Police give update on search for missing Glee actor Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera’s four-year-old son told police he watched her disappear beneath the water at the California lake she is feared to have drowned at, an officer has said.

Police told the PA news agency that Josey Hollis, who is safe and well, observed his mother disappear under the waves during their boating trip on Wednesday.

There is no evidence to suggest Rivera, 33, left Lake Piru, Ventura County Sheriff’s Office sergeant Kevin Donoghue said.

Read the full story here: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/naya-rivera-missing-news-dead-boat-cctv-footage-son-a9611891.html

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100+ komento:

What’s with all the theories that she’s been kidnapped or committed suicide?? Shes a normal person like all of us and when it comes to water , people drown everyday, just cause she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she’s invincible
I just pray they find her body😔🙏🏾 and let’s stop with the conspiracy theories until we find out what actually happened
Andrea B
Andrea B:
My friends brother went missing in that type of water. It took 2 weeks to find him, he was tangled in reeds on the bottom. My heart breaks for her family, especially her son. 🙏💔
Samantha Walker
Samantha Walker:
So Basically it's a man made HELL HOLE with a RIDICULOUSLY HIGH DEATH RATE, and it's still OPEN WHY????????????

EDIT:- wow thankyou for all your likes and support. Let's pray 🙏for a good outcome.
Chance Davis
Chance Davis:
It's a special kind of person who will go down into the depths of water looking for a corpse. God Almighty!
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas:
My Prayers Go out to Naya's family I hope they find her safe.
M Detlef
M Detlef:
Swimming with a FOUR-year old IS “swimming ALONE.”
Multi Fan
Multi Fan:
Im hoping there’s a miracle and she’s okay😭I’m praying for her to be safe🙏💔
I have a sick feeling that she will never be found...
Ananda Sabyne Kitagawa
Ananda Sabyne Kitagawa:
again, check the land. you may never know that she’s alive.
I pray they find her body intact cause underwater not sure how that works , as long as they find her it’s the most important so everyone finds closure . So sad . I’m praying 🧎‍♀️
Something seem off about this I really just hope she is not dead
caio césar
caio césar:
Huney Boss
Huney Boss:
She probably got caught in the vegetation. I can’t imagine her fear and knowing her sones alone on the boat . Nobody deserves that.
Striker Dobes
Striker Dobes:
Where is the bag she had and her son had and what about her phone. And the guy that walked her to the dock. Nothing on any of that. Wtf
Me Ze
Me Ze:
Any possibility she went adrift to any nearby mountains? Was her cell found? She may not be able to contact anyone
MissC Xoxo
MissC Xoxo:
I think if she was kidnapped they would of seen her on the cctv or the suspects on the cctv.i hope she is found alive
Zara Is crazy weird
Zara Is crazy weird:
Naya needs to be alive wherever she is she still has a son to raise and watch grow up we don’t need 2020 to get worse again
Emma JK
Emma JK:
Thanking them for their help and hope she is found well and safe. Keep thinking about her poor son who was on the boat and am sending him and his loved ones the very best now and always. X
People with these conspiracy theories need to stop. The reason the cops haven’t been able to find her is this lake is very dangerous and you literally cannot see through the water which is why they are having to go into every little corner of the lake and dig by hand to feel for a body.
John Deignacio
John Deignacio:
We pray until she Wil be found and this is really devastating 😔 😔 😔 😢 😢 😢 🌹 🌹 🌹 🙏 🙏 🙏
2020 was a crap year
As much as my heart aches for Naya and her family. I just can’t understand why she wasn’t wearing the life jacket !
Juan Carlos Kruz
Juan Carlos Kruz:
Ask Nasa for their equipment. They can see clearly through space debris, All the waves that distort images, and apparently see things 2billion light years away. that water isn't anything compared to everything in space. And there are no radiation waves of any kind to distort imaging. Plus, it's a lake, not a lightyear away object.
Melvin M
Melvin M:
My left ear heard this
Amanda Hirschfeld
Amanda Hirschfeld:
Very sad,but if it was a regular person missing they would not be out there a 4th day looking.
mariah •
mariah •:
Let’s pray that they at least find her either safe or they find her body just so her son and family can have closure and at least know what went on
spongebobnakid •
spongebobnakid •:
Stop with the conspiracy theories, it’s disrespectful and disgusting. She could be dead and yall are making theories about what’s happened? Just pray that she’s either found healthy and fine or they find her body soon, she deserves to be found, not theorised over.

