New season, new sound. The Official Premier League Anthem

The official Premier League anthem.

The Premier League has launched a new anthem ahead of the 2020/21 season, which starts on Saturday 12 September when Fulham take on Arsenal at 12.30pm. The new matchday anthem will be played at Premier League stadiums providing a soundtrack to the moments before kick-off.

The anthem was recorded and produced at venues including the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. British composer Dave Connolly developed and produced the piece of music and collaborated with a group of 83 musicians and technicians – including an orchestra and a live gospel choir – to create the anthem over a period of nine months. The track features exciting and talented musical artists from the UK and around the world.

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100+ komento:

No please don't do this to us th previous one was better ffs 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
HakimTV KE
HakimTV KE:
When the Avengers are promoted to the premier league 😂😂
Rodrigo Huichalao
Rodrigo Huichalao:
The previous one was up there just below the UCL anthem. This is too generic.
mostafa samy
mostafa samy:
The old anthems : Goosebumps.
This anthem : Goose has diarrhea.
Peter Petrus
Peter Petrus:
No no no no, this anthem is horrible. The previous one was electric
Glenn patience
Glenn patience:
The old one will always remain in our hearts
General Channel
General Channel:
I feel like watching highlights rather than watching an anthem
HakimTV KE
HakimTV KE:
Astonvilla 7:2 Liverpool
ManUnited 1:6 Spurs
ManCity 2:5 Leicester
Remember the scenes, remember the scoreline
October 2020.
This is the premier league.
Aamir BhAt
Aamir BhAt:
No wonder we are in 2020, worst ever theme song
Sam Betz
Sam Betz:
Roy Keane: “Nonsense”.
Jesus Christ Is My King
Jesus Christ Is My King:
Anthem’s a bit flat and generic. Sounds like something from an Avengers trailer. Last season’s was better I think
Taranga Datta
Taranga Datta:
Nothing beats “Fire” by Kasabian/ “This is Premier League”. Those songs had a different vibe. RIP ❤️
TC Candler
TC Candler:
Everything has to have an anthem these days?
Nwalema Emmanuel
Nwalema Emmanuel:
Didn't like it initially and preferred the previous by far, but it seems like it's beginning to grow on me hearing it repeatedly. It's kinda epic.

Am I the only one who thinks this now? 🙄
Dennis Ekka
Dennis Ekka:
After listening this for two days on repeat, it has grown on me. However nothing will ever beat last year's sound. Goes on to show that PL never disappoints regarding anthems.
Josh Pickering
Josh Pickering:
Premier League here’s a petition to change the song to the old one ->>>>

L M:
I really really like this song, but nothing will beat the old song. However, if you listen to this song enough, you get used to it
ihtishamul haque nafis
ihtishamul haque nafis:
At first, I thought, “Hey, what is this? The old one was great. Why did they had to change!! Noo”. Then I listened it again & again.. Now actually it has grown onto me. Now I think it actually represents the emotion of the matches.. And it sounds really good. And specially the Champions crowning montage at the end gave me chills. I think it's now better than the old one. I'm sure it'll grow into everybody as the time passes
Foot 'plus' Ball ID
Foot 'plus' Ball ID:
Personally, i like this one than the previous one. I love the music which has any kind of orchestra, so there's some pumped vibe right there.

In other side, the previous one are very good as well, iconic in its own.

