Pacita Abad: Spirited Faces by Yvette Sitten

The video profiles the colorful artwork and Singapore studio house of the late Asian-American artist Pacita Abad on 28 Temenggong Road, which were inspired by her travels. The video was produced by Yvette Sitten. The Studio is currently the Visual Arts @ Temenggong ([email protected]). Pacita was born in Batanes, the northern-most island of the Philippines and died in Singapore in 2004 after a three-year battle with lung cancer and shortly after completing the painting of the ArtBridge (Alkaff Bridge). She created more than 5,000 works of art during her 32-year artistic career. More info on Pacita at

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rprettyann prettyann
rprettyann prettyann:
She's my employer back in singapore,her and his husband jack ,they are good people
What a remarkable woman! I feel sort of ignorant that I only learned about her from the Google doodle. This is as things are - empty shells of human beings are plastered all over the media, achieving fame and wealth.
Pacita Abad thank you for your lovely gifts of art for the world to see, beautiful to me
Amy Lake
Amy Lake:
I have to admit, I'm here because of today's GOOGLE DOODLE too. What an inspiration
this woman is, a beautiful life's work! :)
Great Quotes Daily
Great Quotes Daily:
Beautiful person. Great presentation. A very happy artist!
ismayani iskandar
ismayani iskandar:
Love you by maya n denny
blessings!!! she seems like a beautiful soul!!!
Tong Anisco
Tong Anisco:
Amazing Arts. She have a very beautiful soul in Arts..!!
Vincent Li
Vincent Li:
rest in art