Pokemon Unite - Full Gameplay Presentation

Watch the full gameplay presentation for the reveal of Pokemon Unite, a new team-based battle game.

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Nachos' Cheese
Nachos' Cheese:
Therapist: Pokémon LoL doesn't exist, it can't hurt you
Pokémon LoL:
Twenty-Fifth Baam
Twenty-Fifth Baam:
This looks like one of those fake Pokémon games you’d find on the AppStore
Its Gioven
Its Gioven:
Can't wait to use wave management against 9 years olds
Cassidy P.P. Suck
Cassidy P.P. Suck:
"Do you guys not have phones?"
"Free to start"
Atleast I like their honesty lmao
UI Raditz
UI Raditz:
"Teamwork is very important in order to defeat your opponents"
Random Solo Queue dude: "Are you sure about that?"
Leonardo Silva
Leonardo Silva:
I can't wait to see the rages:
_"Omg Snorlax was feed!"_
_"Report Sceptale Jungle afk"_
_"Pikachu mid or feed"_
"I didn't know who was going to win until the very end"
*Proceeds to show a clip of Team 1 spawncamping Team 2*
Patrick Hennig
Patrick Hennig:
couple people saying they are so happy to present this game, without any emotion. lmao.
9:14 they told him "ok now laugh" he is in pain
Partnering with Tencent? Yeah, guess I'm passing on this one.
O Korvo
O Korvo:
"Free to Start"
Robin Waters
Robin Waters:
I'm not confident that second dude's name is actually "Steven"...
Renz Adrian Dizon
Renz Adrian Dizon:
Report Snorlax for being well fed early in the game
Anas Bakhit
Anas Bakhit:
the next thing you know it they'll announce Pokémon Royale 50 vs 50.
Akis A
Akis A:
Next game: Gym Fortress 2
this is league of legends pokemon edition
Hail Tafari!
Hail Tafari!:
The dude from tencent has one of the North Korean legal haircuts
Fürst Raziel
Fürst Raziel:
"Free to start"

Can't wait to say "jungle diff" to a 9 year old Sceptile Jungle :)
Average Loser
Average Loser:
The use of "the first" in that trailer makes my abdomen vividly uncomfortable
this is gonna fail. just give us a game like the one on the nintendo switch already, it will be popular
3:40 start, thank me later
guy: i’m really happy to announce this project
same dude: 😐
Klaus Klaus Klaus
Klaus Klaus Klaus:
Teamwork is the key to victory

Me an all time solo player: let's see about that
So, do you want your game to be purchased or free to play?
Pokémon Company: Yes
There will be lots of tutorial on how to pass a particular rank, your mistakes, and how to build.
Magnificent Birb
Magnificent Birb:

All my homies feel Pain.
“Is this an out of season April fools joke”(nah I’m messing it’s meh)
Dustin Marino
Dustin Marino:
Why is everyone so mad about this game? It looks fun.
Christopher H
Christopher H:
Can’t wait to see how the anime tackles this one...
Mike R
Mike R:
I actually want to try this! When does it come out?!
Ominous Gaming
Ominous Gaming:
Is Pokémon unite like the Japan Mobile Legends or L.O.L
"Hello I am Tsunekazu Ishihara, and I am out of touch"
Aden Garcia
Aden Garcia:
I’m actually pretty excited for it
Imagine lol but they can actually put a lot of characters without creating tons of texts... but ALSO free-to-start
Eris The Beholder of Worlds
Eris The Beholder of Worlds:
I for one welcome out new overlord Tencent, I have already sent thousands to their subjects like Riot and Grinding Gear Games in support!
cant wait to hear, "report charizard troll"
I was just imagining this kind of pokemon game the other night and now its dream come true❣️
The Willow Tree
The Willow Tree:
I'm quite excited about this. It looks fun.
Notebook S
Notebook S:
Sad doesn't begin to describe this feeling i have in my chest
Just a micro-transaction ridden mess
Fares Ben Jméaa
Fares Ben Jméaa:
LMAO they ignored the US team so hard throughout the whole video, they literally said just 5 words.
Midhun S
Midhun S:
Don't know sounds fun to me and unique "Pokemon" game
Master knight
Master knight:
Pokemon guy: the first strategic pokemon game
mystery dungeon: am i a joke to you
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts:
I'd rather them only focus on working on pokemon snap...
Haha, that's great. Finally, I can sell games in the Chinese, so I'm going to make money.
Me: So pokemon have finally become league of legends, 2 most epic games becoming 1, its so beautiful.
Me: Let me know how toxic the fandom become just like LoL in a few weeks
Imperium Regalis
Imperium Regalis:
*Free to Start*
Oh they aren't wrong about that. That is...

