Nürburgring Delivery: McLaren 620R!!!!

New delivery on a car that is not registered yet?? No problem!!

McLaren Stuttgart was good enough to deliver the car straight to the Sky Limit Events Track day for me so that I could do a lap with it and enjoy my first time driving it right where it should be.... On the Nürburgring.

Tomorrow we will register the car and get it ready for some more heavy track use. I dont think that we need to field any questions about how we will manage the break in period of this car :)


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Rafael Pozzan
Rafael Pozzan:
"This is not going to be your typical youtuber collection video"

That is exactly why I'm watching this!
Taking Youtube car deliverys to a new level! Car looks amazing, can't wait to see it with a Apex livery ! :D
Martin de Oliveira
Martin de Oliveira:
Now that's a story to tell "Oh I booked a lap in an 86 and it turned out to be a 620R lol. Congrats Robert, many happy and safe (s)miles!
Awesome, congrats Robert! hope to see you all again soon!
Spencer Berke
Spencer Berke:
I'm so thankful you make YouTube videos, this is so cool to see and hear!!
Muhammad Kharismawan
Muhammad Kharismawan:
Robert with his 620R:
Breaking it in? ppf? whats that? is it tasty?
anyway, lemme test all the essentials of the car...
at Nurburgring.
Jaco Pitout
Jaco Pitout:
Shmee: I need to be so careful breaking in my new car...
Robert: Enters the chat.
Congrats whit the new 620R Robert, love your definition of a "slow" round of the Ring
McLaren 620R for sale: PPF from the factory, lightly driven on the street, never tracked, barely broken in.
SK - sandesh kumar
SK - sandesh kumar:
Congratulations, kudos to Robert who drove a brand new car on the racetrack even before it's registered. More the miles on Nurburgring more the smiles for sure.
Acton Treadway
Acton Treadway:
“You have 13 messages from Topaz Detailing and 24 messages from Yannimize.”
Not sure if this is possible but I'd love to see a shot with the wheel off and you talking over some of the suspension and braking components
Martin Kolář
Martin Kolář:
Robert: "Let's not push this too much, its new!"
Also Robert: 300kph under Bilstein bridge.

For those who.... It's a joke.
Julius Conservicus III
Julius Conservicus III:
Robert: "this will not be a champagne and caviar collection"

*Background*: Moët and Chandon box says otherwise.
Brendan Barthi
Brendan Barthi:
And I would Have Paid $100 just to sniff that New McLaren 🤘
Robert: So customer, did you get your 99Euro's worth?
Customer: *stammers and staggers about, babbling incoherently*
Robert: Remember, I was taking it EASY that lap, too, sorry about that.
Customer: *begins shaking*
Robert: The car can easily be twice as fast once we get it dialed in!
Customer: *faints*
Shmee gets a new car : I have to drive very careful for a long time.
Robert gets a new car : Let´s go for a lap !
more amazing content... this and Harry's Garage are the best on youtube haha
Hamza Sherazi
Hamza Sherazi:
*Other people when they collect a brand new car:* "i am sending the car for ppf and will not exceed 3k rpm untill i reach the break-in period"

*Robert when he collects a brand new car:* "Let's do a lap on the ring"

I would go mad if i was expecting a lap with the GT86 and then it's changed to a brand new 620R. I can live with that.

Where does the 620R sit in the Mclaren lineup. It's a road legal track car i gather ?
Ian Ford
Ian Ford:
620R delivered and the first drive isn’t to Rewe...it’s a Nürburgring lap! 😅 What a time to be alive. Congratulations, Robert! 👏 #Roadto50K
Ian Ford
Ian Ford:
I would love to know about the aerodynamics of this model and how it differs from say a 600LT. How the ride height position is for the driver seat (a little tall, just right or a little low). Do you sense more obtrusive cabin NVH or is it pretty balanced? And does the engine favor more lower torque delivery from the turbos or spool later in the RPM band for more rapid acceleration? And will a forthcoming tune at some point be added to dial in your optimal performance characteristics?
Thanks again for sharing this delivery! 😍
John Bravo
John Bravo:
I'd like to know how much louder it is in the cabin than a regular 600LT, that roof scoop sounds like it's causing some serious harmonic vibrations...

Nice car, BTW !
Congratulations, Robert! Enjoy it in the best of health.

Love to know how it compares to 675LT, 600LT, GT2RS and Pista.
Gets a Mclaren delivered and "takes It easy" round the ring, unlike that spaghetti head and his mates who park outside Harrods 🤣
Man that car is effortless and quick. Even when driven "slow" like you did..
Phil Sephton
Phil Sephton:
Can't wait to see how it performs on track over the 600LT, 675LT etc
Tom Stamp
Tom Stamp:
Batman called, he wants his car back...
Today I learned that Robert's version of "taking it easy" is a LOT different than mine, LOL!
10 seconds in and Robert can't help grinning like a Cheshire cat

Robert: Breaking in his new McLaren on the Nordschleife
Congrats! Can you show us the engine bay? ;-)
Macca 720s
Macca 720s:
From your “1” sighting lap how does it feel compared to the 600LT?
L D:
Had the privilege of working on this car, proper pocket rocket. Enjoy Robert.
David White
David White:
Perfect way to take delivery of a McLaren, it has been designed for the racetrack and gets to start its life on the ultimate racetrack! Beautiful car.
Alfred Smith
Alfred Smith:
How many minutes into the track did the check engine light go on? 😂🤣😂
Matthew Lowdon
Matthew Lowdon:
McLaren make some serious machinery. Hope they can sort out their after-sales reputation.
M Bo
M Bo:
How does the exhaust actually sound? It seemed a bit tinny and resonant in this video recording.
I had to laugh when the bug hit the screen over Schwedenkreuz @ 4:24...
The bug went from 0 - 240kph... Splat!! 🤣

Edit: Incredible car, fun lap, lucky customer!! Great stuff, cheers. 👌
Random Surfer
Random Surfer:
When I first saw it on the trailer, I said to myself "It looks like a mini P1", well done on the spec, can't wait for more laps, I am sure there will be plenty very soon..
futte2303 #shquad
futte2303 #shquad:
Be careful, The Dark side is strong in that car.
Or Dark Wader is hiding some where.
Awsome car 👍
Steve West
Steve West:
Congrats man, that looks absolutely epic.

Was watching and wondering if you'd put it through the carousel 1st time out.
Giorgi Khubashvili
Giorgi Khubashvili:
Every time you saying “I am going to take slow lap” you overtaking everyone on the NR :) Congratulations, very cool car.
Matthew Cornish
Matthew Cornish:
Amazing - congratulations :D personally I always get my mirrors and seating position set up in my new cars while flooring it down Tiergarten... where else?!
Keeping the revs down during the break-in period is one of the toughest things when you get a new sports car
Why is every video you upload playing at about 50% the volume of every other channel? Also sweet car.
William Halim
William Halim:
The air scoop.. that is quite an expensive option 🤣

Congrats for the car robert ! The specs look spot on
George Tsiklis
George Tsiklis:
Robert: “it’s not gonna be a blazing lap”

Also Robert: 🔥🔥🔥🔥 lap
Congratulations with your new car Robert! Looking really nice especially the roof scoop and the wing! The perfect ring car I can imagine.
Can't wait to see more videos of you driving this around the ring!
Car Youtuber: Collects car, puts exhaust on car, sells car.
Robert Mitchell: Collects car, tracks car, uses car as wallpaper while he talks about tires.
s this is supposed to be a "slow" lap to break in the car ? it looked to me like it was sped up :D
Justin McKain
Justin McKain:
difference between this and the 600lt driving wise and which one is more worth it and is one clearly a faster track car?
Peter Green
Peter Green:
This is fast becoming one of my fav automotive channels out there. Robert always seems to give his opinions on all things with such dignity and gratitude. Nice fellow with an even nicer car collection. 👍🏻
Jk 91
Jk 91:
This car would look great with the new f1 style wheel Mclaren just made.
What a beautiful way to "collect" your new car! Looking forward for lots of 620R content 😎
@Robert Mitchell: questions downforce in kg front/rear, weight distribution front/rear/left/right, difference in suspension with the 600lt, any other differences with the LT?
Staffan Eek
Staffan Eek:
Pls up the volume a notch when recording (reduced hearing)
Vincent Wang
Vincent Wang:
She's a beauty and very evil looking one! Congratulations Robert! Looking forward for future contents with this track monster!
Awesome move by you, this is what sets you apart from other car content.
But I got a question: Did you get a discount on exclamation marks in video titles? :D
Carbinol Wiel
Carbinol Wiel:
Congratz Robert beatiful car many safe km !
Surely this will be asked more often, but how about the break in? I know you wouldn’t treat it badly, so how does this work with a mclaren
Saine Sanalsa
Saine Sanalsa:
Congrats, looks like a great car. It's actually the first McLaren that I like both the exterior and the sound of
That roof scoop is badass. Pricey but needed for the aesthetics. Looking forward to more videos Robert👍🏻
Thijs Ik
Thijs Ik:
Congrats! Can't wait for a full review
Mitchell Aynsley
Mitchell Aynsley:
I do hope you’ll be mentioning spherical bearings again in the video later. 😝😘
Mark Andella
Mark Andella:
Can we have a GT 86?
We have a GT 86 at home.
GT 86 at home ->
i thought you had to run these in before really throttling them? Or so Schmee would have us beleive
brent powell
brent powell:
Brilliant, been waiting to see you in the 620 R , looking forward to to seeing as much content on this new Mclaren and how much does this car move the game on , over and above the 600LT.
Looked like a very good first lap 👍.
john morrison
john morrison:
Such a cool piece of kit, we need to know everything about the car please 👍👍👍👍
Hayden Gell
Hayden Gell:
"I won't push it hard"
*does a pretty fast lap of the ring*
Simon Belmont
Simon Belmont:
Where do I download these runs for my VR headset? Link please!

Congrats on your new 'delivery', and already paying it forward to a random lucky client and Youtube. That's how successful business is done; thanks for sharing the lap.
Zoran Sudar
Zoran Sudar:
Congrats Robert on new track weapon, it's beautiful car and i want to now everything about the R!!!
From a trailer straight to most demanding track in the word...

Robert is a legend 🙂
Next video: I wanna be on the same AMG level as Shmee. Why I'm buying the new AMG GT Black Series
Julian Münster
Julian Münster:
I would really appreciate a video of your opinion to break-in periods in Supercars/cars in general. :)
Armaan Pereira
Armaan Pereira:
The 620R sounds amazing!🔥
Great video and great car!

but again please do something about the audio level of your videos. Allways loose half my hearing on the next sound after your videos...
Tad Tomita-Boskovic
Tad Tomita-Boskovic:
Proper collection day video. I would love to see a deep dive into the enhancements and changes over the car over which it's based
Gran tatum
Gran tatum:
That thing looks sick. Congrats Robert, i love your channel.
Alexander Paul 2
Alexander Paul 2:
Straight into the Nürburgring, love it. Could you do video explaining the differences maybe to the normal 600lt and so on. Thanks
Peter Cunningham
Peter Cunningham:
WOWWWW. Congrats. Beautiful car. I can't wait to see you push it.
P H:
Sweet! I hope the passenger comments "First" on this video.

Questions about the car...

1) Initial thoughts in comparison to 600LT or 675LT
2) Ideas for graphics? The gold Apex branding would look immense against the (cosmos?) black paint.
Eric Samano
Eric Samano:
So it’s basically a 600LT with a new wing and a different tune lol
Stefan Kerning
Stefan Kerning:
Hallo Robert! This McLaren is aweyome!. The black coulor suits the car very well.
I would like to see the interieur, the engine and the brakes/wheels in detail ....
I love how it is all black! My question is what is the recommended break in like?
I am also wondering when you will come out with a shoe collection.
Ryan Fleckenstein
Ryan Fleckenstein:
Love the McLaren F1 vibes the 620R gives off. Great sound too!
Christ van Weert
Christ van Weert:
Oh man, this thing looks so fine. The wheels, roofscoop and wing all scream F1 GTR. Love it.
Fresh out of the box, got to admire that. Legend.
Deon Du Toit
Deon Du Toit:
Beautiful car! Would love to see this going at full speed through the Ring!
I must have missed McLaren's announcement for this car, i didnt even know they would be making it! It is stunning love the aggressiveness of it. I would just like to know the ins and outs of the car. Im surprised how good it sounds for a turbo car esp a McLaren! What a machine, looking forward to seeing more.
B J:
Enjoy your new car Robert. Looking forward to a 620R tech talk.
Is that really healthy if the car is tracked straight away? I mean everyone is saying that it should be run in smoothly so all the fluids can get in all places properly and smoothly braked in to not bake the brakes 😅 but I mean Robert knows what he’s doing so just curious how he sees it
Chris P
Chris P:
Keen to know differences to 675LT and 600LT as they all seem so similar!
Denis Hamdiev
Denis Hamdiev:
isnt there suposto be a cracking period when you get a new car like driving it about 2000km for the engine
Boaty Mc Boatface
Boaty Mc Boatface:
Just curious but what is the limit of rpm when running a new engine in?
Ruan Schalkwyk
Ruan Schalkwyk:
How many Mclaren models are there at this point 😂
William L
William L:
Have you ever dabbled in motorsports? I apologize if you've already covered this topic. Great driving!
What turbo manufacturer McLaren uses or they make their own 🤔
That suspension seems perfect! That's the smoothest cleanest lap I've seen for a brand new car!!
HA.HA. GoodMeme
HA.HA. GoodMeme:
Now that's how you intro a new fleet car. Very cool. Looks good and cant wait to see it properly tuned on a flat out lap :D
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan:
Cant wait for a POV and a review on this beauty