Pediatrician gives advice about sending kids back to school in viral video l GMA Digital

"The decision you make about school is the right decision."

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Carrie Kennedy
Carrie Kennedy:
She is a wonderful pediatrician local to my area! My two kiddos go to one of the offices associated with her practice so I follow them. I teared up when I saw them post this video on their page. Just like I cried when I got the email this past Friday that my two kids have been accepted to a local Charter school that is opening and will be having in-person learning with precautions. We both work full time and need to work in order to pay our bills, keep our home, and keep the household afloat. I’m not a good teacher, tried that and it didn’t go well!

There is soooo much stress around this situation, especially when it comes to working parents. Not everyone has the privilege to stay home and teach their kids! How on earth can so many of you not realize that reality for so many families? Everyone is agonizing over these decisions. Do what makes sense for your family and what you have to do!! It is okay. That is what she is saying. A message that should be obvious, but in 2020 people are quick to shame and quick to blame. I’m sure that she sees all of these crazy moms tearing into anyone who dares express support for in-person schooling. Shaming people who are in a different situation than you or don’t have “Corona Privilege” when it comes to educating their children is a pretty crappy thing to do, we’re all just trying to do the best we can. How about a little grace and a little more understanding? Why not try to support each other through this insane and crappy situation? Good luck to everyone!
someone somewhere
someone somewhere:
What did I just watch? I might as well have just spun in a circle.
Alicia torres
Alicia torres:
omg she was not helpful at all!!
Les Fisher
Les Fisher:
Totally irresponsible answer. She bailed. Answered like a politician trying to maximize votes. Disgraceful.
Smitty S
Smitty S:
Man, this woman looks like she has seriously been burdened with the stress of thinking of what to say to these parents during this unprecedented time.☹️
Twinkle Shah
Twinkle Shah:
Thank god...
U r not my child's doctor..
Why u even make this video...?
Jaime Casarez
Jaime Casarez:
This video is useless.
Lucy Dean
Lucy Dean:
What an irresponsible doctor! How can they broadcast some misinformation like this!
Sharon Taylor
Sharon Taylor:
Why did she even comment on this because she made no sense at all.
Key Key
Key Key:
Mine will be staying home.
Justice Boofer
Justice Boofer:
So in other words.. Flip a Coin..🙄
While it is true that the future is uncertain, the only thing that's not uncertain is the fact that you can choose to protect your kids and keep them safe.
My child is NOT a Guinea pig ✌🏻🖕🏼
Semi Vuetibau
Semi Vuetibau:
The only right decision is to keep your kids away from a place of gathering until it's safe to do so.
Meh... I don't fully agree with what she's saying. I think saying "the future is uncertain anyways" leads people to believe that opening schools has the possibility of being fine... We can predict what happens, and we've seen what happens when things open up. Sorry, but it's true. @Parents: Please be mindful, please talk with your kids, please stay informed!
Robin Olson
Robin Olson:
Say what now?? What you talking ‘bout Willis??? Seriously, you’re not making any sense!! Are you really a medical doctor!!! Smh!!
Russell Marsh
Russell Marsh:
She’s saying make a decision, go with it and don’t blame others for the decision you make!
Cheche Chacha
Cheche Chacha:
Sounds like she's talking about choosing pizza or nuggets for lunch not anout a virus that has killed children, too. Granted much fewer than older age groups, but I bet that doesn't matter to those kids' parents.
Cece B
Cece B:
A better question to ask pediatricians: Would you send YOUR kids to school?
David Baker
David Baker:
If the kids, teachers, bus drivers, lunchroom workers and all involved had all the necessary PPE, testing, emergency plans and were trained and prepared, it would still have risks. School rooms and buses would need to look like ICU units and even then there is no promise of safety. Doctors and nurses get sick and die every day and they are fully trained. NO ONE should send their kids back to school until there is a vaccine. We need to absolutely protect our most precious of our most valuable resource, our children.
Kenneth Bush
Kenneth Bush:
The point of the matter is if kids go back and contract this virus, then they give it to their parents or grandparents. It might not affect the kid that bad, but could seriously affect their care giver and then they could be parent/grandparentless
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker:
She never gave advice from a pediatrician's perspective
Scott Graham
Scott Graham:
useless click bait ... just to save u 2 min ... she has no answer
See this is why validating everyone's feelings is completely unjustified. Just because you feel a certain way and want your opinions validated does not excuse you from being educated and making a decision based on fact.
Evie Gerber
Evie Gerber:
What a cop-out. Instead of some generic "feel good" answer, look at what the infectious disease specialists are saying. Look at what the rates are in your area and what preventative measures the school will have in place. Consider your child and family's risk factors. This video is useless drivel and it angers me that a "professional" would be so flippant about such an important decision.
Bass Reeves
Bass Reeves:
Nah. Bringing your kids back to school is not matter of individual interpretation. This is irresponsible. There IS a right answer.

Muni Math by Peter Felton
Muni Math by Peter Felton:
No disrespect, but I thought she was a doctor not a philosopher. Shouldn’t she have given advice on what to do for those very same kids who have asthma or other medical conditions that could be harmed by COVID-19? Not to mention the crowded quarters of school classrooms and hallways, and constant student contact out on the playground as well. And how about the adult teachers’ present? How would they contribute to the spread, containment, and contracting of COVID throughout the student body and faculty on school grounds?
P S:
If they send these kids back to school, this pandemic is going to absolutely erupt. Feel horrible for the parents, children and teachers who will be placed in the fire. Funny how they cancelled the convention in Florida but will try to open schools there. This government, from national to local level, DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!
Miriam Kling
Miriam Kling:
I don't agree with that health and death is final. Stay home until it's safe.
S K:
What's the risk of staying home? . It's not forever. Your video was non advice, it was Opinion! FIRST DO NO HARM!
Debbie Kirkpatrick
Debbie Kirkpatrick:
I would never send my kids to school wearing a mask the entire day.. Nope. We didn't have money when my girls were little. But i stayed home anyway.. It was spaghetti every other day. Everything was homemade. I homeschooled my girls in the early 2000s..because the system was corrupt even then.. Now? No way.. No no way.....
Dee Saahir
Dee Saahir:
I'm just going to pray for us. 🙏🏽🙏🏽I have 3 daughters, all in 3 different public schools in NYC. From grade school-HS. The "at home schooling " from March-June was a struggle in the beginning, but we got through it. They all passed with A's. So proud of them in such a sudden change in their schooling. I felt so much better because they were home, on my watch. I really dont know what's going to happen in September. Our children are precious, and us parents are extremely concerned about sending them to school. I will just wait patiently and see what's going to happen. Be safe everyone. Love from NY. 🙏🏽🥰❤.
A. Klimas
A. Klimas:
Hi, I'm German and a Kindergarten teacher. We faced the same Problems and our Parents faced at some point the same decision. You are right with some points. There is no perfect answer, only the possibility to adjust to the latest advice of the Health experts. The most important thing is, that your children will feel it your uncertainties, your fear and your feeling of responsibility. So the best thing is, to do what you feel ist the best to do and communicate with your children. Don't stay silent. Tell them you do your best, love them and all you can do as a family is to take precautions and be responsible for your own behaviour. I wish us all to be healthy during this difficult time.
But and this is important in Germany the Chancerlin Angela Merkel followed the advice from the Health expert and if your Government does not take the situation serious you need to do it!
Vee Sharie
Vee Sharie:
I feel bad for single parents that are high risk and those that have kids that are high risk....
Tori Jade
Tori Jade:
In an ICU nurse and this lady is the dumbest doctor I’ve ever seen! Is she FOR REAL?! No, as a medical professional who has taken care of Covid patients there is a right and wrong answer for both your children and the teachers. The right answer is to keep your kids home, the wrong answer is to send them to school during a pandemic. What a ridiculous message from this doctor!
All she is saying is decide and stand by your decision.
Peter Kelley
Peter Kelley:
So , in other words , pick up the dice and roll them . Hell , your only gambling with another person's health and welfare .
I’ll adjust to my child or family members dying?!!! I don’t think so.
Don P
Don P:
About as useful as most of what's on Good Morning America.
Heather C.
Heather C.:
U go girl! I am homeschooling my niece for 9th grade. My son has been homeschooled for five years. Let it be let God n be stress free n take her advice. It's the right advice! Best advice I have heard.
patty g
patty g:
And if your kid dies, yes, ‘You have to live with it’
Iron Weed
Iron Weed:
"Doctor says non doctor things about thoughts".
New caption
L Smith
L Smith:
Each year students have to be compliant with their vaccinations so they won't spread diseases. If they are not compliant they cannot return until they get their shots. There is no vaccine for COVID; therefore students should not be going back. Period!
She’s trying to please everyone with this response I thought she was just going to speak from a health aspect not turn into a counselor
Reminds me of an old boss i had.. Hey boss what do you think about me doing this? His reply: Just do what you gotta do! Haha yeah okay!
Peace and LOVE
Peace and LOVE:
Let them kids wait till 2021!, this year is a wrap! If not!homeschool at first then in 2021 start them back
Nana Ama Mensah
Nana Ama Mensah:
This is outrageous
I will not think of letting my child go to school in these times
I will rather homeschool him/her
Who’s with me??
Everyone's gonna stay in quarantine and home schooling until when? A vaccine comes out? The numbers go down? Are people really gonna put on a vaccine that took less than a year to research and make? Lots of questions
Harden Thicke
Harden Thicke:
She's being vague...
Basically saying the choice is yours, nothing more.
Angela Carter
Angela Carter:
Whats the risk from keeping them home
I feel for the parents that send their kids to school and they die
Chloe _
Chloe _:
I’ll be starting senior year in the fall. I cannot possibly be the only one who has trust in my administration and governor. There are of course risks, but I feel pretty confident with our return to school plan (it’s a half day model with half the students there for each session). Anyone else? Is my district the only one in the entire country actually doing a good job?
Natasha S
Natasha S:
Lady sit down!! My kids will be right at home learning online..
thanks for nothing, lady. I'll trust statistics and facts, not coin flips.
sevecn yai
sevecn yai:
She isn't making any sense
Cuzzo Lowkey Chill
Cuzzo Lowkey Chill:
In other words she tired of y’all asking she don’t know do what u feel is best lmaobvs 😭😭☠️☠️
Barbara Meyer
Barbara Meyer:
This makes no sense at all.
Ligerin Pantherville
Ligerin Pantherville:
Thank you for this excellent advice! It applies to all aspects of life. It’s something we’ve been sharing in a local moms group and it’s helped calm so many.

For those saying how terrible this stance is, please remember that shaming others for the choice they have to make (one way or the other) doesn’t serve anyone. This well-qualified professional is understanding that the same choice isn’t right for everyone, and beating yourself up for having to make a choice that is different than others doesn’t help you or your children.
Enelsa Diaz
Enelsa Diaz:
So true! People make decisions emotionally first and then find rational reasons to support their decision. They're your kids. It’s your choice. Stop thinking you know the “right” answer for everyone. One size does not fit all. Do what you think is best for YOUR kids and stop judging others. You don’t know their reasons so respect them as parents just as people should respect you.
Marie Souch
Marie Souch:
Being judgmental doesn't define who "they" are. It defines who we are. Now is the time to help each out with thoughtful, informed, compassionate conversations and to honestly accept that there is no one answer that fits all.
Confucious say: "If you make a decision then a decision has been made. Therefore the decision you choose has been chosen."
alan peaco
alan peaco:
In short make your decision, then live with it.
Dumbest thing I have heard in a while. We actually do know whats going to happen if you choose to send your kids back. More people will contract the virus and die than ever before. Think about it. All of these infection numbers are with kids quarantined from school. Imagine these 74.1 million young minds returning to school. They have very little fear as they are children. They are naive. It will be incredibly hard to control their behaviors. This will spread worse than ever before and lives will be lost.
Lithic Metals
Lithic Metals:
Jesus.... this lady... what a fool
Kiara Kiara
Kiara Kiara:
Waste of time!!
Who's *"STUPID ENOUGH"* to take advise from her.?? *She looks like she has the COVID-19.*
Kim Mangal
Kim Mangal:
Brilliant Response - 100% correct!
I hope to teach my children to live without fear. To be a leader not a follower. To think on their own.
Well that was dumb! please save the video time and energy on your brilliant advice moving forward. I am sure all parents are going to do one or the other but thank you all the same. That really helped to take a load off of no one !👏🏽👏🏽🤷‍♂️
Francis Anthony
Francis Anthony:
I don't want her as paediatrician for any child I know.
lunar angel
lunar angel:
Just a video of someone repeatedly sitting on the fence SMH
savannah s
savannah s:
In other words, go according to your feelings, your financial situation, your desires and use no logic or wisdom based on scientific evidence?
I want my click back from even clicking on this video and wasting my time!
Virginia Smith
Virginia Smith:
This person does not give advice based on pediatric best practices. She sounds more like a philosopher or life coach. Where is the medical information?
a) Do I love my child enough to keep them safely @ home OR
b) Do I love them enough to risk their life & send them into a COVID-19 environment.
If you choose "A" you'll have assurance
If you choose "B" you'll need insurance.
Sandra MOORE
Sandra MOORE:
Quack, quack, quack! 🦆That's what she is a Quack! Believe & follow the science! Epidemeologists are the health experts. This us a FACT not an opinion.
Isley Claymore
Isley Claymore:
1:01 I know you think that advice sucks…. That's exactly what we ALL think. Who was in charge of giving this woman a platform?
Tesla Swanstrom
Tesla Swanstrom:
Most of us have lots of student loan debt, medical, credit card payments, car loan. The list goes on. Most of us need full-time jobs to pay off stuff and pay bills, and if you pay for a babysitter that adds up quickly and that's really expensive. But I'm not allowing my child to go to school when he starts going if it's still this bad. I'm not risking his health.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones:
When yall babies end up dying you bet not complain because you will be 100% to blame... Throwing your baby off a cliff not knowing how far down it is
Tracy Doverspike
Tracy Doverspike:
My take away was that you're the parent so make the best decision for your family and child and then realize that there might be consequences to your choice. Homeschooling isn't easy and your child could be behind or they could be a rock star. Don't send your child and choose the online if they're immune-compromised but know that you'll have to help a lot more than normal. It all comes with something but make a choice.
F r i e d C h i c k e n S o d a
F r i e d C h i c k e n S o d a:
“The decision you make about school is the right decision.” gee that’s helpful 😑
thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid
thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid:
I wouldn't send them to school. This virus will get worse if we do. Kids spread all kinds of viruses,colds & the flu quickly as it is... Why not covid 19.
Anna John
Anna John:
Don’t send kids to school unless this pandemic is over.
F.N. Schlub
F.N. Schlub:
That doc needs to sit down and shut up. Reality and Science are NOT subjective.
Mrs JediTee
Mrs JediTee:
This is not a neutral decision. Thank goodness most governors are making the right decision.
This isn't just about if the children get sick or not, it's about the adults they will be able to effect with COVID-19. Remember a teacher in Utah died from COVID-19 after teaching summer school.

