Raptors vs Lakers ALL-DEFENSE Breakdown of Toronto's elite defense - A. Davis 2/7 fg - Aug 1 2020

The Raptors picked up right where they left off, with an incredible defensive performance against one of the best teams in the league, holding the Lakers to their worst shooting game of the season (35.4% overall). Anthony Davis was just 2/7 and Lebron had 20 points and 5 assists. If you like my videos and want to support me and get some exclusive content, sign up for my Patreon at https://patreon.com/TooMuchHoops where you can read my predictions for each team's record in the seeding games!

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Toronto plays some of the most complicated and effective help and double-teaming defense, and they have given a lot of superstars trouble this season. Because their players are all so versatile, they can send the help from anywhere, and trust the other 3 guys to rotate and cover whoever is nearby.

Even though FVV and Lowry are small, they are so strong that they can hold up vs big guys in bursts. And even though Gasol is a big guy who can battle with anyone down low, he still has fantastic footspeed on the perimeter (and he is a positional genius in the same way Lowry is). OG and Siakam can do anything on defense. That versatility from everyone on the floor allows the Raptors to play an amorphous zone/man-to-man hybrid, with the defense loading up to bigger threats and testing the limitations of opposing role players. On top of that, they do a lot of stunting and fakes, but mix it in with really aggressive help and trapping, and that keeps opposing players on edge.

This makes the Raptors' defense extremely difficult to scheme for, and gives opposing teams fits. If the Raptors are going to go far again this year, it will be their defense that gets them there.
maaannnnn finally able to watch these vids after a raps game, another great breakdown!
young Assassin
young Assassin:
The Toronto is looking scary Your OG is everything you can ask for in a defender nice size very athletic can shuffle his feet very well which helps him stick to people like white on rice can rotate very well. He is a very fun to watch on defense. You guys are lucky to have him.
I’m not a Raptor but man this team is sooo fun to watch. Like Popovich Spurs but more modern
Qwerty Qwe
Qwerty Qwe:
man raptors defensive rotations are a thing of beauty. Watching the other games during the bubble, I don't think Ive seen any other team with the same intensity with close-outs and help defense as the Raptors. I feel like Raptors have the best defense in the NBA and I will die on that hill.
Justin Wong
Justin Wong:
The point at 11:32 is a really crucial one I think. It's not just that we have a smart, unending rotations and bulldog tenacity, it's also that we can keep it up for an entire game. I imagine that in the first half, opponents must be thinking "Oh if you're going to play defence at this kind of pace, you're never going to make it to the end of the game." But as the quarters go by, we show no signs of slowing down and it just wears on the other team. They're waiting for us to be gassed out but we just keep trucking along. And then sometime in the fourth, the reality hits the other team that there is no light at the end of the tunnel and if they want to beat us, they have to beat us on every. Single. Possession. And I feel like that drains whatever motivation they have left. It's likely why we so often pull away in the 4th quarter, even when teams have been able to hang with us for the first 3

Really great to see your vids again, thanks!
What ppl dont realize is how eager OG was to guard lebron, like he still remembers the shot lebron hit over him to win the game. OGs gonna be a special player in the future if he keeps up that dogg mentality.
Nathan Chalmers
Nathan Chalmers:
Tied at 83 with 6 mins left. Raptors then hit another gear and close out the game. Defense was punishing
Your just amazing at what you do bro to bad you don’t make money for this it should b your full time job or you should b on a teams staff helping them Breakdown teams defence to help coaches game plan...you have a natural talent.. Nick nurse need to get you on his stuff
J Legèr
J Legèr:
Need a degree to play D for Raptors lol
Studying of angles, timing and force.
Louisse Alvarez
Louisse Alvarez:
I “liked” your video even before I watch it. Sorry, I’m biased. 😂
Just realized the fancy footwork by gasol @ 5:04 to ensure he doesn’t get called for 3 in the key
A M:
Everyone e knows Lowry is a paint clogger giving up the body to take away driving lanes at the basket. But man, Fred Vanvleet is really slept on as an ELITE on ball perimeter defender who is always active on the defensive end.
Signed, Stephan Curry 😆
Brian Ng
Brian Ng:
I forgot to mention another underrated aspect about Marc's game that if I remember correctly there were two instances where Dion Waiters and KCP blew by their defender got in the paint and all Marc did was rotate over and immediately changed their minds and passed it out.

