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Louisville police officer Brett Hankison is indicted for shooting into a neighbor’s apartment during the murder of Breonna Taylor, but none of the three officers involved in the encounter will be charged for her death. Trevor asks, who is winning in this whole thing? #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #BreonnaTaylor

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There was a case in Germany where a guy in a biker gang heard his door get busted down, he saw people in street clothes with guns come in, and he fired because he thought it was a rival gang coming to kill him. It was the police. The court ruled in his favor and he got a settlement.
Because if someone bursts into your home with a weapon you fight back and you don’t get blamed. At least in a civilized country.
Ty'Jae Little
Ty'Jae Little:
I feel like Trevor might snap and start crying at some point. Being in America is just too much.
Christina Horrell
Christina Horrell:
There seems to be questions about whether she was in bed or standing next to her boyfriend. Regardless she shouldn't be dead.
Crash_ Nebula
Crash_ Nebula:
Can’t believe how many heartless monsters are in the comments saying Breonna Taylor deserved to die because she was probably awake. Wtf is wrong with people?
A Gift of Honey
A Gift of Honey:
Police Body Cameras would have given strong evidence as to whether the police were in the wrong. Why aren't they universally used ?
Maddy Mez
Maddy Mez:
"Human beings who should be held accountable for what they do" is what the rule of law is supposed to enforce, but the rule of law is enforced by the very people breaking it. When the rule of law is only being used against average citizens, then the community isn't going to trust its law enforcement. This stemmed from the abuse of rule of law and racism, and until the enforcers of the law take responsibility for their actions the communities will have trust issues. Trevor, is right; no one is winning. The state of our country right now is traumatic, and thinking Black Lives Matter is wrong is truly showing you aren't listening. I don't know many people that have called the cops and had good experiences where something was actually done. Rape survivors are blamed for their own rapes, and police profiling exists because racists are in every field.
Aaron Tyeryar
Aaron Tyeryar:
This is why society as a whole is failing. People want to believe that initial racial narrative to start that even as evidence is piling up, they willfully ignore it if it contradicts the narrative. This is the toxic social media landscape in full effect. Stories break on social media so fast with so little fact checking & people can embellish the story how they choose to make a statement. That’s why I always tell people to give it time to let more facts come out before making your assumptions.
Edwin Kubena
Edwin Kubena:
Listen to Officer Tatum on you tube pls
“United we stand, divided we fall”
Most empires in history was destroyed not by outsiders, but by themselves.
Quashona Hardesty
Quashona Hardesty:
Yet they charge officer for a bullet going into Breonnas neighbor apartment.
D. Evelyn Patrick
D. Evelyn Patrick:
So here’s what the AG clearly decides not to share in terms of sequencing. Warning: don’t read if you don’t want to have too much in terms of disturbing visuals. But if you like CSI, here is some:

The grand jury is told that FBI ballistics confirm two bullets they recovered from the hallway subflooring have Breonna’s dna. One from Mattingly’s gun and one from Cosgrove’s.

So which shots were they?

These bullets would have been from two out of the three through and through shots. The three were to the inner forearm, thigh and foot. The one to the foot is one of the shots that penetrated into the floor. Unclear which of the other two did. The foot shot fractured bones in Breonna’s foot. This shot would have been disabling and sent Breonna to the ground.

So which of the shots with Breonna’s DNA came first?

Ballistics experts and pathologists agree that the foot shot with the broken bones came while Breonna was standing. The exit wound pattern unequivocally confirms this. So this was the disabling shot. The first shot could not have been the inner forearm shot, because if this occurred while standing, the bullet would not have gone into the hallway floor. It could not have been the thigh shot, because then the foot shot would have been after she fell and this is not possible. Exit wound to the foot confirms she was standing with foot on floor when the foot was shot. AG did not present this to the grand jury.

Cosgrove does not come in and shoot until after Mattingly shoots. Nobody disputes this. Including Cosgrove. So the foot shot would come from Mattingly and is what causes Breonna to go down. Cosgrove shots come after.

