Novak Djokovic "I had some Neck & Shoulder Issues" - Roland Garros 2020 (HD)

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Novak Djokovic Press Conference After Match vs Carreno Busta - Roland Garros 2020 (HD)
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Ajay Upadhyay
Ajay Upadhyay:
I m federer fan but ..I really want to say he is true fighter....strong mentality...and than he lost he accept his lost ..
But yeah next round very tough against tsitsipas...
All the best ..
From die heart federer fan👍
rohit saxena
rohit saxena:
As soon as i saw that tape on his neck, i was like "not again man"
He was struggling in the 1st set but this is the difference between great players and others.Even if nothing is working they still find a way to make it work...
kunal sethi
kunal sethi:
Who all were scared for Novak yesterday?...... I was genuine scared that Novak gonna loose, but he came back roaring like a lion
Red Lavish
Red Lavish:
I ain’t even his greatest fan but he’s the greatest ever. No doubt.
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri:
Now everyone can see what happens in U.S. fake open.... NOVAK DJOKOVIC 100% accuracy season 2020... undisputed champion
Abner Strauss
Abner Strauss:
Most impressed by his comment about Diego. He always shows his depth of character when he talks of the other players!!! Besides being numero uno he's also a guy with depth and character!!!
Lalitha Ravindran
Lalitha Ravindran:
Nobody can say nice things of others players like Novak can! A true statesman.
At one point, I couldn't see King Novak winning this match as he seemed in so much pain and distress. To come back as he did showed truly amazing character...what a Champion he is. Pablo also deserves a lot of credit for having a great tournament, and for playing so well against Nole tonight.
Marija Jovanovic
Marija Jovanovic:
Хвала Богу да постојиш. И вечерас си ми улепшао живот.
V. I.
V. I.:
I applaud your way to come back! Great testament to your mental and physical strength. Kudos!
M. A
M. A:
Go Nole The 18th GS waiting You
He looks younger than before.
He looks like 25 years old.
Don Kihot
Don Kihot:
Tesko te nocas bilo gledat.. SRETNO!!
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
if he win the next match...the nr.1 for 2020 is 100% guaranteed....historical week.....COME ON can do it
Ana Herrera
Ana Herrera:
Vamos Nole por otro Roland Garros
ana paris
ana paris:
Dragi Nole vidi se da nisi bio dobro ,no nadamo se da ćeš se oporaviti i spremno ući u meč sa Tsitsipasom a onda u Finale ,jer možeš sada sigurno osvojiti RG. I tako i 18. GS ,jer si bolji i od Schwarcmana i Nadala !
Daj Bože samo da se oporaviš i zaigraš kao u finalu Rima ♥️
Sretnoooooo dragi Nole uz tebe smo svim srcem ♥️
MSmiljanic 1918
MSmiljanic 1918:
This is the trait of real champion. Even when things ain't clicking, when everything is off, he finds the way to win. Two more. Let's go, Nole.
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
i have since earlier this morning also the same heat patch on my neck like novak because of my neck problem... i swear nole and me are the same person...I AM WITH YOU NOVAK
Devang Chhabra
Devang Chhabra:
Idemooooo KING NOLEEEE ❤️😍🏆👑 We got this!!!
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
again and again Novaks biggest opponent on the court is the bad weather condition...
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
I hope the roof get closed in the semi-final
Magdalena Stojanovic
Magdalena Stojanovic:
Do pobede u finalu,do novog pehara,srecno
Asim Mohanty
Asim Mohanty:
"i don't wanna reveal too much" is just like how he veils the drop shot. Best of luck Champ!! Hope the pain subsides asap.
Don Kihot
Don Kihot:
Tesko te nocas bilo gledat.. SRETNO!!
Great win over a quality player.
One step at a time. Enjoy the win, rest up, & prepare for the semis!! 💖
vanja skrba
vanja skrba:
Saljemo ti pozitivnu energiju i puno ljubavi. Srecno!
Ljillja Todorović
Ljillja Todorović:
Idemo Nole snažno 👌💪👍💗
Ivan Goran
Ivan Goran:
Svaka cast! Samo napred!
Violeta Zdravkovic
Violeta Zdravkovic:
Blistavi um! Idemo! ❤❤❤❤
Mirjana B
Mirjana B:
John Stromboly
John Stromboly:
Nole knows everything about every player , he always do his homework, study his next opponent etc.
professional to the core
against Tsitsi it will be easier for him than today
his qf matches were always the hardest chalenges, once he reach semies hes already in final, once hes in final you are done...
Paolo Antunes
Paolo Antunes:
Tough match but job done ✅
Best of luck for the rest of the tournament!
June Foote
June Foote:
Well done on winning the match Novak, I hope you will win this Grand Slam. Love your good nature towards other players, not one bit big headed or boastful. I wish you good health for the next semi final match. God Bless.
ashu thapa
ashu thapa:
Congratulations and good luck for SF
Yay!! 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
ljubica kandic
ljubica kandic:
bravo srecno
Oooo Novak 😔 we are worry about you 😔😔🙏🙏... love you so much ❤️💛💛🙌🙌🙌
Santy Ferreyra
Santy Ferreyra:
Mi heroe nole!!!
Rohit Jain
Rohit Jain:
I thought Pablo was a decent man, but he's another crybaby, sore loser and a terrible human. He said that "Novak was faking injury, and always does that in past". He probably thinks very high of himself if he thinks Novak would fake an injury to beat Pablo of all people in QFs. He has no shame or decency to respect his colleagues as a professional. Maybe, his fellow Spaniard also fakes his knee injury, no? Or else he's the only one capable of 'miracle' recoveries? Very disappointed in him.
Kuldeep Adhikari
Kuldeep Adhikari:
It all depends on how healthy djokovic is going to be, I want to see a full healthy in form djokovic vs full healthy in form Nadal final.
Ćofi Specijalac
Ćofi Specijalac:
Napred Nole, srećno protiv Cicija
Scott Dao
Scott Dao:
Hope the roof closes for the rest of the tournament due to wet weather, go Novak, the gods are with you
Jossy Tseye
Jossy Tseye:
😟. Couldn’t watch today’s match as I was super nervous for you Novak. It was way too painful watching you struggle and not enjoy ourself in the court. Please get proper treatment for your neck and shoulder. Please do not break our heart. We need you to be 100% to win the championship. All you need do is navigate your way to that final. Rafa is no match for you this year! C mon champ you can do this💪💪💪🙌🙌👏👏👏✊🏽👊🏽👐🏾👐🏾
Rajna Marsenic
Rajna Marsenic:
Dragi Nole sretno ti bila tvoja pobeda noćas zdravo bio i zdravo bio i finale nam osvoio
Katerina Patiniotis
Katerina Patiniotis:
Seems to me like muscular pains due to moisture. Cold conditions and excessive moisture affects muscular function especially when engaging in high intensity sporting activity. He needs to warm up well..good massages. He has a great team of physiotherapists and doctors that will help him. I wish him all the best and best of luck for the tournament and the 🏆!!!
Cn'K Crnoknezevic
Cn'K Crnoknezevic:
It's John Wick, with a tennis racket...
Zoran Armanda
Zoran Armanda:
Unique Novak Djokovic ! Mondial no.1 ! La fierté nationale ! SERBIA !!!
Natalija G
Natalija G:
Doneces nam pehar kao da vidim,Ti si nase zlato ,sta god bude svi smo uz Tebe koji te voliimo.Zauvek najbolji ponos nase🇷🇸💕💕💕💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🌞🌞🌞
Svetlana R
Svetlana R:
Савршено, пуно среће Ноле! Бог те чувао! 💖
Vansh Gupta
Vansh Gupta:
Excellent recovery in the match by champ champ ! Just continues to mesmerize and stun with his abilites on court with both, his quality of play and his ability to overcome adversity So much to learn from both his life on court as well as off it ! With you all the way Novak, right till the end !!! Idemooooo
Lawdog Wales
Lawdog Wales:
Novak will overcome the weather, and the stiffness, and the final two opponents! Another Roland Garros trophy!!
with today injury condition, he still can beat busta, noprblem for him to beat busta in last month US open hard court if not they play dirty trick, his H2H with busta is clearly all WIN. Hope he recover from his neck ^ shoulder problem fast to win Tsitsipas in friday. Relax & play with confidence, he will win RG again this week.
Nina Petrovic
Nina Petrovic:
Keep your strength 🙏
Laura Mohammadi
Laura Mohammadi:
Good luck Nole I hope you get better , God bless you and win the trophy .
Stefano Reggatta
Stefano Reggatta:
Apart from my son, he’s the only guy I love 😂. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Forza Nole !!
Sonal Abeysinghe
Sonal Abeysinghe:
You are always my favourite ..
Because you enjoy tennis so much ..
That gives me encourage in my school tennis career. [No matter what you're my best ].
TSU liuxiang
TSU liuxiang:
We all know that. You just wanna confirm you can win even if you lose the first set.
Bravooo Nole pour ce magnifique match!!!
Le 1er set qui fait rêver l’adversaire....
Najbolji , i najinteligentniji nas Nole ...
Sve sto zamisli i ostvari !!!
A znamo njegov cilj ...
Nole ostaje prvi i ulazi u Istoriju tenisa ...
