Pokemon UNITE new MOBA Game is coming to Nintendo Switch!
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Pokemon Unite, the latest Pokemon MOBA Game for the Nintendo Switch and IOS/Android was officially announced today! I'm honestly pretty open minded and excited to see this new game and what it has in store for us! Tencent games and TIMI team up for Pokemon Unite!

Take a look at the latest video here!
FUSIONS are COMING! CROWN TUNDRA LEAKS! Pokemon Sword and Shield

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100+ komento:

POKEMON UNITE is COMING! I know we had our expectations a bit crushed but I'm staying open minded to see what this game has in store for us!

What do you think?
jorge beumex
jorge beumex:
I’m so dissapointed. I just wanted a Pokemon Smile DLC...
Alannd Kawa
Alannd Kawa:
“Pokemon has brought us together!”

*Now it’s going to tear you apart*
Prin600 _
Prin600 _:
Everyone: ‘Let’s go Johto! D/P/Pt remakes?’
Pokémon: *NO*, League of legends Pokémon edition
Short Tanooki
Short Tanooki:
Press f to pay respects for the poor souls having to wake up at 6am to watch it
Wasn't expecting remakes of any sort, maybe a new Let's Go, but this felt like a waste of a stream, when they could have just announced it last week, along with everything else. Disappointment is high.
Sarah Moon
Sarah Moon:
99,9999999% of pokemon fans: this sucks, we are disappointed
Trill Willie
Trill Willie:
They should’ve included this in last weeks direct. We built expectations because we were told there would be a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and it was a flop
“Don’t disappoint me Pokemon, please!”
*top 10 things said moments before disaster*
Don’t get me wrong, it looks cool, I just don’t think it deserved an entire week leading up to it. Ishihara made it seem like it was gonna be some huge project, but it turns out to just be Pokémon: Shadow Legends.
Latios Legend
Latios Legend:
Pokemon Conquest: 'Am I a joke to you?'
Tyler Comeau
Tyler Comeau:
Those sword and shied trees don’t seem so bad now do they..😂😂
Now I understand how my mom felt when she told me that I was a dissapointment.
Tiel Master
Tiel Master:
I'm trying to stay open minded but that "free to start" is giving me PTSD lol.
Short Tanooki
Short Tanooki:
Feel like we all has the same reaction to the end-

"Wait that was it?!"
I wish I could be as excited for literally anything as Dan was for Pokemon League of Legends
Emil Korth
Emil Korth:
Dopest Artist
Dopest Artist:
I'm going back to sleep-
Owly Owlman
Owly Owlman:
Never before has it been so blatantly apparent in the disconnect between the consumers and TPC.
Dhameer Adams
Dhameer Adams:
I am more excited about Pokemon Snap than this one.
Midnight the Noivern
Midnight the Noivern:
Honestly, yeah sure while I do agree that it could’ve been in the other direct from last week, but really guys? You set your expectations so high, and just start whining about no Let’s Go Johto or Sinnoh remakes and go as far as to harassing Game Freak about it!? I’m just gonna try and stay open minded about this game. Ngl I’m feeling pretty optimistic about it. I’ve played a MOBA game before, and I sucked at it, but it was still pretty fun.
Pissed Penguin 《TV》
Pissed Penguin 《TV》:
When they announced a move I was so happy *but then I realised it's a mobile quality moba and I realised "microtransactions"*
Ricky Smart
Ricky Smart:
The game looks good but i just think it was super unecessary to give it its own Pokémon present. They should have just announced it with the stuff they announced last week
Blood Blossom
Blood Blossom:
“We are making a new game with TENCENT!” Ok ya no thanks... imma head out and not give a crap if TENCENT is involved 🙂
I'm certainly up to give this a try. I wish there'd been more to the reveal that just the one game, though.
Cody Melsen
Cody Melsen:
I was really hoping for lets go johto man....
Cheery Downylox
Cheery Downylox:

Top ten quotes before disaster
Nicholas Chamoun
Nicholas Chamoun:
spring deerling
spring deerling:
I think it could be quite fun, thinking about getting my internet friends together to play against people
As soon as I saw Timi, I immediately thought "ah, adrive was right!" I'm fine with this game but I really don't like how they hyped this up. They knew full well that people were expecting a main series announcement with how they did this and were banking on that to advertise this. What sucks is that now this game is going to get a bad rep from this pr stunt when it looks like a fun game.
Tencent: "We're special, the direct should be completely dedicated to our game!"
Pokemon: "But we've got all these other games to reveal..."
Tencent: "So split it up! At the end of the first one say you've got this huge announcement for everyone cause this is gonna be the sickest thing ever and people will love it."
Pokemon: "...If you say so?"

Is the scenario that came to my head when the thing was announced. xD
avery g
avery g:
Damn, would’ve much rather had let’s go johto probably won’t touch this game... not my cup of tea
Marçal Forn
Marçal Forn:
"And Now"
Top 10 sentences said before disasters
Still holding onto the dream of Pokémon Colosseum being remastered/remade one day....🤫
I’m furry trash
I’m furry trash:
This actually looks really fun!
Max Meigel
Max Meigel:
If not for aDrive's insistent reminders, I probably would've let my expectations get out of hand. Great prediction, Dan.
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie:
You got to admit its kinda funny 😂 everyone made up rumours based off of complete nonsense that a lets go Johto or Sinnoh remakes were being announced and then this is all we got, dissapointed but also cant help but laugh 😂
You can see this guy start up so hype and his face falls further and further into despair the longer than video was playing

That fake excitement isnt fooling anyone
Alex Alonso De Castilla
Alex Alonso De Castilla:
Talonflame: omfg this noob team
Charizard: stfu loser
Blastoise: *mutes everyone*
He went from "This is hyyype" to "... this could be really good" real fast lol
bdt2002 Gaming
bdt2002 Gaming:
Shoutouts to the ONE person I’ve found so far that actually willing to have a heart for the franchise. The positive energy here gives me more respect for Dan here when the rest of the fandom is too busy complaining about stuff. You know, the more I think about it, it’s not the Pokémon Company ruining their own franchise. After all, just look at how drastically different the reactions to this and Snap were.

It’s been the fandom’s and the Internet’s fault the whole time, and no offense, but you guys, the Internet, are what ruined Pokémon for me. So thanks.
Massive. Let down. Not a "big announcement"
Amber Bee
Amber Bee:
This game looks fun! It’s just such a disappointment that they made us wait a week for a mobile game, they should’ve announced it last week and if they wanted to show it off more then fine make a separate video, but don’t make the whole game a secret and make it sound like something big...
I’ll keep an open mind with this game though
Such a forced reaction...
Graham Costigan-Cripps
Graham Costigan-Cripps:
what was the point of waiting on announcing this game a week later after your past Pokemon Presents, its absolutely a shame we had to wait a week for this poor style game, i will not be playing it
A lot of people are salty, I'm open to new things like this. :)
The thumbnail tho... this game is not hype.
I’m honestly really looking forward to this game
The sad part is the pokemon will cost a lot of ingame currency probably. Lol
I never watch the direct live cus I want to react it with someone else
Here before everyone starts blaming you for today's announcement. It's just sad how people can be.
i feel like last weeks present should’ve only been about the dlc, and they should’ve done snap 2, cafe mix, smile, and unite today
Leo’sGotYou 27
Leo’sGotYou 27:
Adrive, thank you staying positive and open minded and bringing us up after that massive disappointment. I appreciate it.
Mid Zom
Mid Zom:
The fan base once again got to hyped on its own speculation and rumors without any evidence from the pokemon company that the speculation could be true.
Jordan Battista
Jordan Battista:
adrive: “I’ve never played a mobile game”

Pokémon Masters: “Am I a joke to you?”
well you weren't that excited when watching it live lool. you looked disappointed
They didn’t even give us a teaser at the end for a possible let’s go johto or dppt remakes
Crescini Family
Crescini Family:
Personally i was waiting 3 hours at the middle of the night for this, so i felt dissapointed when i saw what this was for :(
Bert Verheijen
Bert Verheijen:
Dan:I've never played a mobile game...

