North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s Health Is Subject Of Growing Confusion | TODAY

New uncertainty surrounds the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who hasn’t been seen in public in nearly two weeks. NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reports for TODAY from London.
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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s Health Is Subject Of Growing Confusion | TODAY

100+ komento:

He's at home waiting on his stimulus check....
Paco Ramirez
Paco Ramirez:
If he dies they'll have to put him in a Kim Jong Urn.
Chris German
Chris German:
His people die from starvation. And he dies from over eating. I guess he took the saying eat your heart out literally.
Mellow Mike
Mellow Mike:
RIP to every doctor that participated in that heart surgery.
imagine being assassinated by a person wearing an LOL shirt
Who wants to bet that his sister would be 5 times as bad as Kim Jong-Un?
Imagine getting killed by a woman wearing an “LOL” shirt... brutal
Umbuko DaJuko
Umbuko DaJuko:
He’s either dead, his sister killed him, or he’s just in a bunker trying not to catch the virus
I mean he can't poop and pee AND he can talk to dolphins, did we really expect him to be okay..?
Yamom Dotcom
Yamom Dotcom:
I think he’s already dead and they are hiding it, couldn’t he just simply make a statement??
Kim Jung Un is sick. Guess that makes him Kim Jong III

I'll see myself out.
The ol' hire a woman to smear a chemical weapon on your half-brother trick... Works every time lolol
American Paisa
American Paisa:
We have deployed the USS Dennis Rodman to aide in the relief effort.
I bet he is dead already... they are just dancing around that fact until they get a replacement...
Ex Member
Ex Member:
He needs to do more Gangnam style and less McDonald’s style
Stephen H. Smith
Stephen H. Smith:
Good work james franco and seth rogen, we finally got him
Jimmy Pedoille
Jimmy Pedoille:
I'm gonna miss this guy after he di...I mean reincarnate in a Kim Jong Dos.
Vasu Dev
Vasu Dev:
This is what happens when you never poop...
Tommie Berggren
Tommie Berggren:
Its time to send in the clone.
- I shall call him..."minime" !
He's fine. He's a demigod. Incapacitated? Nah. He doesn't even have to poop.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez:
The sister looks like she will not have mercy on anyone and has that super control villain type lol.
Baby Goose
Baby Goose:
The sister looks and seems like she’s just as evil if not more. 👿
Diana Calzadias
Diana Calzadias:
I want him to feel all the pain and suffering he has given thousands of his people. Sorry but no mercy.
The sister is the real monster 😂
Dennis Rodman should go and see his old buddy sick in the hospital.
Planet Earth
Planet Earth:
His sister has dead eyes.
Ronald Gabriel
Ronald Gabriel:
His new name is Kim Jong Sik
Reminds me of the old Soviet leaders. Rumors of them being ill until it's confirmed they died two weeks ago.
Greg Ferguson
Greg Ferguson:
she looks soooo evil lol
Robert Daniels
Robert Daniels:
🙋‍♂️ He won’t be missed.
Dennis Rodman is next in line
Jay Tea
Jay Tea:
I bet he's either
A: Alive and well but off the grid for some suspicious reason
B: Already dead and the North Korean government is desperately trying to cover it up.
Dave Weller
Dave Weller:
Weekend at Kim's will be a great movie
He's fine, he's just super paranoid about COVID-19 and doing some extreme self isolation.
Brian Vail
Brian Vail:
sadly his white horse died from a broken back 🦄
Dwight DeVille
Dwight DeVille:
Let's be honest: If you were his heart surgeon would you actually try to save him?
Imperial Leather
Imperial Leather:
He died from COVID19. Now the vaccine can be released! job done
1:15 Easy grace and charm? That is a face that radiates smug, self-satisfied evil.
He died already..... This is all part of the cover up while they train the stunt double.
He is a terrible person and i hope that he does not get well. Everyone that his grandfather and fathers regime have killed can probably agree with me on that.
"There was no tell all..." said Agent Lacy as she trembled with rage...or was it passion?
Kuirt Dukes
Kuirt Dukes:
1:35 WTF.
Murad Babaniyazov
Murad Babaniyazov:
"It's as though they despise us because they are not us." - Kim Jong Un
Dream Hollow
Dream Hollow:
I heard from a South Korean news outlet that he's fine and that it's actually the American news outlets that are confused.
Mark Javier
Mark Javier:
It wouldn't be the first time he vanished only to return later with no explanation
K-oz Dragon
K-oz Dragon:
Kim Jong Un - first North Korean to die from obesity since the revolution.
They need to send Seth rogen and James franco to interview him before he dies 🤣🤣
Oh Snap, Hunter X Hunter Ant arc just begun. Its Meruem!
Jason Reese
Jason Reese:
He has always been sick!
Nitty 1
Nitty 1:
We’re is Dennis Rodman at , that’s is little rocket mans best friend 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un:
Stop telling people I am ill I am in quarantine right now and also had my brain surgery because my brain was too big for my head.
Blank User
Blank User:
I'm wondering how the doctors were able to perform cadiovascular surgery on kim jong un... HE DOESN'T HAVE HEART.
She looks like that mortal Kombat character 😂
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
Tell the truth. Fatboy Little Rocket Man has the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus.
He's on Hogwarts.
Paul Petroff
Paul Petroff:
Maybe hes on a secret date with queen
The Amazing Eddie Haskell
The Amazing Eddie Haskell:
Sounds like the Work of the Mysterious Lumberjack!
The Purge
The Purge:
Kim Yo Jong is the idea woman u would want for a Femdom
Subscribe to Ban Bass Tabs
Subscribe to Ban Bass Tabs:
its news stories like this that makes me wish The Onion still made videos...
Pretty Young Thing PYT
Pretty Young Thing PYT:
Probably got the RONA!! Probably on a ventilator or already kicked the bucket!!
blue diamond gem
blue diamond gem:
1:33 that assassin was wearing a shirt that said “LOL”. Kim Jung Un has no chill.
Barbara Kennedy
Barbara Kennedy:
Is he dead yet?? 🙄
We're waiting. 🤘🗽
Stay safe and well everyone 🌹
haidir wasli
haidir wasli:

kim jong un: hold my cigarettes..
Mandi's Houseplant Channel
Mandi's Houseplant Channel:
He looks EXACTLY like my husband
Geopolitics guy
Geopolitics guy:
South Korea: Everything fine
Also South Korea with the support of the entire western world: LET’S GET THEM
Hunter Biden's Crack Pipe
Hunter Biden's Crack Pipe:
Remember the media did this a few years ago, but he just ate too much cheese
Steve B
Steve B:
Same family for this long ! Kinda makes me think they are thinking of themselves as kings and queens.
Michael Gibson
Michael Gibson:
Kim and Mango have the same workout regimen.
Moin Mahmud
Moin Mahmud:
good old communist party getting that yellow fever.
Asian Jesus
Asian Jesus:
1:24 he do be lookin kinda fresh doe
Dre Cudi
Dre Cudi:
Entered chat: James Franco and Seth Rogan.
Titan King
Titan King:
He's fine, just another attention grab this guy is a true Kardashian
Shishir Yadav
Shishir Yadav:
I'm alive.... having fun in my private island...
Butt Nugget
Butt Nugget:
He's where all the Ramen Noodles went.
I came for lols and memes but the replies are just too much for me, honestly
Nick Michael
Nick Michael:
He's alive...and well...eating a dog...who's also alive but not so well.
Kim’s dictatorial sister: KDILF
100,000 Subs With Bad Videos Challenge
100,000 Subs With Bad Videos Challenge:
He'll probably die on the toilet like Elvis
The wicked witch is dead!
James Franco and Seth Rogan finally got the job done 😂
Garbage Time Videos
Garbage Time Videos:
Kim Jong.
The Un-Dying
Donna Green
Donna Green:
Kim un jung?
I can say her name
Mayonnaiz -
Mayonnaiz -:
1:33 "LOL"
Master Blaster
Master Blaster:
maybe Little rocket man 🚀 is hiding in the moon.
Tater Tot 2020 OwO
Tater Tot 2020 OwO:
His sister do be lookin fine tho 😳
Zachary Hunter
Zachary Hunter:
1:33 snuck?
K Wood
K Wood:
He’s on a recliner eating Twinkies
First Last
First Last:
Complications from transition surgery?
"I wish him well" right.......
Alan Zolotoff
Alan Zolotoff:
Kim Chong looks like he’s always Constipated ?
0:35 so not at all
Ladies n gentlemen we got em
Renee Hudson
Renee Hudson:
So if he is dead, is his Sister his replacement KIM YUNG HO!🤣🤣🤣
Siouxanne Buehrer
Siouxanne Buehrer:
Kim Jong Un’s song for 2019 = Rocket Man

Kim Jong Un’s song for 2020 = Dust in The Wind

Or....🎼Muh, muh, muh, muh My Corona🎶
Mayur Bhor
Mayur Bhor:
Man ! He had an heart surgery , who goes to a ceremony days after heart surgery , he is resting man!
jhgjhgj hgjhgdj
jhgjhgj hgjhgdj:
00:8 wtf, cant you see that this is an obvious Kim JongUn -look-alike??
Erick G
Erick G:
*Coffin dance crew have entered the chat*
I can already picture Elton John at Kim's funeral , singing, *Rocket* *Man*
Robert Daniels
Robert Daniels:
Dear Kim, head into the light and answer for your sins.