Sve pobede su njegove , jednostavno zato sto je ‘Genije’
Idemoooo 💪🏆
maruci karuci
maruci karuci:
Samo napred Nole, hrabro i precizno
nadam se da ćeš se brzo regeneriraš
I mnogo sreće u naredni meć
Pozdrav Care idemooo 💪
Kin XXX:
Hâve a good rest and massage, be ready for your next rounds. God bless you.
433 Sports
433 Sports:
IDEMO ÍDOLO!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Zorka Kitic
Zorka Kitic:
Vjerni navijac tvoj Nole ,bravo idemo u finale 💪👏❤🍀🏆
Vera Mutabdzija
Vera Mutabdzija:
Novak, dostojanstven i zasluzuje da se kaze da je legenda , najbolji teniser, bez trunke mrznje prema bilo kome. Tako se ponasaju oni koji su lijepo odgojeni. Bravo za Djokovice. 👏👏👏👏
Rohit Jain
Rohit Jain:
Nice words as always.
It's all those french strippers hanging off of him. Do it to you Everytime
Tina Grosowsky
Tina Grosowsky:
Best healing for you!!
Arturo Cerna
Arturo Cerna:
Ni su famila le cree, por el contrario apoyan la mentira en su juego, eso le enseñaron desde niño.
Futhi Johnson
Futhi Johnson:
Nole, you give me joy !!!
One and only King Novak No1e Djokovic 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️
Mihajlovic 128
Mihajlovic 128:
I D E M O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O !!!
Людмила Булавина
Людмила Булавина:
Очень рада за тебя новак, удачи и здоровья тебе от всей души
Đorđe Tucić
Đorđe Tucić:
Dobar je Grk ali je je on još uvek Ciciban za tebe 😂
Daniil Medvedev
Daniil Medvedev:
The real GOAT! :')
William Jenkins
William Jenkins:
Sadly Novak looked very unwell last night. To his credit he played. But a player must think of their personal health before the game before the sponsors and the tournament directors. Forcing a player onto court to play a match is wrong !
Futhi Johnson
Futhi Johnson:
In my mind, Nole you beat PCB, you stand a chance to lift it know what..
Brian Walls
Brian Walls:
Nadal vs Djokovic woah! This is gonna be some Final match probably go 5 sets!
Espero que estes mejor para el próximo partido. Vamos Nole!!
Mirian Marcon Vizibelli
Mirian Marcon Vizibelli:
The Best 😍🥰❤️
Wes Fox
Wes Fox:
Yes they call it " getting old" 🤣
Tanja Petrovic
Tanja Petrovic:
NOT TO BAD, dear No1e!!
Idemo, bre po 18-ti!!!!🏆
Caroly Walker
Caroly Walker:
Way to fight Novak, two more to wins to go!
Petar Petros
Petar Petros:
2&18 loading...
mira miroslava
mira miroslava:
Бравоооо!!Само напред,ти знаш како!!👏💪👑👌❤️
Dani. D.
Dani. D.:
Good luck, Novak!
Class ❤️🇦🇺
Tako je!!! Samo napred, Nole!!!! 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
luis esco
luis esco:
Carreno Busta had formally complained about the recurring Djokovic trickery injury tactics that he uses everytime when things don't look well for him.
Ernesto Jr. Acosta
Ernesto Jr. Acosta:
A good vindication. Hope you will feel much better on Friday. Nole 🏆🏆!
La Vitta E Bella
La Vitta E Bella:
Gaby V
Gaby V:
Te amooo Nole mi amor 💖
Игорь Муравьев
Игорь Муравьев:
Вперёд, Ноле!!! Все русские за тебя!
Vanessa Wilder
Vanessa Wilder:
I’m very thankful he came through whatever medical episodes that we’re going on. Frankly I thought pls don’t let him be experiencing a Post-COVID blood clot. But he couldn’t possibly be experiencing anything like that with all of those heart pumping plays. Stay safe for you and your precious family Sir.
Makarand Bhalerao
Makarand Bhalerao:
Hope it's all fine now
Ajinkya Karpe
Ajinkya Karpe:
Beat Tsitsipas like u did in Dubai champ! Idemoo
Novakova Škola tenisa . iiiidddeeemmmooo !!!
Jo Palmer
Jo Palmer:
18th,grand slam for the taking good luck novak
Angela Tanurdzic
Angela Tanurdzic:
Idemo dalje sve najbolje!
Dimitrije Dimche
Dimitrije Dimche:
Ставиш у ракију (ал' у "првенац" 0.7 л, или алкохол од 70%), 10г ментола, 10г камфора, 10 аспирина и чекаш дан док се све не истопи, па масираш где те боли...после "утрљавања" ставиш неки вунени шал преко места где си масирао...право хлади, па после греје...хеххе, "домаћа радиност"...хеххе :)
Joana De Deus Mendes
Joana De Deus Mendes:
Lindo antes estava procurando um homem pra eu casar agora não quero casar não