Me: What about pokemon Go??
Im actually looking forward to this and probably will give it a try.
Jason Brown
Jason Brown:
This looks really fun. Never played a moba before but I've watch the international a few times. I feel like the Pokemon overlay will be really inviting to new players, making it easier to grasp what's going on. Quite often DotA and league are overwhelming to watch.
People, don't dislike this video, Dan is just reporting and reacting to the announcement. Drop your like and help the channel!
Angelus Darkflame
Angelus Darkflame:
Love the attitude and being optimistic aDrive, but my personal feelings on the matter is that is was a pretty bad move. I did at one point enjoy games like League of Legends and believe that this would be perfect, except for the fact that the people who now usually play in those genre are usually overly toxic and really bring the fun out of such things. It also feels like a game far out of the realm of what Pokemon is, though I do understand that they want to expand it into different types of games. I feel my disappointment stems from just how far away this feels from actually being Pokemon, and the type of players it will attract. Other then that, this game could do really well and could be enjoyable, if the toxicity is minimal.
I love the exaggerated thumbnail reaction during the announcement before even realizing the game being a MOBA reskin
darkrose light
darkrose light:
Meh looks ok, I'll try it. I'm glad I wasn't expecting anything. All the johto hints were probably a hint that Let's go Johto is whats coming after crown tundra.
All I want is no toxic community, that’s my only issue with games like these
Tyler Bruso
Tyler Bruso:
I’m a long time viewer here, and it pains me to say this, but I'm starting to get burnt out on his reactions. I feel like everything is constant hype (I get it it’s his job) but it’s starting to diminish his credibility in my eyes. I feel like he used to be more honest and voice his criticisms.
I am looking forward to trying Pokémon Unite: since I haven’t played a game like it before. I think this could be a good opportunity to bridge two types of gaming communities and I think you (adrive) had a good reaction. An open mind and moderate expectations. I will give it a try when the game comes out. Thanks for your news updates!
Cody Perez
Cody Perez:
Makes video's of why it's going to be Let's Go Johto coming out this live comes out I knew it was going to be a mobile game.
Minato Namikaze
Minato Namikaze:
I'm excited. I had no expectations for this and it got me hyped. I love league of legends and to mix that with pokemon is the best thing I could ever ask for
Don't get me wrong, I'll probably end up trying this out, but I really don't think this deserved a full presentation on it's own.
Considering the developer, TIMI, i expect it to have many micro transactions
Though my expectations weren't met, I think this could still be fun. I love mobas, especially League. That said tho, with the Switches history of online games, I am a little cautious...
Right before after "and now" I got a crash bandicoot ad
Jonathan Wick
Jonathan Wick:
What about the Plushes in the Background 😂
LOL The Vice Pres form Tencent - Steven Ma in the subtitles was read as Steven Muffin
Kit Foxcat
Kit Foxcat:
I wanna see this grow big, MOBA's are quite fun. I'm with you 1mil% of excitement about it.
Cammy Walcott
Cammy Walcott:
John Doeson
John Doeson:
7:44 in the top right you can see you can fight legendarys (In this case Zapdos). I wonder if that will give you something special or just a lot of points, but I also wonder how much more it will be to make it worth it or not. Also I can see the strategy of deciding whether to get rid of goals to limit your opponents healing or have as many goals to score points as possible. I think this can be a pretty good game but the way the announced it will hurt it in the long run.
Kyle Mitchell
Kyle Mitchell:
Jeez Dan, your excitement for this game is pretty cringe especially when it's so disappointing
shiny princess Almenares
shiny princess Almenares:
Haha watching adrives reaction and right before they show the game the ad you should have left comes on hahaha
TinyT 18
TinyT 18:
Cant wait to give it a try, especially on the switch
You got way to hyped for this dumpster fire bro.
Excali The Calibur
Excali The Calibur:
People are only mad because they got their expectations and hype to high. That's why you should always have an open mind and take everything with salt. So next time y'all just curb your expectations a bit
The most liked Egg
The most liked Egg:
“The first Pokémon team battle,” Pokémon raids, double battles, just Pokémon masters in general, gen 5, I can keep going
most moba’s are ripoffs of league of legends and i feel this will be like one of the ripoffs, where u play it for a day or two then never touch it again
A fan of stuff
A fan of stuff:
Wow 2 months later and that trailer still makes me angry just the fact that I waited a week after hearing them say its there biggest project yet and we're putting all our efforts into it and its a bloody moba that they aren't even working on because the gave it to tencent I wish I had adrives love for it I really do
Nike Spark
Nike Spark:
For me it looks fun and i cant wait to Play it 🔥🥰
Evan Pughe
Evan Pughe:
The problem here is the PKMN company said that this was going to be a "big announcement" after they talked about the DLC and Pokemon Snap which made everyone expect something big. It didn't help that many YouTubers, including you aDrive, threw around this speculation about remakes with what the backgrounds of the videos included (Johto Pokemon dolls) and caused the community to be let down. Both the Pokemon Company and content creators are at fault here. I don't want comments telling me I'm a salty or something because I still will try out this game; however, this was announced poorly and Pokemon Snap should've been announced today with the gameplay aspect of Pokemon Unite being touched on before or after to continue the previous hype of it being announced.
David Day
David Day:
Always wanted a way in to a moba! This will definitely be it 😍
Zach Klindworth
Zach Klindworth:
I'm excited about the announcement, you mentioned Timi as a possibility for the announcement, and anyone who thought a partnership with tencent was going to be anything other than a moba is trippin, i enjoyed areana of valor and this looks a lot like it hope to see some awesome skins and lots of added pokemon at release
Lennert Lievens
Lennert Lievens:
I didn't expected anything and I am still dissapointed
Finally able to put my friend's desperate attempt to teach me Dota 2 to good use! Hopefully I will be better at this game than I was at Dota...
Dan: I’ve never played a mobile game
Carson Phelps
Carson Phelps:
I, personally, am moderately excited for Pokemon Unite. When it is available I will try it out because it's free and looks fun.
The 1 And Owenly
The 1 And Owenly:
In the business, we call this "suboptimal"
its look me remind me of moba legends bang bang or just me?
Hernandez Christian
Hernandez Christian:
Imagine they pushed this so hard because these are the “new” battle mechanics they want for main series games.
they went pretty good in the last presentation and they hyped it up too much for a week wait, i was fine tbh if it wasnt anything big i was kinda hoping for another old side game to come back or like 3 other little-ish games for an 11min video not just 1 then they hyped up that little trailer with pokemon stadium stuff :/
Stephen Downs
Stephen Downs:
He’s so hopeful and excited at the beginning... it’s hard to watch 😢