I always preach that Marc's gap and recovers are one of the best things to see especially watching JV get burned on pick and rolls all them years lol no disrespect to JV though
This was an excellent analysis as usual. I l learn something everytime!
Dominic Do
Dominic Do:
I was having deja vu watching this game. If I recall correctly we also smoked them in the 4th quarter the last time we played. Siakam was feasting off Kuzma and late this game it was Lowry
Omar Hassan
Omar Hassan:
Wow your analysis makes it so much easier to understand the raptors greatness, amazing content as always!
1:12 unreal vision and leadership from lowry, guy is coaching from the court
Cheesecake Skeleton
Cheesecake Skeleton:
Is Danny Green still a Raptor? As a Lakers fan he missed all of his open looks from the AD double teams. Very good defensive effort from both teams and we really missed Bradley for Lowry and FVV. But hopefully having the toughest defensive gaulet through these eight games will help hone our skills further. Also has LeBron ever looked this passive during the regular season against you guys? He's barely taking any shots until the 2nd half, figured I'd ask you raptor fans since you guys would probably know. Good luck in the east, NBA champs should never been so disrespected as you guys are.
Mr. Leh
Mr. Leh:
eyyy toomuchhoops coming in clucth with the quick video. real MVP
Glad to see these breakdowns back. Respect from an OKC Fan
A Better Tomorrow Today
A Better Tomorrow Today:
Sometimes it just looks like the Raptors have 6 guys on the floor playing defense. How the hell you gonna score?
Ryan La Viña
Ryan La Viña:
OG was gaurding Lebron almost exclusively and was even rejecting switches in order to stay on him. I guess coach Nurse likes that match up
Matthew Pelletier
Matthew Pelletier:
OG killed it this game. It was easy to see how frustrated LeBron was getting.
Brian Ng
Brian Ng:
AD Javale Dwight combined for 15 boards while Kyle has 14 by himself lol, and I can watch Kuz get clamped by 5'10 Fred all day long
Paul O'Neil
Paul O'Neil:
wow - their D is just amazing
sherwin poh
sherwin poh:
Yo i waited for this video since the game ended. So hypedd that i liked the video before even watching. LETS GOO
Ory Elk
Ory Elk:
Og showing why he’s a top 10 wing defender in the league (imo 7th)
tapiwa gumbie
tapiwa gumbie:
I new it Nick Nurse gave Kahwi Leornard a championship, Nick Nurse should have won the mvp 👏
beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen waiting
Marianne K
Marianne K:
LeBron on OG in the 4th (10:25 of the video) and watching OG absorb all that contact made me appreciate OG all the more.
Paul B.
Paul B.:
What a game! Raptors are going to the Finals if they can play like this when the bench isn't giving any production.
Kelly Nguyen
Kelly Nguyen:
Amazing breakdown as always! So happy Raptors basketball is back!
Philo Judaeus of Alexandria
Philo Judaeus of Alexandria:
Makes me almost glad that Kawhi left. The world can see the true reason the Raptors won the title: Nurse's defense. The Sixers series was the only one where Kawhi made the difference between winning and losing.
This team has a huge chip on their shoulder with everyone counting them out as soon as Kawhi left. It's gonna be a fun playoffs!
James Davis
James Davis:
Damn this defense is crazy good
Raps just outworked the Lakers. Lowry with 14 REBs as a guard. OG locked up and chipped in 23 pts while keeping LBJ quiet. Can't wait for the Playoffs! Great video again, been missing this kind of content!
man-- one of the strongest points of this raptors team is their chemistry... u can tell they been playing together for years and everybody trusts everybody to have each other's back <3
Edy Ghinga
Edy Ghinga:
Bro I am so glad these are back

Great analysis as always, of course
smashed that like button so fast
Glad to have u back brad
love your analysis really helps my understanding of the game
young Assassin
young Assassin:
I have a question for you To Much Hoops I really like watching your vids because I am a Heat fan and we naturally like good defense vids but our team is about to verse and we have beaten you 2 times and we are playing for the last time in the regular season. If we win we take all 3 games in the regular season.
My question is if miami wins can you make a full vid of miami playing defense? I think out of the respect of your opponent who just took all 3 games that is a respectable thing to do.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page:
Lebron James is eventually going to get tired of Alex Caruso and DEMAND a scoring guard in Caruso's place = Dion Waiters. 🤣🤣🤣
Great to have meaningful games again, and great breakdown as always!
Mr. T-Rex
Mr. T-Rex:
Finally! 🔥
Louisse Alvarez
Louisse Alvarez:
This is worth sharing, Brad. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Mitchell S
Mitchell S:
This OG kid is a lockdown defender and hes built like a truck
Captain Snake
Captain Snake:
Everyone is on a string and so discipline with their assignments. Great breakdown.
J Legèr
J Legèr:
To think that this is orchestrated at the helm by Nurse..... 🤯

Any individual player defensively would improve even if the offensive end is lacking
Been waiting as well, all day
Kaiser Yusuf
Kaiser Yusuf:
Fantastic video as always, you've made me completely change how I watch basketball games. Beyond just the Raptors your defensive breakdown series makes me appreciate all good defensive teams and the coaches that help promote it. OG is definitely going to be an all defensive player for years to come (and a future all-star/all-nba if injuries don't plague him).

And it's ridiculous that it's taken this long for Nick Nurse to get an NBA head coaching job, hope he stays with Toronto for life and becomes a key member of this organization (like how Pop is with the Spurs)
young Assassin
young Assassin:
3:36 this was beautiful
A M:
Vanvleet and Lowry, when your 2 great shooting and scoring guards who are the double headed engine playmaking and running your team from the backcourt are that defensively active as well on the other end, you combine that with wings like Siakam and Ananoby and Gasol/Ibaka at the 5....you are a defensive fortress crew
D Salcida
D Salcida:
I love how you highlight the hustle flow close outs..... NO FOUL.... Hands up to obstruct FIELD of VISION.... man imagine 6'7 or + (except VanVleet and Lowry) hands near the eyes.... so annoying.... you can't focus on aiming. Danny Green missing bad open looks.... I bet LBJ is getting mad... you deserve it though *literally made them all by breaking them 4 yrs straight*
tapiwa gumbie
tapiwa gumbie:
It would be a good fairytale if LeBron wins, but reality has the raptors hoisting the trophy once more, look they have Nick Nurse nuff said
I wish Norm wasn't a -22 this game. His 3-pt shots weren't falling either. Hoping for a comeback against Miami tomorrow!
Maural Code
Maural Code:
The Raptors defense is more fun to watch than their offense 😂
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson:
The whole point of the Raptors defense is to get the ball out of the hands of the star players and make their role players make shots. It's a very hit and miss defense at times like against Houston.
Ogaga Majemite
Ogaga Majemite:
Pascal Siakam would legit make a great safety. His help defence is so on point
future hofer
future hofer:
9:31 I think that was a shot clock violation not a 3 second violation, amazing breakdown nonetheless!!
Love how positive the comments are around here... Oh, and GREAT video!
Joseph Arce
Joseph Arce:
Man thats one thing I like the Raptors its defence and defence wins games
@2:19 Fred starts his rotation towards Danny before Kyle even starts stunting at KCP, the insane intelligence in a split second to recognize the next rotation is the reason the Raptors are so incredible.
Wow, this is one of the best videos I've watched - you make it in a way that's actually interesting for fans to really get an understanding at the different types of looks the Raps give and do it in a way that makes you wonder why you watch any of the "analysts" talk about games
Claire T
Claire T:
great breakdown! all these games since the season restart have been really entertaining
Newman Ofoeze
Newman Ofoeze:
Great analysis
Mayav V
Mayav V:
Great explanation
Gurmeet Sidhu
Gurmeet Sidhu:
Yay thanks for this breakdown Brad! OG really putting the clamps on
*WoW... U still got it!* As far as the game it was a sloow burn for the raps. They just revved the engine didn't really turn it loose. Sort of toyed with the Lakers in a way. Outclassed them every time they got close.
Awesome analysis Brad :)
Victor Inox
Victor Inox:
i think raptors would have not lost any game in the playoffs if OG was not injured last year. i also think raptors can win it again this year.
Ro Bazz
Ro Bazz:
DEFENDing Champs! 🏆🔥
I could honestly watch Raps defensive rotations all day - so glad I found your channel! Really great work here!
Mr. Ismail
Mr. Ismail:
Great breakdown. Ppl are sleeping on the Raptors. Wont be surprised if they go to the finals once again. ☝🏾💪🏾
Keith Cordeiro
Keith Cordeiro:
So happy the raps are back playing meaningful games and so happy your back with these amazing breakdowns. Thanks for doing this.
Stanley Lin
Stanley Lin:
Serge eblocka
Braaaaaaaad. You already know what time is it. Greatest intro on YouTube. I already liked and commented on the video before watching a second.

