Pizza Hut 35 years - ENGLISH

Moments with Pizza Hut can make sweet, lasting memories.
Thank you for being with us for 35 years.
Together, we’ll continue creating wonderful memories!

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Aesthetically Melody
Aesthetically Melody:
If I ordered pizza a without my mom knowing I would get a smack lmao
Seeing this makes me think back how good pizza hut was. It's so much expensive now if u order the set meal, it's not worth it.
Yanis Enche
Yanis Enche:
kids that want to eat salad.... suspicious
It's Free Real Estate
It's Free Real Estate:
Who love pizza anyone
Mishaka MD
Mishaka MD:
When they ordered pizza without telling their mom she was just "ok then..." my mom would loop my ass of in front of the delivery guy...
Kay lisha Estacion
Kay lisha Estacion:
That looks like my classmate
Enrico Sanchez
Enrico Sanchez:
Mekutarukito  Mekatoji
Mekutarukito  Mekatoji:
Last time , I went to pizza hut to have a meal with my Malay friend , that day , I order 5 regular pizza , with 5 mushroom soup , 2 garlic bread and 2 cold drink , after eating , my Malay friend decide to pay the bill . After payment , I took the bill and look at the bottom , they dint have service tax .
I was thinking , wow , no tax is include , maybe I will come back again .
The following week , I bring indo friend to the same pizzahut outlet , same food and drinks , but here are the different , this time , I was the one who pay the bill , and realise that they charge the service tax now.
At first , I say :"okay , they have added tax now . "
Then the next week , I bring my Malay friend again to have a gathering , I told about the incidents that happen last time with indo friend , my Malay friend say , he will try again this time , to check wheather got tax , so we order again ,same food . At the end , the Malay pay the bill without the service tax .
Conclusion , pizzahut is racist . Only Malay have the privilege . Now , domino is my choice of pizza. not pizzahut.
Ps : the outlet I went is in Mayalsia , Sungai Petani , Village Mall ground floor outlet .
Your wasting money
Sonali Garud
Sonali Garud:
My daughter Love ❤️ Pizza
Chandra Gamage
Chandra Gamage:
In 3 years it will be pizza hut's 40th anniversary!!!!
oliver pete
oliver pete:
Honestly, i came here looking for promo
I’m getting Pizza Hut in half an hour😍
Aaqiba Rasheed
Aaqiba Rasheed:
This is the best pizza hut ad ever🍕🍕🍕!!!
Jayden_playxs _Cristal
Jayden_playxs _Cristal:
My family never get me pizza one,s
Ishika Patil
Ishika Patil:
TBH the girl when it was her birthday she kinda looked like the Asian jojo siwa
Fefe Müller
Fefe Müller:
Told this please my mom
fazzry brian
fazzry brian:
Hi all..come sunway pyramid pizza concept store opening on 16 september 2017..✌🏻
limitless master
limitless master:
Quality of pizza hut drop a lot.. Domino's is my choice now
hprz gaming
hprz gaming:
Hi,im from Indonesia no gaduh yee?
gaming beast
gaming beast:
Im just watching this because im bored
Goda Liudziute
Goda Liudziute:
watch we are all made of stars Oli ver
eimama parvaiz
eimama parvaiz:
I was sad and happy I love it
Anyone watching in 2019... If so is anyone else scared shitless by the little girl
king of croissant
king of croissant:
If I'm near my family Smile does not come So yeak
Zac Wong
Zac Wong:
When i was a kid, mushroom soup is unlimited refill, there's a salad bar, the drink is bottomless. But now it's all gone, domino's is the best choice
Tachith Wengappuli
Tachith Wengappuli:
pizza is our HERO XD
prave saikia
prave saikia:
Children eating salad reduclus
Waman Gharat
Waman Gharat:
It makes me cry
Autumn Xiong
Autumn Xiong:
Periods I get her a t the end😩
Man do I love....

