Rafael Nadal - Press Conference after Round 4 I Roland-Garros 2020

Rafael Nadal - Press Conference after Round 4 I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the reaction of Rafael Nadal after his victory today against Sebastian Korda in fourth round. The Spanish player won in three sets 6/1 6/1 6/2.


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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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Aarnav Kembhavi
Aarnav Kembhavi:
Why don't you show the full press conference, it won't hurt anyone
Josh Heinink
Josh Heinink:
Translation: tough battle = easy for me
Denis D
Denis D:
74 seconds of content? You call this a press conference? Even movie trailers are better
John Valley
John Valley:
I playt unbeilibable.
Dear Roland Garros, please make a shorter Press Conf, this is way too long!
Bilal Attal
Bilal Attal:
Next match will be his 100 match at RG, hope Sinner plays good but Rafa win so he can get more confidence for the brutal battles ahead
James Votava
James Votava:
Rafa: What I can improve on? I don't know.
Ghanshyam CBSE
Ghanshyam CBSE:
Despite his early lose at Roma recently now are the better & brighter chances for Rafa to go all the way to a yet another glory to bring home his record 13th RG's Title.

Wishing him nothing less than the smooth sailing from here onwards at this year's French Open....👍
Expat Properties Mumbai
Expat Properties Mumbai:
Sinner will soon find out the cardinal sin he has committed by stepping up to face Nadal at Rafa Garros 😅
Helga Geraldine
Helga Geraldine:
I love Rafa and his accent makes him more charming and adorable, but for some reason, his english reminds me of Google translate. 😁. But seriously, I really hope and I always pray that he win his 13th RG / 20th GS this year. I'm sure he can do it.
Manish Babu
Manish Babu:
Where can I watch the whole press conference? These clips are too short
Morgan YTC
Morgan YTC:
Wow.. Sinner is facing Nadal! Congratz Sinner, you are an amazing new talent.
Vincent Spencer
Vincent Spencer:
Well done Rafael Nadal keep going
DJ MacTab
DJ MacTab:
Vamos Rafa! 13th RG ... 20th GS!!! Yesss!
A R:
I would love to return here once Nadal silences up those who're saying that Thiem or Novak will beat him at French Open.
david c
david c:
I can't watch this without thinking of his impersonator. Also find myself trying talking like him. And breathe through my teeth. I'm quite happy with my own progress. It's very difficult....But i'm quite happy....did I say I was happy?
Shpinga let
Shpinga let:
The brow man is back!
A R:
As good as Thiem and Novak are, there's simply no stopping an in-from Nadal at Roland Garros.
Vamos Rafa!! You can do it!
Nadia would win 61/63/62 and he would still say it was difficult and tough battle
Susan eshraghi
Susan eshraghi:
David Brick before you keep shooting your mouth of ,let’s see what happens tomorrow between Novak D and Karen K
ND has hardly been stretched so far
Freddie Lopez
Freddie Lopez:
bruh he lowkey just said he's the perfect tennis player and the best tennis player there is; thats tuff  🔥
10fuji maunn
10fuji maunn:
Healing Light Amazing Rafa !Artistic different dimension ! 🍀😇🍀
Dheeraj Ramessar
Dheeraj Ramessar:
I would love to see Rublev vs Thiem/Schwartman FO Final for a change from the Nadal vs Djokovic.
dai le
dai le:
second life
Yamil Matias
Yamil Matias:
Alex Xandra
Alex Xandra:
I'm single 😥😥😥😥😥
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
it looks like Rafa get used to these conditions and that means - everybody will be demolished untill he reach final with Novak
midgic egg
midgic egg:
S M:
Open roof and some sun makes it a deadly combination for Rafa at Roland Garros....Next round will be Sinner, the new age champions meeting the legend.
Sports Channel
Sports Channel:
Rafa match his Best! performance yet at the 2020 roland garros just dropping 4 games the best performance between 3 thiem/novak has yet to match or better that performance which should tell us by now who will win french open 2020 well he is right here RAFAEL NADAL GS #20 & 13th roland garros title VAMOS!!!
Maharshi Bhattacharyya
Maharshi Bhattacharyya:
I hate to say it but this piss easy draw may leave Nadal massively undercooked for his semis against Thiem. Sinner is surely one of the most talented young players and may break into the top 10 very soon but he Just doesn't have the confidence and experience required go challenge Nadal at RG. If Rafa is not tested until semis it is surely a worrying sign but let's hope for the best. After all Nadal is king at RG.
David D
David D:
It’ll be great if we could see the entire post match interview. The Roland-Garros coverage is horrible in the US. I hope ESPN acquires the rights to the later rounds when NBC contract expires. TENNIS CHANNEL TC PLUS is a total ripoff, a disservice to low income fans and younger viewers.
wency sit
wency sit:
TonyKs Haziri
TonyKs Haziri:
King of French Open = Nadal
Kedar Tembe
Kedar Tembe:
Death, taxes, and Rafa in Paris - the only guarantees in life, as the parisians say
On Rail
On Rail:
Raffa is going to win in final vs duce
Dave Border
Dave Border:
Manuel Ferrara.
V D:
Sinner will be a Challenge.. Whether Zverev was ill or not.. It's not an easy feat to beat a guy like Zverev...
Jonathan Cano
Jonathan Cano:
He faces thiem possibly in semi? Then possibly Djokovic in finals.... this will be a way to win 20 if he does

** and Sinner was dropping bombs on Zverev so that’s a tough second week
moaning pheromones
moaning pheromones:
Best Paris Bakery
Letizia C.
Letizia C.:
I’m gonna root for Jannik Sinner, but Rafa will win for sure! Nadal is the king of clay and is 34 while Jannik is only 19 and clay is his least favorite surface .. i mean Rafa will defeat him very easily
Az Akh
Az Akh:
People are saying to be wary of sinner but he will likely get beat easy in straight sets by Nadal. Only Djokovic can beat Nadal on clay and even that's a maybe.
Lost and Looking
Lost and Looking:
I do not see any point in press conferences. First, your asking questions to someone who doesn't want to talk to you. Second, every response is the same: neutral and boring. They should ask questions like "Do you think people should bet all of their savings on Sinner?" and "If you make the final do you think Federer will be watching from home?" P.S I am not referring to Rafa, as he's my favorite player, but everyone in general.
Yusra Sadaf
Yusra Sadaf:
Roland gaross should be changed to rafa cup
Adelaide Holmes
Adelaide Holmes:
Sinner will be easy and then it will be a hard mountain to climb. But Thiem will probably have a struggle with Schwartzman. I do not think it will be a 3 setter, and I do not know who will win. Thiem played a 5 setter today and he has had so many hard opponents - I do not actually understand how the FO organizers accepts such a hard draw for Thiem. To me it seems like they have had an impact on the draw on the mens's side for the three top players. Novak, who was defaulted from the uso, gets the easiest draw ever, and then Nadal, who is the one you would expect and hope to win gets very easy opponents for 4 rounds. And then Thiem, who won the uso, gets the hardest draw ever. I do not see how he is supposed to be ready for a match against Schwartzman on fully fair conditions. I believe Schwartzman has the chance of his life to beat Thiem. He is such an amazing player, and he does not seem to have any problems with lack of energy. I think Nadal has a good chance against both players and that he will bring his absolute best tennis in the potential final against Novak. I really like Dimitrov and would love to see him go far, but he can loose against really bad players in the smaller tournaments, so I do not expect him to win over Tsitsipas, but he has a chance since Tsitsipas has choked in important matches lately. I think Dimitrov has played awesome here and I think he has a lot of energy left. I hope for Nadal to win the tournament. I would be very sorry if he lost. I think he can wear out Thiem in the potential semi-final.
Sinner is strong, watch out Rafa!! 👍👍
Önder Kul
Önder Kul:
Sinner's gonna beat him
Basileos Basileus
Basileos Basileus:
I want to see Nadal vs Thiem semis and Nadal/Thiem vs Djokovic final. Sumptuous feast if it happens. Thiem should have a straight set victory against Schwartzman so, that he stays fresh against Nadal. Today it was brutal on his legs because of drop shots. Hopefully he recovers.
Jason Wong
Jason Wong:
Rafa v Thiem
Manish Patil
Manish Patil:
Why they are not showing match highlights?
Basileos Basileus
Basileos Basileus:
Sinner will be a tough opponent. Sinner's backhand vs Rafa's forehand will be scintillating.
Stratos Kat
Stratos Kat:
Was waiting for a cramp.
Was disappointed.
Bobby Tim
Bobby Tim:
Sinner beats Rafa 100 times out of 100 period. The guy is unstoppable. Im nervous for Nadal. He better come prepared.
GV ensino
GV ensino:
Djokovic is playing better and will win Roland Garros this year against Nadal. The score will be 3x1 for Djokovic, 6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 7-5