Sorry for being blunt and for stating what none of us wants to ever imagine, but with the Mattingly shot containing the dna appearing to be the disabling shot (and we can’t see how it would not have been), then the shots after that, including SIXTEEN Cosgrove shots (one of which was the fatal shot to the chest), were shots directed at an unarmed woman already on the ground.
Christian R.
Christian R.:
Breonna Taylor's old boyfriend, the ultimate target of the investigation, was offered July plea deal if he would admit Breonna was part of 'organized crime syndicate'. Thankfully, he turned it down and made it known.
The plea offer shows “the lengths to which those within the police department and Commonwealth’s Attorney went to after Breonna Taylor’s killing to try and paint a picture of her which was vastly different than the woman she truly was.
prallund feucht
prallund feucht:
ever noticed how "to protect and serve" is in quotation marks on their cars?
Terri Quinn
Terri Quinn:
I knew this was their decision when they coughed up $12m.
Ali Mustafa
Ali Mustafa:
Trevor is just too afraid to say what needs to be said: Everyone needs to buy a gun and and start a revolution
M Muhammad
M Muhammad:
Look into why ‘detectives’ were on a drug raid in the first place!!These guys went to rob what they thought was a dope house and shit went sideways!!
anon. ai
anon. ai:
America shouldn't talk about peace when they know nothing about it. Fix your own country first 🤔 Just a thought
Kelvyn Ayala
Kelvyn Ayala:
How could they do that to her, she had a beautiful life to live. RIP BREONNA TAYLOR
Buntu Kunene
Buntu Kunene:
You know what, I’m just going to stay in Africa...
Jessica Bush
Jessica Bush:
Lost for words outside of Breonna Taylor deserves justice ⚖ 😪 👏 😔
S T:
The cops were fired on and fired back .Whoever brought the cops to the house is the guiltiest one here.
Lwazi Luvuyo
Lwazi Luvuyo:
This video was necessary. I loved the message you pushing here
Mike King
Mike King:
MSM likes to cover what they want and not actual facts of what happened.
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa:
“Until there’s real justice, no body wins” 😢
Tanner Waller
Tanner Waller:
this happened months ago, way to jump on the bandwagon!
TJ Beaujon
TJ Beaujon:
Here we go again. The media trying to bait a race war
*ReY* *ReY*
*ReY* *ReY*:
Rest In Power Always Breonna Taylor 🙏🏼❤️
rick jwz
rick jwz:
I feel like you got it wrong Trevor and thats something I cant even remember thinking
you know its serious when there's no music at the end.
Quashona Hardesty
Quashona Hardesty:
Bottom line, police body cam footage needs to be released to the public especially Breonnas family and if the police in fact announced who they were it would be in the audio of the video, if it proves otherwise than the boyfriend's one shot that hit that officer is justified as they had no clue who were bursting into Breonnas apartment in the wee hours of the morning and that's where all the police mistakes begin, if they fail to disclose who they were after busting the door open, that is just cause for charges of NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE because her boyfriend wouldnt of shot if they were informed which lead to a chain of reactions including Breonnaa murder.
Mauricio Ramos jr
Mauricio Ramos jr:
I mean i get why they decided to not press charges