None of yall are detectives is what I’m saying so go get a life and stop theorising over a woman who could be dead.
Lissamarie Rojas
Lissamarie Rojas:
That lake sounds so dangerous it should be shut down
His name is TOM... Thank Your FATHER🌬💞
Bleach co.
Bleach co.:
My heart breaks for her friends and family. At this point I just hope they find her body, to give them some closure. Too many young people passing away too early. It’s heartbreaking. My thoughts are with her loved ones 💜💜
Paul Vest
Paul Vest:
I've fished that lake years ago and the amount of debris was insane. My hook would constantly get tangled in fishing line. It makes me wonder if she somehow got herself tangled in fishing line and couldn't escape. A theory, and not a pleasant one. Sad.
Jake Roark
Jake Roark:
Water is dangerous I still don't understand who was watching the 4 year old kid while she was busy swimming.
Imagine they ask for a statement from the family? I would never want that job. What a thing to ask !!!
LeftWing Lewis
LeftWing Lewis:
It’ll be like madeliene mccann, I don’t think they’ll find her 🙏

Edit: Very happy they found her, now she can be at peace ❣
Official.Remote. Cozzie
Official.Remote. Cozzie:
Why don’t they slowly drain the lake or just run a net through the lake to see what gets stuck or even get an advanced thermal camera in a choppa
Ciro Di Marzio
Ciro Di Marzio:
This cop is a good cop 👍
saki train
saki train:
I still hope she's alive and well. She can still do so much.
lol he's like yeah we're searching... what else do you need to know... thanks everyone bye
tammy duke
tammy duke:
As I have watched this from beginning, I find it very interesting how she drove in and parked. I also don’t know her but why would she go out on a boat alone with her 4 year old. As I watch this search I see other piers camping spots. I find it also interesting that 3 people that were at the dock where she rented the boat, all 3 left on golf carts!! I hope the search is investigating every single one and do not stop looking for her!! It seems to me she has to be stuck somewhere if she is drowned. If she was not stuck she would float I would think by now
Lindsay Blagg
Lindsay Blagg:
😭 hope you Find her and sorry to the family and love her on glee
Gabriella Delo
Gabriella Delo:
It's been days.... but hope is not Lost. Keep praying ❤
Destiny Spencer
Destiny Spencer:
Heres another thing they said her son had said she didnt come back to the boat but he didnt say she didnt come up out the water
אפרת כרמלי
אפרת כרמלי:
I have never heard about her until now. I am very sad for what happened to her. I don't understand why she went with a boat alone only with her little son. It's so dangerous. It's a mystery. Was she dipressed lately? Efrat. Israel.
haya tokuda
haya tokuda:
How I wish, she was not there in that lake and got amensia just like Overboard. That's why they won't see her.
Suka free Television
Suka free Television:
When she dove in she got her head and never came up
Dennis Goebelt
Dennis Goebelt:
Gee. Who’s going to do this stuff when all the police are gone?
Matthew Erwin
Matthew Erwin:
Once she bloats up , she will float to surface !!
No open casket for her ...
Ciro Di Marzio
Ciro Di Marzio:
Somebody here in the comments said they should pump out the lake 🤣🤣🤣
tara stawasz
tara stawasz:
I hope she comes home safe. Sending 🙏 to her family she is truly ❤️’d
Yesi Verduzco
Yesi Verduzco:
😭😔 Thank you 🙏🏼
Zen Fan
Zen Fan:
She's Dead!
Ms Dee
Ms Dee:
I think someone abducted her. Someone who was watching her and knew she was alone with only a child. They should investigate everyone who was present when she rented that boat including the boat rental owner.
Anyone heard of missing 411. David paulides.
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton:
Every Glee cast members need to pray and be careful they could be next. One by one cast members are dying. Strang 😟
Dance Dance
Dance Dance:
hayleyz evol
hayleyz evol:
My heart goes out to her family. 😪
