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Spencer FC
Spencer FC:
Looking forward to seeing everyone's reactions to this one! Glad to have the Premier League back today, hopefully get some more crazy results!!! Enjoy your weekend people.
Robbie Greenfield
Robbie Greenfield:
Who else loves Spencer’s content recently?
Joe Norfolk
Joe Norfolk:
Frank lampard is worse than:
Dean smith
Espírito Santo

Frank does not deserve 6th
Olly Webb
Olly Webb:
One of the worst ranking tables of managers I’ve ever seen, shocking
Kian Coleman
Kian Coleman:
i don’t think there’s that much of a big difference between Ole and Frank🤷🏻‍♂️
Vinicius Andrade
Vinicius Andrade:
Some points relevant to me:
1 - Clearly bias for Moyes so I didn't even considered that one
2 - Says the reason Nuno is 9th is lack of experience but puts Arteta and Lampard above him
Eamons Footieblog
Eamons Footieblog:
Sorry but lampard 6th is a joke. Height of disrespect to the likes of Rodgers.
Losing my mind how Lampard is 6th.. done nothing in his managerial career really, at least someone like Smith beat him in the playoff final to actually promote Villa? See a lot of similarities between Smith and Lampard in terms of age, experience and style and yet, Lampard automatically goes higher basically because he's Chelsea's manager? (Everton fan here)
Calum H
Calum H:
Spencer: Predicts Man United to finish 2nd in the league
Also Spencer: Ranks OGS the 18th best manager
Solskjaer has been the only manager that has managed to get United playing again. Brought positivity back to the players and around the club, something that no one else has done since Ferguson. His record against top 6 is great. It has been the board that stopped the momentum he created. 18th is harsh given Lampard being that high.
Embarrassing that Lampard isn't near the bottom. Done absolutely nothing of note as manager so far
Seb On Golf
Seb On Golf:
Sorry Scott, but there is only 1 Scotty P for me!
Chris Wilder has won the LMA Manager of the Year award and come second in the last two years, but Moyes is better? Lol
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho:
Solskjær did a mad thing as interim manager. In CL and in the league. Would have got CL if they didn’t drop off massively at the end because of fitness.
Previous season got third and got to 3 semi-finals.
Its a rebuild. He made the squad much better by getting rid of deadwood and putting in hungry players.
Put some respect on his name.

Its been 3 no pre-season games so far and got his transfers all on deadline day (except for VDB)
The fact Moyes is higher than Wilder and Hasenhuttl is baffling
Oliver King
Oliver King:
Bielsa actually can speak English well. He is just such a perfectionist that he doesn’t want to speak it and end getting things wrong and points lost when he can be more clear speaking in his first language.
Agree with most but Lampard at 6th is a Joke. Hasn't proven anything.
Thomas Ayling
Thomas Ayling:
Can anyone explain to me how Lampard, who took Chelsea from 3rd to 4th, is higher on this list than Nuno, who took wolves from the championship to Europa league places 😳
I understand that you guys are west ham fans, but moyes should definitely be in the relegation spots if you look at his record.
Harry Mingemuncher
Harry Mingemuncher:
If you’re talking about aside from the poor parts of Moyes then he’s 10th, why not ignore the 9-0 with Hasenhüttl? I think that David Moyes choice is a lot of West Ham bias, and he’s probably 16th / 15th.
I know he did well with Everton, but he’s never truly managed to replicate that. Flopped at United, Was even worse in Spain, got Sunderland relegated and lost 8-0 to Southampton.

I know I’m a saints fan, but Ralph Hasenhüttl hasn’t just saved us from what was almost a certain relegation, he’s brought through our academy products, signed really well.
Danny Ings isn’t a one off, he is excellent at bringing through strikers, in his time at Leipzig he helped make Timo Werner what he now is, and took them to 2nd in the Bundesliga in their first ever season in it
Luke Nicell
Luke Nicell:
Ole got third with an inconsistent side , beat pep 3 times this season , beat frank lampard 3 times this season surely he deserves higher than 18th ?
