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In my Real Doctor vs. TV Doctor medical drama review video, I promised that if you got that video to 10,000 likes I would record myself reacting to a full grey's anatomy episode. You got it to 20,000 likes! You have spoken and I have listened. You should know that I do get the question a lot from patients as well. Is grey's anatomy accurate? So I finally decided to take a dive and find out!

In this video, I sit down and watch the first ever Grey's Anatomy episode. Basically, a real doctor reacts to greys anatomy! I grew up watching ER and other TV medical dramas so I had a suspicion I would enjoy the show. I have to say this, greys anatomy is not medically accurate but the way it describes the characters as residents is very accurate. The hospital drama is real and I feel the show did a good job highlighting the difficulties of being a resident, inside the hospital and out. The one medical scene which totally threw me is when the surgeons automatically assumed that the seizure patient will need surgery before even coming to a diagnosis. That is not real life medicine.

It surprised me that the show is actually very entertaining and I actually enjoy the drama between McDreamy / Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey. Apparently, TV doctors do have souls haha. The hospital romance is real!

Get this video to 15k likes If you want me to do another doctor reacts to greys or doctor reacts to the good doctor or any other show. Please comment down below the name of your favorite show and episode. Love you all and appreciate the support!

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100+ komento:

Christina Francois
Christina Francois:
He’s probably the mcdreamy at the hospital he works at😂
“Nurses run the hospital”.. this is a big appreciation for us as a nurse by heart and by profession. 💜
Lia Harper
Lia Harper:
“That patient doesn’t look aliv- oh no he blinked, he’s alive”- doctor mike
I miss when greys was simple,, with no main character deaths and no complicated love octagons etc etc
This hospital show kills off doctors more than patients
Rebecca Vocal Athlete
Rebecca Vocal Athlete:
This is brilliant 👏
Sarah Wheeler
Sarah Wheeler:
When he said mcdreamy didn’t have a mUsCuLaR body I said “just wait until you see mcsteamy”
Grey’s anatomy fans who gave themselves a fake medical degree exit the chat
Sophie Nguyen
Sophie Nguyen:
Oh the times where I actually liked Izzie...

edit- ty for the likes :)
Lady of Darkness
Lady of Darkness:
Everyone watching medical dramas: "Doctors in real life aren't that hot"
Dr Mike: exists
Littlewings 85
Littlewings 85:
Medical quote of the year: "why fingers!??" 😂😂
Lol Lol
Lol Lol:
Am I the only one that thinks Dr Mike is more handsome than McDreamy 😂
Helene Pham
Helene Pham:
I just started med school, it’s good to know that it isn’t as “scary” as the show 😅
Sophia Marian
Sophia Marian:
“They’re o n l y allowed to work 80 hours a week”

Laughs in British

In the UK, residents are only allowed to work 56 hours a week, with a max of 14 hour shift
Idk why but a doctor saying: "oh no he blinked he's alive" is one of the funniest things I've ever experienced
They hooked up before she became a intern
Tbh nurses are probably the most important staff members in a hospital.
Can’t say I’ve ever watched Greys Anatomy for its realism 😂
Kalin Stephens
Kalin Stephens:
It was really nice to hear him say that nurses run the hospital. I'm not in any type of medical field but nurses don't get enough appreciation.
Catherine Chen
Catherine Chen:
Ok but he's hotter than McDreamy. But then again I never thought McDreamy was that hot.
shawdi moghadam
shawdi moghadam:
“I thought McDreamy would have a little more muscle on him. He lookin a bit frail” I-
SoLo LaNeR
SoLo LaNeR:
The “why fingers” got me 😂😂
Haley Selene
Haley Selene:
Grey's anatomy: "Heart stopped."
10 seconds later... "Still in v-fib."
Pick one, geez...
Sparky 26
Sparky 26:
Can we take a second to appreciate how he's actually explaining everything instead of just criticizing everything.
Llamma Lover
Llamma Lover:
lmao all the middle/high school girls that disliked this out of petty
Moon Light
Moon Light:
Dr Mike: No one is watching Grey's Anatomy because they wanna be a doctor

Me: *flashbacks to every girl in my anatomy class saying that's why they're going into healthcare* Are you sure about that?
A K:
i feel Grey's Anatomy is a romance novel disguised as a medical show. It hasn't ever really been about the medicine so much as people in hospitals screwing each other.
So we’re not gonna talk about how he looks like dr.shepard
tiernee lyn
tiernee lyn:
He’s like McSteamy and McDreamy had a baby
Brenda Wei
Brenda Wei:
When he said Cowboy doctor, I was clapping and laughing. That’s exactly what they want for Alex’s character!
Boda Cious
Boda Cious:
Just now realized that dr.mikes blue pillows look like blood splatter
_And Peggy_
_And Peggy_:
Doctor Mike: This is very dramatic 😆

