North Korea’s Kim Jong-un apologises after South Korean defector reportedly shot dead and cremated

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reportedly apologised on September 25, 2020 after a South Korean official was shot dead and cremated by North Korean officials. He was discovered on September 24, 2020 near the inter-Korean sea border after he went missing on Monday. The 47-year-old man was allegedly attempting to defect to North Korea before he was interrogated and killed. Seoul has strongly condemned what they said was an “outrageous act”.

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John Doe
John Doe:
There is something about this story that just seems odd. There are definitely more facts that are being hidden.
Anonymous Joe
Anonymous Joe:
Kim Jong Un: Apologizes

*2020: Well maybe I don't want to be the bad guy anymore*
Perfect Students
Perfect Students:
North Korea: We thought he was only an innocent civilian. Therefore, we shot and killed him.
He’s still executed thousands, this doesn’t make him any less evil
Miso Mar
Miso Mar:
"Whoopsie, we killed and cremated one of your soldiers. My bad"
Jile Escal
Jile Escal:
i never thought that kim jong un would apologize
the guys was probably tortured to death,that's why they cremated him
Nilesh Darunde
Nilesh Darunde:
Kim apologize, either 2020 started recovering or he's Kim's duplicate.
Michael JH
Michael JH:
NK propaganda: “Come defect to us”

Also NK: *kills people trying to join them*
He is Kim Jong-un Ver2.0. He is not original model.
Next up: North Korea apologizes for destroying all of east Asia.
Kumiko くみこ クミコ
Kumiko くみこ クミコ:
*The was surprised that North Korea supreme, leader Kim jong un, apologized to the South Korean military, it had never seen it before.*
*Kim : Apologizes*

*Everyone: wait, that's illegal*
Yoshi999 Z
Yoshi999 Z:
I love how the comments are talking about the apology more than the actual crime. As kratos said: don’t be sorry, be better.
Julien Katsuhito
Julien Katsuhito:
Wait. That is not how "Crash landing on you" showed me how this should play out.
Master Jet
Master Jet:
Kim Jong Un did complete his Quarantine looks like he getting fat.
He evolved. He is no longer Kim Jong Un... he is Kim Jong *Dos.*
Defect “to North Korea”? Why on earth would he be wanting into the country of North Korea?
Walter Acevedo
Walter Acevedo:
SK Soldier: recently divorced and lost everything
SK Soldier: defects to NK
SK Soldier: shot, killed and cremated
Me: "... bruh."
Chandra Piyush Bajpai
Chandra Piyush Bajpai:
Wait Wait Wait!! A man was trying to defect from South to North

Yes Now I agree, The world is crazy.
Surprised that Kim Jong Un would apologize. But still this can get really bad.
Chunky Monkey
Chunky Monkey:
Kim Jong Un was like:

*Oh no! Anyways*
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter:
Nothing better while TRYING to pay attention to a video, than hearing a pounding soundtrack!
pass aku
pass aku:
It is a Fake Kim Jong Un.

Apologize? It's not your style dude..🤣
Uncle Jeff
Uncle Jeff:
He's getting fatter and fatter everyday
While his peopIe are starving...
**Gets Interrogated and Killed**
N.Korea: That was unexpected and unffortunate
Esa Shaik
Esa Shaik:
In South Korea we drown in debt in North Korea we starve to death.
Shloomy Shloms
Shloomy Shloms:
Who tf defects to North Korea? Somethings not adding up. Literally no South Korean would willingly defect to North Korea
Kevin Arc
Kevin Arc:
The name Kim Jong Un and “apologized” is not something I ever expect to read..

He is quite a gentleman i see
Thomas Gabriel N. Laconico'z.
Thomas Gabriel N. Laconico'z.:
Media: *predicts that Kim Jong Un might have died*
**shows picture of him in congress**
*Mission failed, we're gonna get them next time*
eurikaa Emrald
eurikaa Emrald:
hold the phone
Why is he defecting to North Korea
Esa Shaik
Esa Shaik:
Is no one going to talk about why Kim Jong UN's hair looks like Wolverines from X men?
Mr. Apriza Yutama
Mr. Apriza Yutama:
First time North Korean leader apologized since the Poplar Tree Incident in the 1970s.
Jann Merick
Jann Merick:
When you had dream falling into a wormhole then you woke up and decided to watch the news. But you first saw north korea apologizing.

*What is this place*
It’s Ourtube now
It’s Ourtube now:
Why would a south Korean want to defect to the north?!?
nicole. 14k
nicole. 14k:
I feel like this isn’t an “accident” it’s North Korea of course so it wouldn’t be an “accident”
Farnuxia Waltz
Farnuxia Waltz:
I thought he still vegetables
Bakpe gitu
Bakpe gitu:
Politic: *mock people*
Im apologise
People: ok
People: mock politic
Politic: put them in jail!!

*Do you see*
meanwhile he's still executing and starving his own people.
Sebastian Studios
Sebastian Studios:
Kim Jong Un: *kills an innocent defector viciously*
Also Kim Jong Un: hehe sorry bro, it’s just a troll
Ray Mak
Ray Mak:
Mohamad Zacky Aimar
Mohamad Zacky Aimar:
South Korean be like :
*"Understandable, have a great day"*
morgan • solana
morgan • solana:
North Korea: That man sus

*South Korean man was not the imposter*
Des Chan
Des Chan:
Fat Boy doing the right thing ....apologised
My dad also disappeared when he went to go buy milk.
maybe he is not killed, maybe he s hiding somewhere. this may be a blanket.
Luaxon - Learning Korean as an Introvert
Luaxon - Learning Korean as an Introvert:
I think Kim Jong-un is maybe testing how far he can push his boundaries...
Maybe the South Korean defector knew some crucial info
Samyojan Bhandari
Samyojan Bhandari:
Me : 2020 can't give me more shots and shocks..

Dictator N.korea : **Apologising**
Wu Jian Lung
Wu Jian Lung:
South Korea should accept the sincere apology and continue reunification efforts.
Puthi Enor
Puthi Enor:
I dunno he seemed kinda sus
Holy Haggis
Holy Haggis:
“Oops, my mistake bro, haha.”
- Kim Jong-un
82 hishikesh paik
82 hishikesh paik:
It is sad how everyone is talking about kim's fatness or his apology but very few talking about he shot him as a prevention from corona virus.
TerriB Marry Me on a Monday
TerriB Marry Me on a Monday:
Those poor soldiers, they’re so skinny, I bet they are starving. So sad.
// Chen
// Chen:
it's just me ...or Kim Jong Un just get fatter ._.
Kim: apologises

Also kim: shoots the person who shot the man
He needs to apologise for way more than just that
James Shoegazer
James Shoegazer:
Defect to North Korea... whoever in the right mind would do that lol
marwan haddad
marwan haddad:
i feel bad for the soldier who shot the south korean man, HE IS DEAD
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar:
There is a disturbance in the force I can feel it
Donald Harmon
Donald Harmon:
Something makes me think he's still alive...
Uncle Jeff
Uncle Jeff:
Why in the bIue HeII would someone want
to defect from SK to North Korea???
Tunc Ozbora
Tunc Ozbora:
Kim is eating the country that's why he become so fat and furious .
project red x lappland
project red x lappland:
This is the first time hearing he"apologize"
SvenLives XDS
SvenLives XDS:
how is cremation accedental.........
Thank you for apologizing, now revive the soldier.
The Fun Den
The Fun Den:
I read the title as Kim Jong Un- apologies
Zamasu HMW
Zamasu HMW:
Yeah kim is probably eating his body.
J. Kim
J. Kim:
“Attempting to defect to North Korea” hahahahaha
Kim Jong Un: I'm sorry you saw me doing my daily routine of murdering innocent people!
Noah De Carmo
Noah De Carmo:
Here I thought 2020 couldn’t surprise me any further. KIM JONG UN HAS EMPATHY?!?!
Dat KoreanDood
Dat KoreanDood:
A supreme leader does not apologize. When he apologizes, when he admits a mistake or wrong-doing, that is when he starts losing power.
Comrade Stalin
Comrade Stalin:
Plot twist: the person was roasted so that Kim Jong Un could eat him
What. He apologised? A supreme leader, never have thought he will apologise
Saisravan Satturu
Saisravan Satturu:
Complete opposite to what I had seen in "crash landing on you series"
Emily F
Emily F:
1:25 it was said that it was a precaution to help stop the spread of coronavirus
Me: they’re not even wearing MASKS
Lost Crusader
Lost Crusader:
2020 has truly gone mad when North Korea dictator said he’s sorry
Ryan X
Ryan X:
1:45 A north korean soldier takes a pic for the gram
Maybe the south Korean said he will steal all of Kim's hamburgers
Mayur Suryawanshi
Mayur Suryawanshi:
"Defecting to NK"

Kim Kong un: *cremates body*

Also him: *oops.*
Engkong Haryanto
Engkong Haryanto:
1:40 PSY now a security guard?
Chan Chow
Chan Chow:
"It was a precaution against the spread of coronavirus" Oh so that's how the virus is stopped?
Dang! Homeboy was trying to defect and he still got deleted.
random viewer
random viewer:
I searched for this . Literally .
[989] KOREA-KK [989]

i've made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgement
Sitting back and watching It all happen
Sitting back and watching It all happen:
Since when was Kim out of his “coma”
Burton Sumner
Burton Sumner:
I saw “South Korean defector” and I had to do a double take to make sure I read that correctly... Crazy stuff
Chris Tee
Chris Tee:
Kim jong-un probably apologize because of his love for red velvet Irene lol😂
Jonathan Panjaitan
Jonathan Panjaitan:
*Video starts*

"I have made a severe and continuous lapse in judgement"
UniversalChat Chat
UniversalChat Chat:
I love the music in the background like a war is about to start or something lol
Axelotle❕• 14 years ago (edited)
Axelotle❕• 14 years ago (edited):
No wonder: *Department of north korea* make up *Donk*
Shine Min
Shine Min:
As a south korean, I've never heard about this.( probably because i dont watch the news)
Talha Zaheer
Talha Zaheer:
I never thought Kim Jong un was scared of a virus! 😂
the music in this video is quite similar to the one used in Contagion.
ShiJie 12311
ShiJie 12311:
at least they apologised
Ajisen Ramen
Ajisen Ramen:
0:14 sad to see US Army standing between ...
North and South have been trying so hard to improve relations
Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken:
Capitalist nations like South Korea seem to forget the DPRK is in fact a sovereign entity with legitimate borders.
Major Bacon
Major Bacon:
Imagine if that were any other country he fired on.