Joshua Fromholz
Joshua Fromholz:
Cmon moyes is not that high. He’s been sacked twice and was saved by Antonio from another relegation
Lampard is wayyyyyy to high, also arteta and nuno should be higher
Aaron Alex
Aaron Alex:
Liverpool the best club in world football wise????

Clg Fps
Clg Fps:
Agree with all even as a united fan apart from lampard, yes they had a transfer ban but they had much better squad depth than United although uniteds starting 11 was better but United finished on the same points. Lampard is massively overrated.
Fergal McGinty
Fergal McGinty:
Lampard getting outperformed by OGS but he’s English so you brexit boys love him
Filip Lovrinović
Filip Lovrinović:
Hassenhuttl is very underrated manager. Southampton would get relegated without him
Harry Ray
Harry Ray:
In no particular order:
World class managers: klopp, pep, Jose, bielsa, ancelotti
Great managers: nuno, Rodgers, hasenhuttl, arteta, Dyche, wilder
Fairly average managers: Hodgson, Lampard, potter, bilic, Moyes, bruce, smith
Very average managers: Parker, solskjaer
Gower GB
Gower GB:
These 2 idiots actually have an agenda against West brom lol. Bilic literally finished top half both seasons he was last in the prem but nahh we will stick David moyes above him who's been woeful 😂😂
Ben Cooper
Ben Cooper:
Seb: “Hodgson did good things at Liverpool”
(Hodgson at Liverpool): -Took them into relegation battle
-Claimed Liverpool weren’t too big to be involved in relegation battle
About 10 minutes of this was just slagging United off, gotta love it.
Yes me
Yes me:
Really confused as to Lampards position? He hasn’t actually achieved anything, whereas Arteta actually has and has implemented his style of play which is clear to see. Lampard is still experimenting over a year in, with a terrible defence. Compare that to arteta who sorted the defence as soon as he came in, much harder to beat and you can work from there.
Nathan Sparks
Nathan Sparks:
Bielsa does speak English he just doesn't to the media as he doesn't want it interpreted incorrectly
Andy Benji
Andy Benji:
I think you've been way too kind on Lampard and way too harsh on Hasenhuttl. Lampard really hasn't proved he's anywhere near the quality of the top 15 in your list let alone the top 6.
Thomas Darwent
Thomas Darwent:
So on the basis that it's a hypothetical club, not necessarily a Premier League club. Wilder HAS to be higher than Arteta, Lampard, Potter. Look at his record not only with Sheffield United, but also in each of the top 4 english leagues, unrivaled.
Imagine ranking a manager who’s gotten the better of psg(twice), guardiola’s man city(thrice), lAmpArd’s chelsea(thrice), jose mourinho, klopp’s liverpool in a space of hardly a season and a half, as the third worst of the lot lmao.
We can’t live in the past That score should not blemish Hasenhuttls record
Jonah Shear
Jonah Shear:
My favourite thing about this video is that no one is complaining about Ole in 18th
Seb Greenwood
Seb Greenwood:
Genuinely think I agree with every single position lads, apart from pep (yes I’m a city fan) but there’s a massive load of factors that he is hugely underrated with. Love these videos👍🏻
Sean Dyche and Steve Bruce have been done dirty here! Fair enough they aren’t the most attractive of options if you’re hiring a new manager but in terms of getting results with limited resources, you won’t find many better. Genuinely don’t think if you gave Klopp/ Guardiola Burnley’s squad they’d do any better than Dyche has done over the past 5 or so years
Joe Osw
Joe Osw:
No way lampard is higher up than arteta and Rodgers
But will you hire Arteta as youre manager if youre another club than Arsenal? you used this argument against Solskjær it wouldve been cool if you were consistent. I also think the transfer argument against him is weak because he wants the players but arent backed proper by the board
Harvey Burton
Harvey Burton:
David moyes has won 3 managers of the year awards and he's below Frank and arteta who have managed for less than 2 seasons not sure on that one
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith:
Even though Leicester now have real team expectations, they’re still a mid table squad. Rodgers has done an amazing job dealing with that. Great manager. Hasenhüttl also should be above Lampard. Lampard is a shiny new Ole.
