Noose in Bubba Wallace’s Garage Was Not a Hate Crime | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Here’s the latest on the Bubba Wallace story, and Roy Wood Jr.’s thoughts on how NASCAR could have prevented the ordeal in the first place. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BubbaWallace

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Larry Byrne
Larry Byrne:
So Bubba falsely accuses his coworkers of a hate crime and still comes out looking like a victim.
Robert Leonard
Robert Leonard:
Lana Johnson
Lana Johnson:
We actually have a rope tied like this on one of our garage doors. I never thought of it as a noose since it doesn't tightened when it's pulled; it's just a loop at the end of a rope.
Andreas B
Andreas B:
“Grab the murder rope and close the garage “ 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Trevor is using these quarantine episodes to show off what colors he looks good in.
Tracee Goodman
Tracee Goodman:
As serious as this story is...i'm crying laughing "dishonorably discharged for eating all the fundraiser popcorn"
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor:
Um, Trevor, I think you mean "Juicy Smooyay"
Fett 713
Fett 713:
"I aint givin no Snickers bar to the Klan!" I nearly fell off my chair lmao!!! 🤣🤣🤣
"...dishonorably discharged for eating all the fundraising popcorn." 🤣🤣🤣
David Vega
David Vega:
“A noose is like the n-word of ropes” 😂 hilarious but definitely true
Vin Kie
Vin Kie:
Nascar filled with confederate flags
Also Nascar: nahh, it's been there for months, before racism even existed
That rope has been there before Bubba was claiming he was black. Ask his dad, he the other white guy in his family that used to race.
H.M. D.
H.M. D.:
Iss alright Roy, I got kicked out of girl scouts for eating all my cookie supply and not payin
Vaio Boy
Vaio Boy:
"It wasnt hoax" oho, it's a hoax alright
Dyl Pickle
Dyl Pickle:
"Dishonorably discharged for eating the fundraiser popcorn, but that's another story..." Ok me
Tyrone Johnson
Tyrone Johnson:
“It comes back with a vengeance like a virus John Wick” 😂😂
Daneel Potot
Daneel Potot:
"you kinda need to be sensitive when youve had a target on your back for the last 400 yrs" oOP-
e s
e s:
So the rope is racist lol
Nerr Name
Nerr Name:
It’s not a noose, it’s a loop on the end of a rope
Angel G
Angel G:
Dammit if only we had ‘The Boondocks’ at times like these...
Nikeita Misner
Nikeita Misner:
Ya you'd be sensitive too if ppl are still getting lynched in 2020 with no recourse or investigation calling them suicides.
J P:
The so called "noose" has been at the garage since 2019. So that's one reason the FBI said it wasn't a hate crime.
Wendy B. Wilde
Wendy B. Wilde:
The noose in Bubba's garage was not a threat or hate crime. It was a really, really, really bizzare "coincidence".
Matthew Dinslage
Matthew Dinslage:
"That's like building a camp fire but you shape it in the form of cross. Can't you think of a less racist way to roast marshmallows?
That is probably the funniest thing I've heard all year lol.
15 FBI agents come on. This is where our resources are going.
Branko Jackman
Branko Jackman:
It still feels like they are cutting off Trevor's last words.
Love Roy Wood, Jr... funniest Roy ever, and more than funny: Comments right on target
kareemah ajina
kareemah ajina:
2:33 Trevor lost the opportunity to say; " For once,the FBI found some good *noose* "
Please read what it says he did not report this, he did not see this at first. So why is everyone coming for Bubba?
Josh Combs
Josh Combs:
I want to hear about this dishonorable discharge.
Amen_ Ra
Amen_ Ra:
After seeing the video, I'm calling B.S. How is it of all the drivers in the race, his team just happens to the one who got that specific garage with that handle?
orly freire
orly freire:
Apparently, the FBI doesn’t know what to investigate and how to do it. This is just like in the 50s and 60s, when FBI director J Edgar Hoover refused to go after the Mafia and instead chose to pester the Civil Rights Movement. Current director Christopher Wray needs to step up to avoid being another version of Hoover. We don’t need another racist federal agent ignoring the real issues of this country.
“Noose check onceover”😂😂😂
Ra awesome
Ra awesome:
Actually, that's a good point. Why a noose? I've been a boy scout for years, and even I would use a square knot at the very least, not a noose.
CHAOS 🤬Theory
CHAOS 🤬Theory:
Why is that garage door the only one with a noose ...
Salman Wali
Salman Wali:
"A Turd in the Kitchen" is probably the best analogy I ever heard
Mega Mad
Mega Mad:
These people have been pulling on that thing for over a year to close the door. They see and touch it every day why would they ever think it was a noose for Bubba? They knew what it was and tried to make a fake hate crime story.
Christine Dyan
Christine Dyan:
"Everybody needs to learn how to tie a different knot" Tell the truth, Roy!
Tai Boyd
Tai Boyd:
"Who's using a noose 2 close a garage door ... that's like building a campfire ... but U shape your campfire into the form of a cross!"
Gunpla MrJQ
Gunpla MrJQ:
Roy : Dishonorably discharged for eating all the popcorn...
Me : At least he didn't say brownies... lol
Gabriel A
Gabriel A:
Alyssa Sanchez
Alyssa Sanchez:
Trevor! You’re still cute as a complete home bound bum 😂🥰
Jake S
Jake S:
BRUH why do nascar garage people know how to make perfect mini nooses...
Hopefully this is a joke, the conversation, right?
M Mmc
M Mmc:
Of course it wasn't a hate crime! Just like that elderly white gentleman "tripped and fell" as of official police media reports! Just like shooting 6 bullets in the back of a black "suspect" in a car park wasn't abuse of authority. Smh
Besta best
Besta best:
4:52 "Yeah, they might be kids dressed as ghost. Or they might be really short members of the KKK." That had me rolling.
Bathroom Boyz
Bathroom Boyz:
Whenever he says “Bubba Wallace” I hear “Baba Yaga”
Bola Adetiba
Bola Adetiba:
So how many other garages has a noose for a garage “pull”?
Thomas Lind
Thomas Lind:
Intelligent people can very well distinguish between a loop and a hanging knot
thefastcar garage
thefastcar garage:
This is like watching dumb and dumber lol
borot man
borot man:
1:26 Look at that and tell me that's a garage opening rope. GTFO!
Eddie Mata
Eddie Mata:
"Aye! Grab the murder rope." LMAO
He’s the only black driver and this comes a couple days after they ban the confederate flag at NASCAR events. I don’t see how anyone can blame him for reacting the way he did
General Durandal
General Durandal:
NASCAR's only African American driver gets NASCAR to ban the Confederate flag
a noose is found later in his area
Police: It's not there for him.
Me: Then who's it there for?
Max S
Max S:
2019: Loop to pull down a garage door
2020: Noose
We need to bring down the sensitivity about 97% if we're going to make it to 2021.
Dave R.
Dave R.:
Hahaaa... "you musta lost yo got dam mind!" 😂
riverasocal07 a
riverasocal07 a:
Wayans bro’s should remake talladwga nights! 😂😂😂
This is a perfect example of a situation where people think he should have just never said anything and dealt with it.... He's sick of dealing with it that's why he said something about it.
Val Mid
Val Mid:
Recent reports saying it was a pull rope

*What the Actual Heck?*
Alexander Larson
Alexander Larson:
Oh damn no one said it yet "I LoVE HoW TrEVorR ToTAlLy GeTs Me AnD sPeaKs FOr tHe PeOpLe HeLlO FrOm *insert country here*"
Anidiqua Ojala
Anidiqua Ojala:
Lmao, "turd in the kitchen" Perfect analogy. Thanks for making me lol ab this.
You would probably be best off using a bowline to secure one end of the rope to the garage and then make a handle with a figure 8 on a bite.
Marina Guajardo
Marina Guajardo:
The FBI needs to be investigating all the precincts cases where these latest 5* lynchings were mischaracterized as public suicides.
ehab hassan
ehab hassan:
Oh come on that's just extreme justification
You know your life was sheltered when you never had a turd in your kitchen, that's some next level privilege
"Dishonorably discharged" I Don't think xD
Doyle Henry
Doyle Henry:
Out of how many garage doors there why only at one door
Gabriel Biggs
Gabriel Biggs:
Wait he said “dishonorably discharged” lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChrisCee 5
ChrisCee 5:
"I ain't giving no Snickers bar to the Klan" lmao
I've been crying for the past hour because I just found out about Elijah McClain. Then I found this video. Thank you so much for making me laugh during such a hard time. We need change!
Mx Bice
Mx Bice:
I'm just fascinated that no one saw that rope before, when it was there since August. Just as an observation.
But I think it's a good sign at least that people are getting sensitized and look into that kind of thing. A couple of months ago that would've been washed away.
Jonathan Harvey
Jonathan Harvey:
Best commentary ever! Thanks for the reason and accountability.
Not 5 minutes after it was announced that the FBI determined this was not a hate crime I started seeing posts calling him Bubba Smollett. I understand why he is indignant.
Marion Morgan
Marion Morgan:
Wait , if it was hanging there that long how come no one noticed before that day? Was that the first day using that garage?
Jason Stephens
Jason Stephens:
Amazing with all the right leaning views in this sport that they even allow them to turn left
New Eden
New Eden:
Grasping on straws here
M Medina
M Medina:
I ain’t givin no snickers bar to the clan 🤣😂
University of Nigg
University of Nigg:
I still gon't get why people gettin mad at Bubba when the Nascar fans are mad that the Confederate flag was banned
Jennifer Churchman
Jennifer Churchman:
Loved that he had a troop number and place of meeting..."honorably discharged from boy Scouts for eating fundraiser food" haha
I'm with you on this one, Trevor, it's definitely the most positive outcome this story could have 🙏 And yep, I'd still quarantine with you 😍😍😍
AweZum Alice
AweZum Alice:
It was the rope on the garage door 😂
Farris Duwayri
Farris Duwayri:
Trevor should do an interview with Lewis Hamilton about the initiative taken by Formula 1 and Hamilton falling out the sport
4:36 I’m aware this is the Daily Show, but I can’t be the only one to think that this response is just so far from reasonable.
Metalbear 81
Metalbear 81:
New professional title-Race Card Driver
🤔🙄Okay, sure...yeah right.....and my head screws on and off. 🙄🤨.
greetings from Sunny Siberia
greetings from Sunny Siberia:
the rope has been hanging for several months... why are you fooling people?
Diego Acosta
Diego Acosta:
"Dishonerably discharged" from the BoyScouts for eating all the fund raiser popcorn Lmfao! Deddd 💀

That is definitely a story for another time 😂
Saint Gospel rap
Saint Gospel rap:
On da low low, Roywood is right tho. I was kinda thinking da same thing as Roy was thinking.
LHS Anonymous
LHS Anonymous:
"It's a noose"
Or not
🤔Someone is pretty dag good at making nooses and think they’re normal garage pulls! Follow the noose maker trail and you might find out some interesting things. That trail may run very deep. 🤔🤨
Aron Kjær
Aron Kjær:
The knots to choose instead of a noose, he mentions that they could use a slipknot.. Smh - (Well, i guess that would have made the whole ordeal much better?? S/ ) Roy should read up on the history of knots.. Slipknot also known as the "Hangman's knot".
Adrian Colley
Adrian Colley:
"Campfire in the shape of a cross" - waiting for this one now.
Aaron Trott
Aaron Trott:
Useful tip: download how to tie knots app. Success 😃
Hester Land
Hester Land:
Love the "Born a Crime" turd in the kitchen reference. LOL!
Bra Powell
Bra Powell:
Damn he read my mind i was just thinking of Juicy
LaLa H
LaLa H:
That’s exactly what I thought!🤦🏻‍♀️
mr kneel
mr kneel:
“Dishonorably Discharged” line killed me
I’m so happily surprised that Trevor took this balanced rational stance and didn’t double down on the division narrative... and I say this as a really disgruntled right wing conservative... thank you and much love /rightwinger
After seeing this i just went to the toilet to relieve myself... wat a day!
VISUALS by Marc:
Anyone else detect a developing NYC accent when Trevor started : "the big that's had everybody toalking" !?