Polygraph Tests... Exposed!

How can you scientifically detect deception? Find out when seasoned polygraph examiners give THNKRS the inside scoop about the controversial "lie detector test."

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100+ komento:

The tragedy is many people like myself fail polygraph tests constantly all while telling nothing but the truth. How this junky pseudo pop science is allowed to determine the career paths of candidates applying for jobs is beyond me. My polygraph examiner told me after the test that i was basically a hard core drug user. Even after disclosing i smoked pot once one time only 20 years ago. I never got the job and am blacklisted from reapplying. I spent many years getting degrees and many more putting myself in the best possible position to land the job i deserve and then some asshole with an electronic tarot card reader decides my fate. I am unemployed and in massive student loan debt due to law enforcement agencies thinking i lie and won't employ me. A fucking joke is an understatement.
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson:
I can get nervous fairly easily, so I would probably fail a polygraph test when questioned about something I didn't do. Luckily for me, they're not admissible in a court of law because they are based on pseudo-science.
Fraire 2019
Fraire 2019:
"Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie."
Freedom B
Freedom B:
We need to start legislation to flat out ban this machine for all uses! Not just private sector!
Dr tonni
Dr tonni:
"when you tell the truth, you use your memory, when you lie you must use your imagination" uhhhh nope. memorizing a lie, some people have different energy levels/output. quacks
junk science.
P Cusack
P Cusack:
I am so angered when I here this horse crap. These gentlemen sound so good with the snake oil sales pitch.
Here after 20 years of silence is the true story!!!I was the primary suspect in a federal, felony arson investigation. At my insistance, so as to prove my innocence, I took two polygraph tests from a highly accredited company. I failed both! Since the arson was highly publicised, I lived with the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights and false guilt in a secret world. Fortunately, the ATF investigators on the case were diligent and caught the real arsonist who confessed to the crime. I wonder if others have been as fortunate? On the other side I wonder how many guilty criminals have passed polygraph tests? These men should ask themselves, how many lives and reputations have they destroyed through their work? Poligraphy is merely a parlor game and should be seen as such.
Brian Waller
Brian Waller:
These examiners think it's the greatest thing out there. Just lol there is a reason why they are inadmissible in court. Because they are inconsistent at best.
J Doe
J Doe:
Polygraph test are not admissible in a court of law in the U.S. because they are not reliable so why do some corporation's use it on job applicants and have trust in there results????? A simple background check can give 99% of the information needed to compare your interview with factual information.
Jason Clark
Jason Clark:
All of these lie detector tests prove is how your body reacts by the question. They don't prove you are actually lying
1frosty fellow
1frosty fellow:
I took a polygraph test for a job and I told nothing but the truth but it Said I was being deceptive, I wasn't even nervous because there was nothing to lie about. Now I see why these are inadmissible in court. Basically ruined my career search.
screw big tech and MSM
screw big tech and MSM:
These polygraphers should all be fired, forced to reapply and take their own polygraphs. Then fail them lol.
Dominic Deacon
Dominic Deacon:
One thing that I hate that most videos or sites on polygraphs don't address is that they use truthful common questions to develop a baseline on, and there's no nervousness associated with that. Once they start the test and they're firing question at you, you become nervous. You tend to sweat, tense up, and behave differently than when you're more or less just confirming already known facts.
Chris May
Chris May:
Polygraph machines are 100% hoax!!! There is no "truth" to them in any ways. Its all based on scare tactics and the hope that you believe the test is real.....
Clint Eckerman
Clint Eckerman:
Look, it's that quack Dan from the Steve Wilkos show.
i lied on polygraph for multiple jobs including police officer and pass all of them i just rephrase the question in my head for example did you ever take drugs i ask myself the same question but a little different like did i ever do drugs on this day so i say no truthfully and i fool my brain to think i did not lie
Life On Two Wheels
Life On Two Wheels:
Watch some crime shows how an innocent person fails polygraph. Ppl could be scared that this machine might make a mistake and they panic.
Jeff Holloway
Jeff Holloway:
If you fail a polygraph, CVSA or one of their ilks and were truthful, i recommend that you sue both the agency and the maker of the device. I sued my employer over a failed CVSA and was successful.

On a second note, I am upset that many police departments actually believe this crap. So-called lie detectors were proven ineffective in the 1930's. On top of that, many departments use psytics (sic).
i had a lie detector test once.... "the lie detector showed, that was a lie" *maurys voice*
This is pretty easy to beat if your a Sociopath or at least half as You have no nervousness or guilt.
Monty's Playhouse
Monty's Playhouse:
I'm sorry but what exactly was "Exposed" here?
These guys are very confident about their craft, and in fairness there is some substance to what they are saying. The problem is, A) sociopathic people are VERY good at reacting just fine when they are lying. B) If you have someone who is innocent, but very mentally ill, extremely insecure (or is extremely stressed out by even the suggestion they have done something wrong) then they are very likely to give a false positive with these tests. Honestly, this video makes it look very great, but the more you know about polygraphs, the more sense it makes that in many states these tests are not admissible in a court of law.
I'd love to see the results of a test take on an ample dose of lsd
Robert David
Robert David:
now that you viewed this, you are on a govt list, somewhere! buhaahaahaaahaaaaa!
Groove Monkey
Groove Monkey:
I would love to meet one of these crooks in a dark alley
Luke Mortagal
Luke Mortagal:
Wonder how many people are here after watching jermy kyle
XD.... Pseudoscience alert people employ these con men more fool them LMFAO!!!!!!
two words: Doug Williams
Circuit Breaker
Circuit Breaker:
What if a person simply feels uncomfortable answering some questions to a stranger? Does it mean she's lying?
"Deception indicated" could be as simple as them asking a question that frightens you because what if it shows you as deceiving, when in fact the subject matter of the question got your heart racing at the thought of failing the test.  I mean sure they ask you to try and stay calm, but try and ask any person, who say for example is being polygraphed for a murder case(I know not admissible in court, but still...), to stay calm.
neth ; nethanel mas ; masters
neth ; nethanel mas ; masters:
My polygraph said i lied when i answered to my dads name and my birthday.
I thought polygraphs are very useful to help innocent people for crimes and incident for he/she didn't commit. 
Seis Consultorías
Seis Consultorías:
If I see fear in an examinee, he passes the test
Rick Carlisle
Rick Carlisle:
2:16 hes running Windows on a Mac?
Geoffrey Zoref
Geoffrey Zoref:
It's really like a prop.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson:
Some people react to everything. They appear to lie about everything. These people simply cannot be tested.
douglas freeman
douglas freeman:
well I suffer from anxiety, so if Im nervous about something else how does it know. You won't get that police officer position, but you can become a politician!
Johnny Morrison
Johnny Morrison:
Yea yea yea!!! But I love the drama they cause on Steve Wilkos!!! Lol
Daan Asten
Daan Asten:
Life is lie and that is the truth!
I would be nervous and fail in general. Someone can ask my name and my blood pressure would still be so high because I'm nervous I'm hooked up to a dam machine. How do they differentiate that? Also, what if you feel completely calm doing one..
sasuke nm
sasuke nm:
1:50 actually if u make up a story before and then record it it will appears to be an genuine memory, and in fact it is not... because our brain records the thoughts as memories.
Jose Claudio
Jose Claudio:
I took the Polygraph test today and I just found out that I probably stole a car and that I am a drug user....(said by my polygraph examiner)
Lol if they worked so well they would use it on everyone for everything.. I’m a pain patient and on lots of medication.. so basically polygraphs act like I’m a sociopath... anything that requires an ‘art form ‘ to do is not a test and needs to go.
Al DeTrolio
Al DeTrolio:
First the video presenters tell the truth--- they admit that lie detectors have no scientific basis and are FAKE. Then they suddenly switch gears out of nowhere, and try to start giving you scientific sounding mumbo jumbo that has no peer reviewed scientific validity WHATSOEVER to claim that they can detect deception. They CANNOT. (all they are doing is 2 things--- 1) trying to scare you into a confession and 2) trying to make you believe the test is real to scare you into a confession.) The polygraph should be burned and never used again because it violates human rights at every level.
Alex Kenoyer
Alex Kenoyer:
I am going to give you a loaded pistol and I want you to point it at your head. I am kind and tell you that 9/10 chambers are empty, but there is one live round. Is 10% good enough then?
This video was awesome :D
Your mouth says one thing, your body says another. Just remember that when you’re getting polygraph done.
Gabe T
Gabe T:
I took my first poly test last week. It was an experience.
Buzz Werd
Buzz Werd:
Can a question itself cause a reaction even if answered truly? Something upsetting?

Fake technology
Pseudo science. Might as well refer to astrology.
Tess Macintyre
Tess Macintyre:
awesome vid :D
ourcorrect opinions
ourcorrect opinions:
This video is deceptive.

Deception can be the reason for comparative spikes in the needle, or it can be due to nervousness, the nature and questioning tone of the examiner, feelings of responsibility or guilt vs. actual responsibility or guilt, being innocent and fearful of coming across "deceptive" during those questions, causing a rise in blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Your video is about as reliable as the polygraph in the failure to acknowledge these various factors that make it easy to get false positives, leading to tunnel vision on the wrong persons of interest, or ignoring someone who passed but has no conscience and thus, little anxiety about high-pressure questions.

There is so much wrong with this video and the polygraph examination that it's rightfully deemed scientifically invalid in a court of law and in 2017, an instrument of little value compared to much stronger deception advancements that will soon make the polygraph obsolete. True professionals on the forefront of deceptive tactics and knowledge know FACS training and other facial action coding systems use algorithms and countless data points of observation that make polygraph essentially child's play. Speaking of truth, intelligence agencies are no longer relying on polygraphs for serious information gathering in deception.

Globally speaking, for the past decade, MI6, FSB and CIA (Ekman, et. al, officially went on CIA payroll in 2009) has swiftly and justifiably taken focus off of the data-point-deficient "lie detector". Instead, as intelligence communities become more intelligent and evolve, they look at the results of 50+ years of actual, quantifiable variables of coded information, pointed implications to those variables and hence why it's used to train interrogators to spot actual deception or truth. The fact is that our modern, scientifically-relevant and highly successful deception techniques have proved to save many lives and have intercepted several terrorist attacks (both domestically and abroad).

Conclusion: The polygraph can only tell you if someone finds a question uncomfortable or nervous, and that's as far as you can definitively and Truthfully say; based on this video however, the truth is ironically absent. Overstating the instrument's capabilities and omitting essential information about its flaws and limitations is not exactly honest, is it? Time to start evolving with the new science so you can make honest videos about lie detection and more importantly, get to the truth of finding guilty parties with a wealth of data versus the extremely elementary machine with which you still promote.
angel aviles
angel aviles:
One of my questions was "are you elvis presley?" I said no and bam! Liar! Smh
ناصر و منتظر
ناصر و منتظر:
My father was once interrogated by the C.I.A in iraq he told me everything
Ryan Odin Kaiser
Ryan Odin Kaiser:
I think it would dance XD
Samanna 7
Samanna 7:
...unless it's for a "good thing". ;)
Best lies are when you mix it in with some truth.
Carver Whitt
Carver Whitt:
I have taken a polygraph/lie detector test and the results just for me worked for me
i failed one once... when asked the main question, it made me nervous. I hadnt done what they where questioning me about BUT I knew that question was the big one, the one it was all riding on... It said I was lying when I said I dint do it BUT it said I was telling the truth when I said I dint know who did it.... bullshit
even if i were innocent and examined by polygraph my heart would speed up when asked questions that could put me in trouble
Dan UBE:
your body might draw more energy because it cannot recall...
why are they running windows on a mac? 2:15
Seis Consultorías
Seis Consultorías:
Not fear, even when one type of sensor deals with the sympatic and parasympatic, mainly the aproved techniques deal with brain activity, (memories)
Well you could intentionally throw the test out of order so as to make all follow up questions difficult to read and rely on? Just answer every question with a spike, they know you're lying...but they won't know on which questions.
Oh I see... yea sacrilege to run windows on a mac..
Say someone smoked in there past, can you subconsciously in your mind ask yourself a question: Have I smoked marijuana last week? Then answer out loud saying "No." Will that read as deception?
00:36, "almost every law enforcement agencies in the civilised world", dont know any country in (west, not sure about east)europe where the police is using it. In Germany it's even outlawed in court and in most other country it is used by the defendant.
it cant be used in court so it holds no weight
Wallywood Wally
Wallywood Wally:
Always take a provable item with you, such as something with your date of birth on - your driving licence, but don't show it to them. Insist your date of birth be a part of the questioning. If you fail, prove them wrong by showing the date.
Johnny Morrison
Johnny Morrison:
If I ever had to take one, I'd call Dan!!! HES THE ONLY ONE THAT I TRUST!!!
gil zur
gil zur:
Yesterday i did polygraph test
Mr. Conservatarian
Mr. Conservatarian:
So the big question that will determine your life wouldn't make you feel nervous no matter if you're innocent or guilty? Yah, I'll stick to actual evidence.
Seis Consultorías
Seis Consultorías:
Do the breathing really hard on not important questions, it always work!
just an estimation
salando epilando
salando epilando:
I wanna see you polygraph test a person with parkinsons
Samanna 7
Samanna 7:
Plus, the comments go from the bottom to up!
Ellie Murphy
Ellie Murphy:
what if it’s a uncomfortable question so your scared but you still tell the truth
Russell Kabemba
Russell Kabemba:
I Failed My CPD Polygraph Test I cant be a 🚓 😪
Samanna 7
Samanna 7:
I HATE the way these "spell-check" screws up the spelling!
Anjan Aireddy
Anjan Aireddy:
Suzy's Here
Suzy's Here:
this is really interesting.
Tyler Price
Tyler Price:
The guy in the blue. Dan from the Steve Wilkos show
Samanna 7
Samanna 7:
Crazy Talk
Crazy Talk:
Had a polygraph "reveal" I am racist. Lost a deputy sheriff job.
i keep on thing about jimmy kimmel's lie dectector
Krusten Kaese
Krusten Kaese:
0:31 he is saying that almost every law enforcement agency in the civilized world uses these things. In reality the exact opposite is the case: most of the civilized world acknowledges this is pseudo science and only a select few countries still hold onto this in the absence of any evidence for its reliabilty. Its really a shame for every country thats using it.
Billy Baque
Billy Baque:
Polygraphs are no different than casting chicken bones, it’s just a prop.
Seis Consultorías
Seis Consultorías:
The problem I have with the polygraph is that psychologists and Scientist agree that there is "little evidence that polygraph tests can accurately detect lies." Personally I find the Polygraph and other similar test unethical. Science has debunked the polygraph again and again through the years. We also used to burn witches, but we evolved past those times. This too is nothing more than a modern day witch hunt that has cost innocent and truthful people their jobs and reputations. Its time to grow again and abolish the polygraph. https://www.apa.org/research/action/polygraph
no commentary studios
no commentary studios:
That's the guy from Steve wilkos
i get nervous when i get to a cashier,i guess i wouldnt fare good in this!
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez:
That's in seeing the death.noted from below
Charles Robinson
Charles Robinson:
How do you tell the difference between the fear associated with having actual guilt exposed with that of being falsely shown to be guilty? The subject can tell the control questions from the relevant questions. I'm curious if there is research that studies the influence on the test result that may result from different assumptions about the consequences of failing the test. The somatic effects measured arise from a set of emotional and cognitive processes too complex to objectively discern.
Samanna 7
Samanna 7:
And- NO- he DOESNT put his hands on me!
Polygraph is a fraud.
Remember Dan is the guy on Steve Wilkos show that claims that the poloygraph is 99.4% accurate.. It's a polygraph not a lie detector test..