Philippines Taal volcano: Major eruption brewing | DW News

It could happen at any time and it could be extremely dangerous. Authorities in the Philippines fear the Taal volcano, which is close to the capital Manila, is about to erupt. The government raised threat levels after the volcano began spewing ash and lava. So far some 30,000 people have fled their homes. But nearly half a million residents remain in the danger zone.

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Dustin Backpacks
Dustin Backpacks:
I’m here now in Cebu I hope everyone is ok there
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Very sad
Dmg Control
Dmg Control:
Never seen a volcanic eruption with so much lightning and thunder like its a wrath of God.
Mangang Ninang
Mangang Ninang:
Stay strong my southeast asian brothers
That poor horse looking around for food when the ground was covered in ash. Hopefully all the animals and people that are still alive are ok.
Heaven Seeker
Heaven Seeker:
Wow DW is really everywhere. None of the American outlets would cover this.
Americans stand with our Filipino brothers and sisters. God be with you.
Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy:
Again, the Filipino reporter is very good.
Alloha Hannya
Alloha Hannya:
The good thing is people there helped each other as soon as the volcano erupted. They didn't wait for the government.
Non stop delivery of goods from fellow Tagalog provinces (Including Manila) and North Luzon. So many volunteers from ride hailing services, Trucking company, Animal rescuers, Malls, even people with disability are giving free masks and many more.
luiz da silva
luiz da silva:
Stay strong philipines from indonesia
Mistere Dressa
Mistere Dressa:
እጂግ ያሳዝናል!!!😭🙏
Paulo Cortez
Paulo Cortez:
The caliber of that Filipina reporter is way higher than the "best" mainstream media reporter can showcase.
Ana Santos your really great in reporting.
Cookie 7
Cookie 7:
Calling all the other nations to help Philippines for the basic needs of the filipinos to survive in this present calamities.Phil.Billioners and Millioners celebrities do something and have a kind charitable compassionate heart for the poor filipinos who suffer the most at this time.May God Bless you for doing something.🌎
Redd Clover
Redd Clover:
I live pretty far from the volcano, yet there is still ash outside.
Brian Waller
Brian Waller:
There has been a constant tremors ever few minutes signifying magma is making it's way up
not you
not you:
We visited that tourist spot near Taal lake back in 2018. It was beautiful and seeing it turned into something like this, I can't help but feel sad. Wish people and animals are safe.
Marjo De jesus
Marjo De jesus:
Hello po we need your prayer on my place batangas!
Glitter Playz
Glitter Playz:
Crispin Dannug
Crispin Dannug:
More than half a million people from 14 towns around the lake have been relocated.
Sub to Sub
Sub to Sub:
This woman is so informative to do her job. 💜Staysafe🇵🇭
Jho Fangon
Jho Fangon:
Fun Fact: Taal is just getting ready, Supervolcanos is one of them
Wow I was here like months ago and it was beautiful, to see everything covered in ashes
Timothy B. Salinas
Timothy B. Salinas:
My thoughts and well wishes are with all my kababayan, and who effected by this natural disasters. I DO Pray that things become better there for you all. --Love from Canada
Sad some of my family members are there😢 and my favorite city is gonna be destroyed or not
ameen shindoli
ameen shindoli:
Let the volcano in phillipines and forestfires in Australia cooldown soon
Patrick Michael
Patrick Michael:
Praying for you all.
Tsumugi Kotobuki
Tsumugi Kotobuki:
I’m worried for my cousins and everyone there now.......
Bilge Pump
Bilge Pump:
1:55 Probably giving yor report standing next to a busy road in the wind isn't the best. Just saying.
Feri Hartanto
Feri Hartanto:
Pray for the people of philipine ......🙏
2020: I know! LEts start off with a BANG!!!
Mad Chad
Mad Chad:
why do they always have so much lag when talking to reporters? I talk to people online in the philippines all the time. Are they using dialup?
yes as always disaster happened..pray for our bothers and sisters
Alberto Reyes
Alberto Reyes:
Jy G
Jy G:
(Opinion) 🙂☝️ *Taal volacanoe is known for its beauty and nice vegetation... even on its ERUPTION it stays AWESOME, PHOTOGENIC & EPIC* 👍
Keep safe...
Muhammad Aamir Javed
Muhammad Aamir Javed:
Ask Forgiveness from ""ALLAH"" the creator of us all and this whole universe
Sprite DM
Sprite DM:
#bangonbatangas 🙏🏻🇵🇭
Risa Sarisa
Risa Sarisa:
Wish everyone safe 🙏🙏
stay strong. love from thai
Matt Lucero
Matt Lucero:
Tagay tay city 🍻
Ninja Eggroll
Ninja Eggroll:
Thank you DW for doing a coverage to this calamity and Ms Anna Santos is a wonderful correspondent.. Praying for my people who are affected
So sad to see my country suffer 😭
Melissa The Fam
Melissa The Fam:
My god be with you!
Jhajha Mayor
Jhajha Mayor:
Thank you for updates!!!
Hey Jude
Hey Jude:
Southwest Elevators Everyday Adventure ATDS
Southwest Elevators Everyday Adventure ATDS:
Taal Volcano Eruption 🌋 January 12 2020 of the Yellowstone Eruption 🌋
Powkie Gaming
Powkie Gaming:
Ana santos, amazing reporting delivering reports properly.
Marius M
Marius M:
frighteningly. if this blows it will create an uninhabitable land.
Philippines needs to be thankful to God that we have blessed environment. And we are lucky of it. So we need to always protect and take care of our Blessed environment. Before its too late.
Moshe David Dyion
Moshe David Dyion:
Is this guy smiling the whole time for any reason? Or is it just a permanent smirk?
Awaken my God
Sally Bock
Sally Bock:
ronaldallan deveria
ronaldallan deveria:
Hahaha! Yeah... 156 ha? HAHAHAHA... Amanos... Kwits!
Yuliyah Mills
Yuliyah Mills:
We pray for you from Indonesia, Asean country this month is very sad.
John Harbinger
John Harbinger:
Lol I been to that McDonalds a few times.
Jesus just evacuate all of them around the 50 km radius of the volcano
Stay Frosty
Stay Frosty:
Macdonalds will set up anywhere lol
Joy grace
Joy grace:
This filipina reporter is so damn lucky she is part of an international or foreign media.. Even though the reception is not that nice she was able to deliver it perfectly.. Wow😊😁😁👌
consulting insultant
consulting insultant:
Manila gets blanketed in ash?
Kori Sen
Kori Sen:
Hameed 9446
Hameed 9446:
Please indan news reports pil cab news and news nrc and caa please visit u indan
Verdeflor Tin
Verdeflor Tin:
Ghost 😱😰😨
Ginny Aragon
Ginny Aragon:
ASIA NEIGHBORS (Please pray PH.)

