Ranbir Kapoor EMOTIONAL Message For Father Rishi Kapoor After Passing Away

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Om Kumar
Om Kumar:
Are bakchodo ab to headline me late rishi kapoor sir likho....
Nitin Nilajkar
Nitin Nilajkar:
Ranbir had an awesome father... but looks like he was too much attached to his mother
Roma Poojari
Roma Poojari:
A good father only corrects his child
Vivek Mishra
Vivek Mishra:
Rishi kapoor was like typical father who wanted his family to be together but it never happens now a days. He was upset him moving away to new home...so sad..
Tanmoy Basak
Tanmoy Basak:
Its the love of his father that looks like anger
Ajit Ahuja
Ajit Ahuja:
Rishi Kapoor was a genuine human being. He said what he had in his mind. I think he was a very good father. A legend. You will be badly missed.
Jannat Khan
Jannat Khan:
First comment like to banta hai love ranbir sonam ❀😘😍
Ishwoa Mahmoudi
Ishwoa Mahmoudi:
his son should stayed with his dad
marigold marigold
marigold marigold:
At this age every father wants their children to be with them..old age mein expectations hoti hain apne bachcho se.... He was not well for past 2 years ....at least bachche saat mein ho to hosla bani rehti hain but unfortunately unke saat Aisa nahi hua.....very straightforward and pure hearted person......RIP beautiful soul.you will always be in our hearts.
reaz Reaz
reaz Reaz:
Bluff bluff bluff we should not enter in his personel matter so sad to lost a legendary like him love from mauritius
Jerry Chan
Jerry Chan:
Love from suriname
Abdul Sattar
Abdul Sattar:
Rishi Kapoor was very very straight forward person ...That's why he got problems in life ..But he was best actor and human being ...
Sangeeta Lodwal
Sangeeta Lodwal:
Har father yahi chahta ha ki unke bacche sath rahe khaskar unka beta wo upset the ye unke her lecturer ma dikhta ha bhagwan unki atma ko shanti pradan kare
Rishabh Srivastava
Rishabh Srivastava:
Really a great human being
My name is Khan
My name is Khan:
Stop lying. This is an old interview.
Divyansh Bagga
Divyansh Bagga:
This is an old video. Not after rishi sir's passing
Laila Widhani
Laila Widhani:
Rish sir great man yr an Excellent daddy yr boht zidha acha tai yr 😭😭😭😭
clara mary
clara mary:
Be strong ranbir bro ....
ravinder sehrawat
ravinder sehrawat:
rishi ji na bhala he taunt way mein kuch bol diya ranbir ko but ranbir was always politely answered about him
Sangeeta Lodwal
Sangeeta Lodwal:
Khushmizaz person the rishikapoor ji but ghar ka tenstion acche acche logo ko bimar kar deta ha
Shabana Shareef Sheikh
Shabana Shareef Sheikh:
I miss u sir I like ur work very much
How sad 2.36
K. T
K. T:
I think Ranveer fault..koi bhi baap cahega beta sath rahe nd rishi sir problem vo sirf baap hi rhe 1 dost banne ki kosish kr pye
Mohammad naeem Ahmadi
Mohammad naeem Ahmadi:
1:02 Rishi is drank
Areeba Meer Xtra
Areeba Meer Xtra:
Love from PakistanπŸ‡΅πŸ‡°πŸ˜
Cynthia Seecharan
Cynthia Seecharan:
this is old
Vijesh Joshi
Vijesh Joshi:
Miss you sir rishi sir
Madhuri Khargonkar
Madhuri Khargonkar:
We all miss you
ya in sanju movie. ranbir dont look like himself. we all thought its sanjay dutt. same looks and same act. ranbir u deserve 100 out of 100. also rishi Kapoor never admires and he was so happy for his son. rip u will be remembered by all generations to come. for u acting is just a routine, so soft and easy. and u were the one who know how to court girl in a nice way. ladki patane ki aada koi app se sikhe. noone in film industry can do it but u.
bullet raja
bullet raja:
Rest In peace RISHI KAPOOR SIRπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
k j.
k j.:
Baap baap hi hota h... ❀
Syeda Khadeeja Syeda Khadeeja
Syeda Khadeeja Syeda Khadeeja:
We miss you
Minni's Collection Cards & Stickers
Minni's Collection Cards & Stickers:
2:30 Rishi Sir ka Dard futtt pada πŸ’” Aakhir father hai Dard to hoga hi unhe ki is umer mai Bete ko saath hona chaiye unkey budaapey ka sahara banker beta bahar separate reh raha hai ...πŸ™ itefaq bola Rishi ji ne iska maatlab Phone bhi nhi haa mai pauunch raha hu papa aap aagaye...Rishi ji tabhi itne Frustrated rehtey they Bacho ka gum ho to akser Father Drink karne lag jaatey hai mere uncle bhi aesai chale gye they duniya se farak itna unki Kidney damage hui thi or Rishi ji ko leverCancer hua ....πŸ’”πŸ˜°πŸ˜°πŸ˜° Love u Rishi Sir kaaash aap mere papa hotey mai apko aese gumo mai na dobney deti aager agla janam hota hai to Bhgwan mujhe Rishi ji ka Beta banke bheje betiya to chali jaati h but beta saath Rehta & I Promise u Rishi Uncle apko kabhi akela nhi chodungi promise I wish you are my Father not for fame just simple Family I Really like u ❀❀❀ Not as a Fan As a Daughter... πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ RIP
Manoj M
Manoj M:
What the hell How you have get 200k subscribers who the people that followed you you are giving a all fake news
Malika Salman
Malika Salman:
Ye apny bacho ko itna pesaa dy dyty k in ki olad inhi k hatho sy nikal jati ab ma akeli rahy gi ek hi beta hai ma k.pas b nai rahy ga so sad
syed sulaiman
syed sulaiman:
Kittni baar same video dalaigai bai bencho bas bhi kar atleast respect the deceased rishi Kapoor
Girija Kunapareddy
Girija Kunapareddy:
People criticized Jaya Bachchan so much for getting irritated at the shouting and too much flashing lights but no one finds fault with Rishi. Maybe when men do they like it
Deep Singh
Deep Singh:
2.18.sale ranbir papa ke sath rehta ....shayad unko yehe gam mar gea. Tera bhe time ana ranbir
Laila Widhani
Laila Widhani:
Rish sir boht zidha nyc iasn tai gussa waly ka dil boht zidha acha hoty hi wo pyaar bh boht zidha karti hi apany bata sa yr
Yanshi Sharma
Yanshi Sharma:
This is obviously an old video... no one can come out in this situation let alone a bollywood interview
Kareema Hoque
Kareema Hoque:
RIP Rishi kapoor πŸ’” My heartfelt condolences goes to ranbir kapoor, neetu kapoor and ridhima kapoor. A legend that left his legacy behind. You will always be remembered with grace.β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜”
Paresh Raijada
Paresh Raijada:
Jutha kahi ka !πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘Ύ
minu rout
minu rout:
Jhuta kahaka
akshay Raaz
akshay Raaz:
Y the hell that stop music at 2:47 and ..B4 that.....wht is wrong re....kuch mirch masaala ad karnaa jaruri hai kyaa...keep simple music or..nice musice re.....or dont put...😑
Anshul Baswal
Anshul Baswal:
Don't paste inappropriate thumbnail just for some views
Madiha Naveed
Madiha Naveed:
Wah wah bap ko qabbar ma utar k dandt nkl rhy
anand sharma
anand sharma:
Ranbeer tera baap ek axa insan bilkul nhi tha....ha ek thik actor tha ye keh skte
mohit kulharia
mohit kulharia:
Ye phle ka interview h...pagal bnate hn
Laila Widhani
Laila Widhani:
I am so sad yr 😭
Harihar Harihar
Harihar Harihar:
What is the urgent to attend tv program? Your family is still mourning
Kavita Jain
Kavita Jain:
Tenshion se hi Unki mout ho gayi,Kyu Randheer aapne apne Papa ke saath rehna thaa
hitendra gohel
hitendra gohel:
Sonal randi make-up toa kiya,aur bar bar apni chut ki baas ungli mey sung rahi hai bassy chur chinal
Simplicity rishi sir aur nitu mam bhut ache hai aaplog bhut achaa lgaa kitni simplicity...
Sisters Weber
Sisters Weber:
Ghar ghar ki kahani. Every parent feels like thar. We all knew him only as a romantic hero. After he passed away why these videos about father son getting circulated so much. He is very open. He can't hide his emotions, anger looks like
ravinder sehrawat
ravinder sehrawat:
rishi ji pee ka bol gaya bhai do not take it seriously.. πŸ˜ƒ
Savita jain
Savita jain:
Ranbir ji aapko rishi kapoor bohot pyar kartethe muje lagtahai aap aapke papa ko nahi samj paye.ranbir ji agar aapko mairi bat bhuri lagi hoto sorry
The best. The biggest acting family. Very sorry for Rishi. I watched all the movies with him and his dad. I am writing from Bulgaria Sofia.
