Rafael Nadal - Interview I Roland-Garros 2020

Rafael Nadal - Interview I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the interview of Rafael Nadal. The Spanish player speaks about his 13th victory in Roland-Garros, his 20th Grand Slam in career.

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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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Kehan Vora
Kehan Vora:
The beauty of Rafa is always "I'm just another guy playing tennis." His humble nature is his greatest quality. A truly great human.
Johann Jaffar 黄俐恳
Johann Jaffar 黄俐恳:
wish they did more interviews like him in Spanish, he's way more eloquent and can express himself more comfortably too
Rafa may be able to win more RG titles than Pete Sampras' entire Grand Slam total of 14!
Caspar M
Caspar M:
Bro, someone needs to tell this guy that he is a legend. My man doesn't even realize that he is the GOAT.
Blown away by Rafa's defense in the final - it's like he was 19 again, scraping what I thought were winners three inches off the dirt and landing them deep to get back to neutral, and then winning the point a couple of shots later. Yes Novak made a ton of errors, but this is why! He had to hit three great shots just to win a point.
Humble champion winning everyone hearts...The world is loving your victory that itself a big success to you Rafa ❤️
Yavuz Erol
Yavuz Erol:
What a humble guy, whenever he wants to say something good about himself he laughs nervously beforehand, thinking it might seem arrogant. Love his personality
He's hungry like he's never even won a Single slam. Impressive
Jim W.
Jim W.:
This guy is the definition of class! Rafa is a great champion. It is impossible for a human to win Roland Garros (the toughest surface in tennis) 13 times. He will probably win his 14th (and 21st major) next year. Couldn't happen to a nicer, more humble guy. All sports stars could certainly take a lesson. He does everything the right way. Well done, Rafa. You and Roger are not only the greatest players in tennis history, but also its greatest sportsmen. Muy bien, Rafa!
Thalapathy sakthidharan
Thalapathy sakthidharan:
Roland Garros❌
RAFA Garos✔️
Vatsal Jadav
Vatsal Jadav:
I don't know about others but for me Rafa will always be GOAT. He is my role model and a true inspiration for everyone.
Nalin Khanduri
Nalin Khanduri:
"You merely adopted clay, I was born in it moulded by it"
Helen Clarke
Helen Clarke:
He's never going to make a big deal out of the 20th because he wants to downplay the fact he tied Federer. Inside I know he's amazed with it, but he feels he will hurt Federer.
Shreyaj Satdeve
Shreyaj Satdeve:
He didn't drop a single set during the whole tournament....vamos Rafa ❤
Manjunath D
Manjunath D:
The best quality of sportsman is patience... Nadal was a brand ambassador of patience...
Donna Cianciosi
Donna Cianciosi:
Roland-Garros needs to be renamed after Rafa.
mohlodi tshimollo
mohlodi tshimollo:
Stuff that legends are made of is deeply embedded in his genes🏆💪🏾👍🏾
Thalapathy sakthidharan
Thalapathy sakthidharan:
William Deng
William Deng:
Humility, Sincerity, Tenacity and the Will-To-Fight. Epitome of a champion and inspiring generations around the world to be a better person and to conduct themselves in the right way. A champion and one of the greatest people in the world! Congrats Rafa!
As a Spaniard I have grown up watching him since he was a kid and I can say for certain he is literally the only one who has always helped me in my worst times to keep going on. Every time I have doubts, fear and so on I always think about what Rafa would do and somehow I always automatically find a strength I never knew I have. The way he has handled frustration, loss, injuries, hate and criticism from tennis fans and media throughout his career has helped me put life into perspective a million times. And the fact he keeps being humble when he also does great says even more about him. He has always and will always be the role model I want for my life as well as the life of others, specially kids.
Golden Kooks
Golden Kooks:
Man i love rafa so humble
To dominate and remain at the top echelon for almost two decades, of an ultra competitive global sport like Tennis... you need three things in abundance:
Talent, Will and Spirit i.e The Physical, the Mental and the Heart. The tennis fans of this generation are extremely fortunate to have three icons, the trinity, who epitomizes these qualities:

