Rafael Nadal - Press Conference after Semi-final | Roland-Garros 2020

Rafael Nadal - Press Conference after Semi-final | Roland-Garros 2020. Watch Rafael Nadal's press conference after his victory against Diego Schwartzman at the semi-final of #RolandGarros 2020.

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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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Rafa has some big arms, but I am more impressed with his eyebrow muscles.
And here we are again...another Djokovic Nadal final.... Covid has changed a lot of things in our world but some remain... Thanks for that feeling of being "back to normality" we had missed so much guys 😂😂😂😂
I think that the loss in Rome to Diego Schwartzman probably saved Nadal from a suprise in Paris. He knew beforehand that he had to be careful against his opponent.
The pinnacle achievement of tennis is to win 2nd place at Roland Garros.
A Vohra
A Vohra:
I think the difference between Rome and RG was confidence. In Rome, Diego had nothing to lose, and played aggressive, knowing he had no chance to win if he played defensive. His shots were deep, and he was able to hit the angle shots that made Rafa run. Today, Nadal took the offensive position and didn’t let Diego control the point like last time. He knew that he could win, and executed all the right shots. I’m looking forward to seeing him play Novak in the final!
S M:
Schwartzman played really well beginning of 3rd set and Rafa made lot of unforced errors but in the end how Rafa held serve at 5-5 to go up 6-5 and then total dominance in the tie-break was amazing. Overall, I think Rafa played an amazing match. I hope Rafa takes his 13th. Vamos Rafa!!
Vineet Nair
Vineet Nair:
There's a saying in Tennis world. Every professional player fight for reaching the Finals of Rolland Garros to receive the Runner up Trophy and pic with the Mighty King of Clay ❤️
- If Djokovic wins he will be the first player in Open Era (and the 3rd in history) to win every Grand slam at least twice.
- If Nadal wins he will tie Federer's 20 Grand Slams

No one will match the Big 3 records. No one.
Knead Sensual
Knead Sensual:
Such a class act this guy.
Robin Sooper
Robin Sooper:
Rafa's english is pretty damn good . Kudos for that. That's hard work in itself.
Vamos Rafa, go get that #13.
yasmin Chaves
yasmin Chaves:
Vamos Rafa por 20 GS!!
Annette Alegre-Dy
Annette Alegre-Dy:
Go for the win Rafa❣️Rooting and praying for you❗️ Stay safe, happy and healthy❣️🙌🤗🎾💪🍌🎋🍀🤴🙏
How sweet when rafa talks.. I love rafa.. Great sportsman. I wish you rafa in final I want to see you win 13th rg TITLE. Fingers cross. Im so tense now..
Neon SS
Neon SS:
Nadals the best goooooooo NADAL
Sports Channel
Sports Channel:
Rafa wins the title already just hand him the trophy Vamos Rafa! RG #13 and your 20th GS title and u will tie roger federer too all happening on Sunday tune in!!
Lilly Curtis
Lilly Curtis:
Vamos Rafa!!! 👏🏽
A R:
Long live his majesty the king of Tennis (and not just the king of clay).
Jane Kihm
Jane Kihm:
I love how he says ‘we have to go on the court.’ Team Rafa
Taylor Pack
Taylor Pack:
I’m picking Nadal in 4, maybe 3 depending on how Djokovic is feeling. Nadal is just a different animal on clay.
Raied Aribrahim
Raied Aribrahim:
What an incredible champion Rafa. His dominance on clay and especially RG is more than remarkable. It's Rafa phenomenon ..He is unique and this RG is his ..no doubts about it .All the best Rafa
K Dubbs
K Dubbs:
Everybody is saying djokovic is the man to beat... hes lost 3 sets in his last 2 matches. I think hes beatable. Butttt rafa has mental blocks when playing Novak. Hes better but somehow novak gets in his head. We will see how Rafa deals with that and the pressure
A R:
Meanwhile Djokovic and Tsitsipas are battling for the runners up trophy.
Jonathan Ang
Jonathan Ang:
The difference between his left and right bicep 🤣
You are my champion.
Harsh Uttarwar
Harsh Uttarwar:
When he is not even at 100% level and still reaches finals in straight sets. Absolute beast!

(No! It wasn't that easy of a draw, next-gen players are getting stronger now but the Big 3 are always there to show them what dominance is.)
Vijay R
Vijay R:
King for a reason 😎
Saïda Bibi
Saïda Bibi:
Too good too fast too strong...rafa is good in all terms of the game...stop asking stupid questions every one know this is not a masters 1000 this is a grand slam and the regulations are not the same since he is in press conference always the same harrasment change your questions ask something more interesting...well done rafa rdv on sunday...
Tarun Kakumanu
Tarun Kakumanu:
His English has improved so much!
Shoaib raj
Shoaib raj:
Plot twist : Rafa is already the Champion...
We are watching the highlights...
Manuelita Guido
Manuelita Guido:
He is very respectful. Diego sos un capo, peque pero enorme 🙌🏻🇦🇷
Fadi Bidan
Fadi Bidan:
Who’s here after Rafa distroyed Novak 6/0 6/2 7/5
This two guys again 🥵🥰✨💨
Andiku linggi
Andiku linggi:
Nadal talks as if he just ate red spicy chilly and trying to calm his tongue.
Michele Z
Michele Z:
Rafa really lost it for abt half an hour, in that 3rd set. He was cruising along nicely, and with a couple of games to go, I think he tightened up, not because he was counting his chickens, but because of what it wd mean if he got to the final again. Unbelievably after what he has achieved, he is a modest guy, and I think he suffers from nerves more than we can guess. Good luck, Rafa!
Tatiana Díaz
Tatiana Díaz:
I could not love Rafa any more than I do right now. So excited about this final and his (hopefully) lucky 13! Vamos Rafa!!!! ❤️👏🏽❤️
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
Rafa is pure class. Hope he improves his record over Novak in the French Open to 7 and 1.
Frank Dmani
Frank Dmani:
He was never tested, simple as that. Lets see how he does in next match when the real test comes his way!
Benjamin Xu
Benjamin Xu:
Congratulations Rafa! Wish you get another title!
Peter Kelner
Peter Kelner:
His face while he listens to the questions is hilarious
Satya Anil Kumar Vishnubhatla
Satya Anil Kumar Vishnubhatla:
I love you Nadal. Win, lose or draw. You are my idol and big brother for life. Just seeing you gives me confidence. Rafael Nadal--humble in victory and graceful in defeat. Forever a Nadal fan.
Jo Living
Jo Living:
I hope Rafa doesn't let Djokovic get into his head on finals day...Nole obviously is coming in with big confidence as always...none get into his head...Stefano could have probably won today but couldn't quite cross the line early on and then he just ran out of steam it seems in the final set which is such a shame after all that effort to equal...
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
Rafa are you ready for 50 drop shots on Sunday ?
oh man you will run like never before
Martha Afonso
Martha Afonso:
I love you Rafa for your great sportsmanship. I always love to see you on court. I wish you all the best for your 13th GS. I know you will do your best. Also my love to your wife and your family.
Aljoša Kosanović
Aljoša Kosanović:
Well, obviously we expected this Djoko-Rafa match in the final, i hope it will be great match which we never forget, because these 2 guys are the greatest ever. Let the better player win. I don't want to provoke any of you fans, i just said what i think and i think that Novak will win hardly in 5 set match vs Rafa. My opinion, and that's it. Good luck.
P S:
Should be thankful to Diego to make him improve on the preparations both in Rome and Paris and making him ready for the final.
Only one more time! #13 is within reach
Sander E
Sander E:
Nadal has the advantage on clay in favour of Djokovic and Djokovic on hardcourt in the opposite way. No matter how good Djokovic plays, it would be a huge surprise if Nadal doesnt win. I have my doubts about Djokovic. He is so strong and fit but he looks somewhat distracted. It wasnt necessary to play 5 sets to win from Tsitsipas. Nadal will have noticed this as well. Not good from Novak. He must be 100% coming Sunday.
Ajmal Sami
Ajmal Sami:
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
Lucky number 13. Vamos, Rafa!
When Rafa smiles, I melt....
Monika Jukic
Monika Jukic:
The thing I loved about him the most is that he is an amazing human. Really really great tennis player, and now we can say god of clay
desmondjr johnston
desmondjr johnston:
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas:
We love Rafa ! A champion among champions.
Marina Darin
Marina Darin:
10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Joel O'Sullivan
Joel O'Sullivan:
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
Jeanette Furås
Jeanette Furås:
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
SaiShiva Subrahmanyam
SaiShiva Subrahmanyam:
Time for payback for what happened in AO 2019 finals and RG 2015 QF. My man Rafa, it's going to be the biggest challenge yet. #Nole is a mental giant man. Freaking beast but Rafa in RG is not going to be easy as well for Nole and he'll have to be crazy good to topple Rafa. Gonna be a historic final for both may the best GOAT win
Jhonny Cool
Jhonny Cool:
Nadal vs Novak is the best thing so far in 2020.🤔l 👍
Ariel Knauer
Ariel Knauer:
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Ariel Knauer
Ariel Knauer:
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
A Final Sunday In Roland Garros 2020 :
Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal
(1 : 3) or (2 : 3)

Vamos Rafa 🏆🇪🇸💪🏻
King Of Clay
13th RG & 20th GS
nadal's eye brows raise just keep getting better and better over the years
Alison Smith
Alison Smith:
Weather was warmer as well!
Gurjit Kochar
Gurjit Kochar:
So well said !!! Let the Italian cry for ‘Rome’ all they want ... 😈
Ahsan Toqeer
Ahsan Toqeer:
His english is so good now
javier andreu
javier andreu:
If you look at his arms you can clearly see he is left-handed
Clear cut vision of his own performance. Djoko will serve him plenty of drop shots on Sunday you can be sure of that. But Rafa is a great champion and knows the PC court like the palm of his hand.
jaya p
jaya p:
Difficult to watch RaFa age...always remember him as the raring to go kid... some 15 years ago...
King of Clay
King of Clay:
I expect the same outcome like at 2012 RG when it was cloudy and rainy! Man I miss that 2012 FO Nadal, what a beast that was! 2012 FO, 2008 FO, 2017 FO! My favourites! Very underrated: The 2014 FO Nadal! Shot making in SET 2 was incredible!
Louise Young
Louise Young:
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
Paulo Martinez
Paulo Martinez:
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
sang anh
sang anh:
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
Ella Bella
Ella Bella:
Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖
Prison Mike
Prison Mike:
Ez dub 😂
Rusda Yati
Rusda Yati:
The battle n the war in tennis always involve players' mentality n degree of preparedness, in addition to his skillset.
Heward Lindsay
Heward Lindsay:
Just a Legend on his own 👑
Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Maharshi Bhattacharyya
Maharshi Bhattacharyya:
This is the most pathetic I have seen Nadal serve in quite some time. The amount of BP chances Diego created today is definitely an area of concern. Novak won't let him get away with such a weak serve. Otherwise he is playing well and final is pretty evenly matched
Ram Naresh Yadav MG
Ram Naresh Yadav MG:
No doubt..it's going to be blockbuster final on Sunday.
Enrique Morin
Enrique Morin:
He was practicing in Rome
Final Roland Garros :
2012 : Nadal vs Djokovic (3:1)
2014 : Nadal vs Djokovic (3:1)
2020 : Nadal vs Djokovic (3:0) / (3:1)

King Of Clay
Vamos Rafa 🏆🇪🇸💪🏻
13th RG & 20th GS
Ariel Knauer
Ariel Knauer:
Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Amie Kelly
Amie Kelly:
Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Hanna Deondre
Hanna Deondre:
Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Vamos Rafa you’re in your element!
Rick Lee
Rick Lee:
After just having watched Schwartzman's interview, Nadal sounds cagy like a corrupt politician. He really needs to loosen up.
Ashy bash
Ashy bash:
Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Hanna Deondre
Hanna Deondre:
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Glock7777 Da
Glock7777 Da:
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
sang anh
sang anh:
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Rafa: Well!
Interviewer - what was the main difference between here and rome?

Rafa - this is my back yard, no ?
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
Congrats Raf. Good luck in the finals. Hope you win.
Caitlyn Braddock
Caitlyn Braddock:
Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Ramona Medina
Ramona Medina:
Vamos Rafael Nadal 💪
Rwoane B.
Rwoane B.:
Vamos Rafa. Go kiss your 13th RG and 20th GS trophy.
J G-F:
I'm Single 😍😥