Patrick Mahomes Signs 10-YEAR Deal!

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Joe Fucking Flacco #11TDS-0INTS #Joeezy #JoeCool #5 #BetterRecievers
Joe Fucking Flacco #11TDS-0INTS #Joeezy #JoeCool #5 #BetterRecievers:
The Chiefs really turned off the Salary cap for this one
03 AI
03 AI:
This is the first time I've heard about a 10-year contract at NFL.
M G:
Jerry Jones seeing this: "I'm in danger."
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres:
I didn’t know a 10 year contract was a thing in the NFL
Tucker the YouTuber
Tucker the YouTuber:
Dak: Sup Jerry I would like to restructure my contract
Jerry: What you want:
Dak: 12 years $600m
Jerry: Ok
MidWest Ent.
MidWest Ent.:
you telling me a player can sign for more than 7 years madden been tricking us this whole time
mahomes 15
mahomes 15:
R.I.P to the rest of the NFL
Let's all have a Mahoment of silence
eli eli
eli eli:
I wish my girl wanted to keep me that long
10 more years of the Texans losing a 28 point lead in the playoffs ☹️
william peat
william peat:
Dak punching the air rn 😂
DP Urlacher
DP Urlacher:
Chargers, Broncos, and Raiders Fan’s: oof
Sinful Q
Sinful Q:
Talk about resetting the market 😂 10 years
There going to have to be something in his contract that says he remain in the top 3 QBs pay every yr as the cap escalate
Dude said "50 years" lmao
eltoro gillz
eltoro gillz:
Dak Prescott's agent: we want an 11 year contract on the table
Joseph Simmons
Joseph Simmons:
He could buy the chiefs now if he wanted to 😂😂
I'm proud of you bro you deserve every penny💲🔥💪💰💯
Jan-Michael Vincent
Jan-Michael Vincent:
Welp there goes the neighborhood , thanks a lot "Patrick" 😂😂 the NFL will never be the same we gonna be seeing 10 year contracts left and right.. and you know there will eventually be a 10 year contract bust and some team will end up looking stupid
When Mahomes contract ends I’ll probably having kids... wtf 😂😂😂
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine:
His resume is already insane. He deserves this.
Michael Rosia
Michael Rosia:
They giving out baseball contracts 🤣. They don’t ever want him to leave
Juan El Bean
Juan El Bean:
I dont think theres a QB more deserving than Mahomes for this type of deal.
Tarmaan Productions
Tarmaan Productions:
I’m a raiders fan so

Moment of silence please
Yannick Bilongo
Yannick Bilongo:
Mahomes 10 yrs contract

Dak: 🤑🤑🤑

Jerry Jones left the chat..
Abibou Gabe
Abibou Gabe:
damn bruh they saw that man future and kept him
Dz Nutz
Dz Nutz:
He's gonna be a Chief for life! So many zeros.....omg!
Luke Paul
Luke Paul:
The chiefs aren’t going to be able to pay their other studs. Won’t be a well rounded team for much longer
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods:
Y’all are assuming that there will be a 2031 right?
Mahomes is the closest thing to a Prime Aaron Rodgers I've seen. Which is crazy cause I never knew we would get someone like that so soon, or even ever. Let's just hope the Chiefs maximize Mahomes better than the packers did with Rodgers during his career.
Gregory Power
Gregory Power:
He deserves you got to give him credit he's a hell of a quarterback
Dak Be like: Can I have a 10,000 year contract also 50 mill a year
Tracy Buthidi
Tracy Buthidi:
10 years 400 million what about the chiefs cap space, so not resigning chris jones
J Ninja
J Ninja:
Rip to the AFC Moment of silence
I’m In middle school right now. By the time his contract finishes I will be done with college.😵
G-Rett 4 54
G-Rett 4 54:
*Patriots dynasty destroyed*
The AFC: were free!
The Chiefs: I wouldn't say "freed", more like "under new management"
Maiga Adam
Maiga Adam:
Playing football and getting baseball money , that man living good 💯
Mahomes im the riches man in football. The rest of the Chiefs team: 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 no money no playing for you.
And I thought 6 years was a lot.
Some call me Chunky
Some call me Chunky:
When you turn off the salary cap for your little brother in madden
Michael Yang
Michael Yang:
Just hand the Cheifs 12 more Super Bowls already...
Redskins Pride WGIL
Redskins Pride WGIL:
He getting Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, and Kirk Cousins money 💰 😳
The looks on Skip's and Jerry Jones faces right about now 😂
H Town
H Town:
This is how much Prescott be wanting to be paid 😂💀
Flarguien 167
Flarguien 167:
Damn 10 years of my Chargers losing 😭
RIp the AFC West
Unless your the Broncos
lmao Charger and Raider fans punching the air lmao 🤣
Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson:
Dak Prescott go ahead and have a seat I am Chris Hanson with dateline NBC.
Harri Lahdensuo
Harri Lahdensuo:
Cam must be feeling so pleased now :)
Its Jay
Its Jay:
They gave that boy a part of the team😂
D.M. 49ers
D.M. 49ers:
Well.. looks like they're role players will come from Canadian Football 🤷🏾‍♂️
king war gaming
king war gaming:
400-500 mil at the end of his contract
Mike Diaz
Mike Diaz:
how do they have this much moneyy😧
BlckChrcol 12
BlckChrcol 12:
Damn he finna be 36 after the contract tuff😳
The Monologuer
The Monologuer:
Hot damn money cap just walked out the window!
Christian Ingram
Christian Ingram:
1:45 James Harden loves that
SSG Panda
SSG Panda:
Get paid for 10 years. Gets hurt.

Cheif: Dohh!
Krish Batra
Krish Batra:
The whole raiders organization, WERE SCREWED!
Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil
Lifeisagamble Elbmagasiefil:
Omg wow
Smart. Keeping him til he's thirty. Crazy. How much money will he get though.
Nissan370Z Glass
Nissan370Z Glass:
This is like when Alex Ovechkin signed a 10 year contract with the Washington Capitals. Worth every penny. All hail the glorious Chiefs and Capitals.
Joseph Mcelveen
Joseph Mcelveen:
Damn that’s crazy
Michael Mavris
Michael Mavris:
He deserves it. He has an amazing arm!
1000 subs with no video's challenge
1000 subs with no video's challenge:
Wtf i didn't even know contracts could be this long😂😂😂😂😂😂
Denali D.
Denali D.:
I thought this was on a meme channel or something... 10 years😳😳
Ronaldo Goat
Ronaldo Goat:
Is this Madden? 😂
hello I'm Skyler
hello I'm Skyler:
Aye, hype, this the new Tom Brady streak
Evan Davidson
Evan Davidson:
I’m so glad I’m living in the Era of Patrick Mahomes
Merre Keste
Merre Keste:
On and Off Goat Display Legendary Player. Super well Deserved. Keep winning Rings and be the best player ever.
Mr Pogi 2117
Mr Pogi 2117:
R.I.P Cheifs Salary Cap
Him: Signs 10 Year Contract For $503M

Me: ...
Paul Third
Paul Third:
Wont know if this was smart for afew more years. Definately a trend of these market setting contracts not paying dividends. Rodgers, Wilson etc no one ever calls them overpaid but everyone takes a shot at their teams for not getting them the talent they need to win. Guess we have to wait and see.
10 years? 💀
Joseph Booker
Joseph Booker:
This is amazing the chiefs actually have a chance on winning more superbowl
That Kid Z
That Kid Z:
400 mil, 10 year deal
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz:
When ya dad was an MLB pitcher he told em about the idea🙃
Just gotta sign the rest of the team
Sports Play75
Sports Play75:
Damn that’s a long time
Jerry Junior Official
Jerry Junior Official:
TEN years deal?! WOW! They’re really investing in him.👏🏾👏🏾
Sports 311
Sports 311:
THE best player in the NFL right now!!!!
Brayden Baumann
Brayden Baumann:
Chiefs are gonna become seattle, literally incapable of maintaining quality rosters and a decade of losing in the divisional round
TD Tv:
10 YR !!!!
Goggle The safari
Goggle The safari:
If he ever takes a cab he’s gonna tip the cab driver a few mil 🤣
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk:
He picked Football over Baseball and now he’s making Baseball Money!! Good for him! As a Vikings fan, wish he was on my team, but glad to see the man get what he deserves! Bravo!! 👍
Devonte Montfort
Devonte Montfort:
They said he isn’t going anywhere 😂
Flatulent Cow
Flatulent Cow:
10 years?!—Gez we will be dealing with COVID-29!
Conor Mcdonald
Conor Mcdonald:
"who shot Biggie smalls
if we don't get em they gonn gett us all"
damn how much of that is guranteed?
FN Yunglay
FN Yunglay:
You ain't winning 10 more Superbowls 😂
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
Mahomes went from Vangelico-Fleeca money

to Union Depositary-Pacific Standard money
Harrison the BUNNY
Harrison the BUNNY:
j P
j P:
That back end of the contract will be insane like 60 + mill
Death Blow
Death Blow:
Good for him... He's a good player. But dang 10 years? He will only play 4-7 of those in KC.

And why dont the Chiefs have to change their name if the Redskins have to? So dumb
Icyy Eman
Icyy Eman:
He’s gonna be so old when he leaves omg and bro what about the salary cap
Jonathan King
Jonathan King:
Huge contract for a Huge superstar, no question you gotta lock Pat down as long as possible💪
A 10 year Contract!?!?!?! Lol they seen enough, Jeez!
Chief Daddy
Chief Daddy:
Chiefskingdom! Run it back!! 🙌🏾🔥🏆
Sid Shreenath
Sid Shreenath:
When your playing madden and you turn off salary cap
Nissan370Z Glass
Nissan370Z Glass:
Patrick Mahomes = Alex Ovechkin. Two superstars that happen to play for my favorite teams- KC Chiefs and Washington Capitals. Both signed a 10 year contract. All hail the glorious Chiefs and Capitals!
They act like this man is already the greatest qb of all time
Family YouTube
Family YouTube:
Dang he sold his soul to the chiefs lol
Dumebi Ogwu
Dumebi Ogwu:
You know what that means...more sweet episodes of Ballers.