*DLCs and Seasons ALL Behind Paywalls*
Maddie Rudd
Maddie Rudd:
4:51 - at least it accurately portrays my boy Venusaur closin’ up shop.
Mr Sheep
Mr Sheep:
but the game play is actually interesting.
Kuma Bear
Kuma Bear:
我看到了达摩 盾山 猪八戒 蒙奇 云中君
Doggo Doge
Doggo Doge:
This is what which can defeat league of legends
Pete Zajot
Pete Zajot:
I can already smell the Shiny Skins and the Mythical/Legendary Pokémon sold at the game store were you’ll need to use gems which you can’t buy a specific number of gems, you’ll need to buy a $9.99 gem pack... this is definitely Nintendo trying to appeal to the Chinese market...
Ngiam Kc
Ngiam Kc:
curious! exciting! can't wait to play it!~
Alaric's Blog
Alaric's Blog:
Everyone : lets gangup on the old dude lol
Major Lee
Major Lee:
this is not pokemon. this is pokemon selling out to another spinoff lol, dota, which are crappy games. next youy know they are going to do a a lame fortnight type of game too.
cookie is the best
cookie is the best:
I just wanna ask when is it gonna come out ill be waiting it looks so fun
Ezequiel Ramos
Ezequiel Ramos:
Wait a second this is Twisted Treeline! It left league of Legends to become a Pokemon map
Elias Breaux
Elias Breaux:
omg i'm so excited!! i love mobas and pokemon and his one looks so fun!
Vincent the spy
Vincent the spy:
when is this coming out? i really want to play the game like everyday im checking the nintendo eshop on my switch to see if its out
minh ngọc trần
minh ngọc trần:
At this rate i dont think nintendo is going to make another console, theyll be a full mobile p2w company
I'm sad this was revealed on my birthday
They pulled a diablo immortal, outstanding
Matty Boyo
Matty Boyo:
Dude already knew how to play, he knew he’d win, what a humble dude
8:39 that is a shurima shufle or an insect?
Marcin Kuleta
Marcin Kuleta:
The game looks amazing, I only hope there will be more Pokemon available to choose from.
José Jorge Matute
José Jorge Matute:
They really "deflowered" that Venusaur
This is looking brilliant. Moba which still feels like pokemon, can't wait.
There isn't very much of Non-1G pokemons...

I don't like how this is going...
Philip Weißner
Philip Weißner:
I am so seeing forward to this <3
Rainbow Rabbit Inc
Rainbow Rabbit Inc:
The second dude looks like cgi
Hall Bjorns
Hall Bjorns:
I want to see how they'd integrate Eevee into a main character
Nekorisa Kirisame
Nekorisa Kirisame:
Can't wait for charmander to go 0/20 afk farm and says "gg blastouise no help"
"There are no type advantages in Pokémon Unite"
Kirukato's Lazy Times
Kirukato's Lazy Times:
this doesnt make any sense at all lmao, this is too out of the left field for anyone to make sense of
Buntong Ngy
Buntong Ngy:
So that why Nintendo didn't hype us about this presentation.
Look at the skills, look at the moves, what was that?
christopher t
christopher t:
I don’t need to see their faces in a tiny box show me the damn game.
So this were all the money for sword and shield went
Lil Shiro
Lil Shiro:
Damn I missed the free to start
A'tin David
A'tin David:
Hearing japanese speak without watching anime really overwhelms me.. im inlove hahahha
M P:
It's literally League of Legends but with Pokemon. As much as it looks DECENT, it feels unoriginal at least to me.
Oh look, a League of Legends clone.
Damien Peterson
Damien Peterson:
am i the only one who thinks this game looks fun.
TheFresh Prince
TheFresh Prince:
This is probably the closest I'll ever get to playing LoL.
I’ll probably try it at some point but there’s so many mobile apps like this it’s a bit stale
Tencent killed league of legends I guess its gonna kill pokemon
"Free to start" 🤔
Joshua Failla
Joshua Failla:
They need a Pokemon soul Silver remake, or platinum remake for the switch 😢
Reiju Sanssz
Reiju Sanssz:
I kinda dont like that the map looks like twisted treeline lol
Little Mac Main
Little Mac Main:
I thought this game looked so interesting and like a fun mobile game until they said “Free to Start”
Justin Zheng
Justin Zheng:
I can’t find this in the app store
Alex Evans
Alex Evans:
Finally a MOBA I can be loyal too 😭😭 I can’t wait to play it!!
Why can’t we just get a damn pokemon mmo 🤦🏻‍♂️
somehow viable
somehow viable:
I know people are mad at this cus of how it was revealed but I'll still try it so I can get a proper opinion like I did with Fortnite so I didn't have a bias against it. Sure it is frustrating for others because it wasn't what they wanted but after crown tundra they will most likely do let's go johto or Sinnoh just be patience
Dude I don't care if I'm literally the only person playing, this looks like freaking fun.
So this is where Dominion from League of Legends went.
Sebastian Silvadoray
Sebastian Silvadoray:
I'll be the first to say it, pokken is underrated
I am sooooo excited for this, I am a huge moba fan with over 2000 hours in league of legends