Niall Horan Has A New GIRLFRIEND!

Niall Horan is officially off the market! Some eagle-eyed fans noticed he was cozying up to a mystery brunette over the holiday weekend. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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100+ komento:

Kayla _Hiatus Directioner
Kayla _Hiatus Directioner:
Am I the only one that just can't see him with a girlfriend or married with kids? It hurts seeing him grow up because he was such a cute baby in 1D and now he's all big
Mollie Greene
Mollie Greene:
Mate he weren’t celebrating 4th of July he Irish and living in London we don’t celebrate it 😂😂
Sara Cummings
Sara Cummings:
Why would he be celebrating the 4th of July? He's Irish 😂
lexie ciccar0nee
lexie ciccar0nee:
He looked so happy so im okay with it
(maybe I’m a liiiiitle jealous lmao)
roberta Guadalupe Lopez
roberta Guadalupe Lopez:
Please, don't hate on her. She doesn't deserves it, we know she will take care of our baby Niall, and if she doesn't then we can hate ♡
rebecca avalos
rebecca avalos:
I guess I just lost my husband I don’t know where he went🤷🏻‍♀️
nush pahariya
nush pahariya:
here i was, thinking that niall and harry were the two single uncles to the ID kids but then i came across this-
Hafizah Begum
Hafizah Begum:
Mwesige Aisha
Mwesige Aisha:
am currently in isolation waiting for my covid test result but this news has just lifted my spirit🥰❤ just wish all our boys happiness😘
Reah Thomas
Reah Thomas:
I mean, as long as he's happy, it's all good🥰
Tina Hoang
Tina Hoang:
Ok we don’t know if it’s true.....I want him to be happy..but this hurt...But we don’t know if it’s true😁...😐....☹️
janay loves bts
janay loves bts:
I just looked at a photo of Amelia and Niall together and I was like "Awwww they're so cute!!" and they really are, from my point of view. As a fan, I am actually happy for them. If I was still 8 years old (which was my age when I first got into One Direction) then -I would've been jealous instead of being happy for them- because Niall was my second favorite of the group, but if I'm being honest, it would be stupid of me to be jealous.
Sr America
Sr America:
I’m crying because i really thought maybe someday he was going to be with me but i am really happy he’s happy because he deserves everything what makes him happy
Tiffany Dimen
Tiffany Dimen:
im crying because he used to be this young lad who was in 1D. And I never imagined him with a wife and kids in the future. But seeing him all grown up makes me so emotionallllll
elle best
elle best:
y’all now Harry’s the only single one. Love ya Emile🤍
tommo sun
tommo sun:
i’m not ready for a third heartbreak album
Laliko Giunashvili
Laliko Giunashvili:
Everyone, please stream Story Of My Life and Drag Me Down, we are going to reach billion viewers and we really need your help!
Linda Chengeta
Linda Chengeta:
Um Naya Rivera anyone?
Naira Muricken
Naira Muricken:
all 1d members are gud people who deserve gud people to be in their life.........................i hope nial's happy
theresa 17
theresa 17:
Aww he looks precious in the thumbnail ✨
Am I the only one who doesn't really ship it?? But I'm glad he's happy tho
I lost my husband but i just want him to be happy so i can come over the pain it’s ok 🥺❤️
Autumn Divers
Autumn Divers:
He gonna be the next one to have a baby thats sad im gonna go cry now
Lariana Pena
Lariana Pena:
You guys don't even know they dating or not what if they just friends and started talking and guy's can have girls or woman's as friends
Deepika Chandra
Deepika Chandra:

Stream DMD directioners 🥺💙
Emma Smith
Emma Smith:
luckily tho none of the one direction members know want a ring is, but I also don’t think they know what protection is, Niall you know better
Kaylee Dreamer
Kaylee Dreamer:
Niall is still single he never dated Amelia wooley tbh he said and his self he is single and that all the ppl saying he has a girlfriend is lieing
Now only harry is left 😭I’m so happy for Niall!
Jaz Megan
Jaz Megan:
I'm happy if nialls happy 💞
mirna vlajkovic
mirna vlajkovic:
im happy if he's happy, but don't hurt him amelia
hannah h
hannah h:
@heyangel ummmmmm I think he cheating on u 😂
Ashley Baltz
Ashley Baltz:
I’m not really hurt by this at all cause even famous people have sides that nobody knows about. So I’m never gonna say I’m “romantically” in love with a celeb unless I’ve met them and gotten to know them in person.
Publicity stunt all the way.
Summer Spence
Summer Spence:
noooooo :( i’ve been waiting for 10years 🥺
Ana Membreno
Ana Membreno:
I'm so happy for him! He will always be my cute little Irish boy
A Cup Of Tea
A Cup Of Tea:
I'm happy for him but secretly I'm jealous 😭🤣
Zainab Nasar
Zainab Nasar:
who wants to go back in time?
jenn kingman
jenn kingman:
hes still single ok
Madeline Nelson
Madeline Nelson:
honestly, I'd be happy for him and i love him so much but they never confirmed it, there were two photos, LIKE TWO. just because the boys are seen with girls doesn't mean they're automatically dating, they can have friends.
ayatos pancake
ayatos pancake:
I'm crying I just love him too much....
d i a n a
d i a n a:
we don’t know if this is true but yeah why not make views out of a rumor 🙄
Dana H
Dana H:
I’m soooo happy that Niall girls are positive about this and are actually supportive
tabby montecillo
tabby montecillo:
I just saw this earlier, I'm so happy for him, hope for best 💖💓💓😊😊
Rebecca Cashin
Rebecca Cashin:
Hearts broken but I'm happy for him at the same time
Denaya Arsa
Denaya Arsa:
He's my husband :(
Piper Sanford
Piper Sanford:
My hopes for him and hailee getting back together got shatterred. I wanna die
Lielle Efrati
Lielle Efrati:
Awwww omgg if this is true i am so happy for them! Amelia is stunning! and plus niall looks very happy, and thats whats important and i am 100% behind them. Good luck to those two beauties 😍
amelia harriss
amelia harriss:
brown hair and the same name , why couldn’t it be me 🥺
piu sigera
piu sigera:
His happiness is my happiness ❤️ hate on her😍
🤦‍♀ so being friends with a girl means dating them
Mhm mhm makes sense..
ot5luvs :D
ot5luvs :D:
To the first tweet: omg same, like Liam Louis and zayn were off the market bc they have partners already😔 but now apparently nialls offf tooooooo✨
Aisha Javed
Aisha Javed:
He's an Ignoble man😤 Illicit relationships 😒
Natanya R.B.
Natanya R.B.:
Good for him! He looks happy and she is pretty!
Yep he's not the child on 1D anymore
I hope this is not true :( but I want him to be happyy
Kelah Cupcake
Kelah Cupcake:
I want Niall to have happiness but I'm SOOOO jealous right now.
Catherine Daly
Catherine Daly:
i was so close to clawing my eyes out watching this my heart hurts
Skarlett Dasiy
Skarlett Dasiy:
What if there just friend maybe just friends hanging out
Leah Brielle
Leah Brielle:
Okay Emile looking GOODT TODAYYYY🔥🔥🔥
Marlen Cordero
Marlen Cordero:
Don't wait all live sel..good for you niall's!
Ella Østergaard
Ella Østergaard:
As long as there happy together I’m happy❤️
Devayani Nair
Devayani Nair:
ayy niall be mine!!!
Bakiks Fuentebella
Bakiks Fuentebella:
I'm so happy for him but it hurts
kimaya panash
kimaya panash:
Why did i need to know that? 😂
Kriya Prashant
Kriya Prashant:
Oh we go again...
Im happy that he's happy.
He really deserves true love❤❤❤❤
Haley Faragalli
Haley Faragalli:
Can we leave him alone please?
Jessica styles
Jessica styles:
Niall is still a frat boy 😅
taz brown
taz brown:
when i found out i was crying so much
Janvi Nair
Janvi Nair:
All eyes are on harry now....(please no gf)
Sneha Pai
Sneha Pai:
Omg I'm so happy for Nialler!!!! I hope Niall and Amelia are happy with each other because they look lovely together. Stay safe directioner squad!
Vada McCain
Vada McCain:
I may be crying but I'm crying in a cool way
Luana M Jantz
Luana M Jantz:
Congrats Niall 😉👏
Adaziia Pfozeh
Adaziia Pfozeh:
N here I thot... He n Sel wel end up togdr💔💔💔 niwys happy fr him🤧
Sehun Min
Sehun Min:
wow congrats!!
Jey T
Jey T:
i rly want him to be happy but only with me
it's so crazy to think that he and hailee have already dated, she is too much for him
1k Subs with no content?? Person
1k Subs with no content?? Person:
In Ireland we don’t celebrate the 4th of July. So no he wasn’t celebrating
Sampada Gondhalekar
Sampada Gondhalekar:
I am so happy for niall 🤩🤩
Samantha wilson
Samantha wilson:
I’m his girlfriend.
roberta Guadalupe Lopez
roberta Guadalupe Lopez:
Oh my baby Niall :(
Agus Ocampo
Agus Ocampo:
Exijo esto en español
Chloe Hutchinson
Chloe Hutchinson:
I’m very happy for nail Horan as I already know as I follow the one direction news page on my iPhone. He has found a girlfriend just two weeks before the July 23rd reunion for one direction that is if there is one which I hope there is
Samantha wilson
Samantha wilson:
Jessica Hart
Jessica Hart:
So happy for you too
Iman Khan
Iman Khan:
Aww. I’m happy for him
I stan Peraya , Polca And Babii forever .
I stan Peraya , Polca And Babii forever .:
Vanity Daal
Vanity Daal:
Lookin good Emile
Loveee your hair Emile!!!!!
Magic Unicorn
Magic Unicorn:
Patricia Araceli Esteche Quiñonez
Patricia Araceli Esteche Quiñonez:
NO, What?
who is also scrolling down here while watching the video know his gfs name??
Barbara Fernandes
Barbara Fernandes:
He’s Irish, so why would he celebrate 4th of July?
I can’t really picture him with a girl, married, or with kids anyway. 🥺
i really wish it was ashe
Abagail Day
Abagail Day: