[Official MV] "Grand escape" - Weathering With You

Weathering With You (Tenki no Ko) OST『RADWIMPS feat. Toko Miura - Grand Escape』

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Your Name: save the city to get the girl.

Weathering With You: destroy the city to get the girl.
Harish Patil
Harish Patil:
Tokyo: rains all day, everyday.
London: first time?
Poor mitsuha came to Tokyo after surviving a damn meteor crash only to be drowned in never ending rain .Poor mitsuha....
Angel Oligo
Angel Oligo:
He committed all these crimes just to repay her for a burger.

Edit: take this comment light heartedly. I mean it in a joking manner. Of course, he didn't commit the crimes just to repay her for a burger (you guys should know that since you watched the film).

Also, STOP using the word simp in every situation where a guy is being nice to a girl. Simp refers to a man who is overly desperate for a woman or overvalues women.
Dumble King
Dumble King:
I understand why people dislike the 'selfish-ness' within this show but I see it as something that's *bound* to happen, near the end the grandma said that the nature will reclaim what has been lost, so it's destined that one day someone will break that "barrier" for nature to reclaim it, but for it to be broken someone needs to have a strong will. That will is love, willing to do anything for it.
the arthemis
the arthemis:
Funny how Makoto's works don't have the line "I love you" because you don't need to hear it for you to feel it from the characters.
Sadad Erlangga
Sadad Erlangga:
Son : Dad how did you and mother met?
Dad : Your mom gave me a Big Mac
Nguyễn Hải Dương
Nguyễn Hải Dương:
Garden of Words: "I think I have fallen in love with you."
Your name: "I love you."
Weathering with you: "I want you more than any blue sky."
dina aulia
dina aulia:
If there wasn't Hodaka, maybe Hina would have ... sold herself.
My prediction on how Your Name was connected to Weathering with you...

1. The comet occurs, Taki and Mitsuha move on with life (haven’t found each other yet)
2.Few years pass, weathering with you occurs with bad weather, cold, and snow every day in Tokyo
3. Hina and Hodaka visits Taki’s granny’s house to clear up the weather.
4.Mitsuha sells a ring to Hodaka which he gives to Hina
5.Then we saw Mitsuha and Taki pass by each other in the bad weather on the bridge when it was snowing
6. Hina sacrifices herself and the weather goes back to sunny again.
7. Mitsuha and Taki encounter each other on the train and met up by the stairs. That why the leaves and roads were still wet.
8. Your Name completed
9. Hodaka trying to get Hina back and running from the police.
10. Hodaka got Hina back and then was sent back to his home. Turns 18 moved to Tokyo and found Hina again
11. Weathering with you completed by flooding half of Japan
Kyoo Katasuke
Kyoo Katasuke:
Remember guys it started with a bigMac burger
Karan Malhotra
Karan Malhotra:
the dude got his hands on a "one in a billion type of girl"
ByScratCH Gameplays
ByScratCH Gameplays:
i love the fact that Taki and Mitsuha appeared in this movie
sprinks lol
sprinks lol:
I wish I’d meet my true love at a McDonalds.
Now that’s success.
My playlist:
Grand escape
Grand escape
CraZY Young
CraZY Young:
Hodaka with a legit gun: let me see my waifu or ill end your laifu
Wow 2.5 k likes in a month thanks!
Kanzler Ibrahim
Kanzler Ibrahim:
One of the movies who:
1. Made me cry
2. Made me have post anime depression for 4 days cause it ended
Zidan K
Zidan K:
[Verse 1: Toko Miura]
Sora tobu hane to hikikae ni
Tsunagiau te wo eranda bokura
Sore demo sora ni miserarete
Yume wo kasaneru no wa tsumi ka

[Verse 2: Toko Miura]
Natsu wa aki no senaka wo mite
Sono kao wo omoiukaberu
Akogare na no ka koi na no ka
Kanawanu to shitteinagara

[Verse 3: Toko Miura]
Touriame ga touriame to
Komorebi-tachi ga komorebi to
Nanoru zuttozutto zuttomaekara
Anata wa anata de itandarou?

