Rafael Nadal 100 victories at RG I Roland-Garros 2020

Rafael Nadal 100 victories at RG I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch a clip about the 100 victories of Rafael Nadal in Roland-Garros, lots of memories here.


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Maro Torres-Punongbayan
Maro Torres-Punongbayan:
It's crazy to think that Iga, the women's champion, was 4 years old when Rafa won his first trophy. Now, 15 years later, he is still the champion. What a legend. 🏆♥️
Nadal’s domination at RG is unparalleled in sport history.
F.R.S •
F.R.S •:
At this point we should just call this tournament nadal open and change the name of the Stadium to Rafa nadal court
Nadal is Rocky Balboa. First had to beat the most technically gifted Apollo Federer in his prime, after that had to beat the Serbian robot Ivan Drago Djokovic, but big heart Rafa made the impossible and became the GOAT of Tennis. This man makes you emotional watching his fight on the courts. Best sportsman ever in my eyes
It's a nice day to talk about Goats... Isn't it?
Endless Torment
Endless Torment:
I don't think i'll live to see someone break the 13 number.
Edit:I am so stupid.Of course i will.Nadal will,next year.XD
어디서 좀놀았니
어디서 좀놀았니:
1. Rafa is not king of clay. He's not god of clay. He's clay.
2. They should change "Phillippe Chatrier" to "Rafael Nadal"
Matías Arroyo
Matías Arroyo:
Nobody has dominated a Tennis surface like Rafa has done it on Clay, especially in Roland Garros. 100-2 and 13 titles is something that will never be achieved in Tennis history. Legendary player and one of a kind athlete. An inspiration for many people all over the world.
Moisés Rivas
Moisés Rivas:
I want to see what djokovic's coach is going to say now
Abdelraouf Eissa
Abdelraouf Eissa:
3 kinds of courts: hard, grass, and Nadal.
어디서 좀놀았니
어디서 좀놀았니:
3 things guaranteed in life:
1) Death
2) Taxes
3) Rafa winning Roland Garros title
AO 2019 final : Nadal won 8 games
RG 2020 final : Djokovic won 7 games

Talking about revenge.
R S:
The following are levels of difficulty:

Really hard
Really Very hard
Extremely excruciatingly very very hard
Nadal on clay
p dav
p dav:
To all the people who actually thought Sinner could beat nadal!!

Djokovic after winning Rome, "nadal is beatable on clay"!!!

Do you reckon Federer would say something like that?

Djokovic coach said quote," nadal has no chance to beat djok this time". Yup!!!!

Fed and nadal respect each other. Most importantly both their camps respect each other. Number of times Djoks dad said inappropriate stuff about Roger and nadal. Have ever heard Nadal's or Roger's family get involved, if anything they say nice things.They respect tennis hence fedal.
Aljoša Kosanović
Aljoša Kosanović:
Congrats Rafa, you deserve it! Respect from Serbia, i love you! And no, this is not because i want likes, this is because i love Rafa as a man and as a player as well.
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
Nadal's record at the French Open is just outstanding!
Let's make it happen:
We need the statue of Nadal right in front of the entrance to the RG stadium. Let's make it happen.
Started with a Bagel, ended with an Ace for this 13th. What a legend.
roei irani
roei irani:
102 matches 100 wins 2 loses
Safdar Ayyaz Khan
Safdar Ayyaz Khan:
Nadal is officially the GREATES OF ALL TIME now, as he ties R.F with 20 Grand Slams each... But Nadal has won more MASTERS 1000 titles, more OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS, More DAVIS CUP titles, etc... But the most important, he has dominated Roger when facing head to head.
And all this achieved, playing less tournaments than Roger due to injuries and age.
ليبرالي مصري
ليبرالي مصري:
I can't believe he bagled Federer in RG 2008 Final and bagled Djokovic in RG 2020 Final ..he didn't forget his revenge after AO 2019 Final even in his speech during ceremony he mentioned that !
20 GS titles = 100 RG matches win = 1000 career matches win .. wow wow
Loc Le
Loc Le:
Best tennis player I have ever seen
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
Nadal didnt loose a set in this Roland garros....just to tell you the level of the guy ! He is the god of clay and no one beats nadal in Roland garros ! Congrats to rafa his legacy in Roland will never be forgotten !
Football Diary
Football Diary:
20th Slam , 13th French open , 100 wins , Ends novak's winning streak . This is Rafa for you !
H C:
I'm happy to live in the era with Nadal, Federer, and Novak.
Rafael Nadal has boosted the prestige of the French Open to equal to that of Wimbledon. Wimbledon rests on its long-standing tradition and elite image. Roland Garros rests on the transcendence of the greatest player to have ever played the sport. Long after Nadal, players will aspire to the French Open because it was his. Congratulations, Rafa. Well deserved.
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
All hail the emperor of clay. Que viva España !.
So happy that this epic legend won! He absolutely deserved every bit of that
Believe Inyourself
Believe Inyourself:
Destroyed Djokovic like he was a semi pro lmao.Nadal is the king of clay PEROID
William Deng
William Deng:
A phenomenadal match after all the pundits were skeptical of Rafa’s ability to win here with the conditions not suiting his game, the ball being low bouncing, having the roof closed. The ability of Rafa to absorb and absorb and absorb all the injuries, skepticism and negativity around his game is remarkable and breathtaking. You’re deservedly a champion and you’ve show us again how there’s nothing stronger than the will to fight! Thank you Rafa and I toast to you as the Co-Goat with Fed! #20
Vino Mamba
Vino Mamba:
All these socalled Rafa fans thought he had no chance vs Novak due to the conditions. Even had a few thinking he would lose to freaking Thiem off all folks. Probably his most impressive FO, based off the conditions favoring Novak. Once again, he showed why he's the best.
nothing in any sport comes close to Nadal's domination at the french
The tournament must be named Nadal open!
Giuseppe Marro
Giuseppe Marro:
Just a simple question: where are those who said "Nadal will be bageled and Nole will be GOAT1! 1! 1!"?
The greatest player of all time. Rafael Nadal.
4 Grand Slam since 2005
1 Australian open
2 Us open
3 Wimbledon
4 Rafael Nadal Ceremony
cheslyn ribberts
cheslyn ribberts:
There was a time were people thought he would have to retire, cause of his knees, thats 6 titles later he is still here , well done .
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans:
Rafael Nadal - is the personification, embodiment and evolution of a “Champions Attitude” - never an excuse - always humble - always unconditionally committed to getting better - he is strong and brave in face of adversity and humble and gracious in the glow of victory.
A wonderful human - playing a wonderful game with the totality of being a Champion!
Marty C
Marty C:
As a Rafa fan, I have to say, that The Joker, never jokes around when demonstrating, expressing and exhibiting humility, appreciation and class!! -Well said, Nova!
Ji Hyun Ahn
Ji Hyun Ahn:
Sorry, boy ! But no medical timeout for you today .
abo saleh
abo saleh:
I mean who can defeat a player playing like Nadal in the first two sets?? Winners from absolutely no where!! Best peak of a player EVER. Without injuries no one could be close to any record.
Joseph D T
Joseph D T:
Nadal gonna win 21 Roland Garros at this rate
Raoul van Duin
Raoul van Duin:
13th Roland Garros title, 20th Grand slam title. Now 100-2 record in Paris. Quite simply put in down in one sentence. No more Joking Rafa for Real!!!
The Crow
The Crow:
In a word, extraordinary, he's one of the greatest athlete ever,he is unique for real,bravo Rafa and thank you for this amazing memories
El Rey de la Tierra. King of Clay.
The one and only:
Rafael "You've got to be kidding me"
Nadal 🇪🇸🎾
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
gongratulation nadal from a novak fan...After Federer has now officially lost his 2 big records. Now the Nadal fans have and get the privilege and the most attention.
Ege Karaaslan
Ege Karaaslan:
They should either change the name of Philippe Chatrier or the French open in memory of Nadal when he retires.
Goldberg Brian
Goldberg Brian:
13 & 20

A Ko Htet
A Ko Htet:
New tennis video game comes out , choose level of difficulty
Playing Against Nadal at Rolland Garros final .
Philip Halpenny
Philip Halpenny:
Nadal has been chasing Fed for years...maybe they should get married...longest COURTship in history!!!
Dave Fincher
Dave Fincher:
Man this is absolutely crazy nadal won it 13 times and totally 20 grand slams. He is the reason I watch tennis cuz he represents in a great fashion they way he plays and they way he is on court💪🤘

I feel for djokovic he had absolutely no Chance it’s kinda tough to accept losing a final when you are there and you just losing another opportunity to reduce the title gap with your rivals 👊
Cian McCarthy
Cian McCarthy:
As of now, calling him 'The Greatest' is an opinion that must be respected. Vamos!
Nick Reid
Nick Reid:
Absolutely Awesome. A true champion, great personality - to now match Federer on Grand Slams is unbelievable. For me he is the most exciting of the top 3. Federer is pure class - for me Djokovic doesn't compare in terms of the entertainment or the personality.
Víctor Maerovich
Víctor Maerovich:
Rafa is convinced to want to be the best tennis player of the history.....his power, resistance and technic is a ten over ten but his mind is a eighteen over ten....just unic....bravo Rafa....👏👏👏🤗
This is legendary!!!
Kampu Put
Kampu Put:
There is no other player who has very obvious plans on how to win and executes it with perfection. The other players are simply hitting the ball and hoping to get lucky. That's the difference between the GOAT and the others.
Blue Skies Flyer
Blue Skies Flyer:
Some perspective for you, Rafa never played a 5 set final at RG in his career, no one managed to gain 2 sets on him in the finals. Out of his 102 games, only 2 were 5 set games.
Josip Lilić
Josip Lilić:
This is payback for AO 2019,this is my Greatest birthday gift ever!5DC,20 Majors,2🏅🏅= GOAT to me👏👏👏🐂💪👑✊🔥🔥🔥❤️
Saturn V
Saturn V:
The most amazing part is after 15 years, still no one can replicate or even mimic Nadal's play style, no one even came close.
Aarushan Channel
Aarushan Channel:
Djokovic coach had said before the match that Djokovic will simply win the match because Djokovic is in Nadal's head and the conditions are in a huge favour for Djokovic. What happened there? :)
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer:
It's time they rename it *The Spanish Open* 🏆
Explore Theworld2489
Explore Theworld2489:
If they ever tell my story, let them say I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Federer torch bearer of Tennis Golden Era. Let them say, I lived in the time of Rafa.
Howdy World
Howdy World:
Covid: I am changing everything in the world.

Nadal: Hold my beer.
S M:
Vamos Rafa!! GOAT
13 times Roland Garros, the grand slam, the hardest to win, 20 grand slams, he's the greatest fighter and the best player of all time
Parth Shrivastava
Parth Shrivastava:
3 GOATS the way I see it. You could make a case for each one!
Kay Day
Kay Day:
What a player.The best of al times..delighted for him..😉❤
hi bye
hi bye:
2:40 my reaction when someone compliments me😂
It's incredible that no matter how good Federer and Djokovic are, in Rafa home slam, he can make them both look like amateurs.
RAFAAAA .....Something inside him, cant be stop it! You are the only reason ...why I dont call Roger the greatest! LETS GO FOR 21:)
Nadal , don't you think it's too much ? stop playing here ! give the other boys some oxygen to breathe ! you better focus on other surfaces ! just kidding Nadal, smash those boys whoever even dare to touch the trophy and send them back to school ! ha ha ha ha ha ! Vamos !
13 times and counting...no one’s going to beat that.
Sand Elf
Sand Elf:
You will never see such a high level on a tennis court! Vamos Rafa! The GOAT!
Daniel Vu
Daniel Vu:
That smile. Love him.
Yulia Visser
Yulia Visser:
I can say I was there throughout the 15 years that you have been playing at RG, you are the king of clay, more so you are the god of clay. There will never ever going to be another one who achieves that.There will be no next Gen, unless Rafa retires. Keep up the good work, Love ya!
Adam Wellings
Adam Wellings:
King of clay 👑
Roland garros in wikipedia (in spanish, yesterday): Is a tournament where 128 tennis players start and 127 of them compete to see who will lose in the final's to Rafael Nadal.
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson:
Well done Rafa you are truly amazing man!!! fantastic you beat NOVAK!!! WOW
100 victories in 102 matches...i can't even fry an egg right 100 times out of 102
Marilyn Wasserman
Marilyn Wasserman:
They can build a roof, change the balls to stones, change the season, change the weather. bring the Player of the Decade and Year (so far) to face him but they CANNOT change the CHAMPION!
Johan Ananda
Johan Ananda:
Rafanos : "I am inevitable"
Noleman : "and I am bagel toll man"
Vamos and Congratulation Master Rafael Nadal..
What an athlete, what a monster, what an icon.
Abraham Tapia
Abraham Tapia:
This Tournament should be called "Rafael Nadal"
Claudia R
Claudia R:
Well deserved..🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
2:38 the happiness of a child pure heart, someone like that could deserve to be a GOAT.
Cracked Actor
Cracked Actor:
J ai l impression de me répéter depuis des années ! Rafa 13 r g et 100 victoires a r g ! 👍vamos rafa 🤜🤛.20 grand chelem comme the great roger !
Jeffrey Wang
Jeffrey Wang:
losing like this is shameful for Novak!!
kaleem khan
kaleem khan:
federer was unlucky not to win wimbledon last year
The Greatest of All-Time. Tied for the most GS titles, but his strength of schedule is stronger than Fed's.
100 victories
2 defeats
Such a crazy thing
Milton Ng
Milton Ng:
Why haven't they renamed the tournament and the stadium?
Everyone's saying this is the best they've seen Rafa play - magnificent today!
Trevor Longley
Trevor Longley:
So much superlatives... he's just simply amazing!
Blue Disease
Blue Disease:
Nadal proves to us once again this season that he is one of the greatest players of all time on clay!...
khama wesonga
khama wesonga:
Mr. Roland Garros! Phenomenon 13! Rafael Nadal 🔥
Sebastian Dixsia
Sebastian Dixsia:
Vamos Rafa Nadal ❤️❤️❤️
mosquito tigre
mosquito tigre:
-"Philippe Chatrier"
-"Philippe Who?"
-"Nadal´s winning Court"
I share the same birthday as this guy, only 3 years younger :) although my accomplishment isn't as great, I am honest to say I'm living a full life :) June 3rd is a good day to be born.
M M: