Our 4th of July Fireworks at the Lake! ABSOLUTE INSANITY

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Gavin G
Gavin G:
My moms like "you might as well burn twenty's" and my dad says do they explode?😂😂😂
Edit: Thank you for the likes!
Backyard Fireworks
Backyard Fireworks:
Who else can’t wait for next year??!!
Dalton hook
Dalton hook:
Pro tip: get drunk and buy bottle rockets and Roman candles. You will think you are having a complete insane show for a fraction of the cost
Damian V
Damian V:
This so called bann, just brought people out as one. I have never seen so many fireworks from houses on the 4th it was awesome 👏 😜🔥💯👏
damn this guy is rich AF...
Galaxy Games
Galaxy Games:
Karen: kEeP iT dOwN!!!!
I just had my neighbor scream at me because I was lighting LEGAL fountains from Walmart in the street. She was like: "DO THEM IN YOUR BACKYARD!!!" I was like: "IT'S THE 4TH OF JULY!!!!" She goes: "I DON'T CARE!!!" I said: "THEY'RE LEGAL!!" She again says: "I DON'T CARE!!!" I said: "WELL THEN CALL THE COPS!!"

She went inside 😂😂😂

Just happy I was able to piss off a Karen 😂😂
Dapper Rogue
Dapper Rogue:
10 minutes in and the fireworks are alreadly better then my home town's displays.
I would love to see POV footage of how he lights them
AJ Furnari
AJ Furnari:
Cody: I bet this guy is either the best neighbor; or the biggest a-hole in the world.

6:45 If he's bringing you food like that AND paying you, he's going to be Best Neighbor.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith:
Him: Owning like 5,000$ worth of fireworks (at least).

Me: 100$ worth of fireworks is gonna be one hell of a show.
Backyard Fireworks
Backyard Fireworks:
Anyone else get into a firework battle??😀😀😀
Jaime G.
Jaime G.:
Someone needs to hook up the dogs with five star hotel ....in that neighborhood.
Dabby Kaden
Dabby Kaden:
Is everyone forgetting New Years lol we’re gonna go hard again soon boys
My Time
My Time:
I just loved it, everyone in America showing there patriotism. Go Bless America!!! \{*o*}/ "*"
I can smell the freedom from here.
This is awesome. I'd love to see a camera filming you lighting everything on fire. Just to see the process behind it all!!! Amazing work, my first time here!! Full watch, loved the pre-light up meal as well!! If you have a chance I'd love if you checked out my little channel!!
Jo Savo
Jo Savo:
After seeing all of the videos here about the fireworks that the "citizens" let off last night, who needs the cities& counties doing them? All of the government sponsored shows are just there to make money on it by allowing venders to pay for a spot and give out illegal parking tickets to those who went to the event. We had 2 families trying to outdo each other. It was fabulous.
While I loved the show, I (as a pyro myself) would have rather watched the show from a camera pointed at ground zero watching you light everything off.
South Texas Bats
South Texas Bats:
“Ban idiots not guns” 😂 merica
I bought fireworks and my parents were like why you waistting you're money
I do my little show and now they want like 10 500gram cake next year
Michael Blackwell
Michael Blackwell:
When the microwave sounds like this but the food still comes out cold
Я представляю реакцию соседей
marcos zozaya
marcos zozaya:
This is nothing short of amazing!! Amazing. P.s. as an Arizonan, 90 degrees is cool weather compared to our 110 lol. Keep uploading awesome content!
joey Dufour
joey Dufour:
I just wish I could afford to put on a show like this
Javier Rojas
Javier Rojas:
Everybody was going all out in my city even though there still illegal
just some lonely individual
just some lonely individual:
damn i would love life if these were my neighbors
In Nevada that cost like 5 bucks. in California they'll want your first born son for half of these.
JD Pyrotechnics
JD Pyrotechnics:
There’s never an end to pyro!!!
reda reda
reda reda:
This hobby is about equivalent to my smoking problem.
// GRILO - シ //
// GRILO - シ //:
My neighborhood was a warzone. Best year we ever had for fireworks. 4th of July was the best thing to happen in 2020 lmao!
Independence Day is proud of y’all !!!
Dylan2Fxdedd _.
Dylan2Fxdedd _.:
If cody was in my neighborhood id be like man dont make me bring out the sparklers
Up Coming
Up Coming:
Great show! Greetings from the Netherlands💪🏻
Chris Lutz
Chris Lutz:
Love hearing this guy talk. I think he could talk me into buying everything
Noah Johnson
Noah Johnson:
Got X cals platinum and my neighbors teamed up with me and we had a $10,000 show it was insanity !!!🧨
Matt Kazmir
Matt Kazmir:
“Now lets see that grand finale at a different angle” Stephen Hawking manually lighting up those racks with a BiC and the GoPro on auto aim
Brandon Byers
Brandon Byers:
I, personally, prefer a bunch of color in the finale puke. Maybe that's just me.
Michael Cochran
Michael Cochran:
100k subs coming soon man, I justed subbed last week. Love the content!
Joe S.
Joe S.:
yeah people in my city have shows like this on 50' x 180' lots. this year I got a burned Table umbrella and two holes burned in my brand new trampoline. I love big fireworks and I will continue to buy them and shoot them off on a reasonable size property. But my neighbors need to be punched in their faces
911: Police and Fire. What's your emergency?

