤣
Ruslan Sharipov
Ruslan Sharipov:
Great, straight to the point review!
Amit Jindam
Amit Jindam:
Maybe I'm 35 sec late✌🏻
Partha The Coc master
Partha The Coc master:
Do Poco x2 vs realme X3 battery drain test as both have LCD display with 120 Hz refresh rate
I want to test whose battery optimization is best
Dheeraj Gupta
Dheeraj Gupta:
I can't set auto call recorder in x3 superzoom help me
rahul lalwani
rahul lalwani:
Nailed it!!
Nullity 668
Nullity 668:
Watching this after Mr. Phone's review of Nord. Mr. Phone fell for the hype.
It does NOT have Headphone jack, enough said. 😂😂😂😂
I can bypass 3 of the compromises....not the display
چاچا کھڑاک
چاچا کھڑاک:
I have realme x3 superzoom it has no audio jack kindly guide me how i can attach a batter audio mike to record best guality audio to my videos for professional video clips?
Abhishek Rahalkar
Abhishek Rahalkar:
Hi sir
Realme X3 have Great processor at its price range but that doesn't mean company sacrifices some Besic feature like Stereo Speaker and On e of the most popular feature In Indian smartphone Market 3.5mm jack.
Realme need to Understand this
sanket negi
sanket negi:
Display brightness in x3 pro is a turn off..
Not even legible outdoors..
Paul Dundigalla
Paul Dundigalla:
They already increased the price of X3 by ₹1000..
Be loving
Be loving:
I would love to buy x2 pro 😁
Can you do a comparison with poco x2 even though they are in different price segment
furquan iqubal
furquan iqubal:
No doubt i am first today.
FiCtioN YT
FiCtioN YT:
Genuine Review 👍👍👍
Amlan Aishwarya Buragohain
Amlan Aishwarya Buragohain:
Does the earpiece works when we connect to the type c?
Abhishek Joshi
Abhishek Joshi:
Omitting the headphone jack will cost them a lot of consumers.. Bad decision by Realme.
OM Bhojwani
OM Bhojwani:
indeed the first
Where I can find out call recorder?
Sir can you add the link of audio adapter you used for the x3 here.. I really need that
kupech bob07777
kupech bob07777:
I see no dullness in display ,it was quite very bright. I only see my problem as no jack .
Phone is awesome.
Rohith Katukam
Rohith Katukam:
I Thought you would support Realme
Avinash Nalluri
Avinash Nalluri:
What about Carrier aggregation in x3 series??
Abhay Kumaran
Abhay Kumaran:
Good review
Can u pls do a comparison video of oppo w11 and realme buds Q plz
IND Youbix
IND Youbix:
Plz.... Jaldi se

Can you tell me the expected price of Oneplus nord series
Maharshi Pratap
Maharshi Pratap:
Do OnePlus nail their pricing it will blow up all its competitors for sure
I agree infact those are the factors that made me to cancel my pre-order..
Vivan Fernandes
Vivan Fernandes:
In how many days did u get the delivery?
Paramdeep sidhu
Paramdeep sidhu:
Thankyou For Your Honest Review Sir
U changed thumbnail. Yyy
Ajay kumar yadav
Ajay kumar yadav:
Does Realme x3 superzoom has Wi-Fi calling feature ?? Can any one please let me know?
But the realem x3 25k which is non superzoom is quite good at this prize
Harsha Blaze
Harsha Blaze:
oneplus nord is like supercar with nano engine. even poco f1 processor which is snapdragon 845 is powerful than 765g
Gujjanti Rajesh
Gujjanti Rajesh:
Honest opinion after a long time. Good to see
Subhrajit Swain
Subhrajit Swain:
I don't mind but if they replaced 8 mp ultra wide camera to a12 pm camera.then that's great
Realme x3 is superb. ❤️❤️❤️
*x2 pro better . 0to 100% in 16mins + awsome sterio speaker+audio jack + super amoled*
Weslie Gamer
Weslie Gamer:
3:54 what phone is that
1:00 - 1:06 what ?🤔
R j Life
R j Life:
Design is first thing u see rest starts later
I think so i can live with that problems because in my poco screen is bad it has gone yellow from the side.. i use bluetooth headset and poco is full plastic .... Soo realme x3 is the new poco
kaushik ghosh
kaushik ghosh:
Say something about the vanila X3, how does it fair amongst k20 pro according to price of below 25 k.
