Physician Licensure Examination (PLE) Guide Part 2: How to study?

Hello! I'm Juls Gomez, a physician from Philippines. :) In this channel, I wish to share my journey to this road to MD especially to those who aspire to become doctors as well.

In this video, I tried to come up with 12 tips on how to study for the board exam, specifically for PLE. Hoping that by watching this video, you'd learn a thing or two as you prepare for the board exam. Also hope that this will be of help to those who need some extra push and encouragement. :)

Kapit lang. :)

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Cumber Buns
Cumber Buns:
I'm taking the PLE this september, thank you for this! really helpful ♥️

Sharing this verse, from Matthew 21:22. "And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith"
Chelsy Vitug
Chelsy Vitug:
This is so helpful! Thank you so much, doc! :)
Yonna Dalangin
Yonna Dalangin:
Thank you for your tips doc 😍
Doc Fate Cunanan
Doc Fate Cunanan:
Thank you for this doc :)
Karissa Mae Geli
Karissa Mae Geli:
Have u been to taiwan, doc?
How long it takes you to revise all and get prepared for exam ?
For me i am in 3rd year and i feel not confident enough for all i studies in 1st year .
I dont know if i will able to revise all ....
Frustrated ....
Jesusa Karla Francisco
Jesusa Karla Francisco:
Hi! Ask ko lang po san mo nabili bookstand mo po?
Bala krishna
Bala krishna:
Can a foreigner take licensure examination?