Cops show up, with warrant to search for drugs, boyfriend thinks he's getting jumped, so he fired his gun and the police retaliated
Andrea Jackson
Andrea Jackson:
Trevor first of all none of this have anything to do with you you're not at all as secondly why don't you research the law that gives police officers permission to do no not want and why are they being charged the police officers were doing their job stop this madness
Gold Aqua
Gold Aqua:
Pure facts from start to stop. thank you!💯💯💯
America is on the verge of a civil war...
Are you being held accountable for talking nonsense?
Desiree Brannon
Desiree Brannon:
"you're gonna win so much. You're gonna get tired of winning"
-Donald Trump, 2016
DAMN ....this was very thought provoking !
I wish people would realize just how close our society is to collapsing.
Robert Forster
Robert Forster:
... indivisible with liberty, and justice for all...(wink)😉
Imperial Cub
Imperial Cub:
sometimes you can tell how stupid someone is just by how they look
End0 Skeleton
End0 Skeleton:
What do people expect to happen to you when you hang out with drug dealers?
Mango Blade
Mango Blade:
I’m sorry what happened to the daily show? I know that Jon Stewart used to make some serious news But it has become a complete left-wing show now.
Brandin Duclos
Brandin Duclos:
Welcome to America, where they charge the cops for the shots that missed.
Nicholas X
Nicholas X:
It was her boyfriend's fault they were there in the first place
Well said, my Brother.
Warren -•_•-
Warren -•_•-:
Its astonishing how people can actually believe this
Damn this video really hit home.
Lee Holland
Lee Holland:
Wow. Trevor, you’re spot on. No winners.
chris pieper
chris pieper:
In both the clip of the ‘news’ cast as well as the host of the video - further perpetuation of the lie that she was sleeping in her bed.

Agreed, nobody is winning out of the examples you laid out. However by continuing to fabricate and twist the events into a story that sounds more tragic than it already is it just makes people more angry. Then, you can identify a winner in the whole situation- deep state globalists that need the other 99% of us to keep hating and fighting with each other.

That’s what needs to be fixed. Despite all their best efforts to get the rest of us warring with each other we all need to realize on the inside we’re all the same and we out number them.
Jack W Holmes
Jack W Holmes:
I miss John Stewart doing the daily show, at least he wasn't bias. I like Trevor better as a comedian, horrible political correspondence.
Randi Morrison
Randi Morrison:
Trevor Noah you have such an amazing insight into what is really happening in the world.
Your NewBoy
Your NewBoy:
Talk about being bias 😂
Yvette Vesty
Yvette Vesty:
No money is worth a life, Im sure Bre's mom would gladly want her daughter alive than any amount money
Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams:
You gonna cover ANY facts? 😂😂😂 this is amazingly pathetic
Chris Smith
Chris Smith:
Well when your knee deep in the the drug gang so much that there has to be a warrant for your arrest and the police knock on your door and then her boyfriend fires back at the police officer and ends up hitting one what hell do you expect to happen the police officers just take it
matthew humphrey
matthew humphrey:
This video was advertised to me, advertising for views
Street Art VR 360
Street Art VR 360:
Social engineering -
the use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behavior of a society.
Seriously, make damages paid for police misconduct come out of their pensions and not a taxfunded slush fund, see how quickly they reform.
I miss the days when the daily show used to be political satire... now it’s just political
John Syzlack
John Syzlack:
Good, I love seeing you SJWs whine.
Smol Bean Vibing
Smol Bean Vibing:
May I just say, that was very well said.
yakirra yakirra
yakirra yakirra:
Kaymoney you are a Sistah of all Sistahs' peace love and blessings to ya
Nebhan Thidil
Nebhan Thidil:
Ah, America, a third world country with a gucci belt
This is great news!
Karen Hunter
Karen Hunter:
Blessings everyday to you and yours Trevor 🙏
Greg Lamb
Greg Lamb:
Have to respect what a grand jury decided after seeing all the evidence
Define " real justice"
These people don’t know what happened media won’t cover it
Tracey C
Tracey C:
Thank you, Trevor.
Garland Davidson
Garland Davidson:
Will you all please read the full Documents of the testimony yours Spreading Information that is not true she was not asleep in bed she Was Behind her sec boyfriend in her hallway which her boyfriend shot first. She is not what people make her out to be she was connected to Drugs cartel selling miscellaneous drugs that she was also getting in the mail for her other ex boyfriend and selling it out of their so call trap House Documented proof of surveillance Footage & recording of her talking about drugs and drug money & there Traphouse! these lies need to stop 🛑 please go to or officer Tatum on YouTube for the real truth. And I know for a fact that it’s truth because he’s an officer and he can get these documents and the media doesn’t realize it but they are a big part of the reason why this is so blown out of portion and false Documentaries etc and riots and all do Respect with the Breonna Taylor no one deserves to die by all means... you need to stop Spreading a false narrative..
Sherry Jackson
Sherry Jackson:
Thank you for understanding the struggle of both the cops and POC! 👍
am i the only person tired of hearing this kind of rhetoric from the lightest skinned "black" people? for real though. i respect the cause, but don't need people like Trevor Noah or Shawn King preaching about it. half my "white" friends are darker then these dudes.
King Gabriel
King Gabriel:
Segregation is needed
Ezway Ocho
Ezway Ocho:
In the last days the 👿 and his legion "run to and fro to see who they can destroy"
His👉👿 mission is to kill, steal and destroy
Afro Sensi
Afro Sensi:
You and Tim pool should speak
Team Crimson
Team Crimson:
Glad the cops got off Scott free those were dumb charges, those men were getting shot at, breonna was just a casualty, but hey there gonna be some casualties when ya getting shot at.
Ben DeVeny
Ben DeVeny:
2:22 ya...
Crazy, don't remember askin though!
J Lux
J Lux:
From what I've been told, her name was on the no knock search warrant during that raid. The police were shot at from inside the house, so they returned fire. If yall want to try and push some bogus ass movement and make money on youtube using that womans death than you are no better than anyone you talking about.
Like at this rate the police are defunding themselves😭😭
{Samurai Official}
{Samurai Official}:
wow the holes in the neighbor's disposable drywall, is more important than a human life??
Y'all call that justice?

