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Music video by Niall Horan performing No Judgement. © 2020 Neon Haze Music Ltd. and Niall Horan, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Niall Horan
Niall Horan:
No Judgement is one of my favourites I’ve written. Loved writing this song as I knew exactly what I wanted to say. And from blank canvas idea to the most colourful and most fun video to make with my guy Drew Kirsch. What a day with the wonderful Pimm and Barbara, the real stars in this clip. Let’s stop judging each other, life isn’t about that. Enjoy it and enjoy this video! Go and dance like no one is watching.
Tacool DNA
Tacool DNA:
Fun Fact Nial is one of the most handsome men to ever live
kopila Tiwari
kopila Tiwari:
this man is literally that boyfriend which every girl wants😂
Riddhi Manna
Riddhi Manna:
Imagine Harry commenting here: "Thanks Nialler! Love you too -H" OMG!
Navya Siddanur
Navya Siddanur:
Bare foot and a bottle of wine.......
Niall: all dressed up eating a banana
harry watching this: NIALLER!! what did i say!?! NEVER make eye contact with anyone while eating a banana!!
Yee Lam Ng
Yee Lam Ng:
I love how he singing cheesily of 'no judge' while all his expressions are written with 'judging in Niall'
hi to who evers reading this
hi to who evers reading this:
I think James Corden was right when he said Niall should be the next James Bond

edit: thx for 100 likes
Diego Paredes
Diego Paredes:
In this song, Niall's voice resembles that of Ed Sheeran.
magic_ lyrics videos
magic_ lyrics videos:
Friend: what's your favourite actor?
Me: Niall Horan
Friend: but he's not...
Me:Niall Horan
N- The
I - Best
A- Irish
L- Princess
L- Ever

You see? Fits perfectly
Happy Face
Happy Face:
Is no one gonna talk about him saying "told ya" in the cutest way possible at the end?!?!?🥺🥺🥺
Ifrah Shaikh
Ifrah Shaikh:
Niall: hates the smell in the bathroom
Also Niall: keep standing there spraying 😂
Oh Niall
Kaleigh Gilbert
Kaleigh Gilbert:
So, Niall is just their "butler" that kind of just...spends the day relaxing and hanging out with/watching them? I like it.
Chiara 28
Chiara 28:
No Judgement is phenomeNiall and so underrated.
Georgia Rose
Georgia Rose:
0% sex
0% language/swearing
0% trash
100% art
Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez:
Acá haciendo str34m porque alto álbum que se hizo mi pupi
Pasha Namir
Pasha Namir:
This song reminds me of I don't care by Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran so much, when I first heard it I thought it was that song
Akshita Rana
Akshita Rana:
Omg he's literally judging them singing no judgement 😂😂 oh niall😂
Maharani Putri.
Maharani Putri.:
unpopular fact:
this song was created for harry styles or this song is shown to describe a harry styles
Ella Jones
Ella Jones:
Kinda miss One Direction, kinda love more their seperate careers. They are really all good.
Natilee Youngbull
Natilee Youngbull:
cant believe this is the same person that yelled "POTATO" and said "Just chill'in out in me box"!!! <3
constanza nario
constanza nario:
Barefoot and a bottle of wine
You can stay with me tonight
You don't have to change when I'm around you
So go ahead and say what's on your mind
On your mind
When you're with me, no judgement
You can get that from anyone else
You don't have to prove nothing
You can just be yourself
When you're with me, no judgement
We can get that from everyone else
And we don't have to prove nothing
When you're with me, no judgement
Ohh, we don't have to prove nothing
Mhm, when you're with me, no judgement
I get us breakfast in the morning
Or you can slip out in the night
You don't have to give me a warning
'Cause we both got nothing to hide
Nothing to hide
Even though we don't talk for a couple of months, yeah
It's like we didn't lose anytime
I can be your lover or your shoulder to cry on
You can be whoever you like (oh)
When you're with me, no judgement
You can get that from anyone else
You don't have to prove nothing
You can just be yourself
When you're with me, no judgement
We can get that from everyone else
And we don't have to prove nothing
When you're with me, no judgement
Ohh, we don't have to prove nothing
Mhm, when you're with me, no judgement
I hope we never change
Even though we both know
That we'll move on again
I'll keep your secret safe
'Til the time we both find
Ourselves alone again (oh)
When you're with me, no judgement (no judgement)
You can get that from everyone else
You don't have to prove nothing
You can just be yourself
When you're with me, no judgement (no judgement)
We can get that from everyone else
We don't have to prove nothing
When you're with me, no judgement
Ohh, we don't have to prove nothing
Mhm (yeah), when you're with me, no judgement
Ohh (no), we don't have to prove nothing
Mhm, when you're with me, no judgement
Hi Hola
Hi Hola:
POV: you’re here looking for comments about Harry
Darcy Rae Lynn
Darcy Rae Lynn:
Niall when he makes all these "NoT jUdGiNg but totally judging in Niall" faces
Lucia Herrera
Lucia Herrera:
When Niall is wearing suits, He looks like an Irish prince.
idk why, but it reminded me a lot of the friendship he had with a certain curly guy
Estos señores me dan mucha ternura, fin del comunicado
larryandziam andniall1d
larryandziam andniall1d:
what is your fav actor me: all the boys of 1d
my friends: but only harr......
me : all the boys of 1d did you watch best song ever or there movies thay are actors
Whats Poppin India !
Whats Poppin India !:

Najya Martínez
Najya Martínez:
Everyone: Harry Styles is kind in making weird music videos
No one:
Niall: HoLD mY bEER
Angel Peace
Angel Peace:
I hope you find your true "NO JUDGEMENT" love. Someday that perfect person that loves you for the true you and nothing else. Always stay the happy-go-lucky gentleman you're. Please don't ever let anyone take that from you. That's what makes you an extra special individual. ✌❤
Monica Espina
Monica Espina:
Gryffindor 101
Gryffindor 101:
Was it just me or were you casually listening to this song while doing work when you all of a sudden heard a farting noise...
Nada Putri
Nada Putri:
Banana, Watermelon, Sunflower. Uhm Harry, is that you?
Dulce Batz
Dulce Batz:
Sofia Rodriguez
Sofia Rodriguez:
El temon de Niall, sos un capo, te amo, aunque probablemente no entiendas un carajo de lo que te escribí, mucho amor <3
Safia Singla
Safia Singla:
Niall singing: No Judgement

Also Niall in the entire mv: judging the old couple
Aisha 93
Aisha 93:
The candles in 2:09 it’s 27 and he turning 27 tomorrow 😳
anxkita aaa
anxkita aaa:
Other artist's songs : nudity, drugs
Niall's song: cute old couples living their best lives.
Lore Maris
Lore Maris:
okay but we can't ignore the fishbowl, banana, sunflower, watermelon, ...!!!!
Novijny Samontina
Novijny Samontina:
I still picture him having braces and shouting "POTATO!" 😂
Abbi Ciarmella
Abbi Ciarmella:
Ive just been watching the beginning were he Toks cuz his voice is literally the best thing I could ever here
Niall while writing this song: *thinks of old people*
Zurriyati Nafisah
Zurriyati Nafisah:
Harry: you don't have to say nothing (adore you)
Niall: you don't have to prove nothing (no judgement)

My boys 💕
Katrina Abela
Katrina Abela:
The cake said 27, He should recreate that cake for his birthday this year
Fátima Lara
Fátima Lara:
You’re art Niall Horan 🥰
Nadia Danella Cantik
Nadia Danella Cantik:
Your voice is soo good niall, you have to collab with Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson. We wait for it
Gabriella Vorster
Gabriella Vorster:
I think he's better than Harry Styles! I certainly prefer his music.
Akshansh Prakash
Akshansh Prakash:
Just Chillin out in meh box

If you know you know...
ana carolina
ana carolina:
A gente tinha q hitar alguma música dele pelo amor
Is this the same boy that yelled “POTATOOO” 😹
Izzy Louise
Izzy Louise:
Everyone: looking at the cute old couple living their life

Me: waiting for him to spill his drink on his white suit
Bianca Toledo
Bianca Toledo:
Ya que no encontré un comentario en español, vengo a dejar el mío
Diogo Ribeiro
Diogo Ribeiro:
I still remember the "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" - X Factor Viva la Vida
Lindsay Richard
Lindsay Richard:
I love the way he's says, "Let me tell you something, it gets a little bit strange."

How I hear it: "lEt me tEll you somthin', it gEts a lIttle bIt strange."

His accent is amazing.
priya bansod
priya bansod:
Niall eating banana upside down
Harry saying he eats a banana upside down
Coincidence?I don't think so
niall randomly said this was about an ex best friend and someone said harry and yes i've already cried lots about it
Daisy Smith
Daisy Smith:
Captain Niall and his new ship x
julia b
julia b:
this is the same boy that said "chilling out in me box"
fatima06 .mahmoud
fatima06 .mahmoud:
I'm not a fan for naill but he's so handsome and I love his voice🥺🥺💕
styles gomez
styles gomez:
Why he keeps getting adorable everyday. Also why am I loving this song more n more by everday?
Sofia Bosuego
Sofia Bosuego:
he said this was about an ex-bestfriend. imma go cry brb
Tasya Indah
Tasya Indah:
Did anyone notice that nial can doing whale like harry in 2:24 ?
Megan Wilson
Megan Wilson:
Harry: I’m the only one who can make weird videos

Niall: Hold my banana
Sunanda Mahapatra
Sunanda Mahapatra:
Happy birthday nialler! 😍😍😘 you're one of the five best singers in the world and you're one of the kindest people i I know 😍😘 stay cute, stay safe☺😚 loads of love from an Indian directioner😘😘😘
P.s I'd dreamt that you'd replied to mu comment on my birthday. Please, please niall, make this dream come true. Except that it's your birthday 🥺🥺
Kelise Mikayla
Kelise Mikayla:
The fact that he got a older couple & not a young couple is adorbs & it warms my heart❤😭
ana carolina
ana carolina:
Niall serviu dms com esse álbum scrr
Liseth Moreno
Liseth Moreno:
Felicidades🥳 niall horan que🎉 cumplas 🎁muchos años🎈 más bendiciones 🙏
Xiomara JR
Xiomara JR:
chicas apoyen a todos los chicos , merecen ser más reconocidos TODOS
Shrrutii Nigamm
Shrrutii Nigamm:
this sounds like I don't care by Ed Sheeran.

