One Punch Man - Fitness test

His body has no chill…

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100+ komento:

When you max all of your stats and go back to the tutorial
"Girls will often act soft and weak around guys they like."

Girls around me: 0:12
Lil Vegan
Lil Vegan:
Me as soon as I turn off my lights in the basement: 0:22
7777 subs With 7 videos challenge
7777 subs With 7 videos challenge:
1 Like= 1 Push up
When i say i mean it.
Saitama: Broke the limits at Physical Test, Failed interview = C-Class

Genos: Intelligent. OMG S- CLASS
Pokka Cola
Pokka Cola:
You know he's serious when the art style on his face becomes detailed.
The quiet kid when we do a fitness test.
Juganwa Comedy
Juganwa Comedy:
Sergio Muñiz
Sergio Muñiz:
I don't get why they were laughing at him... he's just as buff as everyone else.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
The amount of control he has for that punching machine is impressive.

Because he would've sent it flying across the globe if he wanted.
When you see a spider in your room 0:43

The spider 0:14
Sachin T
Sachin T:
The dislikes are from people who failed the test.
Member that little annoying kid named Caillou? Yeah, this is him now.
Correct me If ur gay
Correct me If ur gay:
Funny thing is he probably failed the test and became class-c because the test questions were probably about how to "Beat monsters efficiently" like for example, How would you defeat a flame monster (etc). And he probably just answered "Just punch it".
gUnGiNGinGa • 29 Years Ago
gUnGiNGinGa • 29 Years Ago:
My brain: Click Replay
Me: Why?
My brain: You Have To
This man can turn Attack on Titan into just one episode.
0:12 my mom in a mall and when she see a good dress in 50% off
Mr. Yeet Plays
Mr. Yeet Plays:
0:14 why does that sound like someone is spamming their keybinds?
Love how everything is a serious test, then you randomly have whack-a-mole.
I love how he broke the punching machine, but not the wack-a-mole
cathix D
cathix D:
Can we all appreciate how whack-a-mole is a part of the actual test
Dustin Stanek
Dustin Stanek:
"Now kids, this is just going to be a routine fitness test."

That one try hard kid in gym class:
kid has a heart attack
PE: teachers: 0:00
kid has a heat stroke
PE: teachers: 0:00
kid kicks a basketball
PE teachers : 0:22

the demon as soon i turn off the lights at 3 am 0:22
Let me guess, this isn’t your first time watching this.
Rakesh Haram
Rakesh Haram:
Girls: act weak and vulnerable around their crush
Girls around me:
Why is nobody talking about how that ceiling ruined his jumping??
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake:
0:45 when you finally get to the guy camping at the back of the map
A Nerd In Shorts
A Nerd In Shorts:
Saitama's body: beginning of the exam. Focussing on the details and realism of body parts and everything.
Saitama's Face (when not serious): last 1 min of the exam.
Saitama's serious face: well, we need a pro for that.
Avish 1
Avish 1:
Less than 60 seconds:√
A million+ views:√
Old video:√
Yep it's gonna be a hit
Aditya Mishra
Aditya Mishra:
Y'all gotta realise how much he's been holding back in high jump. My man can _literally_ jump from the Moon and back
Miko Duterte
Miko Duterte:
The fact they made him a class c hero is a prime example of “hairism”
Govind plays
Govind plays:
The dislikes are from toxic DBZ fanbase "can he beat goku tho"
1000 Subscribers With No Video?
1000 Subscribers With No Video?:
When you think about it, Saitama really didn’t try on the punching machine
Exxotik Memes
Exxotik Memes:
Teacher: Mistakes make you stronger.
My mom when i was born:
Trik Stari
Trik Stari:
Does no one else notice that he seemingly knocked himself unconscious during the high jump?
sir Reignz
sir Reignz:
Saitama: breaks every record
*Rank C*
animator andy
animator andy:
Saitama's like that one kid who shows off on every fitnessgram Pacer test
Maryum ._.
Maryum ._.:
Me wondering: ......

_why is there a whack-a-mole machine during a fitness test?_
Just imagine if he showcased 100% of his power there, the whole planet would be gone~ 😹
[ENG] Cupcake
[ENG] Cupcake:

That 5 years old kid's imagine when he grow up:
Miraj Prasain
Miraj Prasain:
This is what 365 days of NoFap looks like folks.
"mistakes make you stronger"
my mom after she gave birth to me: 0:31
Masked Man
Masked Man:
i felt his frustration when he said "paanching mashin"
At this point saitama dident even use his powers he just ran like a normal human
Fluffy Fluff
Fluffy Fluff:
Y'all gotta realise how much he's holding back here.
1% people who reading this : may you a billionaire one day.god bless you.
Long LeVuThanh
Long LeVuThanh:
Genos : Physic test: 50
Intelligent test: 50
Rank S
Saitama: Physic test: 50
Intelligent test: 0
Rank C
Ernest Patrick Gonzaga
Ernest Patrick Gonzaga:
And yet they still made him a Class-C, because his essay sucked
Kevin Getzoff
Kevin Getzoff:
That wasn't even a fraction of his power
it was a decimal placement
*Don't lie. You are not watching this for the first time*
{ KIM J }
{ KIM J }:
0:50 perman : this dude is on another level !!😂
lil pAωツ
lil pAωツ:
When you want to make cool looking bald anime guy be like 0:03
***BBT*** #*#*
***BBT*** #*#*:
I'm going home....😂😂
**The last man standing**
Dukey Dooze
Dukey Dooze:
Naruto's power: mid tier
Gokus power: Godley
Saitama power: Unknown
Veritas G
Veritas G:
Me: Hold my beer.
*Sees saitama*
Me: Give me back my beer.
StaTiC Lucid
StaTiC Lucid:
"Mistakes make you stronger"

My parents after I was born
Content Cop
Content Cop:
0:52 He just called him Kaido.
Kyng Yucef
Kyng Yucef:
When a superhero is out of their suit the look strong but when in their suit they look like a stick for instance MIDORIYA AND SAITAMA
RAJESH surana
RAJESH surana:
The ending is funny: I am going home...
That Funny Comment
That Funny Comment:
His eyes are glowing that means he is in the avatar state
Blitzy Rebirth
Blitzy Rebirth:
When you get the best gear, weapons, and items in the game and replay lvl 1.
Her: clap me like there’s no tomorrow
Me (gameface): 0:11 - 0:13
Me (clapping) : 0:15
The Lamb Sauce
The Lamb Sauce:
That punch machine is more stronger than 98% of Saitama’s opponents.
The 2% The mosquito and the table.
Maes Hughes
Maes Hughes:
"I'm going home..."
*he beat the race BEFORE they set up the tape for the finish line.*
Son Goku
Son Goku:
This man is a legend and an amazing fighter and most importantly, he gave me the hardest time when mastar media made saitama vs goku since part 2
Cristóbal _cc
Cristóbal _cc:
When the teacher says to jog softly...

The one who wants to attract attention: 0:21
Arthur Cohen-Jonathan
Arthur Cohen-Jonathan:
Imagine this :
After test :"pretty sure he cheated"
Saitama :"wanna prove that?"
Doctor: We'll give you an injection
Me: 0:21
0:14 what my mom hears after No Nut November is done
Archer 8
Archer 8:
“Mistakes make you stronger”

Boku no pico creator:
You know he's serious when his face can't be drawn in 20 seconds
Millie Boi
Millie Boi:

the guy in gym who go's all out when when the girls walk in
That guy: Ok, 10000 dollars for breaking this place. Let me call your mon
KB Would Love This
KB Would Love This:
How you can tell any other anime character is about to win:
• Their theme plays
• They talk about friendship
• They stand back up after getting beat up
How you can tell Saitama is about to win:
• The budget for his eyes increase
Chandra ChaCha
Chandra ChaCha:
Not as fast and hard as my mother throwing sandals
0:14 that sounds like the noice that comes from mommy and daddys room
Meme Guy
Meme Guy:
When youre mom see a mouse
Um no
Um no:
The one thing I'll never understand is how his reaction speed is that that inhumanely fast when all he did was train physical strength and stamina.
El Vasama
El Vasama:
0:14 the sound you hear entering my room
jEy Em
jEy Em:
Imagine taking a walk near a gym and you see a bald man with his head through the roof
Alright kids now we learn a new lesson don’t make fun of a bald person.
Black Heart
Black Heart:
0:52 me when I boast of my skills in drawing for drawing goku then someone draws Michael Jackson while moon walking and flips faces of book and he actually does a dance
Y'all know that stuff
When someone flips book pages and it forms a short video
Roses are red violet are blue i got recommended so did you
Phoenix V
Phoenix V:
When your crush enters the gym room:
Iguro Obanai
Iguro Obanai:
The egg that hasn't been boiled: 0:00
the boiled egg: 0:11
Kartik _
Kartik _:
Saitama isn't an S. He's a Note Ultra
0:22 Sakuya Izayoi's knives in EoSD be like:
Physical tests: S Rank
Intelligence test: C Rank
Staff: then C Rank it is
Saitama: surprised Pikachu face
Sumita Das
Sumita Das:
0:12 When someone says something bad about me
0:50 Blue Mask decides to reevaluate his life.
Dev Safai
Dev Safai:
0:45 well what do u expect this guy to do his punches vapourize black holes man
When looks at you with a serious face:

(Me begging for mercy that he doesn’t kill me)
Dmitriy Mikisha
Dmitriy Mikisha:
0:37 When you didnt find exit from the cave in minecraft
Christian Playz
Christian Playz:
Everyone else at the start of the video: *smiling confidently*

Everyone else st the end of the video: *smiling nervously*
Sai Siddhanth A
Sai Siddhanth A:
"Let's go home" - Wise Man. LMAO
Dieselll 0
Dieselll 0:
I find it really weird he didn't get more attention due to his results in the physical exam.
Fun fact: saitama isn't even using 2% of his power here
Hero Association staff: There is a god inside that body

whatever put him in C class
Alejandro Ruiz
Alejandro Ruiz:
0:42 Me, after saying my mum not to enter in my room because I have "online class"