No one
maybe official xXHanifTheSmartXx
maybe official xXHanifTheSmartXx:
pizza huuuuutt.. :D
Azriel Reynard Juliananta
Azriel Reynard Juliananta:
How many salad have you eaten in your life?
This Kid: yes
my mom would beat me up if i order a pizza to my home when she working
qiufang lin
qiufang lin:
Thank you KFC 😊
Sophie Thet
Sophie Thet:
She cute lol
Gacha_Matthew Stuff
Gacha_Matthew Stuff:
Why doae this make me sad???
Kok o
Kok o:
Lol I am kfc from 7 yrs to 12 yrs I ate 4 times in kfc in this month
prave saikia
prave saikia:
There are not allowed out side food so how they can take badyfood?
I want nowwwwwwww
Sudipta Chakrabarti
Sudipta Chakrabarti:
Don't try this at home I tried and the pizza was returned and I dint get to eat one night
Wai Kit Chan
Wai Kit Chan:
So cute :)
dont killme
dont killme:
0:42 the kids are calling KFC not pizza hut
Nishan Subramoniam
Nishan Subramoniam:
This whole advertisement just for pizza? I Guess Pizza Hut is emotional after all
Poppy Chohan
Poppy Chohan:
... So her child had high cholesterol
Lucky Mark
Lucky Mark:
I’m italian: this pizza is gross
Osman Hamid
Osman Hamid:
Nyum nyum! I love pizza hut! 💕👌👌🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb:
Aawww thats so cute
Shweta Takkar
Shweta Takkar:
I love this add
gabi kochinski
gabi kochinski:
Love ismiles
Ehndrei Morales
Ehndrei Morales:
When i call pizza hut for no reason my mom will be angry
Eva Reyes
Eva Reyes:
Love pizza
Belanja lah kalau dah buat org lapar😂😂
The crazy Russian
The crazy Russian:
So this is the sad reality of the impact of drugs but its shown as pizza instead of coccaine.
Piggy channel Torcher
Piggy channel Torcher:
that family is rich
silva reena
silva reena:
A man from the internet
A man from the internet:
I have no pizza hut in my town
Military Albert
Military Albert:
AZ-Zakwanul Faiz bin Zakaria
AZ-Zakwanul Faiz bin Zakaria:
I used to buy online rm30 for large pizza in early online days.thanks to the annoying waiting line & the wifi by a nearby kedai with no password that time.
ritu mittal
ritu mittal:
Thanks pizza hut for your annoying pineapples on our pizzas
Mariama Balde
Mariama Balde:
I I orded pizza without my parntes knowing they will slat me black black
Raees Khan
Raees Khan:
nice emotional ad
Karla Rangel
Karla Rangel:
The baby at the end is soo cute
Abhishek Agarwal
Abhishek Agarwal:
If i order anything from restaurent without telling my mom she gives me a slap
wiwin tania
wiwin tania:
Love love
harun ahmad
harun ahmad:
Angel Farfan2009
Angel Farfan2009:
According to my account this video would be emotional
ooftakis LMAO
ooftakis LMAO:
Bro, if i ordered pizza without my parents knowing, they will kill me.
Priti Mazumdar
Priti Mazumdar:
Thats cute at the end when the Girl just put her hands in her mouth like:,,nwo mwa mwa me dont want two eawt thwis(no mama i dont want to eat this)
The Northwestern Pacific Railfanner
The Northwestern Pacific Railfanner:
Dat thumbnail
riffat nazia
riffat nazia:
35 years in 2 minute
Rashmika Likes Books
Rashmika Likes Books:
I can't get over how adorable this family is.
Shobha J
Shobha J:
saswati sahoo
saswati sahoo:
u cudd bring lot of smiles by banning all the bills
Priti Mazumdar
Priti Mazumdar:
I don't even get this smile
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
omega lol
brother moa
brother moa:
Why isn’t get getting fat
Genevieve Fauteux
Genevieve Fauteux:
They ate that every day
Kak Ngadirah Skseriintan
Kak Ngadirah Skseriintan:
csh han
csh han:
Who delike this Video is 1.3k
Duyên STNMT:
Love you pizza .
shrey khare
shrey khare:
U were very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cony Gamer
Cony Gamer:
That family wants to have UTI
私のアニメアカデミア【Deku’s AMV】「ッ」
私のアニメアカデミア【Deku’s AMV】「ッ」:
نواف الخالدي
نواف الخالدي:
Zoé tsang
Zoé tsang:
Pizza ?
Le Minh Hoang
Le Minh Hoang:
Untrue video :) Cuz kids never smile when they see vegatable but these kids take a bowl of vegatable by them self! Strange :)
Guy Manana
Guy Manana:
Jenny Kangabam
Jenny Kangabam:
His brother was a jerk
nguyễn van hong
nguyễn van hong:
Siti vlogs channel
Siti vlogs channel:
Pls bring back sate pizza....its was so delicious that all time favorite
مصطفى وفا
مصطفى وفا:
I want pizza >:c Give meh pizza
35 years in two minutes lol
kitty meow
kitty meow:
Slaps hasband hand ill. Do it
Fathima Thaseen
Fathima Thaseen:
Same hairstyle always
Brindhadevi kandhasamy
Brindhadevi kandhasamy:
Iam an Indian though i like China and Japanese foods