My neighbors are lighting fireworks. What should I do?

911: Don't be a Karen.
Brayan Gonzalez
Brayan Gonzalez:
9:50 just to skip the time
Evan Rogge
Evan Rogge:
When your neighbor is Cody: yeah
Me: what y’all think about moving
Trash Man
Trash Man:
My favorite ones is Grande's finalls part at end😊
'is my sparkler bright dad'?
Hold my beer son... I'll show you bright
I got Caught by the cops in California with a 700 Shot Saturn Battery Missile and my cousin Whipped out his Military ID Card and the Cop Literally let him off Scott free and I’m like: PIKACHU FACE!!
Damn, that’s the nicest garage I’ve seen.
Peter P
Peter P:
Back when, we celebrated waving sparklers. Yours is a whole different class of celebration.
Debbie Garrow
Debbie Garrow:
Beautiful! An amazing show!
We are blessed to have a neighbor of my brother that sets of in heck of a firework show every 4th of July. We sit out on my brother’s property and watch them after a day full of food, drinks, games, setting off fireworks of our own. They live in the country by a lake so it’s always beautiful. It’s also where my husband and I got married.
FE4R Abdu
FE4R Abdu:
I can’t believe how the tents ran out so quickly
Backyard Fireworks
Backyard Fireworks:
Who else had a crazy fourth??!!
Michael Hutchinson
Michael Hutchinson:
your show was quite amazing! I have a question though about large display setup...is it best to get the cakes and MOABS vs. 3 or more boxes of single 5" artillery shells? I watch a lot of your videos to try and improve my knowledge and skill level on purchasing and setting up great fireworks display for my family and friends. thanks man.
Antonio Hadley
Antonio Hadley:
This is like a life dream right here to have that much fireworks lol!!
that’s why i couldn’t find any fireworks....
Other youtuber's: Look at my fireworks
Mr beast: Look at my $40,000 fire work.
Fluid_ Gaming
Fluid_ Gaming:
Dude I had the best ever 4 Th 5 of them Rick of shaded back at my house and my dad and my uncle we’re jumping over the ones that just sparkle and the ones and yeah those and my uncle and my dad doing stupid stuff like tapping wires to the wires to the fireworks
Title here
Title here:
btw i loved the show and this year my family had the best year yet!
ricardo Herrera
ricardo Herrera:
I got my first fine from the fire department here in california🤣 it was worth it
Darrel Martinez
Darrel Martinez:
We lit up the sky in Palmdale 😂 It was a damn war zone!!
Laird Purvis
Laird Purvis:
I think that the dead heat really fit in with flamingo a little
Elijah Jacobo
Elijah Jacobo:
Had to run from the cops with 50 shells in my backpack 😂
william sadler
william sadler:
Ive seen the 5in wild cats from real tree looks great should demo saw them on spirit of 76 love the videos keep it up
There is alot of fireworks over here that you haven't demo yet can't wait to see them
Lol from the northwest
Jim Brockman
Jim Brockman:
I was shopping all over and cant find most these cakes anywhere
alexis herman
alexis herman:
The fact that they thought about the kids is so sweet.🥺
Snake Aids
Snake Aids:
Swear to god I’m over hear already planning what I’m gonna buy next year😂😂
When the show is over, I always want to go back and buy more.
God Of Death
God Of Death:
Ahh i sure shut down my neighbors thought they was doin sumthing till i came out and blew them away
Loved it ! just plain as it should be ,Magic!!!
how the H... did you film that last angle ,Amazing! Loved the cheering of the people!
Fortnite is Beast
Fortnite is Beast:
When I saw the mortars I clicked right away
Larry p
Larry p:
In my hood that stuff would be stolen in 10 minutes
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith:
Him: owning like 200,000$ worth of fireworks. Me: alright 2 packs of sparklers it gonna be one hell of a show