South Korea
North Korea

Shad Anims 2
Shad Anims 2:
*b o o m*
Lil Rudra Mc Punisher
Lil Rudra Mc Punisher:
at 2:45 cassette players & volcano trance party
Pilar D
Pilar D:
The weathef man is really good salamat po
Where’s our sub and S-400?

It’s better to be safe than sorry safeguarding RP.
The ash traveled with the wind......hmmmm that's geoengineering so it was intentional. No weather today is natural anyway so the ash was directed sounds like...
Credible Data
Jhajha Mayor
Jhajha Mayor:
Princess Jhannel Mayor Bombita maging alerto kayo
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
Kathleen Bandico
Kathleen Bandico:
aside from the residents, i also felt bad for the animals who suffered and died 😭💔
Alvin Lawrence Marzan
Alvin Lawrence Marzan:
Oh no prob is taal because sabog
Banana What
Banana What:
I am filipino
Genesis Archer Rivera
Genesis Archer Rivera:
Most of our family members are near tagaytay
We are so nervous right now
Specially right now its still not over
Raymond Mendiola
Raymond Mendiola:
I never thought Akainu and Whitebeard will cause so much destruction 😓. Please be safe guys. ✌️
lO Ol
lO Ol:
In one of the images, in which the volcano expels smoke, and rays are fired, three UFOs (lights) appear in the classic triangular formation ...
But the image does not appear in this edition, I captured it in another video. It is just to say that they are there.
Zanjoe Sanjose
Zanjoe Sanjose:
save us!
Brian Waller
Brian Waller:
If Yellowstone blows that will be 10k times bigger
Zlimed !
Zlimed !:
For f sake so when the Volcano collapse to the water we are gonna get a Tsunami?!!?! Bruh dude what the heck
Dr Reality
Dr Reality:
The on scene reporter did a very professional job covering the story but we are only 2 days into this emergency and criticizing the conditions of the evacuation centers at this point in time is completely unfair and casts an ugly shadow on the government and the people on the ground trying to help. No one can be prepared to shelter tens of thousands of people in a moments notice.
Everyone should be thankful and appreciative that the relief effort is going as well as it has so far.
Don't be like the United States media and begin criticizing the relief effort while its still a newly developing situation.
Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock:
Its going to be at least a 7 not a 4 please evacuate the country!!!!
Valeria Cerón
Valeria Cerón:
Get away
Arnold Patopaten
Arnold Patopaten:
DW CHANNEL good coverage, having reporter on the ground?
Sebastian Rafael Verceles
Sebastian Rafael Verceles:
It’s pronounced TAGAITAI not tageytey lol
Kaching Ching
Kaching Ching:
Akata apana tagataga! I hope everyone is safe
Georgio Mesina
Georgio Mesina:
I like the GERMAN NEWS DW.. They are very honest with their information...The Spanish Empire ruled the PHILIPPINES ISLANDS for 300 years..their study and research of the islands discovered 108 volcanoes in 7,000 islands...because of their FEAR and superstitious mind , they build over 100 ROMAN Catholic church for Fear of fire and destruction!!!..they believe the churches can protect them..there are only less than a few dozen Roman Catholic churches still standing...."FEAR" is a Great motivator!!!..From CALIFORNIA USA, I give prayers for the INDO-ASIAN and SOUTH EAST ASIAN Filipino people for guidence and safety in Jesus Christ name............first a typhoon ,then earthquake and volcano eruption, now Coronavirus from CHINA....What will be next!!!...
.....Giorgio Messina.....
B Dogg
B Dogg:
Hope everyone is safe
Lar M
Lar M:
It was erupted before in the late 1960's I think
Grigil Jose
Grigil Jose:
What is the situation now?
Syafri bin mohamad basir Mohamad basir
Syafri bin mohamad basir Mohamad basir:
William and henrey
Rkimm Capal
Rkimm Capal:
stay strong peoples
Nida Guzon-Palmore
Nida Guzon-Palmore:
Lifting up this sad situation in the Philippines for God's grace and mercy - subdue the volcano and lives of both humans and animals are spared. And we will be sure to give You all the praise, and the honor, and the glory, o LORD. In Jesus's merciful and powerful Name. Amen. 🙏💕
warlord 2080
warlord 2080:
Super volcano or normal 🌋?
Faye marquez
Faye marquez:
Gebete für meine Heimat 🙏🏻
the presidenteo
the presidenteo:
manaka muhammad
manaka muhammad:
Hope my brother aboriginal are OK.
Eron Sebastian Ermino
Eron Sebastian Ermino:
Tagaytay uses taal from batangas so it can make a money from anothers province property what a good job im 11.85 km away from the volcano and i can see it pretty well