Me: *That's why it's called a drama...*
Grace Kathers
Grace Kathers:
“i thought mcdreamy would have a little more muscle on him”

i actually choked the first two seasons that’s all i noticed lol
k h a d e e j
k h a d e e j:
this guy is 3/4 derek shepered and 1/4 george omalley
Mihir Kulkarni
Mihir Kulkarni:
Im more of "house MD" kinda person but I enjoyed this
Bia L
Bia L:
Not a single soul:
Dr. Mike: Chest compressions
Masifa Khurram
Masifa Khurram:
My uncle is a doctor and when we watched this with him, he kept sighing and complaining how inaccurate it is. That's what brought me here. I need to send this video to him saying" what hospital do you work in?" lol. He would die if he watched attaway general 😂
"Thought McDreamy would have a little muscle, the guys looking kinda frail there" lmao I love this
Yuna Kang
Yuna Kang:
ok i got a fake doctors degree by watching greys anatomy and im going to keep it that way okay
Johana De la torre
Johana De la torre:
Doctor mike: coughs
Everyone: *he coughed*
tania mercado
tania mercado:
I would love for you to react to episodes with very complex cases like when shepard operates on a tumor in a patient spine or when Arizona couldn't find the reason for a teenager's pain
Lisa A
Lisa A:
I’m a nurse and we do run the hospital! Thanks for that! That Cowboy intern would pay for talking to the senior nurse that way. He did later in the show. Greys rules though! Love that show! Even though they are constantly doing the nurse’s job. I do wish that medical shows would show nurses more. I think it would help the public understand how much we do and how hard our work is.
Maddie And Kenzie
Maddie And Kenzie:
just wanted to let y’all know that season 17 will be having the corona virus in it so hopefully nobody gets it...stay safe everyone
lexi mae
lexi mae:
You should react to a more recent episode of greys anatomy because a lot has changed and they have more realistic stuff now
Amy Ray
Amy Ray:
I've watched every episode. I'm basically a medical professional.
Rushikesh Kulkarni
Rushikesh Kulkarni:

Grey’s Anatomy seasons 10-16: give the characters a tumor
Sarah Gracey
Sarah Gracey:
My mom was a resident in the early 2000s and late 90s and she tells me the night mares of having 48 hour calls. She and my dad work as attendees too so sometimes my dad refers to the med students and residents as “snow flakes” because they complain about their calls which are nothing compared to what they experienced. My mom does OB and C sections so she still has 24 hour call shifts and I won’t see her for like a full day and then she sneaks back home and sleeps for the next day.
brooke m
brooke m:
he should've directed the show
"I thought mcDreamy would have a little more muscle on him, he's looking a little fragile there"  😂 I died
Taliya Hinze
Taliya Hinze:
Queer Marauder
Queer Marauder:
“No one was ever that mean”
me: Burke’s not mean, hon, Burke is not mean-
Hannah L
Hannah L:
Medical 101: he blinked he is alive
madi andry
madi andry:
oh honey this is the hunger games by greys style pls check out these episodes
and 14x7
I'm waiting for "real serial killer reacts to dexter."
Natalie Shifrin
Natalie Shifrin:
When he started to cough my whole head went CORONA CORONA CORONA even though this was 2 years ago...
linda salfen
linda salfen:
"Yep, he blinked, he's alive" lol...... cute
Siddhi Dorugade
Siddhi Dorugade:
I love how your position and fame hasn't stepped over your down-to-earth nature. You're an inspiration doc! God bless.✨
Drexler Labagala
Drexler Labagala:
I'm gonna recommend you to watch Romantic Doctor Dr. Mike or should I say Mr. Mcdreamy! That series is one of the reason why I want to be a doctor. And I hope you will watch it and make react video. Thank u <3
For me it’s strange to be seeing episode 1 again after being completely caught up. 😂 Almost everyone is dead.
Valeria Tello
Valeria Tello:
Yo hablo español, vi a grey en el titulo y a un doctor apuesto de la vida real
perdona? click
Wendy Morales
Wendy Morales:
I love the realistic review. Not just “nah that’s not real” lol
Amanda Speaks
Amanda Speaks:
dr mike: this is all wrong, in my opinion
Pia Patel
Pia Patel:
dr mike: ... libby zion law... overworked... resident missed catching a diagnosis... patient died
me: *cough* *cough* shane

iykyk :/
Vincent Maldonado
Vincent Maldonado:
“No one watches greys anatomy because they want to become a doctor and want to learn from it”

Me: watches greys anatomy because I want to be a doctor and I want to learn from it
Vyanna Day
Vyanna Day:
Doctor Mike you should be in one of TV series about doctors... The TV has 'good doctor', amsterdam, etc..
I'm in nursing school right now so I appreciate what you said about nurses! If all doctors looked like this..
692 Saniya Aggarwal
692 Saniya Aggarwal:
"a little dramatic but I feel for her" MOOD
Audrey Cousins
Audrey Cousins:
I'm a fan of doctors, my mum is one, but I live that he appreciates the nurses! Honestly I'd trust a senior nurse over someone who just graduated med school 😅😂
Michael Seventh
Michael Seventh:
Finally he appreciated nurses unlike most shows.
Anna Garcia
Anna Garcia:

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La competencia es grupal, el día domingo realizamos una premiación simbólica🏆
Mariana Agudelo Gomez
Mariana Agudelo Gomez:
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you guys are so weird. hes not.."mcdreamy" or whatever..

he's just hot overall
Mariana Agudelo Gomez
Mariana Agudelo Gomez:
*¿Te gustan las series?*

Si es así, vienes al lugar correcto.
• Hablamos de todas las series en general.
• Conocerás personas de diferentes países que comparten tu misma pasión hacía esa série que te gusta.
• Hacemos actividades divertidas de varios temas.
• Tenemos roles y equipos de series, puedes escoger entre uno de ellos:

☂️The Umbrella Academy
🩸The Vampire Diaries
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abby ritter
abby ritter:
i’ve always wondered an actual doctor’s point of view on greys anatomy.. thank you😂
Seamus Corkery
Seamus Corkery:
Me at 3am: cHEsT ComPRESionS
Michelle Tabor
Michelle Tabor:
Actually though.....

He is McDreamy
Chrissa Dancea
Chrissa Dancea:
i feel like he should review a newer episode it gets so much more realistic
Maya Mekhaeel
Maya Mekhaeel:
I’m starting to believe that mikes first words where “ chest compressions”
"Nurses keep the hospital running"

Wow. As a nursing student who's about to graduate in a few months I appreciate this statement tremendously.
Mark Gyurkovics
Mark Gyurkovics:
Drinking game: Take a shot every time Doctor Mike says chest compressions
Emma Collier
Emma Collier:
In an episode later in season 1 or 2 they put in the 80 hour a week rule
Grace M
Grace M:
When Dr. Mike talked about some of the conditions (ventricular fibrillation, pulmonary embolism), I felt so proud because we just learned about it in EMT school! I just finished week one- wish me luck!!
Jade Griest
Jade Griest:
Can we put him on the show?😂 everyone would be head over heels for him lmao.
Khushi Singh
Khushi Singh:
I hope you react to korean drama Dr.Romantic....I have watched a lot medical dramas but this one is amazing
Petika Grant
Petika Grant:
Oh goodness, thank you for the freshness of how hospitals actually work. As a nurse you see such high expectations and set conceptions about healthcare and reality. As a nurse in the Australian healthcare system, one thing I see on tv from the US is the amount of long sleeves with scrubs and workwear, is this common? Here we have a policy of bare below the elbow as part of OHS and infection control policies and procedures
But the fact that if I see these actors I would still probably trust them with my life.
Rawaa Haneef
Rawaa Haneef:
Watch “the residents “ its more medically accurate
Auntie Squidward
Auntie Squidward:
i don’t know if i
1. wanna be him
2. wanna date him
3. wanna watch him date someone else on a show
Cheluvi Dumbre
Cheluvi Dumbre:
Why don't you see the episode in which Izzie cuts Danny's LVAD wire 😶😶 Season 2 finale.
Lisa Mylynn
Lisa Mylynn:
Dr. Mike giving critiques of Grey's Anatomy
Me: But, the first episode was filmed 76 years ago
Ara cashewnuts
Ara cashewnuts:
I just started watching Greys Anatomy, and happened to come across you! I absolutely love your reactions!
Aga Kor
Aga Kor:
Now whenever I watch these kind of medical shows and someone goes into code blue I'm like CHEST COMPRESSIONS
Johanna Horse
Johanna Horse:
Both of my parents are doctors. Watching this kind of series with them just doesn't work, they either spoiler the diagnoses at the beginning or they are all the time like "this doesn't work" "that's not possible" "you would actually do that differently" ... 😅😂
Rayne Érica
Rayne Érica:
"isso soa mais como Jogos Vorazes do que Grey's Anatomy" kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk concordo!!!
preeti kumari
preeti kumari:
I'm watching Grey's anatomy currently and I'm so surprised that doctors are really this handsome and good looking ? Wow..look at are the actual Mcdreamy!
Florencia González
Florencia González:
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Raquel’s Journey
Raquel’s Journey:
In greys anatomy later on they talk about how they only get 80 hours a week and the can’t exceed the limit
Kadence Altigieri
Kadence Altigieri:
Later on in the series they enforce the 80 hour rule, their characters were mad because they didn’t know what to do with their free time😂
Bianca Wagner
Bianca Wagner:
I'd love to see you review The good doctor, 'Quarantine Pt 1' (Season 2 Episode 10) and 'Quarantine Pt 2' (Season 2 Episode 11).
Also, I really enjoy your content.