New video shows moments after Breonna Taylor shooting

Newly-released video in the deadly police shooting of Breonna Taylor shows the chaotic moments after she was shot. Jericka Duncan has the latest. 

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You can delete every comment that speaks the truth but you will never hide the truth.
Brandon Wood
Brandon Wood:
I wonder why they never show the whole story and never show the whole tapes
city 522
city 522:
Stopped watching when they said "small army"
No body cams while executing a warrant? Okay.
Jack Kent
Jack Kent:
What does her occupation have to do with her death?! Why do they keep saying " the EMT" it seems deliberate for some reason
Kevin Bell
Kevin Bell:
Body cameras should be mandatory on all police at all times. It should be the most important piece of equipment, before guns or anything else. It is a witness to what happened. If the cops do their job correctly, there is nothing to hide or worry about. The cameras would show that they did everything correctly, if they do it correctly. And the footage has to be available, not lost, not shut off at certain times, not altered. Transparency!
cheese Burger
cheese Burger:
So her boyfriend got her killed because he shot a cop and the cop fired back at him and hit her accidentally?
that’s why you make patty mayo do the warrants
Wheeler Dreamer
Wheeler Dreamer:
The boyfriend shot at the police, so that right there means they are going to walk.
What happens afterwards in terms of looting and rioting will be unfortunate, but the justice system isn't beholden to those kind of people.
If a warrant was issued there were past incidents.
So they had authority to issue a no-knock warrant and ya'll are mad because they DID knock and then were fired upon? Wtf?
Samuel Wilson
Samuel Wilson:
No knock warrant wasnt used so ban it. That's the stupidest part of this ordeal.
The BLM movement says that they are planning to ban bodycameras of police officers this just shows how vital they are to clear up controversy. I wonder why the wanna get them removed 🤔
Your saying he didnt know it was the police when police cars and sirens are on right in front of her house? Your saying he just shot because there was a robbery? Breonna taylor had connections with jamarcus glover. A prior relationship in fact. Your saying Kenneth walker had enough time to shoot a cop in the knee. Not know it was a cop and then CALL the cops? What sense does that even make
Ryan Neely
Ryan Neely:
wow, so that dude shot the cop first? hmmmm, was the dude a drug dealer too?
Salvador Torres
Salvador Torres:
is no one going to pay attention to the fact that the officers knocked and still got shot? interesting.
They literally played the interview of him saying he knocked and continued to go on saying they were serving a no knock warrant. Crappy reporting.
Derek Dreke
Derek Dreke:
Y'all better do ya dam homework sounds like something fishy all the way around
Why not just show the full video?
Ron Smith
Ron Smith:
She got shot 8 times he got hit ZERO hmmmmm
Freddy Alexander
Freddy Alexander:
Small army? What an intruduction! What a manipulative news channel. This news chanel is being funded by democrat party for sure.
i can understand his argument but why shoot if they haven't exposed themselves how many times do we have friends and family just randomly turning up the cop he shot could of easily have been a family member he's just as much to blame if you shoot at a cop im not surprised they emptied rounds and just so happened an innocent person got caught in the fire.
MacGyver at large
MacGyver at large:
No-knock execution?
Hat Cat
Hat Cat:
Sad that the only way we get laws against things is only after a huge incident has happened
Jay Beez
Jay Beez:
I love how they think they've contradicted the police by emphasizing that the officer said they knocked even though they had a "No knock warrant." I'm going to go out on a limb and say the NKW gives them the option to not knock, BUT the officer(s) decided against that option because they thought (incorrectly) she was home alone.
geo pin
geo pin:
When does it end smh😞
Roxana Merlan
Roxana Merlan:
I have watched multiple videos of this case and they all say different things
Patrick heiden
Patrick heiden:
The judge has to make a decision on the warrant, I want to see what the judge was presented in order to issue the no knock warrant, make the whole investigation transparent!
Kazik Kozakiewicz
Kazik Kozakiewicz:
1:06 sounds legit. Somehow I dont believe it.
citation Sloth
citation Sloth:
I plain clothes ...... you didnt mention these were not uniformed officers
Tobias Birmingham
Tobias Birmingham:
She wasn’t really an emt!
Henstep ele
Henstep ele:
I really dont know what to say... i have no idea what really happened
Es Pr
Es Pr:
US police 😱 wouldn't want to live there, keep your green cards.
S To
S To:
1:28 - well thats true
He knew they were the police. Playing victim is becoming a go to for all criminals.
Stacy Durham
Stacy Durham:
Live by the sword due by the sword..
So, the police out of nothing came and raided "ENT's" home?
Terrence Head
Terrence Head:
Who's name is in the book of life?
Deric Davis
Deric Davis:
Y’all Freemasons are something else man
did they arrest the cops? Well no
Tyler Riggs
Tyler Riggs:
Don’t say anything about mattingly getting shot in the leg from the mans shot?
Kilauea North shore
Kilauea North shore:
Small army?? Wtf you mean
"We both dropped to the ground" I thought they told us she was killed in her sleep. Guess she was sleep walking.
Knathan Knathan
Knathan Knathan:
I thought they were wearing street clothes. The video shows a lot of them wearing uniforms
Salty Medpac
Salty Medpac:
Tring to see what actually happen. I heard the name before but never knew what BT was about.
santiago martinez
santiago martinez:
In Kentucky they will send the whole department for a marijuana bust.
sushmaa kk
sushmaa kk:
Wth is seriously wrong with these people!
They must have known how it must have been to be in the poor victims place
As a 13 year old
I feel terrible.
Jack White
Jack White:
“Small army” btw 🤣. They need to move on. Drug dealers get shot all the time. If you are not about that life then get out.
she was the subject of a narcotics search warrant and an officer was shot coming through the door by either Taylor or her boyfriend. She wasn't just sleeping.. they shot at police and police returned fire.
When I try to figure out stories like this only one conclusion can be made...everyone sucks, trust no one
Paleo River Scout
Paleo River Scout:
deez nutz
deez nutz:
Lol no cams cuz they were trying to come up on drug money😂
CrossFit Jesus
CrossFit Jesus:
First they said the cops should’ve knocked first. Now after finding out they did knock first, these same “experts” are saying that they shouldn’t have knocked at all. Smh.
Adrian Medrano
Adrian Medrano:
The system is corrupt'
Mike Rupley
Mike Rupley:
Prison or death 💀
Breona lost...
Mukoro Oweh, Jr.
Mukoro Oweh, Jr.:
Jabriel Warren
Jabriel Warren:
Ain’t even find drugs lol they did have cams though
Good, they whacked the drog dealers partner in crime. Good work LVPD!
Too bad the dude got away...
Haya Nabi
Haya Nabi:
The knocked and even Kenneth said they knocked you all are ommiting facts..
Nefertiti Gutierrez
Nefertiti Gutierrez:
So they got away with killing her.
After they claimed that They was looking for her ex boyfriend who was already locked up originally.
You don't see the game....
POV you’re here from TikTok seeing what happened
Frd Rst
Frd Rst:
No one notice the police officers on the front weren't even in uniforms?
Fired from EMT program 3 years earlier.
Real Vessel
Real Vessel:
No body cams huh
Spam Intervention
Spam Intervention:
A Lesson for the ladies.  She had a future as an emt. Got involved with the wrong guy who used her to rent cars, maintain a dwelling and eventually as a bullet shield. He used her while she was alive and even tried to profit from her death.  Don't got used.
you need a license to own a gun? since when?
The awakener Of the world
The awakener Of the world:
Body cams for all police officers ✅we need transparency for all ✅
Lindalia Moran
Lindalia Moran:
One neighbor out of 12, said that she heard them knock & announce themselves. (She also has a huge language barrier.) So, I believe the other 11!!! Damn idiots. They should ALL be charged!!!
Vanessa Brown
Vanessa Brown:
I'm so sick of these mess god you gotta do something
b k
b k:
They knocked he even said they knocked
TexasRed 01
TexasRed 01:
“Small army”
There’s literally like 5 of them

Also, he literally shot at them.
