Nokia 7.2 review

The Nokia 7.2 is the latest phone by HMD and it looks really promising on paper. Our review covers every aspect of the build and screen quality, the battery life, performance, and the camera image quality. Our final verdict however was not so positive. Check it out!

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Ivan Anthony Nabong
Ivan Anthony Nabong:
You're telling us that circular camera module is of old Moto style. You already forgot that circular camera module is Nokia's own! Remember Nokia Lumia 1020? Nokia started that circular camera module!
Shafi Mms
Shafi Mms:
My childhood : *NOKIA*
My school days : *NOKIA*
My teenage : *NOKIA*
My college days : *NOKIA*
My University days : *NOKIA*
My training days : *NOKIA*
My job days : *NOKIA*
My oldage : *NOKIA*
Umaid Khan
Umaid Khan:
"Tapping the back arrow goes back"
-GSM Arena
Nebha Jog
Nebha Jog:
Nokia lovers press 👍
Arhtoin Meloes
Arhtoin Meloes:
Kudos to Nokia for not giving up 👍
Mohit Mathur
Mohit Mathur:
No idea how much GSMArena has been paid by the chinese brands to defame Nokia 7.2 ..... I own the device and have compared it with other chinese brands, this phone is top notch in all departments. Doesn't matter if the chipset is a 2 year old one. The screen is way too good as compared to REALME, REALME's AMOLED is just for name sake. Nokia 7.2 LCD beat it hands down.
Mustafa Bashar
Mustafa Bashar:
We need a flagship from nokia
A proper one tho
Benjamin Venturen
Benjamin Venturen:
I wonder if you had really used this phone, I'm using this phone and I disagree with your review and it's really very good.
Mario A
Mario A:
For any normal person this phone is more than enough. I rate it 9,5/10 without a doubt.
why does this channel ALWAYS SOUND NEGATIVE when reviewing phones? SERIOUSLY, all of you guys that do reviews sound so biased and robotic. A lot of the things said here and other videos seemed so subjective. You guys need to stop sounding like you're reading your lines off of a script.
Collins Okley
Collins Okley:
Why do you give a review and discourage people from buying the phone. Just review it. It's a personal decision to buy it or not and it's not your money though. You didn't comments on the Zeiss properties available on the device as well
origi nal
origi nal:
I just bought Nokia 7.2. This is really good phone, battery lasts all Day. And pure android, so no any useless apps you can't remove... And yes, HMD global is owner. BUT these nokia's are designed in Finland!! Like The good old nokia phones. I am a finnish and I wanted to try Nokia after a long time, and I am not disappointed.
Your video sucks.
Mees de Vries
Mees de Vries:
I've been using this phone for about a month now (the 6GB/1288GB version), and have some thoughts.
1) Real world battery life has been great for me, I always made my previous phone run out before the end of the day, but this Nokia's battery hasn't died on me yet.
2) Camera's... Yeah I kinda expected them to be better, but they're still at least as good as most competitors at this price.
3) AndroidOne makes navigating this phone feel like your using a flagship. Man what a huge leap in fluidness compared to the Samsung midranger I was using before.
Most importantly, I really don't regret getting this phone
Water Fire
Water Fire:
Next 2 years this Nokia will do just fine for me. The specs for phones change faster then my underwear.
Jasper Sarmiento
Jasper Sarmiento:
Biased review. Screen is good.
Ak Singh
Ak Singh:
I bought Nokia 2.2 , and what a phone, excellent phone, love the stock android
Dennis G
Dennis G:
Don't think they'd ever like a Nokia phone anyway..
rhandy sacdalan
rhandy sacdalan:
I will switch to nokia 7.2 i love it i want to buy and use it now
Ateeq ur Rahman
Ateeq ur Rahman:
One of the best android device from Nokia, solid build quality, natural camera, decent display and great battery life
Chris S
Chris S:
I won this phone from Nokia Australia last week. Have put my Pixel 2 away while using this as a test. I’ve been very impressed so far..not sure if it will remain as my main phone, but not dissatisfied thus far...
Mayur Chutya
Mayur Chutya:
Screen may not be par with flagship but the 10 bit LCD is still best in midrange.
Tejas J
Tejas J:
I love how the phone looks and feels. And that's kinda it.
1:12 The finger-print sensor is too low.... Oh my god, whatever will i do, i can't reach that fingerprint sensor!!!! jesus help me!!
Keturunan Rothschild
Keturunan Rothschild:
Nokia: Good phone with shitty Battery
Realme: Bad phone with amazing Battery

12 year olds at 3am: 1:39
maina kithaka
maina kithaka:
Your review is reaaaallly negative...I love this phone
Martin L.
Martin L.:
More like the 1020 not Motorola.
Chirag Paleja
Chirag Paleja:
It has 12MP as default but you can change the resolution to 48MP resolution that clicks beautiful pictures.
4:19 Nice.
Joyjeet Paul
Joyjeet Paul:
Happy with my Nokia 8.1
kunal saxena
kunal saxena:
Well i have been using this phone for more that 10 days now, and i disagree with the screen quality it's quite good for its price range and yes i do agree i am also not able to play HDR content but still the panel it's self is quite good and for the rest of the points i do agree with you
Sounds to me like is comparing it to the very expensive phones. Remember this is a cheap option.
Mir Faisal
Mir Faisal:
1st unfair review from gsmarena.
Nothing special here. Should've been Snapdragon 710 at least. Since Android 10 is available, why not release this with it. Nokia missed the spot here, clearly.
Sai Nishanth
Sai Nishanth:
Waiting for HMD to revive the Nokia N Series
anthony williams
anthony williams:
Loving mine!! Waiting on that Android 10 update though.
watching from my nokia 7plus...
A. F.
A. F.:
1:38 Damn, vegans gonna go crazy here...
victor arcos
victor arcos:
@ GSMArena official: here is the million dollar question, which mid range cell phone do you recommend?
Sello Makena
Sello Makena:
Lol, it's like I'm watching "Roasting Nokia 7.2"
Watching this on Nokia 7.1, I'm here scratching my head on 7.2's lack of a QC brick. QC does work on it with a 7.1 charger though...
Im using the Nokia 6.1+ and the new interface is quite nice, i usually swipe fast to get to the app drawer, not an issue once you've got used to it.
abhishek kumar
abhishek kumar:
and how was that chicken recipe you downloaded came out.
There no necessary function
All have to get from third party.
Tanuj Kumar
Tanuj Kumar:
Watch on my nokia 7.2
Subash Khadka
Subash Khadka:
Nokia is Nokia.
That's it. 😎
Notch = GTFO
And fingerprint scanner on the back, omg...
Deepanshu Nagpal
Deepanshu Nagpal:
Battery last for all day
Evn with sd 660 the phn is buttery smooth.
Display is best in class.
Camera is great in day ,ok is night.
Back design n texture is unique .
Notification light is blessing.

Using it for 15 days from now.
The screen size is useless unless its a 16:9 ratio you will get half your phone black when go full screen...
ajayi ayomide
ajayi ayomide:
I want to buy this phone and I came here for the review, well this review ain't it 🙄
Mugenyi Mubarak
Mugenyi Mubarak:
I really love Nokia and i can't wait to have a grip on that 9.3 model
We live in the age of the mid-rangers 🔊! Manufacturers seem to have realized that large population of consumers falls under this category. They had to produce quality products to capture this population. Moreover, who wants to buy a $1000 phone when it's eventually gonna die in a year or so?
Slayer Yoriichi
Slayer Yoriichi:
I'm still waiting on Noki 9.3 Pureview Flagship killer with Snapdragon 865.
Golan lavi
Golan lavi:
Thanks for the review ✔️
1:38 damn dude vegans gonna be pissed
JP Ariguin
JP Ariguin:
Watching on my Nokia 7.2