InFotball WeTrust
InFotball WeTrust:
I think Ralph Hasenhüttl should be higher sooo underrated . Do not forget he took a newly promoted leipzig to 2nd in the bundesliga and took a relegation favourite in southampton to 11th in the league. Finnaly some one saying something good about jose
Dev's sports IQ
Dev's sports IQ:
Clearly Moyes isnt supposed to be that high, and Mourinho, higher than Pep, is a joke. Lampard is also way too high, Brendan Rodgers, and Hasenhüttl, have been massively been underrated. Ole Solskjaer too, has been underrated considerably for me.
Edit: Man U just beat PSG in the grp stage. Now u get it about Solskjaer
lampard over arteta 🤡
Archie Sanderson
Archie Sanderson:
I’m sorry but LAMPARD 6th😳😳😳😳. How can u have him 6th and ole 18th😳. He’s literally in no way better than ole😂😭
Bradley Dunlop
Bradley Dunlop:
How can you blame Mendy on pep, he literally gets injured as soon as recovers from the previous injury
"Looking at the guys who havent won anything, Arteta, Lampard..." Arteta won the FA cup with Arsenal.
Ben Harrop
Ben Harrop:
Don’t forget Mikel Arteta has already won two trophies (yes 1 community shield but if your in it, you want to win it)
Karthikeyan S
Karthikeyan S:
Ole's at the wheel, nah, ole's on weed😂
Yousef Magdy
Yousef Magdy:
Spencer i love these types of vids keep them going also credit to seb!
Sami B
Sami B:
I love Seb’s expressions when spen’s talking about Hassenhüttl 😂
darrell froud
darrell froud:
Speaking about hasenhüttl, "that 9-0 will always be there" against a team who won the league a couple seasons ago. Yet no mention of klopp losing 7-2 against a relegation fighting team last year
Joshua 1
Joshua 1:
I think this is outrageous we finished third and our coach gets put 18th it’s very very hary
Rohan Bhatt
Rohan Bhatt:
I loved this series, and I'm a Tottenham fan so I love it even more now
MP Mythical
MP Mythical:
Love the content normally but how u gonna say Ollie 18th when we beat PSG away
Seb On Golf
Seb On Golf:
Ole is at the wheel, I hope your buckled up!
Jamie Clements
Jamie Clements:
Imagine Spencer bought West Ham
Daniel Tudor
Daniel Tudor:
This is an absolute joke, so much wrongness in this 🤣🤣🤣
Looking forward to laugh at this when ole wins the league in the next 3 years and the champions league this year. So underrated he’s definitely better than many of the current 20 managers
Nate Krackeler
Nate Krackeler:
José is the only manager I’ve ever seen dominate another manager. Legend.
Moyes is not better than Hasenhuttl, especially not in line with Nuno. Moyes did well with Everton yes, developing his own weird style of a team, but he's only doing well at WH because the players don't have to be in his presence 😂
Great decision on solskjaer, he is appalling, has absolutely no tactical ability
Tom Warwick
Tom Warwick:
I'd love to see you do this once the season has ended :)
Rob Green
Rob Green:
Being a Portsmouth fan it pains me to say that Hassenhuttel is a great manager who will no doubt get one of the "big" clubs one day. Also I consider Pep a fraud to an extent seeing as he has never been at a club with limited resources and never really been tested compared to the likes of Klopp and Mourinho.
Aldo juan
Aldo juan:
"Nuno ESPOSITO Santo" 🤣🤣🤣
lampard above ralph? 😭😂 swap them around, if ralph had chelsea’s squad he’d turn them into title contenders.