[Chorus 1: Toko Miura]
Juuryoku ga nemuri ni tsuku sennen ni ichido no kyou
Taiyou no shikaku ni tachi bokura kono hoshi wo deyou
Kare ga me wo samashita toki tsuremodosarenai basho e
“See no” de daichi wo kette koko de wa nai hoshi e

[Post-Chorus: Toko Miura]

[Verse 4: Toko Miura]
Natsu kaze ni aseru kokoro ga
Natsu o sarani haya okuru yo
Memagurushī keshiki no naka
Kimi dake ga tomatte mieta

[Verse 5: Toko Miura]
Kimi to deatta ano hi kara
Patari to yoru, yume wa yanda yo
Tsuchi no naka de machikogareta
Kanaeru sonotoki wa imada

[Chorus 2: Toko Miura]
Juuryoku ga nemuri ni tsuku sennen ni ichido no kyou
Hanabi no oto ni nose bokura kono hoshi o deyou
Kare ga me wo samashita toki tsuremodosarenai basho e
“See no” de daichi wo kette koko de wa nai hoshi e

[Post-Chorus: Yojiro Noda & Toko Miura]
Mou sukoshi de unmei no mukou
Mou sukoshi de bunmei no mukou (ikou)
Mou sukoshi de unmei no mukou
Mou sukoshi de-

Mou sukoshi de unmei no mukou
Mou sukoshi de bunmei no mukou (ikou)
Mou sukoshi de unmei no mukou
Mou sukoshi de-

[Bridge: Yojiro Noda & Toko Miura]
Yume ni bokura de ho wo hatte
Kitaru beki hi no tame ni yoru wo koe
Iza kitai dake mantan de
Ato wa dou ni ka naru sa to kata wo kunda

[Outro: Yojiro Noda & Toko Miura]
Kowakunai wake nai demo tomaranai
Pinchi no sakimawari shitatte bokura ja shou ga nai
Bokura no koi ga iu koe ga iu
“Ike” to iu
The song is called grand escape but i cannot escape from listening to it all the time
0:00 The formation of the universe.
0:28 The angelic voice started to sing.
2:02 Let there be light.
3:12 Sperm cells.

3:18 The sperm cells are trying to fertilize the egg cell.

4:03 The egg cell is interested in the trespasser while the sperm cells are trying to stop the trespasser.

4:11 Successfully abducted the egg cell from the sperm cells.

4:44 The angelic voice started to attack your heart and eyes while suffering from goosebumps.

Next year and the upcoming years the comment section will be flooded with "Who's listening this on (month) + (year).." and the replies are "Me" with more likes.
꧁toosleepyforyou!꧂ :3
꧁toosleepyforyou!꧂ :3:
Doctor: You have 5 minutes to live.
Me: *plays this song*.
Doctor: But that’s 6 minutes long.
God: I’ll wait.
If they don't play this when I'm about to die, I'm not dying.
The fact that they were young when they experienced all of this makes me like this movie even more. It shows how maturity doesnt come with age. Plus, it makes the movie even sadder. I'm really happy that they chose to save Hina instead of the beautiful weather because there's much more to her life than being a sacriice. The crazy weather was supposed to happen anyways.
one saves the girl and save a city of Japan.
one saves the girl and destroy half japan.
So Boy better chooses girl correctly either you become a hero or a villain !!
AL Rizo
AL Rizo:
I think this movie shows how wrongly we perceive life. It's not about trying to achieving your goals will result to happiness but embracing life (positive and negative) as it is will lift the burden and even take us further. We humans are too invested to our goals/ambitions (sunshine) that we forgot the reality (rain), that's why Tokyo sunk in water in the end because that's the way it should be. Hina was trying too hard to lift Nagi and later on Hodaka and the other people from life of misery that resulted to her own danger. Later on, Hodaka realized he was asking too much of Hina's help and tried to save her life instead. They both realized that what they are trying to achieve(away from poverty) is not the answer to happiness but embracing the entire experience both good and bad. Keisuke represent's older version Hodaka who failed to realize he's stuck trying to achieve goals, didn't live his life very well, but later on had a redemption.
Bubbles Friday
Bubbles Friday:
"I want you more than any blue sky". I felt that
• e u l i a •
• e u l i a •:
The second she said she was older than him, i knew she was lying.
vivek devu
vivek devu:
Guys remember that the events this movie happened because of a big mac
It's Virgo
It's Virgo:
Eon Playz
Eon Playz:
I just watched the movie and now I'm here.

I watched the movie around 1am to 3am in the morning. I was alone in my room, turned the lights off, Turned on my aircon and grabbed my blanket. It was raining that time. Trust me, It was one of the best feeling I've ever felt in my whole life. In that way I was able to understand and focus on the movie and I really felt everything. After the movie I found myself crying, but not in a sad way, but more on tears of joy. Am I the only one who cant explain what im feeling after watching this? like im filled with mix emotions. Gosh. It really is a masterpiece 💖
Makoto Shinkai's story kit

1. Trains
2. Boy/girl who really hates their shitty island life and live in Tokyo.
3. Commit crime just to save someone along with your friends as accomplice.
4. Natural disasters came from the sky.
5. Don't say "I love you".
The usual plot of a movie from the Makoto Shinkai Cinematic Universe : Teenage boy with LOTS OF FEELINGS is ready to destroy time, space, and meteorology to save the girl he loves.
10/10 would cry again
Jincarl Castro
Jincarl Castro:
Ever since I watched this movie, rain wouldn’t stop (literally). What are the odds of that? :’)
James Greenfield
James Greenfield:
Imagine destroying Tokyo over a Big Mac...
ShineTV Sun
ShineTV Sun:
축하합니다 당신은 수많은 외국 댓글에 묻힌 한국 댓글을 찾아 내셨습니다 축하드립니다 이 댓글을 발견하신 분들이 잘 되길 기원합니다
GomenaSike ///YametekudaSike
GomenaSike ///YametekudaSike:
People who disliked this must have experienced a flood in their city.
Xee Thao
Xee Thao:
Anyone crying from: “Wait-t... I was the oldest one...”
I remember asking a girl out if we could watch the movie (Weathering With You) together, I waited for her because she always had a tight schedule. I also remember my friends going out to watch the movie before it stops showing in our local cinemas, I wanted to go but I didn't, I really wanted to watch it with her. It came to the point where I concluded that it was either I watch it with her or I don't watch it at all. Then the big day came, she had told me beforehand that she's gonna be free on one weekend and coincidentally, the movie was also about to stop showing. We watched the movie and enjoyed the day together, it was one of the best moments in my life. And now, that girl and I have been together for more than a year, we're not really going out as boyfriend/girlfriend yet because her parents are strict so we're striving to study hard so that we can go find jobs and have a succesful life together as a married couple.
이거 보러오신 한국인 계신가요?..요즘 날씨의아이 너의이름은 엄청 생각남 그래서 ost 들으러 다닙니다..
Mall ba
Mall ba:
축하합니다! 당신은 한국인의 댓글을 발견했습니다!

외국인들은 이것을 보면 해석하지 마세요!
KN 1111
KN 1111:
I love Japanese animated movies.Japanese are very creative and intelligent people. Love from india <3

"Your name movie" is the actual reason for human existence on our planet, humans are all going in a wrong way.

Your name- Deserves an Oscar.
Elina Carmina
Elina Carmina:
Hodaka ruined everyone's lives so he could be with a girl he's only known for like a month or two. Best protagonist ever.
한국어가 있나
Leah Sanders
Leah Sanders:
my heart aches whenever i listen to this.
not in a bad way, but in a bittersweet way that i could never explain.
this movie and the soundtracks are miracles.
Jhon Oliver De Jose
Jhon Oliver De Jose:
“Wait,she wansnt 18?!”
charlie liao
charlie liao:
Weathering with you: *exists*
Sea level rising: *exists*
Me an intellect:
"I'll never forgive the Japanese"

When Hodaka had tears streaming down his face as he realized the brave girl that he had hid behind during times of trouble pretending to be older, was in fact younger than him.. This movie hits differently, much like Makoto Shinkai's other masterpieces.
저처럼 후유증에 시달린 한국인도 있을거라 믿습니다
Kommineni Venkata krishna kishore babu
Kommineni Venkata krishna kishore babu:
He loves her more than the world. That's the true meaning of the ending. He won't give a shit about the world as long as she stays with him. Complicated ending.this anime made me cry happy tears.
This is, quite possibly, the best anime soundtrack till date. Throw all your Watashi no USOs, il venti d'oros and katawaredokis at me, I'll fight them all
My girlfriend and I made a promise to each other when we finally get to meet, when we graduate, this is the first movie we're gonna watch together as officially a couple. I've seen it but she hasn't and I know not many people would approve of us, but I love her and I wanna make that dream a reality no matter what it takes. Because I want her more than any blue sky♥️
한국 사람은 없는것인가
요즘 youtube 댓글 너무 foreigner 댓글만 high에 있어서 Korean 댓글 위에 있는거 almost 못봤다
이렇게 English를 mix해서 쓰면 comment 가 좀 위에 있을까 하는 thought에 이렇게 write해본다
날씨의 아이는 veryvery갓갓작이다
Luke Edu
Luke Edu:
Shinkai straight up forming his own cinematic universe. Next film Nick Fury will shown up to talk about the Avengers initiative.
*My ears have been baptized and I have now trancended to a higher being*
Gael Vargas
Gael Vargas:
Fun fact for me:
I met a girl in a mcdonalds 2 years ago and actually is my girlfriend
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12:
never say *YES* when your girlfriend ask "do you want the rain stop?"
brahmasto samudro wicaksono
brahmasto samudro wicaksono:
the dude got his hands on a "one in a million type of girl"
canal do eu
canal do eu:
Adicionado na minha playlist, escutar quando estiver chovendo comendo miojo (≧▽≦)
JvNf sz
JvNf sz:
Oi meu eu do futuro não se esqueça de como esse anime eh incrível ❤️ -19 de agosto de 2020 00:53
Soseiki Haragatatsu
Soseiki Haragatatsu:
I closed my eyes listening to this
Then when she said "ikou"
I open my eyes just like any anime scene
• kozyclovers •
• kozyclovers •:
Most Touching Lines From Weathering With You:

2. “Hodaka, would you like the rain to stop?” - Hina
4. “No, I- We changed the world!” - Hodaka
5. “Don’t cry, Hodaka.” - Hina
6. “Hodaka this is all you fault! Go find my sister!!” - Nagi (SENPAI~~)
7. “I deserve to see my daughter.” - Mr. Suga
8. “Hina, I finally found you!” - Hodaka
9. “Please God, don’t give us more, or take anything away either.” - Hodaka
10. “Everything will be alright, Hina.” - Hodaka
11. “Pray for yourself, Hina.” - Hodaka
12. “She really is, 100% Sunshine Girl.” -Natsumi/Hodaka
13. “The world’s always been crazy.” -Fumi Tachibana / Mr Suga / Hodaka
14. “Let me see her, once more!” - Hodaka
15. “I chose her, I chose this world, I chose to live here!” - Hodaka
16. "Don't touch Hodaka, you a**holes!" - Mr. Suga
17. “I was running desperately, to reach the light. And at the edge of it, I found you.” - Hodaka
18. “I-I was the oldest one! I was supposed to take care of them! She took full responsibility.. I should’ve been there for her!” - Hodaka
19. “The sky is a deeper unknown world than the sea..” -(unknown?)
Andréia Pires
Andréia Pires:
Que música linda! e que letra! prá variar tô chorando!
空飛ぶ羽根と引き換えに 繋ぎ合う手を選んだ僕ら
소라 토부 하네토 히키카에니 쯔나기아우 테오 에란다 보쿠라
하늘 나는 날개와 바꿔 서로 잡는 손을 선택한 우리
それでも空に魅せられて 夢を重ねるのは罪か
소레데모 소라니 미세라레테 유메오 카사네루노와 쯔미카
그런데도 하늘에 매료되어서 꿈을 거듭하는 것은 죄인가

夏は秋の背中を見て その顔を思い浮かべる
나쯔와 아키노 세나카오 미테 소노 카오오 오모이우카베루
여름은 가을의 등을 봐 그 얼굴을 떠올린다
憧れなのか、恋なのか 叶わぬと知っていながら
아코가레나노카, 코이나노카 카나와누토 싣테이나가라
동경인지, 사랑인지 이룰 수 없다는 걸 알면서도

通り雨が通り雨と 木漏れ日たちが木漏れ日と
토오리아메가 토오리아메토 코모레비타치가 코모레비토
지나가는 비가 소나기라고 나뭇잎 사이 비치는 햇빛이 코모레비라고
名乗るずっとずっとずっと前から あなたはあなたでいたんだろう?
나노루 즏토 즏토 즏토 마에카라 아나타와 아나타데 이탄다로오?
붙이기 훨씬 훨씬 훨씬 전부터 당신은 당신으로 있었겠지?

重力が眠りにつく 1000年に一度の今日
쥬우료쿠가 네무리니 쯔쿠 센넨니 이치도노 쿄오
중력이 잠든 천 년에 한 번인 오늘
太陽の死角に立ち 僕らこの星を出よう
타이요오노 시카쿠니 타치 보쿠라 코노 호시오 데요오
태양의 사각에 서서 우리는 이 별을 떠나자

彼が眼を覚ました時 連れ戻せない場所へ
카레가 메오 사마시타 토키 쯔레모도세나이 바쇼에
그가 눈을 떴을 때 돌아올 수 없는 곳으로
「せーの」で大地を蹴って ここではない星へ
「세에노」데 다이치오 켇테 코코데와 나이 호시에
“하나둘”하고 땅을 박차고 여기가 아닌 별에​


夏風邪に焦る心が 夏をさらに早送るよ
나쯔 카제니 아세루 코코로가 나쯔오 사라니 하야 오쿠루요
여름 감기에 초조해하는 마음이 여름을 더욱 빨리 보내
めまぐるしい景色の中 君だけが止まって見えた
메마구루시이 케시키노 나카 키미다케가 토맏테미에타
어지러운 경치의 속 너만이 멈춰 보였어

君と出会ったあの日から パタリと夜、夢は止んだよ
키미토 데앋타 아노 히카라 파타리토 요루, 유메와 얀다요
너와 만난 그날부터 갑자기 밤에 꿈은 멈췄어
土の中で待ちこがれた 叶えるその時は今だ
쯔치노 나카데 마치코가레타 카나에루 소노 토키와 이마다
땅속에서 애타게 기다렸던 이룰 수 있는 그때는 지금이야

重力が眠りにつく 1000年に一度の今日
쥬우료쿠가 네무리니 쯔쿠 센넨니 이치도노 쿄오
중력이 잠든 천 년에 한 번인 오늘
花火の音に乗せ 僕らこの星を出よう
하나비노 오토니 노세 보쿠라 코노 호시오 데요오
불꽃놀이 소리에 실려 우리는 이 별을 떠나자

彼が眼を覚ました時 連れ戻せない場所へ
카레가 메오 사마시타 토키 쯔레모도세나이 바쇼에
그가 눈을 떴을 때 돌아올 수 없는 곳으로
「せーの」で大地を蹴って ここではない星へ
「세에노」데 다이치오 켇테 코코데와 나이 호시에
“하나둘”하고 땅을 박차고 여기가 아닌 별에​


もう少しで運命の向こう もう少しで文明の向こう
모오 스코시데 움메이노 무코오 모오 스코시데 붐메이노 무코오
조금 더 있으면 운명의 저편 조금 더 있으면 문명의 저편
もう少しで運命の向こう もう少しで
모오 스코시데 움메이노 무코오 모오 스코시데
조금 더 있으면 운명의 저편 조금 더 있으면

夢に僕らで帆を張って 来たるべき日のために夜を越え
유메니 보쿠라데 호오 핟테 키타루베키 히노 타메니 요루오 코에
꿈이 우리로 돛을 달고 다가올 날을 위해 밤을 지나
いざ期待だけ満タンで あとはどうにかなるさと 肩を組んだ
이자 키타이다케 만탄데 아토와 도오니카 나루사토 카타오 쿤다
막상 기대만 가득해서 앞으로는 어떻게든 될거라며 어깨동무했어

怖くないわけない でも止まんない
코와쿠나이와케나이 데모 토만나이
무섭지 않을 리가 없지 그래도 멈추지 않아
ピンチの先回りしたって 僕らじゃしょうがない
핀치노 사키마와리시탇테 보쿠라쟈 쇼오가 나이
위기를 앞질러 간다 해도 우리들은 어쩔 수 없어
僕らの恋が言う 声が言う
보쿠라노 코이가 이우 코에가 이우
우리들의 사랑이 말해 목소리가 말해

「이케」토 이우
“가”라고 말해
sonik sarungale
sonik sarungale:
Chills of excitement and happiness when beat drops at 4:45
im gonna make a playlist filled with all the songs i loved from every lit anime I've watched so that i can play it on my deathbed
Mischievous Devil
Mischievous Devil:
Weathering with you: Makes things like falling headfirst without a parachute look romantic
Jason Auw
Jason Auw:
I just finished watching it, the graphic is superb. I can relate to the movie, a lot of flashbacks of my childhood memories as I'm watching it. The word "I love you" is becoming not credible these days, nice choice that Makoto choose not to use it in the movie. I became emotional towards the ending. I'm going to rewatch this weekend :)
TheFormal Vlogger
TheFormal Vlogger:
The main character here is the burger 🍔🍔🍔
Everyone: *Romantic scene where Hodaka uses a pistol to reach Hina*
Me: Damn that's a nice PMM
Your name a movie about finding love in destiny
Weathering with you a movie about fighting destiny for love
Here’s my review after watching Weathering with You for the second time:

At first, i had a very bad approach to the movie because i had a feeling that it is exactly like my favorite Your Name. When it was the early part of the movie, i was kinda disappointed that my guess was right that the format was exactly like Your Name. Towards the mid to end part of the movie, i started to like it because the story became very interesting with the Sunshine Girl’s fate and sky fish and a world within the skies. But something just made me hate the movie, it was the movie character Hodaka. Hodaka is a bit selfish and just stubborn to listening to other people. This made me hate Hodaka more by the act of choosing a girl over millions of people. Towards the end, i started to like him a bit also because he’s also aware of his selfish act and gives in. The second time I watched it, i was too lazy to watch it because I already knew the storyline because I already watched Your Name for like 5 times and like i said it had the same format. The main characters get separated and reunited at the end, its all about natural phenomena crap that kept the story going, you know those stuff. I just watched before the second time watching as well how Your Name characters and Weathering with You characters abruptly got related. Its just a 1 more point till it hits the 100% if it werent for the connection and logic and its timeline. A lot say that Taki and Mitsuha reunited after Hina returned back to earth. I found the connection confusing like how was the reunion of Taki and Mitsuha sunny? Shouldnt the area be gloomy? Sorry to say to WWY fans but some of the songs of Your Name were just revised and added to the new movie. One last thing is that the characters in the new movie didnt have much of character development. What i mean is that the characters in the new movie just stayed the same and had no change at all. They remained untouched by the entire story. So for me, the top spot still goes to Your Name. I’m not giving Weathering with You a pass because the whole story was just like Your Name.

also why are hodaka and hina looking like midgets at the age of 15 and 16
Divesh Kandoi
Divesh Kandoi:
Hodaka : It started with a Mc burger and ended with a 10,000 ft skydive without a parachute; two,three steps are omitted in between but nothing really significant

His daughter : what the f-?!!
Bez Oznaught
Bez Oznaught:
I just watched this movie... and it's the best anime movie I've ever seen.... I can't even.. my heart and soul went into this. I'm crying. "This song is so goddamned beautiful"
That feeling when you want to watch an Anime but you don"t want to watch it because if you watch it you"ll want more. (And you don't want that because you've seen and had enough of it.)
vatsal patel
vatsal patel:
0:00-6:23 is when I travel to another dimension. True Masterpiece.
"The first shot was for you who didn't know.

The second shot is for you who know."
Bijon Kumar Biswas
Bijon Kumar Biswas:

you made me addicted of this song
German Ronald B. Zagada
German Ronald B. Zagada:
I feel sad for this guy when he came to Tokyo it's full of misfortune for him but in the end he find his fortune ❤️
this song hits different when it's 1am and u're crying abt ur non-existent bf/gf
Vince Matthew caraan Barba
Vince Matthew caraan Barba:

I use to rule tokyo
nancy renteria
nancy renteria:
Me relaja escucharla y me concentró en dibujar y me escapo de la realidad y los problemas 😊
4:45 "who cares if we can't see any sunshine?I want you more than any blue sky!!!"
Smileless Walker
Smileless Walker:
Made me realise that Life can be better even in difficult situation if we are willing to accept just the way it is. I got hope and courage to move forward. This movie is absolute masterpiece.♥
If i were him, ill do the same thing, You'll do anything if you love that person
This is one of the best movies I've seen tbh.
Anime tm Dubbers
Anime tm Dubbers:
Who like your name character then weathering with u?
Doctor: you have 2 minutes of life.
Me: **plays all kimi no na wa and toki no ko soundtracks**
Doctor: sorry but this is too lo-
God: he's a man of culture, I'll let him live.
Everyone talks about hina and hodaka. But deep within we all know the real hero...

Chirag Singh
Chirag Singh:
Shinkai has a thing for Tokyo like Scorsese has a thing for New York
Kudabesar Kiko
Kudabesar Kiko:
I say to my mom i want marry a girl like mitsuha or hina
Mom:nope u have to marry her
Me:ok mate time to go to gulag and became comrade
Andreww Dale
Andreww Dale:
4:44 I only came for this part
Shaun Crome
Shaun Crome:
This song takes 2 minutes to finally pick up but somehow I still love all of it
Kman ._.
Kman ._.:
Tokyo: underwater
But don't worry i returned the favor for giving me that burger
GrayStone Silver
GrayStone Silver:
No importa cuántas veces la escuche, me sigue gustando como la 1ra vez xD
Elbert Sun
Elbert Sun:
imagine when the main chara fell down instead of jumping, the movie will be so bad 5:05
Free falling in the sky without parachute is my dream date, hope I can experience this with my soulmate!!! 🤣🤣🤭💗💗
Arief Guswa
Arief Guswa:
5:02 After killing yoshikage kira, Josuke becomes a detective.
Pura Perfeição 💜😍
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