Edit: thanks for the likes and the highlight
ZoRa MidNight
ZoRa MidNight:
I just turned 16 and I’m getting a job soon, and going all out next year 🔥
Damn these fireworks are epic also I'm scared of loud bang noise
Alonso Mindiola
Alonso Mindiola:
Damn I wonder what y’alls New Years is like 🤯
Nico Turrubiates
Nico Turrubiates:
Can’t thank you enough Cody for all your product demos. Really helped me throw a beautiful show this year and get the best bang for my buck! Great show btw!
Hope you all had a great 4th! 😁 what’d you think of our show?
The AMFLITE Bowler
The AMFLITE Bowler:
24:50 oh hell yess!! That Whistling sounds!!
Vincent Tnecniv
Vincent Tnecniv:
Jokester 4026
Jokester 4026:
Would be interesting to see you put on a gopro and light them off, amazing show
Kieth pederson
Kieth pederson:
I used to love going to sc and buying suitcases full of works, then realized why not just throw money in a fire pit and burn it there..
Heather Hahn
Heather Hahn:
You definitely smoked the competition, beautiful show too
Kay Jay
Kay Jay:
F'n AWESOME!!! here in South Lake Tahoe, fireworks were banned this year as well as surrounding areas. This was rad to see, GOOD JOB!!
Ricky Canlapan
Ricky Canlapan:
I missed the 4th of July BC I was trucking and My 22nd wedding anniv. Watching this made me feel better. Thank u
J Cowz
J Cowz:
Yo that finale was awesome!! I’m going to have to check out those grand finale pieces you used if they’re even available for consumer level
Diego Salmeron
Diego Salmeron:
who else didn’t light a single firework today? Just me? Oh well
Gavin Burress
Gavin Burress:
Were almost at 100k subs!
Andre Wallace
Andre Wallace:
Did it take you all year to stock up on all of that craziness?! I'm so jealous!
Kathy Lebro
Kathy Lebro:
Oh my gosh!!!! I was born on the 4th of July and I love fireworks! This has to be the best "privately funded" display I have ever seen, and it runs a close second to the public one in my community. Wow!!! Do I dare ask what the fireworks alone cost before your fees are added in? Again, this was spectacular!
David Cartaya
David Cartaya:
Amazing JOB and display Thank you so much and ...May the LORD ALMIGHTY BLESS AMERICA !!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Mr. Lulu
Mr. Lulu:
Who else be so sad after fourth 😭
Eric Penick
Eric Penick:
Great show! That Flamingo cake is different from what I remember. Definitely one of my favorite cakes. Have you had the God Bless America cake?
YourNewDad 420
YourNewDad 420:
Great video! I love how you took the time to put in the whole show! Keep up the great work!🤘🤙
Adrian Dixson
Adrian Dixson:
this man does a 4th of july every single day LMAO so lucky
Valentin Santiago
Valentin Santiago:
This needs Saturn missles the whole time and it would be the greatest EVER!!!
I always dreamed of doing something like this for a living, I love the idea of performing and setting up a show. I'd spend all my money as a kid on fireworks and still try my best to throw as much money into it as I can. The feeling you get from putting on a show is amazing.
Tony Condegni Mustafa
Tony Condegni Mustafa:
Wow not a bad ratio...I had my best ratio last night ever❗ 126-1 compared to last year 71-1...I been detonating since early June and I feel this yrs explosives were made really well...can count the duds on my hand that's how gr8 they were...thank u phantom❗
Alan Mooney
Alan Mooney:
Memo to self, hang out at this lake for next years 4th of July. This absolute insanity! Love it :)
The nuts So sas14
The nuts So sas14:
Absolutely amazing Firework show one of the best firework shows For one person I ever seen I’ll give you mad respect bro I absolutely love it
Professor Keenbean
Professor Keenbean:
On this day I had my first Karen
Enjoyed watching your video. I wish I had so many items at my disposal. When I do a local display, I spend ages planning the effect. eg I would have spaced your Dead Heats apart & angled the 2 outside ones outwards -- otherwise all the bursts are all going up in the same spot.