Baber Ali
Baber Ali:
Yai ek bap ka dard jhalkta hai ki us ka beta us k sath nhi .very sad😭
Sharan Singh
Sharan Singh:
Ek father hemasha hi apna beta ko acchi seekh deta h .
Farzana Adam
Farzana Adam:
Bad ranbhir
Beettoo tv
Beettoo tv:
Social gathering bandh hai or kya mazaak bana rakha hai. Old media conference hai. Tab Rishi sir zinda they
Sai Bhargava
Sai Bhargava:
Worst Fellow..
Laila Widhani
Laila Widhani:
Daddy yr upset tai bata ka liy yr
deepaktalwadkar deepak
deepaktalwadkar deepak:
After he passed away fake thumbline
Aarti Choudhary
Aarti Choudhary:
One shud nt judge them both..papa bete ki aapas ki baatein hn..Rishi kapoor ne b khud swikaari h ye baat ki wo unn fathers mese ni rhe jinse share kr paye bcha apni baat ..wo strict rhe hn hmesha..
Ranbeer has always behaved well wid others ...
Media k sath bhi rudeness ni dikhai...baaki insan hn sab gltian sab krte hn...hr emotion hota h insan me...
Durr se baith kr bht aasan h kisiko bhi blame krdena...ye 'HAQ' hme kisne diya wo pta ni..

Stop spreading hatred...
rashid hasan
rashid hasan:
Iss bhn k lode Ko dkh kr kahin se nhi lga ki ye dukhi h
shashank sengar
shashank sengar:
Why some idiot are so engaged in other family matters.
Manisha Sharma
Manisha Sharma:
And age hone pe bacche aur buddhe ek ho jate h. Unhe apne bacche pas cahiye hota h...
K. T
K. T:
Rishi sir pr umar ka bhut asar tha.
God msg
God msg:
Umar ke SAATH insaan chid chide ho jaatey hain yaar pls understand .....rishi ji apne aap mein ek.child hi rahe hain n since he already passed his journey so he wants people to hear him Respect him..and learn from him...after 60 we hv to.treat people like a child and listen to them.. that's it.
Arun Narayan
Arun Narayan:
Abey Chomu Purana Video leke views bada raha hain chu....
Malika Salman
Malika Salman:
Father ko ye baat pasnd nai thi k beta pas nahi rehta.ye vo hero hein jo khud kuch ban k agy aye on ki olad jo b hai aj on k name sy hai on ki Dolat py aj akar rahy na jo alag Ghar mein ja k behth gya bap ki kamai dolat py apna Ghar banaya bap ka dil dokhya
Ravinder kumar Kumar
Ravinder kumar Kumar:
Ab Kaya maafi magta aab tho chala gaya
Guys Rabir is 37 years old and most of the guys now days stay separately due to Job or other reasons . He deserved some privacy it is not bad that he started living separately.

After all he lived with them till 32-35 years. So don't start blaming Ranbir .
Deep Singh
Deep Singh:
4 44 pe dkho jab tu apne bap ka ne bna to. . Tera koi kya bnega
cool people
cool people:
Ab chahe jo bhi bol USS ne kbhi nhi kbhi nhi milna:::::sorry kehne ka bhi vakt nhi mila
Jaspreet kaur
Jaspreet kaur:
Rishi Kapoor wants that ranbir live with him.but ranbir is so irresponsible person seems
facade khan Abidi
facade khan Abidi:
Actually ,most people's comments are correct ,rishi kapoor wanted his son to live with him !
idriss njoya
idriss njoya:
satya parkash verma
satya parkash verma:
Legendry Actor Rishi kapoor was very natural in his life always soft spoken charming loving caring
Mamta Devadiga
Mamta Devadiga:
Apna Ghar pehele sudharo Baad me dusron ke maamle me taang adhao.
Jaspreet kaur
Jaspreet kaur:
I hate Ranbir. He is the founder of Livin relationship in India....😠😠
Muhammad Rizwan
Muhammad Rizwan:
faisal anjum
faisal anjum:
Ranbir u did wrong . Reason of his death is ranbir . He did hurt alot to his father . And he died from that pain .
Qasim Naqvi
Qasim Naqvi:
rishi gee was a great actor and a man full of life apart from his drinking habit.
I still remember his songs from Chandni and sahiba movies.
I am deeply saddened and shocked and pray to ALLAH PAK for the blessings to the departed soul.
good bye rishi gee from LONDON.
As You Like
As You Like:
He hurt his father by going away from the house... now he is crying after Rishi passed away.... I don't like these guys...hopeless humans...
Aniket sonu
Aniket sonu:
Maderchod Randi Ka beta sala
shabbir ali
shabbir ali:
Ranbir is better than shahrukh salman and Amir i really like Ranbir