Richard Napierkowski
Richard Napierkowski:
Perfect answer to give for everyone out there. You make the decision. Dont let others influence your decision.
Jessica Giffin
Jessica Giffin:
I started listening for my kids, and finished this video with tears! Her words were for more than just parenting for me. I needed to hear this.
Deadpools Unicorn
Deadpools Unicorn:
How you choose to think and feel will not stop a virus, you fool. You should be fired.
Zoe Tottolly
Zoe Tottolly:
It feels like she doesn't know what to choose or do in this situation. 🤔🤨🧐
This is what every parent needs to listen to. This is advice you could use for many circumstances as well.
Jen Jen
Jen Jen:
What a stupid answer.. We want a medical answer ..
Alonso Alfredo
Alonso Alfredo:
Sylvia Wilson
Sylvia Wilson:
The right things is to protect your child to the greatest level possible! Stay home!
Did she self-medicate before filming this? 🤪
Jerry K.
Jerry K.:
As Conan the Barbarian once almost said, "Do you want (your kids, your family members, you) to live forever???"
Chidi Ibie
Chidi Ibie:
Can you imagine if we actually hear the people who work with kids in school: teachers
Fara Dara
Fara Dara:
😢 this applies to my life too, thank you!!
This was about as useful as a 💩 flavored lollipop
She said each decision has risk... if I have the ability to keep my kids home, what's the risk? Keeping my kids home means: 1. I'm protecting my kid. 2. I'm protecting all the staff within the school. 3. I'm protecting the bus drivers. 4. I'm protecting the families that don't have the privilege to do online school. 5. I'm protecting myself and everyone I might come into contact with, seeing as I/my spouse/whoever may live with me and has to leave the house to work.

I'm VERY fortunate to have a choice when it comes to keeping my kid home, and I don't see how home schooling has a risk. I find that those that can and those that can't can work together by limiting the amount of kids that show up in person.