Nick Cordero - Beautiful

Nick's final public performance. March 9, 2020 - SONY Hall, New York, NY
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Nick lost a 95 day battle with COVID 19 on July 5th, 2020.

Piano - Michael J Moritz Jr
Guitar - Jakob Reinhardt
Bass - Larry Cook
Drums - Bryan Carter
Percussion - Damon Grant
Backing Vocals - Annabelle Kempf, Natalia Hagan

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Lisa McNelly
Lisa McNelly:
Why doesn’t his horrific story make everyone understand what a terrible virus this is and take the only precautions we have? Masks and social distancing-I don’t understand our our rebellious beliefs!
Shine your light
Shine your light:
It’s hard to believe that this was just four months ago, this was just a few short weeks before everything began to change. Bless his heart for having to endure so much, and for his wife and child Elvis, my heart breaks with you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. RIP Nick Cordero. ❤️
I meant him once at the stage door of “Bullets Over Broadway”. He was such a warm sweet guy. Talked for about twenty minutes with my friend and I. He left quite an impression. I feel like I lost a brother. I’m crying along with many, many people today.
K Dizzle
K Dizzle:
Love to his family. At the very least, they’ll have recordings like these to watch and remember him. 💜
Lauren Swalve
Lauren Swalve:
Such a great performance! I didn't know about him till finding out he had Covid and been following his story and praying since. He seemed like such a beautiful person! His legacy will live on! Prayers for his family and a way to honor him would be to wear a mask and practice social distancing! ♥️♥️♥️
EdTech Authority
EdTech Authority:
Incredibly sad. We were front row at that performance, and I was impressed not only by his two songs, but by the genuine kindness and humanity that he exhibited at the event. Our sincerest condolences to the family and to his friends in the entertainment community.
Melissa Schooling
Melissa Schooling:
Thank you SO much for sharing this beautiful piece, 😞✨🙏 it has such a deeper significance now,. It has all been so heartbreaking & just seems so unfair & like a bad dream we all wish we could wake up from!! Sending so much love 💕, healing & strength to you & Nick’s Family, to beautiful & powerful Amanda & her family & to adorable Elvis 🙏 Nick you & your big heart ❤️ will never be forgotten... peace, love & health to everyone!!!
so so so sad .. so cruel that he has been taken may his spirit soar
Beautiful performance. I can’t believe someone so young, healthy, and vibrant, could succumb to this horrible virus. It just goes to show that none of us are invincible.
Earl McGee
Earl McGee:
Sad, sad day.
Lauri Holderried
Lauri Holderried:
Godspeed, Nick. Prayers to your beautiful family.
Maria De la torre
Maria De la torre:
Elvis an angel watches you
Grace Harrison
Grace Harrison:
R.I.P beautiful talented soul. ❤️
Shawn Keeton
Shawn Keeton:
First time I have heard of him and unfortunately I am hearing that he passed away from the virus. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. 🙏🙏🙏. He had wonderful music and a great voice. R.I.P. NICK.
Amber Contreras
Amber Contreras:
You will never be forgotten, Nick. We love you soooo much!!!!
Life is so precious and fragile. RIP sweet soul. <3
Trishmarie Woods
Trishmarie Woods:
Thank you for sharing this lovely performance with us. In tribute to this young man I'd like to say this: wash your hands, don't touch your face, stay 6 feet apart, wear the damn mask!
Stella Au
Stella Au:
he fought for so long. so sad. condolences to his family.
edmond saksak
edmond saksak:
So sad...................
RIP. Nick Cordero!
Much love to your family! 💛💛💛
Janine DiVita
Janine DiVita:
He was so vibrant that night. Warm as usual and sang his face off. ❤️
Tamara Thompson
Tamara Thompson:
Rip nick cordero
Nicole F
Nicole F:
Heartbreaking. I prayed for him every night. I really felt like he was going to pull through. He already went through so much and pulled through. So devastating. :(
Heaven on Earth
Heaven on Earth:
Rest in Peace fellow Warrior Artist.
Sending Light 🙏 to your beautiful family ❤️. Thank you for you.💜
Teresa Kofoed
Teresa Kofoed:
Now in my favorites, god bless and rest in peace.
Panos Christofi
Panos Christofi:
RIP Nick. So sad... He was taken too soon. :(
Paula M. Colahan
Paula M. Colahan:
Nick's death is so tragic. I really thought he was absolutely going to survive. It was understood he would have had a long road to recovery, but as we prayed for him every morning, I would reflect and truly believed he was going to make it. May he rest in peace. 💙🙏🏻
you're beautiful and you left too soon from this earth , rest in paradise Nick.
Richard Williams
Richard Williams:
What a wonderful man! Love and prayers to you in heaven and your family!!
So heartbreaking! Our thoughts and prayers are with you Nick and your lovely family. You were beautiful!!
Manu Barcelona
Manu Barcelona:
Dios te tenga en Gloria ....;(
Amy Rivard
Amy Rivard:
Thank you so much for sharing this Michael. I'm def a ball of tears after this one. xoxoox
Victoria P
Victoria P:
Much love ❤ RIP Nick..
Beth Mauskopf
Beth Mauskopf:
Gone too soon. An amazing talent. Loved him in Bronx Tale. He was "one of the great ones". Rest in peace sweet man. My heart goes out to his family.
Joy Wilson
Joy Wilson:
Love and sympathy to family Cape Town South Africa🙏🏻
Julie Lange
Julie Lange:
Such a talent gone too soon! 💕
William Reaves
William Reaves:
Thanks, Michael.
Evelyn Oberstein
Evelyn Oberstein:
How very sad. He was so young and had his whole life ahead of him. When will people realize that their life is worth more than the hamburger and beer that they eat in a restaurant with friends.. Wake up America. STAY HOME. If you must go out. WEAR THE MASK AND DISPOSIBLE GLOVES. & SOCIALLY DISTANCE. IT SAVES LIVES. NYS Governor Cuomo said it early on.