Nanni McCheese
Nanni McCheese:
Please be alive 🥺 pleeeaaasee!
Melinda Mullins
Melinda Mullins:
The family your in our thoughts and prayers and thank you rescue team for a continuing for the search I know it's dangerous from what we've been told
Elegant Crafts By Angela
Elegant Crafts By Angela:
We need jeremy wade!
why does utube tell me this is a new video. this was 2 days ago...and ive already watched this video ages ago. im looking for updates on the search!! not old videos ive already seen ffs
Lord Rothschild
Lord Rothschild:
They know.
Rick Pound
Rick Pound:
If it’s deep n cold nature may not assist in recovery, especially with natural currents.
Woken Indian Indian
Woken Indian Indian:
Where is his mask
This literally just happened with Shad Gaspard what the hell is going on this year
Ruth Lopez
Ruth Lopez:
Ugh just so sad 💔🙏🏼😔
Often Unsaid
Often Unsaid:
I pray that they find her body!
When a person dies, that person's body is going to float to the surface. So apparently, her body probably got tangled in something in that water. They said that water is 130 feet deep.
ícҽís թհօҽղíx
ícҽís թհօҽղíx:
It's 11:11 on my phone heavens gate opened. Sign that she's dead.
Cupids_Blush RH
Cupids_Blush RH:
I pray that they find her
It would take a miracle to find her alive
But I hope they at least find her and figure out what happened we are all so worried :c
Nya Fertile
Nya Fertile:
Look in the area not just the water find the jet ski that was also in the water come on.
Naisi Vahigani
Naisi Vahigani:
Can they just drain the lake?
sorin stelian
sorin stelian:
ask the boat rental guys, there is the answer.
OSSwayz _
OSSwayz _:
Faith Labout
Faith Labout:
M S:
Very fishy situation no pun intended
SanVic 4K
SanVic 4K:
Check under the boat!!
God bless her soul x
rocio Brunelli
rocio Brunelli:
I can see he omst cry
Lilly Flynn
Lilly Flynn:
I hope she's still alive.
Dennis Watki
Dennis Watki:
If you had more officer's an divers instead of broadcasting it
Your Comment Is Invalid
Your Comment Is Invalid:
Couldn't they use a depth finder to locate the body?
Mmny Mmny
Mmny Mmny:
This is so sad. I wonder if she dropped something and maybe that’s why she went back in. So sad.
I never trust water that much. That being said this is an unfortunate tragic situation and my heart goes out to her family. Especially her son.
john bellamy
john bellamy:
So so sorry .love to the little boy and all the family xxxxx
J. Lew
J. Lew:
So its a man made lake pretty much...smh damn
Linda Kennedy
Linda Kennedy:
Lets pray for all involved in this search and for her family
Lola Braud
Lola Braud:
Please search the houses around the lake
Jascha Daniels
Jascha Daniels:
She can't be found, because she is not Dead. She is hiding out within the vicinity.
TS Games
TS Games:
Hopefully she’s found
Nardos The Great
Nardos The Great:
I heard that Lake Piru is cursed, is that true?
Kodell Harris
Kodell Harris:
The lake isn’t that big come on...this is crazy
Amelia Singleton
Amelia Singleton:
You would think a security guard will be there watching the cameras to see if anything like this happens. No workers saw anything ? There is no lifeguard around ? Very odd
Jesse Harris
Jesse Harris:
What a tragedy- also @Free who has posted on everybody’s comments -stfu about the damn river names and how her name on the show was like ...omg almost the same name wow must be onto something there hope you find the missing actor sherlock 🕵🏻‍♂️ 🤦🏻‍♂️
Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson:
I get the feeling that she spent some time swimming with her son, enjoying that time together, then got him safely back onboard the boat (possibly got out with him), removed her life jacket and purposely jumped back in. (I’m just thinking of what her little boy said, that he saw Mummy jump in , but didn’t come back up!). So sad whatever happened 😢
Hope For the Planet
Hope For the Planet:
WHERE IS HER KID? Is he alive?
Kris Clare
Kris Clare:
My moneys on alligator