Thanks bro for the content. I rewatched so many of your previous greatest hits during the suspension.
Glad to see you back TooMuchHoops :D can't wait to watch your videos.
Alexis Gosselin
Alexis Gosselin:
So great to be able to watch these again!!
peter paul
peter paul:
Raps looking good
Great defensive breakdown as usual Brad... It was an amazing game.. Can't wait to see your Raptors/Heat defense analysis as well... #Raptors #WeTheNorth #DieTrying to #DefendTheNorth for the #NBAChampion2020 title...
chris wong
chris wong:
Don’t be shocked if the Raptors win again. Coach Nurse is a wizard. Yeah they loss Kawhi but it’s their system. Coach Nurse is a wizard. If they do win, they may affect the landscape of the NBA, as being one of few teams winning it without a superstar or MVP\former MVP.
Ashok Iyer
Ashok Iyer:
Kawhi shd have signed with raptors or bucks
Guaranteed chip
Kawhi on that bucks team is scary
Kobe Shaq all over again
I m not sure abt clippers tho🤔🤔
Jackson Dowdle
Jackson Dowdle:
After I saw the Raptors beat the Lakers, I was EAGERLY anticipating this video. Luvd it
I missed these man.
Defense like this gets me hyped up man
Arsh Dhillon
Arsh Dhillon:
Frank simply can't outcoach this defense, Nurse is on another level
dkd da
dkd da:
The whole lakers team cant shoot, just keep them out of the paint and u are good to go to the final, the clippers are watching this and clippers and raptors in the final.
Shen Huang
Shen Huang:
10:30 are no human...both of them
What a great video !
was refreshing your uploads for this vid lol
Pnxbet TV
Pnxbet TV:
I've been waiting for this breakdown. Thanks!
The only YouTuber I know where I 'like' the video before even watching it.. Glad to see u back!
Jon Danger
Jon Danger:
Awesome video. I was looking forward to your break down as soon as the game ended!
Chef Ramsay
Chef Ramsay:
theyve got dogggggs on defense, #1 defense in the nba rn
Shehan Perera
Shehan Perera:
Wonder what Kawai is thinking rite now
Nintendo Land
Nintendo Land:
699th like
Nothing better than OG having a good game
been missing your vids man great breakdown
§hąřpśhøõțëŕ❕• 40 years ago (edited)
§hąřpśhøõțëŕ❕• 40 years ago (edited):
It's a joy watching the Raptors play.