Novak Djokovic tests positive for coronavirus | SportsCenter

Patrick McEnroe joins SportsCenter to discuss Novak Djokovic becoming the fourth tennis player to test positive for the coronavirus after participating in an exhibition series organized in Serbia and Croatia.

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100+ komento:

I'm old enough to remember when Tom Hanks got infected.
Nole, care. A ameri neka ga puše.. Legendo mi smo uz tebe.. Pozdrav iz Slovenije..
Beach Waves
Beach Waves:
"Unfortunately this virus is still present." Aaammm, when was he informed this virus disappeared!? Seriously? Smdh 😑.
Rafa silently fist pumps a "vamos" from the safety of his home lol
K A:
Covid does not care who you are.
Hoping him and his wife have a speedy recovery 🙏🏽
The Chairman
The Chairman:
Djokovic, "Everything we did in the past month, we did with a pure heart and sincere intentions," but without any brains at all.
What a djok.
Stephen Gill
Stephen Gill:
Can we hear it from his own mouth without yous all claiming it
2028 END
2028 END:
So they got no symptoms, but the "powers to be" say they have it? Who do you trust?
H T:
His fans better hope that the virus won't cause any long term damage to his lungs. Otherwise, he can say good bye to being #1. Tbh I'm a Nadal's fan but I truly hope he's fully recover.
Dyn Jarren
Dyn Jarren:
He should be okay. He will go into quarantine for two weeks and then the story will fade out.
Darius Malone
Darius Malone:
His event had no social distancing measures. Negligent Novak tests positive and other players too endangering them. Even Andy Murray called him out on it, hopefully everyone is okay..
B S:
Hope Nole recovers soon!!! Bunch of baseball players just got covid too, guess MLB will receive as many negative messages as Djokovic has endured recently.
A serious interlocutor
A serious interlocutor:
Good job Novak, you genius!
..And I thought RT channel has messed up commenters...
Cali Klepto
Cali Klepto:
there a 3 million cases. why does this ONE mans life suddenly matter more then everyone else
People to Novak for getting Coronavirus while playing tennis:

People gathering at the beach and partying in the middle of the pandemic:
Hold our beers. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal:
They always try to make it seem like they're gonna immediately die from Coronavirus
Pradeep CDI
Pradeep CDI:
Have a speedy recovery Champ! You are the best !
2:10 he was trying to do something positive... well he did.
Ruuko G Chase
Ruuko G Chase:
00:49 he almost said "Spookedcenter" 😂
Tosh T
Tosh T:
I'm a Djokovic fan but he showed his hand earlier this month when he complained about the "extreme" restrictions of the US Open...not being able to go into Manhattan; having to stay in hotels at the airport... 😂 Dude never took COVID-19 seriously.
Ninef Sargis
Ninef Sargis:
divide and conquer. fed pumping money causing inflation. 50 million unemployed. 100 million missed payments for loans including student. america officially in a recession. fed buying corporate debt. small businesses crushed. the rich got richer. market being pumped a big bubble.
Ebenezer Indi
Ebenezer Indi:
It's really unfortunate but he brought this upon himself tbh...
Lmao ESPN just took down the Bubba Wallace video!
Kim Perkins
Kim Perkins:
He and his wife are “no vaccines “ This is so disappointing. He also flew to Spain and was able to play on a court there not long ago.
Ciro Andrea Scarpato
Ciro Andrea Scarpato:
Come on Nole. Good healing🙏
Oh well, you know how it is, you win some you lose some months stuck in a bed.
Long live the friendship between China and Serbia :D
No-Vacc has lost his mind.
Djokovic was partying, playing Basketball, high fiving, shaking hands, posing for photos etc without any social distancing.
Joseph D T
Joseph D T:
I am pretty sure - weak era champ agents did that - only way to stop GOAT Djokovic
60,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos?
60,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos?:
He clearly touched a cardboard package. He could've avoided this by following my simple advice.
Tennis Calvin & Jou
Tennis Calvin & Jou:
why is this such a big deal at all? Now we was in Düsseldorf city and its biger party in every streat and bars then in Zadar on Tennis court.
Absolutely nothing will happen to him or other tennis players. chill
We love you Djokovic and it was very good aidia to make adria tour. Another people can clousd them in car, keller, toillets or house if they belive that its so dangerous.
Please fight for human rights WE LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!
sir jorge
sir jorge:
Roger and Rafa - you are the tennis greats! Novak.....hmmmm will win additional slams, but with asterisks!
If that little tournament got so many people infected imagine what will happen after the huge "racism" protests in America and western Europe.
Gluon PA
Gluon PA:
Very positive outcome indeed.
Linda Dustin
Linda Dustin:
How about that NASCAR noose ESPN, great work as usual.
srinivasa chakravarthi
srinivasa chakravarthi:
Was Djokovic partying? I saw in some other video
Frank V.
Frank V.:
What a tool! This was an ego driven event and it blew up in his face. He deserves all the incoming blow back and lost endorsement deals. Who wants the super spreader to front their product?
I couldn't care less.
Guess who's back,back again,covid's back, warn a friend!
Paolo Pinkel
Paolo Pinkel:
Well done Djokovic, real idol
Steve Lambert
Steve Lambert:
Hope he has a speedy recovery
only you
only you:
Speedy recovery mate...all the best
همسات سلفية SalafiTalk
همسات سلفية SalafiTalk:
Video isss cool. Keeep UP with cool work xD .
Calvin Hill
Calvin Hill:
Should have never had it, very selfish.,
GG Ductor
GG Ductor:
Oh no ,stop the presses and they want to bring back NFL , MLB, NBA , soccer , hardly. Stay home!
Oldies fyre
Oldies fyre:
So sorry to hear... Hope you and the others recover quickly......
Vesna Blazanovic
Vesna Blazanovic:
Novak je pobednik !!
Misko Radonjic
Misko Radonjic:
Stvarno mu treba dati titulu "idiot 2020", kao Vučić je, hteo bi svuda da ga ima
✌🏽 nba
orange moon glows
orange moon glows:
the painting behind patric mcenroe is crooked, and i'm really annoyed.
Aleksandar Ivancevic
Aleksandar Ivancevic:
Many brave battle leaders arise afterwards and, seem smart.
Stefan Lazovic
Stefan Lazovic:
So what if he has a virus? He will be ok, as well as the rest of the players. Just how fast people forgets how much he has done during corona times and how much he has helped many countries during corona. People has its own brain, they can use it, so everyone can decide is it good to attend or not. He tried to help young players.
Tom O'Connor
Tom O'Connor:
Dawn of the Dead..we all have it...
I love him...he is a very funny guy and great player...but this time he has been very very stupid
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez:
jrem somsi
jrem somsi:
Tu cherches tu trouves 😉
only one Mr X Only one Mr y
only one Mr X Only one Mr y:
Really ? Please explain
Thiliya තිළියා
Thiliya තිළියා:
Get well soon nole ❤️❤️❤️😞😞😞
He sounds like a comrade from call oft duty 4 modern warfare
Milo Perovic
Milo Perovic:
"Who's fighting is able to win, who's not has losen anyway".
Biba X5
Biba X5:
Novak Djokovic 💪💪💪 pusti lude price eto i kako bi rekli Srpska majka ima coronu pa joj nije nista. Samo 14 dana i dobro si. A amerika nek prica sta zeli ...
B D:
666th comment
but when was this exhibition?
BeanTaz 20
BeanTaz 20:
*coffin dance intensifies*
i'd love to know what him and his wife's symptoms are .....
humble Slave Humble slave
humble Slave Humble slave:
When I first saw the tournament on tv With mass crowd I thought I was in some Different COVID -19 vaccine Remedy planet 🪐
Bad idea
King of tennis. It's sad how they set up all this similar to Gobert. Everybody who doesn't believe in this bs got this hoax virus and have no fckn symptoms, the panic is spread and the media is thirsty now to bash on him.
scarolinis picks
scarolinis picks:
Omg they were singing & dancing...say it isn’t so. 😜
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!:
Flawed tests!!
Ryan Chang - Financially Fashionable
Ryan Chang - Financially Fashionable:
His sponsors are probably like bruh are you serious
Oh man..
I wouldn't be suprised if his career is over. COVID-19 is can affect the lung long term, and for a pro-athlete even the slightest damage can be detrimental.
svetlana ciric
svetlana ciric:
do not blame the Novaka but those who approved the tournament
Tim John
Tim John:
*The word ‘positive’ is becoming a more negative word nowadays*
SLime myHouse
SLime myHouse:
not sure what positive means... does positive means infected with covid?
Looks like he's feeling ok.
dggd 2008
dggd 2008:
Main Stream Media garbage. Tge PGA tour, Nick Watney,positiv for corona virus.100 players,caddies,volunteers,no mask no soci. distancing.
BLM, no mask no social distancing in USA,Europe,Australia..Novak,Adria tour charity for corona victims.If you as main stream media were faster then your officals maybe you
media maybe you could donate some money for corona victims,insted of spreding hate. Corona has become our reality.
So what?
Juan Rolando De La Rosa
Juan Rolando De La Rosa:
Where are the Bubba news Espn? It doesn’t matter when it doesn’t fit the narrative
Is he going to die ?
joseph boyat
joseph boyat:
Tests positive meaning...he doesn't have an illness from a disease that doesn't exist made up of a natural solvent in human cells that can't be transmitted.
Tino T
Tino T:
Same guy who does not believe in vaccine. What do you expect?

Sugarcoat this with philanthropy objective. This guy is amazing. His fault if this spread will kill some old guy in a nursing home down the line.
scarolinis picks
scarolinis picks:
He then tested NEGATIVE people. Remember 80 percent of people tested are FALSE positives!
Rose Rose
Rose Rose:
Leave him alone.Why are you mean with him ?
SauceV ichealM
SauceV ichealM:
Why would a Novak even get a test
m p
m p:
What a wonderful life!! LOL couldn't be better!! Winning Every Thing!!
Expect plenty of other players to follow suit. Hold on, according to the FBI investigation, the noose was already there back in October 2019? Is this just some ploy to help BLM and NASCAR get more media coverage? 😕
WSU’s something positive. Don’t put a spin on it. He totally screwed up. Putting people’s lives in jeopardy.
Jalapeño Salsa
Jalapeño Salsa:
No longer following djokivic smh
Joerg Buchert
Joerg Buchert:
Dem haben die doch ins Hirn geschissen
Vesna Blazanovic
Vesna Blazanovic:
Djokovici ,sve naj bolje za vas !!
A dusmani nek se lecite ,jer zloba ,pakost ,i mrznja je psihicko oboljenje !
Arion Kelmendi
Arion Kelmendi:
Silly and self inflected. Let's just hope they haven't infected anyone else, because if they have, just saying sorry feels hollow
Kek W
Ian Dog
Ian Dog:
Tom O'Connor
Tom O'Connor:
Did it turn pink or blue...