For me, you've got it almost spot on. I'd have probably had Hasenhuttl higher but apart from that nigh on what I had down. Great video and well done
Tobias Holm
Tobias Holm:
This is great stuff to have running in the background when doing something else. I really enjoy this content.
I couldn't accurately say just how excited I was when Klopp made his switch. As a Liverpool and BvB fan it's been incredible.
J. J
J. J:
Really loving this format Spen, keep it up!
Aidan UTP
Aidan UTP:
Lampard is tactically inept and can’t coach a defence
How you gonna put Hodgson that low when he’s won leagues and cups in 7/8 countries. Then you put potter above him who did mediocre at Swansea and Brighton
People have to remember that Fergerson hand picked Moyes to replace him at Man U, plus he had an excellent spell with Everton before hand. I do rate Moyes quite highly if he gets the backing from the board
Oliver Oconnor
Oliver Oconnor:
Wilder, Hassenhüttl and Rodgers massively disrespected and Lampard overrated. Yes Chelsea had a transfer ban but it’s Chelsea, they won the league 2 seasons before
Nabeel Khan
Nabeel Khan:
You should have your own separate ones and argue more about it IMO
Nicholas Pereira
Nicholas Pereira:
Keep up with these review vids from you and your brother! Enjoyed it!
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan:
Love the new Spencer content. Keep it up!
Elliot Aked
Elliot Aked:
HAHAHAHAHA Pep in third 🤣 Had a mare there.
Future Drive Games
Future Drive Games:
David Moyes above Chris Wilder :'D the West Ham delusion is real.
Really backing Lampard. He’ll do great.

“He’ll go right to the very top. Right to the very top.” - Harry Redknapp to a bellend WHU fan who thought Scot Canhem was better.
james wood
james wood:
0:36 I stopped my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
David Moyes from his house 😂 clearly all time top 5
L Matoso
L Matoso:
Still wondering who “Nuno Espusito Santo” is?🤔
Tom Masanauskas
Tom Masanauskas:
Once in my life I thought spencer actually knew stuff about football smh
Mr Fandango
Mr Fandango:
Smith at 16th get in the bin! Went on a 10 game winning run when he came in taking the club into the play offs and taking us up. Kept us up, kept grealish and is now bossing the prem with the only team with a 100% record...
Gwen Labb
Gwen Labb:
1:29 I quit my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas:
Spen and seb at it again love these videos. Keep them coming spendog 👍
Kieran Kelly
Kieran Kelly:
David Moyes 10th is so so biased. Dyche, Hasenhuttl, Wilder and Potter are all miles above him
Jop Van Eijck
Jop Van Eijck:
Seb when talking about hasenütel“ you have got to take into consideration that 9-1 defeat”
Seb when talking about moyes “take away his time at real sociedad and Manchester United” Seb you can’t do that hahah you have to take that into consideration
Isaac Konadu
Isaac Konadu:
The fact that no one has done what pep has done in the prem but he’s a fraud because he can’t deliver in a different competition but has done things where the greatest teams in the prem hasn’t done talking about pep coaching is not gd turned raheem sterling into a beast his man management with aguero telling him he will be drop if he doesn’t do work hard enough
rogers is 5’7 actually 1.7 metres nice to see you try and entertain us with fun facts but please get them correct
Jack Hussey
Jack Hussey:
Done Ralph Hasenhuttl dirty he
Should be way higher than that
😂 how is it controversial that OGS is that low. Pretty sure most man united fans would put him that low too
Seb is quality😂 and so were them impressions spen dog 😂😂
Rory Vinton-Peters
Rory Vinton-Peters:
Do this again at the end of the season
UncrowdedZeus74 Gaming
UncrowdedZeus74 Gaming:
As a United fan I totally, although it doesn’t make me happy, agree with ole’s placement
Corner Taken Quickly Origi!!! !
Corner Taken Quickly Origi!!! !:
Hasenhüttl is a class manager. Needs to be top half MINIMUM.