It's incredible that guns are more affordable than healthcare, and food in America smh
So much is wrong with that country.
Briar Rose
Briar Rose:
PS- I also don't think anyone is going to "win" anything from this. Its not about winning or losing, its about justice. I like this show for bringing up these topics, but its a kid who is looking at the news. He's not going to the protests or in the streets doing the hard work. The immature need to "win" shouldn't even be an issue. No one wins, we just learn.
Ashley Ray Martin
Ashley Ray Martin:
So very sad her and her family will be in my prayers BLM! ✊🏿
Wizard Sleeve
Wizard Sleeve:
She also drove the rental vehicle with a body in it back to the rental place
Regina Keller
Regina Keller:
Thank you so much for stating the absolute truth about this terrible situation. Appreciate your heartfelt comments.
The Social Contract is meaningless unless all parties involved are held accountable.
Josue Rodriguez
Josue Rodriguez:
Hey Trevor have you read the indictment the fbi released?
Finally some good news..... phew!
J Z:
The police were justified with the exception of 1 detective who shot through the window. She wasn't asleep in her apartment she was awake and standing next to the man Who shot the police officer, the guy shot the police first and then the police returned fire. Also Breanna taylor was part of her ex boyfriends drug dealing operation and that is based on undercover surveillance on her place as well as trap houses, they got the warrant because they had probable cause to think her place was being used as a stash house.
Jack W Holmes
Jack W Holmes:
It sounds like Breonna Taylor's boyfriend pulled her in between the line of fire. This guy is a coward.
Zachary Eggers
Zachary Eggers:
The billionaires are winning. Keep everyone else divided and at each others throats and they are raking in all the money. THAT’S the point.
I love ya Noah but from the facts that she was in on the drug trade is real. Sure mightve stopped since getting with another guy police not gonna know all that. Sadly her new bf shot at them so they shot back. Anybody wouldve done that.
Police get fired everyday.
Drew Sr
Drew Sr:
Trevor you’re way off on this one
Who Is Winning ? Huh ? 🤔

Nobody Is Winning ! ☹️
Lupie Fupie
Lupie Fupie:
Look up the damn report and you will soon realize why. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Anthony Ries
Anthony Ries:
The system isn't broken, it works perfectly for the ones who created it...
Palak Gurbani
Palak Gurbani:
Im glad I live somewhere diverse.
This guy has a show?