Raptors vs Lakers Game 65 (August 1st, 2020)

The Raptors start this final stretch on a great note as they beat LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers 107-92! Next up the Raps take on the Miami Heat on Monday night looking to get on a nice roll!

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32 komento:

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson:
What a game, OG has improved so much and Lowry played like mj tonight our defence is also amazing, we locked down lebum and davis
Ty Shaq
Ty Shaq:
Raps 11 in a row against the Lakers. #Raps
Austin Neveau
Austin Neveau:
Let's get a W against the heat so we can be spared the ridicule of being swept in the season series. I pay it no mind if they were to actually meet in the playoffs. We are the better team and I won't be surprised if they demonstrate it next game.
Bet on US! Forget what you hear and what you don't. Never stop believing in our boys. Great game!
Oscar Guevara
Oscar Guevara:
I love how in the beginning of the game they said β€œthe smallest player on the floor Kyle Lowry”....gets the most rebounds
Why do people doubt this team? It’s insane. KLow was amazing today; after he hit that shot over Kuzma I knew the game was over.
Mike Dizon
Mike Dizon:
Great game guys.. I was screaming in my room every shot made by the Raps late in the 4th quarter
Urz Truely
Urz Truely:
My guy. So glad to finally hear those claps again. Good win for the raps starting in the bubble. 7:15 had me dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­. LETS GO RAPTORS!!!!!!!
Waited for nearly half a year for a damn clap! And Lowry is the heart of the team, Raps won't ever be the same without him.
Kyle performance was so impressive!
I missed your claps man.
Lau Michael
Lau Michael:
Although an evenly game in the 1st half, the raptors blow the Lakers away on the second half, with Lowry scoring 33 pts. Next up is facing Jimmy Bucket and his grindy Heat.
Good to see you back! GOod win from the Raps! Tough schedule, but they can do it!
Charlie Cohen
Charlie Cohen:
Crunchtime Fred vanvleet 11 assists
Troy H
Troy H:
Happy to see these reactions back! Go raps!!!
Adrian Brooks
Adrian Brooks:
11 straight losses to the Raptors, from now on I call em the Lowry Angeles Lakers when they see Toronto... No more Lebronto
not famous81
not famous81:
Raptors are 4-0 against Lebron and the Lakers to be exact
Obito xshinobi
Obito xshinobi:
derozen didn't unleash Lowry potential
Lowry unleashes it when he team up with Kawhi and nowπŸ˜‚
Charlie Cohen
Charlie Cohen:
Lebron james is afraid of fred van vleet
Vortex Luigi Rosalina 55
Vortex Luigi Rosalina 55:
First win of the 8 games!
Destiny 100
Destiny 100:
I miss this clap what great game.πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
LA is Lowry Angeles now!
Halal Homer
Halal Homer:
Brother your BACK!!!!!
Obito xshinobi
Obito xshinobi:
raps beat Le36 by 15πŸ˜‚ without kawgi
Clips lost by 2 imagine if sweet Lou n mongrels are playing πŸ˜†

Lakers are so stack:

Mcgee 2 rings
Quinn cook 2 rings
LeRondo 1 ring
Smith 1 ring
Green 2 rings
n LeBron 3-6

Green won a ring last year Le36 needed him because he has a ring with KawhiπŸ˜‚ Le36 got EXPOSED last year saying he the goat but needed helped from AD, Boogie cuhh & Dgayhoward πŸ˜‚
Kobe made to the playoff with no superstars Le36 DECLARED himself the GOAT but didnt make the playoff n ask AD to join him lol yo I'm dead
ppl have the AUDACITY to say Le36 is the goat....
Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon:
Missed yah brother
alister 49
alister 49:
We back!!!!!
Juan Camilo Quejada
Juan Camilo Quejada:
Happy to see you guy πŸ‘ŠπŸΏ
Dylon Mendanha
Dylon Mendanha:
Happy to hear your raptor talk bro. Keep it up
murray michael
murray michael:
I cannot wait for Powell to get hot again. POW POW POWELL
What a game ! So up and down but we got the Win! But just wanted to say the seeding really doesn’t matter because there is no home court advantage but I still want to be the 2 seed
Wolf Fortress
Wolf Fortress:
Siakam always getting the criticism lol the man was money.
Leander Loftman
Leander Loftman:
Why worried about what people say