Shabbir Ahmad
Shabbir Ahmad:
what about HDR and HDR 10 support, widivinel1? you totally missed informing us.
Pratyay Purkait
Pratyay Purkait:
Great work sir, is that 3.5 mm adaptor sound quality is good? And which adaptor should i buy? Please help me out.. thank you
Efroz gori
Efroz gori:
Heating and display bleeding issue
Relame x3 pro is great
Mohammed Salman Hussain
Mohammed Salman Hussain:
I love seeing your tech videos but I am upset that Mr phone still didn't bring the unboxing or review of moto edge plus
neel 0011
neel 0011:
i had two options nord and x3 superzoom
im buying superzoom because of processor and ufs 3...and it will probably take 1 year for 5g to reach india
Naveen Sai
Naveen Sai:
Nice explanation bro 💝 💝💝
I noticed the 1more Triple Driver in the video. Which phones do you feel it sounds the best with? And how's the output with the iPad 2019? I personally use it with the K20 Pro and found the sound quality underwhelming with this phone. Sounds great with the PC though.
Rakesh Kumar Singh
Rakesh Kumar Singh:
What about the call recording in Google dialer realme x3...?
Muhammad Bashir
Muhammad Bashir:
Agree with you great reviews 👍
Sitikantha Paul
Sitikantha Paul:
Sir just tell me. Is it good for multimedia consumption ?? Coz I do gaming and much multimedia consumption
Rashmiranjan Baral
Rashmiranjan Baral:
Gr8 review 👏👏❤️ Watching on X2PRO 😎
vasu pandita
vasu pandita:
you are awesome bro simple but upto the point review no extra gossips♥️♥️
panner selvam
panner selvam:
Great job 👌
Ramesha sha
Ramesha sha:
Realme X3 SuperZoom Awesome review Super specs and super value I like Flat display with skinny bezels is great and Punchy display . 📱📸🔋👌👍
Abhigyan Kr. Singh
Abhigyan Kr. Singh:
1:00 the funniest part of the video. 🤣🤣🤣
Aayush Jaiswal
Aayush Jaiswal:
Realme X3 is a big letdown
tɦɛ ɨʀօռɨċ ʍɨsaռtɦʀօքɛ»
tɦɛ ɨʀօռɨċ ʍɨsaռtɦʀօքɛ»:
Ron Cosby
Ron Cosby:
This guy wants a Mercedes Benz for a hundred bucks? I think you might want too much for the price?
Juliusbro pro
Juliusbro pro:
Love from Bangladesh...
Realme plz change the camera design @sreehari
As a k20 pro user, looking to buy a 865 device hell no if no amoled
Awesome bro..awesome video bro...
Neelsagar Ainapur
Neelsagar Ainapur:
Plz bring the comparison video between k20pro Vs x2pro Vs X3 super zoom ...we r waiting for it
Larnfranklin Frank
Larnfranklin Frank:
If you keep the price of a phone that low the company have to make user to buy their TWS
Just A Random player
Just A Random player:
what..! are you technical guruji now? what's with the thumbnail ?. you want your remaining fan base to unsubscribe?
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar:
If realme x3 superzoom...want to be hit...they should ...strt to the off-line offline marketing sell the realme x3 superzoom
Subhranil Sardar
Subhranil Sardar:
I own x2pro its a beast
But if you just want a good processor to game x3 is a good way to save money with those compromises
Sadi 007
Sadi 007:
There's nothing about Redmi K30 Pro / Poco F2 Pro in this channel ??
Ninte achante myree poyi umbada kunne pattiikkunna thayollimonne
Neykov Master
Neykov Master:
Oppo Reno Ace or Realme X2 Pro ,
Don't you guys have redmi note 9npro max?
Al Hoops
Al Hoops:
x2 amoled screen x3 ips 90hz. They put a highrefresh screen but removed amoled. But the price is more premium than ever. smfh
Realme want to sell x2pro .if they add all features people buy x3 rather than x2 pro . Marketing strategy by realme
Marc Yeo Tech Review
Marc Yeo Tech Review:
This phone was selling at USD 338 on 9.9 sales in Malaysia! RRP is around USD 490. Quite a good value at this price. so i bought and unboxed it. but I do agree with your points :)