Patrick Mahomes agrees to the richest deal in NFL history | SportsCenter

Adam Schefter joins SportsCenter to break down the 10-year contract extension worth over $400 million that Patrick Mahomes has agreed to with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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100+ komento:

Danny Jones
Danny Jones:
He didnt have to play baseball he signed a baseball deal in the nfl!
Danny's Art
Danny's Art:
He's going to have a lot of "Second Cousins" get in touch with him.
J Lee
J Lee:
Shannon Sharpe will be all over this 2'morrow on Undisputed,Buckle up folks
Julio Payan
Julio Payan:
Mayweather be like... aight let’s do a couple of fights
Alex Harris
Alex Harris:
I just got a raise im making 17 dollars an hour. He got nothing on me.
Savage Af
Savage Af:
Dak gon see this and be like “I want 1 billion”
Kyle Watson
Kyle Watson:
DAK IS LIKE.....😲😫
Mateo Um
Mateo Um:
“Deshaun Watson has done everything he (Mahomes) has except win a SB.” -Adam Schefter

Except win an MVP, except make it to a SB, except win a SB, except win SB MVP, except make it to the AFC championship game, except win an AFC championship game, etc.

Bonnie Keough
Bonnie Keough:
Still feels like a team friendly contract.
12 year contract is unheard of in football
Dak aint getting NOTHING close to this LOL
To Pi
To Pi:
Any QB thinking they are in Mahomes class in ability and money should be drug tested immediately
1M subs no content
1M subs no content:
He's about to get a couple State Farm commercials so Jake can insure that 450M
Kareem Hunt is punching the air right now and thinking how much he could've been paid by the Chiefs if he didn't want to attempt to be a punter at the hotel. 🤷
I was expecting a 5 year deal worth 200 million
Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson:
Omg my jaw literally dropped
Ben Pitman
Ben Pitman:
The face of the league
Michele Monae
Michele Monae:
Woww. The guy is full of talent, he's young too. So he will definitely get better with time.
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez:
-Jerry Maguire
Does anyone else think Dak is just not as talented as every news and media station makes him out to be
"Gold diggers just entered the chat"
D Smooth
D Smooth:
If I'm mahomes I'm hiding out rn I'm not being seen by NOBODY!!!
I play Rugby
I play Rugby:
Then add all the endorsements dudes gonna buy a nfl team when he retires
This contract is insane.. problem is how they gonna fill out the team as the years go on
K B:
He's underpaid
Stephen H. Smith
Stephen H. Smith:
texas legend
texas legend:
I hope Shannon Sharpe shows up in a Mahomes Jersey with the milds and yak.
Chiefs really goin all out..FACE OF THE LEAGUE AT 24???
cherry ice cream
cherry ice cream:
He won an MVP and a Super Bowl. He deserves this kind of money.

Dak hasn't done anything yet.
W.T.C 1990
W.T.C 1990:
he signed for under value just like I knew he would cause he is ready to chase Brady

it's time for the Ravens to up Jackson now
Patrick's bringin it Mahomes! 💸💸💸
Hidden Unknown
Hidden Unknown:
Could you imagine signing a 10 year deal and get hurt week 1
Rapaport is saying 503 million with 477 guaranteed. So what is it exactly?
Shrek Wang
Shrek Wang:
Now imagine the madden curse catch up to him
My wife tells my 2 yr old son to stop throwing the football, I say uh uh let him keep throwing they'll be paying QB's over $50m a yr when he gets older
DAK is stressing right now
This man the best player this quick that's crazy he's blessed and filthy rich
Neither Watson or Prescott are even close to what Pat Mahomes does and don’t deserve close to what he’s getting paid IMO
King Faithom III
King Faithom III:
Let's go!!
Maria Breteau
Maria Breteau: gonna throw to himself I guess
"His children's children's children are taken care of at this point in time.".....Gold blessed you, young man.
404 Productions
404 Productions:
This made Dak look bad 😂 Jerry like "welp, Dak better take this 20 mil and chill" lmao
Steven La
Steven La:
cowboys just had to be in this segment😂😂
Sabina Therenciel
Sabina Therenciel:
We need to come together n rob him .. all jokes aside what if he signed this deal n football never gets played again...
Phillip Barlow
Phillip Barlow:
My guess is, this is going to be a great deal for the Chiefs.
He's a great wb but what about the rest of the team. What when he gets injured. Lots of qestions no answers yet
Ahmed Shabazz
Ahmed Shabazz:
I wonder if he want to adopt me lol uhhhh go chiefs?
JudithE Grant
JudithE Grant:
Am happy for a deserving quarterback. Let us hope that good things continue to happen for him.
Invincible Speaker
Invincible Speaker:
The Rayound
The Rayound:
Dak about to have his last season with Dallas
Fernando Ferreira
Fernando Ferreira:
He deserves every penny he is the man
How can this be the largest contract in sports history when most of it isnt guaranteed? I understand the 140m for injury, how front loaded it is (in terms of dead cap), and I understand how his agent structured it into badically 5x2-year deals (each year rolls the following 2 apparently), which brings quite a safety net for Mahomes while being rather friendly for the team.

But last time I checked, Trout's contract, or the 400m contract Lionel Messis signed a while back, are fully guaranteed.

There's only a very slim chance Mahomes will see the end of that contract and the 450/500m as they are. Even with restructuring.

But i guess it's all about absolute figures for the media and the agent.
He only guarantee $140 mil barring injury this contract is flexible and can be reworked over time of the contract. People remember NFL contracts are not guaranteed like baseball or NBA.
momo alex
momo alex:
i'm so curios how they will built around him in the future with the cap
KW Entertainment
KW Entertainment:
Remember one of the lost episodes of Chappelle's show when Dave signs a new deal to be the richest man on TV? Yeah
Chidozie Okoye
Chidozie Okoye:
This kind of money just makes me cry 😭
MidWest Ent.
MidWest Ent.:
somebody check on dak and make sure hes ok
Tony Muñoz
Tony Muñoz:
Dak: 20 years 2 billion dollars 1 billion guaranteed! 😂😂😂🧻
Ben MT
Ben MT:
Me: I got 26 cents pay raise this 😆.
Unlike DIVA DAK...this kid deserves and has earned that MASSIVE MONEY!!!
Yep! I would definitely say this deal reset the market!! Uhhh Jerry yo' move Buddy 🤣🤣✔️$$$$✔️
Benhti Hunter
Benhti Hunter:
I can hear it now,
EB, Coach should we run the qb sneak?
AR, ahhh, I think I like my job so no!
Chris Rocks
Chris Rocks:
Well he definitely deserves every single penny. Congrats Pat, future HOF!
Watch him keep wearing that knee till he's rg3
Chris M
Chris M:
That contract is insane, and I'm honestly amazed Mahomes agreed to a 10 year extension. Andy Reid could retire after next season and they could hire Hue Jackson.
Mike K
Mike K:
Earned it. He’s just getting started
PJ Kerns
PJ Kerns:
Wow,another oppressed black man! Wish i could be that oppressed!
Lamar Jackson be like, "Baltimore might have to give me 6."
Well he might get one more ring but no more. That was a waste for one player
Samuel Haskins
Samuel Haskins:
Welp time for Dak to pack his bags
Demetris McCray
Demetris McCray:
Wow, just imagine how many money phones he can make
Txong Yang
Txong Yang:
“I need that 4fiddy money. Almost half a Billie money. That cake patty Mahomie money.”
So many wallmart employees on minimum wage here and are so kind to give their financial expertise to QBs like Dak or Deshaun. Don't ever say that compasion has disappeared from this world
S. Mc.
S. Mc.:
HBO ballers predicted this
Daiston U8
Daiston U8:
What if he goes to MLB after 10 years he’ll be like 33 WOW East Texas stand up
Ed Lomas
Ed Lomas:
This is so good and it opens the door for other players. The young man is making history.
ChampN Texas
ChampN Texas:
We'll see in 2 years how good he is. When they can't afford to pay others to play with him
Big brain deal by the chiefs
With the Global Economy as it is because of the Covid-19 ... 🤔 Oh well!
Stid Starz
Stid Starz:
And I thought grudens 10 mill a year was expensive, this deal makes his look like a pauper.
Let's go get a few more rings
Spartacus 20
Spartacus 20:
Cowboys are going broke
as a cowboy fan, dak aint worth half of mahomie
Im ready to be signed I just need a 5million for 10yrs service.
Omg that boy earned every cent too
Marc Boisclair
Marc Boisclair:
Overpaid going to handcuff that team can't wait to watch that team implode.
mark maldonado
mark maldonado:
He's gonna have more family members than he knew about
Vinz A.
Vinz A.:
chiefs actually got a discount on this given mahomes stays as good for the next decade... either the salary cap increase or the inflation in general makes his annual salary lower in value over time
Bar Reviews
Bar Reviews:
Give him that 💰
allen panicker
allen panicker:
I'm so happy now other players can eat more. Nfl has so many wealthy teams
John Horne
John Horne:
Somebody’s Agent is Dope! js
Derrick Taylor
Derrick Taylor:
I know Dak puchin the air right now 😂😂😂😂
William Ogden
William Ogden:
The guy on the left has the most untrustworthy face I've seen this month
*Here comes the Dak jokes😂*
Boss of the Bosses
Boss of the Bosses:
Floyd Mayweather made that in 1 night 😔
Loot 92
Loot 92:
Proud of him 👌🏽
Wonder how much the signing bonus is? 👀
B Mack
B Mack:
God bless you Patrick Mahomes. Wealth and good health! 😎
Abe McGee
Abe McGee:
Any theory on how the Chiefs will manage to pay him after COVID destroys sports in the United States?