ONLY (2020) Virus Outbreak Movie Review

ONLY (2020) is being described as A Quiet Place meets “Handmaid’s Tale”, the film is about a comet that hits Earth and unleashes a deadly virus that only kills women......Here's my review and thanks so much for watching.....H


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Trey Baire
Trey Baire:
U got it completely wrong my friend. She was not dying slower than any of the other women. You must have missed the part where the women have exactly 6 days to live ONCE they catch the pathogen. Didn’t you see the flashback when she was so upset & walked on to the roof & removed her suit mask & exposed herself to the ash & that happened right before they leave the apartment. Or did u miss that? Her boyfriend also explains the process in 6 days how u die. The first day comes the nose bleeds & ear bleeeds , then the second day dizziness & fainting, then the Seizures start. Then the 6th day is death..... Soo when they left the apartment and make all these decisions like a dumb decision to go into the restaurant anyways it was something they decided they would take the risk of because this was gonna he her last supper before she dies. She even says it before they go inside my brother. Lol
Trey Baire
Trey Baire:
You seemed to miss a whole concept that plays a big part of the movie. They weren’t going out 2 the woods to try & live. She was going there to die basically. She wanted to enjoy the the rest of the life that she had left instead of staying locked up in the apartment!
Joanna’s Edition919
Joanna’s Edition919:
This movie made me mad . She basically killed her self .
Movie was trash.

The girl in the movie was just so selfish when the boyfriend was doing everything he could to help her survive. And she goes out in the virus ash on purpose like it's just an overall dumb thing to have a character do knowing it's going to kill them.
Star Brand
Star Brand:
Did this movie piss anyone else off? Whenever a character in a movie does something monumentally stupid, it completely turns me off and spoils the rest of the movie for me. I lose all attachments to the characters as well as any sympathy.
Tragic Bandit
Tragic Bandit:
I flipping hated this movie. It pissed me off so much how so many of the events unfolded in the movie could have been completely avoided.
I understand eva's actions because 400 days in quarantine will drive anyone crazy. She never communicated to will about his needs and will never asked her either. But I still found her to be incredibly annoying. Haha. I think it's because human instinct is to survive but she decided to not do that in the end. Ill have to think on it some more, poses some philosophical and ethical questions.
Tiffany De Goya
Tiffany De Goya:
This movie reminds me kind of another movie that I saw a few weeks ago >> LIGHT OF MY LIFE. If this movie was real and I was still alive I would shave my damn head first off, as for buying fem products any of them would do! Hell just grab something quick and keep it moving!!! Lol 😆
Mike Thain
Mike Thain:
It is comforting to realize that in the event of a zombie apocalypse I no longer have to outrun a zombie horde.
I only have to outrun the person pushing a shopping cart full of toilet paper.
How can you review a movie that you seem to not have completely watched? You got the jest if it... but some things completely wrong. Strange
Jazzy V
Jazzy V:
Just watched this on Netflix. Eva pissed me off. I literally yelled at my tv screen. She was so selfish and stupid. Her boyfriend/husband went through such lengths to keep her healthy and succeeded..... Well, until she decided to be a complete idiot. I wont spoil that part. It was actually a good movie. But I can't get over the stupidity of Eva's character. Ill just say she shoulda just jumped. Lol
what you're trying to explain in the beginning when the military comes in and searches his place Will, the main guy, on the way out the officer sees the test vile on the table, so he informs Will the guy that you better enjoy her cuz he knows she's sick and we don't take the sick.
Also later on it shows that it was a million dollars to turn in a woman then later on they upped it to two million as the two guys who comes in the dinner hearing the increased reward amount on the TV.
This was a alright movie I will not give spoilers but how she got sick is sickening very typical of the American or Americanized woman I can understand women being emotional and even overly emotional but this went over the line.
In the spirit of Double Toasted I give it a Low Matinee!
I think the military saw the test that she was positive and that's what he meant enjoy the few days she had left before she died instead of having her undergo experiments before she dies
Fernando Amador
Fernando Amador:
This movie was a let down it missed opportunities to be a great film .it had all the ingredients including a good lead actor but sadly it was a slow burn and unsatisfying story not to mention they made the female lead out be a moron who risked being caught for some dam pancakes
Anne Edwards
Anne Edwards:
OMG I watched this film, was tense the entire time and strait up balled at the end. Also I kind of understand where she's coming from, days upon days in a bubble, all the woman dying or being snatched, no possible cure, over stressed hub, its basically the ultimate extrovert nightmare. Still I feel so bad for the hubby he tried so hard to keep her safe. But its pretty much a fubar situation. I give so much love for the guy staying after she exposed herself to the virus, the sheer rage of all your effort gone in an instant and still he goes through the effort to give her the thing she wanted most. Love this movie.
Take #19
Take #19:
Your intro was great. I couldn’t agree more with all of that, but you completely missed most of what was going on in this movie my dude. Anyone reading further BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