Bishh got clapped
Beautiful Surprise
Beautiful Surprise:
Does it really makes sense to anyone that her boyfriend decided that he was going to go all Seal Team 6 Black Ops against the police? Would he really do that with Breonna in the apartment? If he did want to take out the police commando style why'd he only fire one shot? What makes more sense is that they busted in without announcing themselves (like witnesses said) and he thought they were being robbed and was attempting to defend himself and Breonna. Let's not forget that this same police department carried out another botched raid a year and a half ago and five of the officers I'm Breonna Taylor's case were a part of that raid as well. Something in this milk ain't clean and it's such a shame that a young lady lost her life.
Wait wait wait. We've been upset because we thought the police were barging in on this person the entire time when in reality they knocked? Nah. Both sides have more to reveal. Her boyfriend sounds like he's hiding something. The police sound like they're hiding something. It's a shame what politics does to sensibility.
Addyson Roberts
Addyson Roberts:
Corruption in the LMPD.
Leslie Harvey
Leslie Harvey:
She had been fired 3 years prior she was not an EMT
End this war on drugs, our government sells and is involved in drug trafficking as much as the drug traffickers themselves.
The Love
The Love:
So there is a no knock warrant. But you gave her plenty of time to answer hmmmmm. No body cams and more than 20 shots fired by police. Hmmmmmm
camcam the gaming channel
camcam the gaming channel:
Drug dealers and their associates have no place in life.
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith:
Someone begins to bang down your door & you are a armed homeowner🤔 Do you wait till they explain why they’ve busted down your door OR do you defend your loved ones 1st? ...Let’s ask a cop what they would do if someone starts smashing down their door in the middle of the night what they would do?
VanessaMW 11
VanessaMW 11:
Except as of today, we now find out that ballistics couldn't confirm that Kenneth walker even shot the cop. It may have been friendly fire. And it appears that at least one was wearing a body cam.
so the yelling to come out from those cheap apartment wont be a red flag and why shoot why didn't he do literally anything else but shoot
Gold Lick
Gold Lick:
Drug dealers getting more rights... Great stuff
Crispin Fornoff
Crispin Fornoff:
If that officer lied, he must have been very dedicated to the lie to end up with a bullet in his leg. How did that happen?
Servant of Christ
Servant of Christ:
I'm more then sure these cops didn't just point their guns without reason.
Of course what we see and hear here in this video is NOT the entire Truth.
Don't deal drug's!
They didn't have body cameras during the raid but did after?🤔
Brian Fire
Brian Fire:
LOL.. key moments AFTER?????
Cristian Hernandez
Cristian Hernandez:
He shot at the cops because they instruded in his home. Im from Texas and whiever comes in my House unannounced is getting shot. Thats the cops fault they should have announced Who they were he wouldnt have shot plain and simple
NIght Concept Production
NIght Concept Production:
That’s what happens when you associate your self with trash . They will drag you down to the gutter
steve austin
steve austin:
ac dc
*Wow! It's like most of you guys are suffering from a collective case of paranoia and mass conspiracy theorism! It's hardly a secret that the two reasons why they don't show the whole video is (a) It would be illegal due to the laws of **_subjudice,_** (which apply to ALL such cases, regardless of whether the cops are involved, or the skin color of the suspect), and (b) Because unlike most of you, the average American family, doesn't want to see any blood and gore involved in anyone being shot - again regardless of who is doing the shooting, or what skin colors are involved. I don't know about the cops being racist, but it's YOU GUYS who seem obsessed with peoples skin color!*
Hey kids, never open fire at cops. Bad things happen.
Deborah Davis
Deborah Davis:
Justice for Breanna Taylor and all the others who have die from police brutality.
Michael Nicetta
Michael Nicetta:
Have the police provided evidence of the boyfriend's drug activity?
Mani Wuvsu
Mani Wuvsu:
yasser fayyad
yasser fayyad: