Princess Charlotte asks Sir David Attenborough if he likes spiders in new video

Sir David Attenborough has been interviewed by the young royals, with Princess Charlotte asking if he likes spiders. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have asked the naturalist a few pressing questions. 

Sir David was asked by Prince George, 7, “what animal do you think will become extinct next?” 

“Well let’s hope there won’t be any because there’s lots of things we can when animals are in danger of extinction. We can protect them,” said Sir David.  

“Hello David Attenborough, I like spiders. Do you like spiders too?” asked Charlotte, 5. 

“I love spiders and I’m so glad you like them, I think they’re wonderful things,” Sir David replied. 

While Prince Louis, 2, said: “What animal do you like?” 

“I think I like monkeys best because they're such fun, they can jump all over the place,” said Sir David. 

The touching video was posted on the Kensington Royal Twitter account. 

The siblings recently met Sir David after he attended a private viewing of his new environmental documentary with the Duke of Cambridge - held in the palace's grounds.

William and the veteran broadcaster watched A Life On Our Planet, a revealing and powerful first-hand account in which Sir David reflects on both the defining moments of his life as a naturalist and the devastating changes he has witnessed.

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