There’s a pathogen in the comet dust. It delivers a virus that men carry and seemingly stay asymptomatic but women die within 6 days of contracting it. Men can pass it to women. Will takes the test to find out he has it, but thanks to quarantining her and going to great lengths to protect her, Eva does not have it. We are lead to believe her father is a scientist or doctor. She grew up in a family of privilege in the UK - hence her ridiculous, selfish behavior. She gets tired of quarantine and goes out and intentionally gets infected. They go to the woods for her to die, not to hide out. The government is paying rewards for women so they can find healthy women to repopulate the world. Not necessarily to cure them, the soldier in the beginning says “We don’t take the sick ones” use trying to conceive a baby with someone that has 144 hours to live.
There is an episode from Masters of Horror very similar to this.
Tiffany De Goya
Tiffany De Goya:
It’s crazy indeed, I take care of my 2 nephews 1 of which is disabled and my 82 year old grandmere and 2 animals. I naturally have a bit of an overflow stock and I’m so glad b/c we would be screwed. I have food but nothing to make a WHOLE Meal 😳. I’ve given tp and paper towels to an ex and an old high school friend, they had no idea what was going on.

I saw a lady at the store with 10 gallons of milk, like wtf you gonna do with that????? 🤷🏽‍♀️ I pray that the shopping craze levels off in the next week, I suggest that you all keep checking at the stores everyday if you really need something. I had been checking for the past 3 days for bread ( every store has been completely sold out on it ) and finally today I found some.

Also I saw in an LA article people were lined up outside of gun shops stocking up on guns and amo 😳 , everyone just stay safe out there!
Rodney Adams
Rodney Adams:
Your commentary on society, in my opinion, is a bit too much. I came here for a movie review not a social commentary (with plenty of expletives).
this movie was kinda garbage..
carl grimes had like 4 lines of dialog
Tyler Lacy
Tyler Lacy:
The World 🌎 Going Crazy 😂😂😂
its like he just watched the trailer and that was it lol
Nvegas Tutorials
Nvegas Tutorials:
I feel like she was gonna die soon anyways so she shouldn't have killed herself
Majestad BowseR
Majestad BowseR:
Just watched the movie bouth it in wal mart and it was a slow but well shot movie
Love some of the angles of the scenes and the music is great
I bet most people will get bored but its a solid 3 out of 5 stars
Will trade toilet paper for B grade horror movies.
hahahaa this is funny with the toilet paper and yah i saw em too at superstore crazy horrible apes
Douglass Scarbrough
Douglass Scarbrough:
What was the name of the song at the end...?
Mike Spano
Mike Spano:
I had no problem. 7-11 had a ton of paper towels an toilet paper 😂
Horde Bucket
Horde Bucket:
What is the name of the song in the credits?
The government wasn’t looking for a cure they were looking for a womb.
jason presti
jason presti:
Thanks man, glad to have the comfort of your videos in all this insanity! I feel exactly the same way as you! Good to see there are still some decent people in the World!
Captain Ron
Captain Ron:
Good video intro as well as video.
Cool guy Syndrome
Cool guy Syndrome:
Wait so you we’re at Costco and you bought toilet more then enough to put on display?
Movie was trash. 1. The screenwriters did not know what genre they wanted the movie to be so they chose them all. 2. No real character development. 3. No chemistry between any of the characters.
The worse part is that all the good acting went to waste.
This is such an underrated channel! Nice job!
Barb King
Barb King:
Why was 04/22 on the back of her hand at the end?
Project Zilla
Project Zilla:
the ending made me so sad
Jay Crespy
Jay Crespy:
Worst movie ive ever seen
Lore Star
Lore Star:
So this is where all the toilet paper is.... joking. Max we have had is 12 rolls and a pack of napkins and 2 rolls of paper towels. Half bottle of 90% alcohol left. Had 2 from b4 COVID19 for over 6months. Haven't been able to find anymore. Only the 60% alchohol at a Chinese store.. prices are absurd on hand sanitizer (which hadn't bought since media had started reporting it caused birth defects or sterilization) k think I'd rather spray pure bleach than buy it for that RIDICULOUS high price!!
I live in VA and people are losin their minds here to. Went to walmart to get some earbuds last night&it was crazy. No toilet paper etc. Insane! Thanks for the review..
Amber Gardiner
Amber Gardiner:
They left the apartment as she took the test and it was purple so she knew she was infected and was going to die
This movie has more meaning than that... the virus symbolizes the evil people that try to take women’s freedom of living, choice, her body, sex trafficking, etc. Yes, her boyfriend did it out of love but he acted selfishly. He never asked her what she wanted, he made decisions for her. Kept her pretty much in a prison, with rules, routines she had to follow. When she went on that roof, it was her taking her life back, fighting even though she knew that would lead her to her death.