Pretty sick phone, though hopefully software update can fix the said issues
tee jay
tee jay:
it doesn't look like a good one for nokia 7.2 based on the review, I will aim for the 6.1 plus not minding it is an older device
Mostafa Mansoori
Mostafa Mansoori:
Nokia is the best brand for smartphones. I remember when I had my first Nokia Lumia 710 Windows phone back in 2012, it was awesome as heck and had a fast processor. I just bought this new Nokia 7.2 on for $249 to replace my old outdated slow Samsung Galaxy Core Prime that I got in 2016 for like $100.00
I would buy this phone right now if it had sp 730
Shubhanshu Karasi
Shubhanshu Karasi:
I am not using a phone I am using Nokia❤️
1:07 is the same issue I have with my Moto G7.
Давид Петросян
Давид Петросян:
Biast review ))) doesnt consider the price range of the device
Ice Bear
Ice Bear:
Did no one notice the intro music of Aphmau?
House Nebula
House Nebula:
Seriously dude.. Speak up please.. That's emberasssing
Zala Production
Zala Production:
Dude I'm hungry as F , and you play food making ahhh
I bought A40 because it was on sale, otherwise for the money I would buy Nokia
I watch the same cooking channel :P
I always prefer will's review over other gsmarena hosts.
काल्पनिक कहानियाँ
काल्पनिक कहानियाँ:
I campared it with different Phones, it performs great. I think you are paid by Chinese companies for criticising Nokia.
Due to your review, I didn't buy Nokia 7.2 and bought Mi a3.
This was my bad decision.
Nokia 7.2 is better than mi a3
Gorgi z
Gorgi z:
3:45 which game is that if someone cam tell me? Thanks
nikhil cherry
nikhil cherry:
Bro I want to keep my favourite ringtone but I am not able. To keep it can u plzzz help me plzzx
I had a 7.1 and I really wanted to love it and as a phone it was pretty good but if you are thinking of going Nokia, don't. The customer care is really poor (well here in the UK anyway). For 50% of all the updates I had, the phone bricked itself. It went back to Nokia three times for this. I am not the only one, just google the issue and there are people all over the world struggling with the same issue on multiple different Nokia devices. On top of that, it crashed at times 2-3 times a day at worst, 2-3 times a week at best. It also stopped charging and then lost the ability of my callers to hear me sufficiently for a normal conversation. It went back after 10 months to the retailer for a refund when Nokia politely told me to sod off. Nokia is throwing out updates with little or no testing. Buyer beware. You have been warned.
Lemongrab Gamming
Lemongrab Gamming:
You will grow a mustash one day
Kampamba Kasolo
Kampamba Kasolo:
What's the name of the game you played first
Manu Vijayan
Manu Vijayan:
This is a fantastic mob but I prefer 8.1♥️
Kini Caraan
Kini Caraan:
I love that despite the negativity of this review, people are still rooting for Nokia and how great it is. True tho.
Thilina Chathuranga
Thilina Chathuranga:
The screen is really good and this review is just a crap!
michael tingson
michael tingson:
You mis the sample video of the front camera. Need to know if there's EIS or electronic image stabilization on 1080p. Pls complete your review next...
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar:
Old Nokia 9 type design phones to be made by hmd in future
Eric Ma
Eric Ma:
What game was he playing before Mario?
Need the link for this chicken video 😁
Attila József Kovács
Attila József Kovács:
Can you zoom when your settings is on 48mpx?
Manish Gurung
Manish Gurung:
How to capture image with widel angle lens
Radio Żelaza
Radio Żelaza:
I don't understand - why the video is in 25fps, but you put in it clips from the phone recorded in 30fps, resulting in atrocious jitter?
ak mt boy
ak mt boy:
Review the lenovo k10 note
Viral video
Viral video:
You guys are late in review...
Toxic Gaming
Toxic Gaming:
The problem in every smart phone is they upgrade the ram rom etc but the battery is the same. 4000mah . Pls uograde also the battery
JT Manuel
JT Manuel:
Watching this video on my Nokia 7.2.
aily boi
aily boi:
nokia now & then,,im using 💚💚💚💚
I just stopped this video where i see that it is poor in colour reproduction .
Recenzii Pe Bune
Recenzii Pe Bune:
This sounds like a pretty good deal.. for a 2018 midrange phone.
David Ariyan
David Ariyan:
Always good looking premium design from Nokia. But underpowered.. and overpriced..
is the 6.2 worth more considering the price drop`?
majid rezzoug
majid rezzoug:
Why you are so mean to nokia?
Ch SR Chandra Sekhar
Ch SR Chandra Sekhar:
hey.. are you reviewing, or criticising??
JT Manuel
JT Manuel:
I'm choosing between this and a redmi note 8 pro. But I want the 6/128 GB version and it's very hard to find the nokia in that configuration.
ningthem sharma
ningthem sharma:
what about sound loud or beat
JoGo Mango
JoGo Mango:
At 2:02 I thought that was 4:15 seconds of YouTube 2019