Federer: The Talent
Djokovic: The Will
Rafa: The Heart

Rafael Nadal will for eternity remain the Heart and Spirit of Tennis.
I will treasure this victory forever. For me this is at par with 2017 (level and comeback), 2011 and 2012 (to retain his confidence against a rampaging Novak). Sorry Rafa. This was a very very special victory for you. The stakes were incredibly high.
Arnau Bonet
Arnau Bonet:
Yo soy español como rafa, y orgulloso de ver triunfar a alguien de mi país como tu, que gane lo que gane no se cree mejor que nadie, lo humilde que eres es lo que mas me gusta de ti.
B M-Y:
I love Djokovic, he's my #1 forever, but Rafa is the King of Clay. He is an absolute legend and we are experiencing history. Rafa playing this year will one day look as vintage as Rod Laver at Wimbledon.
Michael Benton
Michael Benton:
I'm a Novak fan but Rafa manhandled him. Much respect. I still love that Novak and Rafa are members of the "get off my lawn" club keeping those young guys in their place... For now
Feel Good
Feel Good:
Great player and great human being,always a big inspiration,still remember the day you won your first Wimbledon,how far you come Rafa!I People always wrote you off but you kept bouncing and reached NEW HEIGHTS, wish you the best for the AO and the next FO,continue staying healthy and keep inspiring us,VAMOS!
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond:
One of my favorite sportsmen of all-time. Don't stop or retire and keep this up. You, Rafael Nadal, deserve to win more hardcourt GSs. Prepare for the Aussie Open and I love to see you winning another one there. Hopefully, you will add another Aussie Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open championships before you hang up your racket for good. It is completely doable. Go, Rafa!
Tom TheDon
Tom TheDon:
If he wins Roland garros next year, yeah I know if, then he would've won as many slams as Pete sampras at a single event.... 😯 And nobody ever thought petes record would be broken
Zevon Mxic
Zevon Mxic:
Nadal played magnificently, I dont usually watch tennis but since im serb i watch Novak from time to time. Reminded me of Novak in 2011...
Maine McEachern
Maine McEachern:
So humble, so grounded, so compassionate and wise. Not only a sporting legend, but a cultural icon. Thank you Rafa for all the thrills, the joy, yes, the heart breaks, and the inspiration you've provided for decades to millions!
TerryE VP
TerryE VP:
We are so lucky to legends like have Rafa & Roger. Humble Champs....!!!
Nasir Osman
Nasir Osman:
Well said Rafa and All the best fo the future.... Can't wait for baby Rafa
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
I think Nadal will retire when the game doesn't excite him anymore rather than just playing to chase for more titles, even if he is healthy. Fortunately, he is very passionate about the game and the fire will continue to burn inside him even after his body gives out.
Sophie de Maintenant
Sophie de Maintenant:
super interview, Rafa est hyper souriant, joie communicative :)
Joseph Ebenezer
Joseph Ebenezer:
There's only one way Nadal could be beaten at Roland Garros. Clone him and put the clone on the other side of the net.
Aakash Thakur
Aakash Thakur:
NADAL you are my inspiration❤️
ashwin bapat
ashwin bapat:
Sophie de Maintenant
Sophie de Maintenant:
great interview, smily Rafa, contagious joy :)
gregorius maria Wibiksono
gregorius maria Wibiksono:
El Rafa: gladiator matador terminator
Mendoza Toledo
Mendoza Toledo:
Eres mi ídolo Rafa, cuando se me ponen difíciles las cosas pienso en ti como deportista. Grande.!
Tanveer Singh Sandhu
Tanveer Singh Sandhu:
Well only a champ can bagel a champ. Absolute Masterclass. Much respect for Nole too he's a great champion and showed that with his kind words afterwards. 😊😊
Chenelar Kemberlu
Chenelar Kemberlu:
Rafa said after his win that it is not about the number of grandslams ... he said . You cant be happy if you always think that your neighbor has a bigger house... better boat.. better phone..

I like him then.. and after hearing those words... i like him more..
Dhiraj k
Dhiraj k:
They ask me what's my greatest achievement?

Me: I was born on the same date as Rafa.
dishob nair
dishob nair:
That moment when he lifts the 🏆... man goosebumps 💪
Mishra Saurabh
Mishra Saurabh:
What an inspiration he is as a human being ❤️ For sure he is surrounded by amazing people to have such wisdom and personality ❤️ VamosRafa🔥❤️
Am Bik
Am Bik:
Such a convincing Win
Socrates Medrano
Socrates Medrano:
"Nadaled" (American English) or "Nadalled" (British English) - a term used to describe players who lost their matches against Rafa at Roland Garros.
Dean Ryan Martin
Dean Ryan Martin:
Lucky 13 here to like this video. Wow.
Now, Rafa has a 10-6 head to head vs Novak and 10-4 vs Roger at Grand Slams.
Nadal is already The GOAT 🎾
nikos GR
nikos GR:
Pure Champion material! That's why he is who he is!
Giorgi Tatarashvili
Giorgi Tatarashvili:
13 RG is beyond of sanity
Jean Carlos Berasgoico
Jean Carlos Berasgoico:
One of my favorite athletes of ALL TIME. Also, he is one of the most under appreciated athletes in his generation. Truly one of the greats.
Sidi El Alami
Sidi El Alami:
Does this make him Australian Open favourite or is that unfair?
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma:
All hail the king!!👑 🔥🔥
Subhash Anand
Subhash Anand:
What a wonderful player. Still I am not sure out of 13 french open which was his best display.
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez:
Humble and great man.
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
Congrats to the King of Clay.
Dhairya Oza
Dhairya Oza:
Rafa be like, I don't care GOAT, I just want more RG
I’m a Djokovic fan but what Nadal achieve in tennis especially FO and on clay is simply amazing and like no others. Huge respect ✊🏻

Can’t wait for Djokovic to get his no9 AO
The name of the beautiful background music : Pure Diamond
by Julien Cavard
Such a great inspiration his path, his passion, his humility. One of the greatest examples to follow of his generation.
Jonathan Ang
Jonathan Ang:
Roland Garros should be renamed as Rafael Nadal
Shaqeel Danial
Shaqeel Danial:
If there was a year to beat him at Roland Garros, this would be the year judging by the lack of tennis due to covid , his age, and the conditions at the tournament. He didnt drop a set. This guy literally gets better the more it gets tough
Muhammad Siddiqui
Muhammad Siddiqui:
translation: I'm gonna pass him
insha shafat
insha shafat:
Oh god he is cute ... i have grew up being Rafa's fan .. ever since my childhood i used to watch tennis just for rafa .. with the days passing rafa will always be my role model ❤
Teemu Ollonqvist
Teemu Ollonqvist:
Dude have had serious injuries and still manages to play like tvis. Unbe fking leavable
Aladina tintin
Aladina tintin:
Que grande eres Rafael Nadal, no sólo como deportista sino como persona. Muchos como tu se necesitan en el mundo, para que fuera un mundo mejor. GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS, y ánimo campeón en tu gran carrera deportiva llegue hasta donde llegue ya no tienes que demostrarnos nada a los que te seguimos. 💖💖💖💖✌✌✌🏆🥇🏆🥇🏆🥇
Araceli Ebreo
Araceli Ebreo:
I'm still savouring rafa's triumph.it motivates me in these trying times.
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
Amazing Nadal, what a performance. Best match in the recent years. Absolutely stunning !.
Amit Ahuja
Amit Ahuja:
Rename RG to RN
if not then at least phillipe chatrier renamed as RN
Mayrose Wang
Mayrose Wang:
The Incomparable, The King Rafael Nadal👑🌞✨🏆✨(13)🗼🎊
VignEsh Vee
VignEsh Vee:
🌟 Super Star 🌟 Rafa ❤️
Yori B.
Yori B.:
So weird that after AO we will see another RG in just 8 months
Omar Toledo
Omar Toledo:
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Loumariemb Marie
Loumariemb Marie:
Rafa is very humble guy, i love his personality, really a great Champion
Mohd Zaki Shaari
Mohd Zaki Shaari:
Rafa made me love to watch tennis.. following him since 2006..one of the reason.. i believe only him, can stop Roger Federer.. not because I am hated Roger, love him too but Rafa is a unique Tennis player especially his is left-handed. AO 2009 is the best game and entertaining for me. See both have won 20 GS is amazing to see in my life.
#Fedalisawesome #Fedal20GrandSlam
Javier Alb
Javier Alb:
Rafa Nadal veni, vidi, vicii!
D T:
The Goat of Clay. Amazing
He’s so humble!
Chris Fentum
Chris Fentum:
Levels of tennis on clay Easy-Hard-Expert-Nadal..
Kathleen Thompson
Kathleen Thompson:
Love watching Rafa he is the greatest of all good luck my hero
percy gan
percy gan:
Watching him winning is very emotional and excited. Enjoy the victory and hope you can win more grand slam title🏆
Tulimatai Smith
Tulimatai Smith:
He has won every qualities a sportsmanship has n he deserves every thumbs up!!! Keep on flying!!!
Love you! 💝
Aldwin Jig Bolitres
Aldwin Jig Bolitres:
I have never been envious of anyone's character or possessions, except Rafael Nadal's Humility
Kennietta Coward
Kennietta Coward:
13 is de magic number #halamadrid
Aaron Figueras
Aaron Figueras:
Roland Nadal !!🙌🏼🙌🏼
1:48 Remember the whole answer from Nadal to that question. It can be useful for each of us : How to achieve success in life and how to face challenges and pressure in life. This is the stoic way of thinking.
Anthony Berrocal
Anthony Berrocal:
En général les espagnols ils sont comme ça.
Emilia G
Emilia G:
Bravo Rafa,bravo todo un ser humano lleno de humildad,sigue así..🇨🇷🙏🏼🇨🇷🇨🇷
Rohan Sagar
Rohan Sagar:
MY KING 🙌🏽. The Ideal Role Model. 🐐
ravi kumar
ravi kumar:
My favourite sportsperson
Uday Damaraju
Uday Damaraju:
Rafa is one step ahead of god when it comes to Clay court(RG). Vamos Rafa! 👍
sezgin a
sezgin a:
i think rafa can win 2 more roland garros titles and finish hes career with 15 grand slams at roland garros which will be even more amazing.
Grégory DAGORN
Grégory DAGORN:
Dios mio Trece saladiers Increíble Felicidades
Arne D
Arne D:
Un chavo genial!
Sneh Yadav
Sneh Yadav:
Very soon he will surpass federer's record of 20 gs titles.😍
V B:
I want the impersonator to give the interview in English.😀
Giselle Salazar
Giselle Salazar:
Love nadal !!!!