just saying
Yanina Rodriguez
Yanina Rodriguez:
Go stre4m:





Black and White

Live Forever

Kill My Mind

Heartbreak Weather


We made it

No Judgement

Two of us

Put a Little Love on me

Bedroom Floor



Strip that down

Adore you


Like I would

(If I'm missing any songs, let me know :))
Tasha Barton
Tasha Barton:
I want this to be the anthem of my friend group.
Elli Simes
Elli Simes:
hey niall you should collab with these dudes, harry styles, louis tomlinson, liam payne and zayn malik. i think your voices would sound great together! loved this song also
Aitana Santana
Aitana Santana:
Adoro que me salga en recomendados :)
Sofia reis
Sofia reis:
He said it was about a ex bestfriend so everytime I heard this song I cry in a Narry way
Sebastian, Grace Grey, Sebastian
Sebastian, Grace Grey, Sebastian:
according to life existence of human. you only see whats on the outside of the human form no more than that if you choose. 1D=one dimension sight. since you also born in human body. be carefull not to get infection so your eyesight wont get brown. its a positive that if you have brown eyes your infected from a virus called corona virus. or shall i call it maggots.
Monika Damanik
Monika Damanik:
Love this masterpiece😍

This guy tottaly spreads peace and love by his songs, Lovvvv
Leila Fisher
Leila Fisher:
Niall Horan, third wheeling since 2011
Shreya Pandey
Shreya Pandey:
truly an idle song which tells us the real meaning of a relationship
Cin B.L.
Cin B.L.:
You're so cute, Niall.
This song is so cute too!!! ❤❤
Michele R
Michele R:
Dave Gordon
Dave Gordon:
This definitely works for a song about being in love with someone of the same sex and the pressures of hiding in the open but regardless of how things have to be for now, when together it's nothing short of feeling that person can be themselves with that person. If there's any truth to the stories like having to wait months, then one of the subjects this may be about is kinda obvious which is sad regardless. If only in this day and age you didnt have to pretend to be someone you're not because you're expected to play up to a certain demographic the world would be seen so differently. People would have rolemodeles in some people they may never have known to be able to have otherwise.
Tanisha J. Horan
Tanisha J. Horan:
Can we take a minute to admire Niall James Horan wearing a freaking white suit please!?
this song kinda makes me think abt larry...since I think niall always was the closest larry shipper and in the video you can see how the old couple were themselves when they were around niall, and louis and harry prob around niall could be thereselves too, there is no judgement, plus theres many references on the video and the song just fits, and niall said the song was abt best mates that turned into something else, everyone can have their own opinions don’t hate mine and I wont hate urs💚
treat people with kindness
treat people with kindness:
N - next level good
I - irish
A - a potato
L - princess
L - princess
E - eejit (jk he is not an eejit)
R - rather good at accents

I think im pretty good at these things
Lindsay Richard
Lindsay Richard:
What's up with Niall and Harry. Fruits, sunflowers, fish, gold(shades of yellow), lemon~harry "brown skin and lemon over ice" niall (drinks tea with lemon), and finally loving people for who they are. Oh and can't forget how they start Adore You and No Judgement with someone talking, it gives the person watching an idea of what they are about to watch.

Also am I the only one who was wondering what the bush was supposed to be shaped as? I think it's an elephant.
the banana in the beginning this is so about harry my narry heart😭😭😭
So I guess Niall's audition for the James Bond movie is going well
Izzah 'Atirah
Izzah 'Atirah:
1:37 am i the only one dead at that part because of those beautiful blue eyes. 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Is it just me or can you hear "audiojunle" while Niall is talking at 0:09 ?
Maria De Los Angeles
Maria De Los Angeles:
Probablemente no entiendes un crjoo de lo que te estoy escribiendo... Pero solo vengo a decirte que sos increíble!!! ♥️♥️♥️
Paula Michell Oyola Rios
Paula Michell Oyola Rios:
00:12 hahahahaha Niall's british accent
Nohainne Costa
Nohainne Costa:
I just read that this song is for Harry. If it's true, it's the cutest thing in the world
Chiara Casaccio
Chiara Casaccio:
sign below!
This is about your ex best friend?? Harry?? Ex?!
Rebecca McDaniel
Rebecca McDaniel:
Not related to this masterpiece, but Niall would be an absolutely amazing grandpa someday. Like just imagine him teaching his grandkids golf or the guitar😍😂
treat people with kindness
treat people with kindness:
I love how he said in his comment go dance like no one's watching. That is a mood and my attitude. Loving it niall!!!!!
Key Epic Pranks
Key Epic Pranks:
Can’t believe how much Niall has grown since 1d, both as a person and in his music. What a lad.