Ng Eng Hen explains why Ben Davis' NS deferment application was rejected

Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen spoke in Parliament on Monday (Aug 6), explaining why footballer Ben Davis' application for deferment from National Service was rejected. The 17-year-old has signed a 2-year contract with Fulham FC. Dr Ng said Davis' father had told the authorities his son "would only return to fulfil his NS commitment if he is unsuccessful in his professional career". Read the full story here:

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Saux Saux
Saux Saux:
This is why Singapore’s Football will never improve. Football is his career and NS should be more flexible on this.
John Lee
John Lee:
Who ask them manage foreigners like vips and singaporeans like sh2t
Hong J
Hong J:
Wise choice, singapore don derserve a footballer like him....
Ria Arman
Ria Arman:
change nationalities . game over
I call B.S. Just defect!
Singapore football no hope alr just deferment also not exempted
This just sounds like garmen got butthurt and try to flex power..
Aiya dinosaur come back to walk on earth SG also haven’t qualify for World Cup la
John Lee
John Lee:
How would ns even be powerful enough to call migrants to return to sg lol
Zacksalah Abdullah
Zacksalah Abdullah:
Follow your dreams
Ka ni na leh he become good there m8be jus m8be they may want semd scout to sg to find more players wa lan this sg thinking ah this is to improov our football
Crony Capitaleesm
Crony Capitaleesm:
I wonder why Singapore lacks creativity
Quan Tee Ng
Quan Tee Ng:
Ng is Angry, Ben Davis family is a winner and they got nothing to lose
Lam Par
Lam Par:
No special treatment for football player on NS???
Malcolm Soh
Malcolm Soh:
Be like Tony Tan's son.
goh kok hiong
goh kok hiong:
Ben Davis is loan to Real Madrid for the season 2018-2019. He have been call up for the England U-19 and play one match according to the info from wiki.
Calvin Blue
Calvin Blue: he is in Fulham..
Vaza Matio
Vaza Matio:
He chose to play for the Thai national team in U23.
Kia Ler
Kia Ler:
This is what we call Singapore Boleh too!!
Fukin invain Sg
Fukin invain Sg:
Related to Ng en tot
Zailan Ayub
Zailan Ayub:
Joseph schooling is deffo not going for national service...that is a to be a world class talent in football and a singaporean all at the same time hahahaha
Spider Salticidae
Spider Salticidae:
cos ben davis =/= patrick tan
Tang Kian Siong
Tang Kian Siong:
Ya , after 2 years will be done liao no need think liao
Kind the hotdog
Kind the hotdog:
Stu Manogajo
Stu Manogajo:
National Service is modern slavery and I was FORCED to be a slave for 2.5 years (30 months) as the rules demanded it then. My parents had MULTIPLE opportunities to leave Singapore for better opportunities and failed to take advantage of it and I paid for it. Only after seeing me suffer and being a slave, did they wake up and finally emigrate. They regret it now, after we all left and saw how much freedom and opportunities that they lost out on, trusting the PAP and Singapore propaganda. Yes, they were foolish and I paid for it. Lost 2.5 years of my life delaying my education and career, instead being forced to do menial labor and tuning out humiliating abuse on a daily basis—served NO PURPOSE in my life or anyone else’s regardless of the Strait Times’ propaganda about “maturity,” “learning people skills,” “how to work with all kinds of people” blah! Blah! Blah! It affected people's mental health that is the only thing it did! My peers in the west at 18-19 starting in University who did NOT serve NS were far more open, had greater survival skills, critical thinking skills and so called “people skills” than stick-up-the-rear PAP brainwashed Singaporeans who allegedly went through NS and pretty much learned nothing of value in the real world, looking lost.

All that said, many of us are born there and have no choice, but Harvey Davies, i.e., dad, you were a FOOL to take up Singapore citizenship; you did it because of cheaper school fees in Singapore—that cheapness cost you dearly. Come on bro, you are a UK citizen, for your son-- you chose Singapore? I mean, it is not like your wife is Singaporean, she is Thai, you came there and CHOSE to ruin his life by making him become a Singaporean. I mean, you could have kept foreign citizenship for them, no one forced your family to take up Singapore citizenship...People are screaming to leave Singapore for the UK and other countries and you did the reverse and now you complain? Did you do the most basic of research into matters like NS and the Singapore government, PAP, dissent suppression, one-track thinking etc.? Did you bother to ask WHY people are begging to leave Singapore and how NS is such a thorn to expat kids? No, you did not do research. Now it backfired and caused this problem

Parents, please do some research; your children depend on you! Stop being foolish, please!
capybara tranquil
capybara tranquil:
Those 2 years are truly a footballers prime tho. Look at gabriel martinelli or bukayo saka from arsenal; these players experience immense growth around the "NS" age as it is a prime (sometimes only) window of development as a sportsman. No wonder sg has failed to produce more elite sportsmen!
Hyzel Fadhil
Hyzel Fadhil:
When Ben becomes a star that is recognized (hopefully to Messi n Ronaldo calibre), then all the ministers will suddenly want to take picture with him and "fight together" with him. How often do you see a Singaporean playing top flight football? (Apart from Fandi). If he flounders, he can always come back and serve NS. 17-19 years of age is the phase whr players need to focus and give their all. Its really sad to see our leaders dealing this situation without some sort of leeway or empathy.
I am more concerned about heat injury in SAF than listening to Parliament debate on this one person call Ben Davis. Every year, many young men are enlisted to serve NS. Recently one died due to heat injury. Singapore temperature is extremely hot. Heat injury is not new to SAF. SAF has been around for many years. They know heat injury and they know how to deal with heat injury. So when a SAF trainee recently died due to heat injury, something has gone wrong.
All these NDP songs are to be blame. Dream dream dream Wake up your idea and serve NS understand. All Singaporean Son will have to go through NS while pursuing their own dreams/career/study/aspirations. Fandi Ahmad did it, JJ lin did it and many others did it. Dont try to be funny
Dilithium Crystals
Dilithium Crystals:
If Ben plays for Fullham he will become a better player and in the next world cup qualifier, Ben will represent Singapore and who knows we may finally qualify