Sooner or later this theme will grow eventually.
Prajjwal khati
Prajjwal khati:
Well I find this anthem better, it's retro and sounds more iconic.
The Gameverse
The Gameverse:
Nooooooo. Why'd they change It???
RIP "This Is Premier League"
rajesh mohan
rajesh mohan:
This year's anthem is total garbage, as with most of the overpriced jerseys with really bad designs.
Nabil Faroj
Nabil Faroj:
Unpopular opinion: last year song was so artificial and ingenuine. This year's is heroic, epic and goosebumps.
Sudharshan Srinivasan
Sudharshan Srinivasan:
Not ganna lie. I was skeptical at first but this does grow on you. Especially that ending montage with all the league winners
not only is the song trash, but it also uses the wrong agüero commentary
The Travel Guy UK
The Travel Guy UK:
The old one ☝️ was WAY BETTER!!!
Who agrees
Хмызнявоя гыяа
Хмызнявоя гыяа:
Makes me feel nostalgic. We miss the old one, but this is also great.
This song is horrible. Whomever decided on this is a poor decider
Awad Sights
Awad Sights:
"This is premier league" is amazing ever that should continue this new is boring
Kishdali Kisaran
Kishdali Kisaran:
What an amazing song. Fantastic job for everyone who create this song. 👍 Especially from 02:40 where it getting 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tony Clarke Sr
Tony Clarke Sr:
Clubs lifting the pl trophy
Spurs: Aight I'ma head out now
It ain't Obeezy
It ain't Obeezy:
Doesn’t sound like an anthem and all the Sjw crap at 1:32 fully ruins it
Conner Motes
Conner Motes:
Everyone loves the older anthem when the new one comes out, just appreciate it while it's here
Large Chips
Large Chips:
Very English, reminds me of the old Barclays Premier League theme, i like it!
Ivan Hadlich
Ivan Hadlich:
When the last one came, we missed Fire from Kasabian... we are never happy :) the new one is already a classic!
Udit Nagar
Udit Nagar:
The more you listen to it, the more it grows on you. 1:58-2:10 is beautiful
Conor G
Conor G:
I can see this definitely growing on everyone
Sebastián Turk
Sebastián Turk:
This anthem is just ... Epic, EPL took seriously this song, is amazing, truelly a master piece, the last one was just... beats ? This describes how football is, magistic
Komrade Noah
Komrade Noah:
Did they just change the theme while it was perfect? I can't believe it...
Amien Fadhillah
Amien Fadhillah:
Too bad Kasabian split up... their particular anthem were resonating the distinct vibe of english league football.

Imo this one is decent but kinda generic at the same time.
Rifaldo Palaska
Rifaldo Palaska:
Sounds like pokemon anthem at the beginning, then turn to a generic indie band
A James
A James:
One question:

Zeddy Walskie
Zeddy Walskie:
I remember S.Mane making a run when they did the BLM kneel😂😂
bt tbh this theme song sucks
Sounds like something you'd play at the premier leagues funeral, how are we supposed to get hyped to this?
Tonmoy Dey
Tonmoy Dey:
It’s always been something very offbeat followed by something classic.
Always alternating between the modern and classic each iteration.
Last time I was this early Gloria was still the Premier League anthem (and my favourite)
Ibrahim Khan
Ibrahim Khan:
2016 -2020 will go down as one of the great anthems
Prashant Lal Shrestha
Prashant Lal Shrestha:
Love the new anthem. Feels like I can take on anything, gives me hope for the future.
Daniel Ferguson
Daniel Ferguson:
I actually really love this anthem! It feels like a fresh new start for a fresh new season!! 😎🙌⚽️❤️
"Yeah yeah yeah"
Please bring it back 😞😞😞😞
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise:
Sounds so uninspired. The previous held emotion, excitement. This one makes me yawn. It doesn't feel like the Premier League.
Mevlüt Ateş
Mevlüt Ateş:
This anthem is so good but this or the following anthems will never replace the last one. Last one was too fucking perfect. Impeccable.
Diego Irupailla
Diego Irupailla:
Beautiful anthem but I'll miss the last one:(
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname:
I listened to it a few times and now it sounds kinda fire. It grows on you.
jemin kalsariya
jemin kalsariya:
I cried 😭😭 bacause this anthem is so irritating ... Please do old one...
01:01 sonny🔥🔥
WM10 Officialfootballchannel
WM10 Officialfootballchannel:
It doesn’t get me hyped up like the other one did
Sounds like something I’d expect for the UEFA conference league not the “best league in the world”.
Phill Bozz
Phill Bozz:
Stop crying cry babys
It will grow on you in a year or 2
Get the old one back now ffs
Aditya Rayaprolu
Aditya Rayaprolu:
Imagine they place this song at the start of any derby ....All kids will go to sleep
Catfish Jon
Catfish Jon:
Editor: Why it's so hard to find clip Lingard goal? man he is legend
William Smith
William Smith:
Hmmm, ik it won't come back, but that anthem from the early 00s is still my fav, the one with the stadium lights turning on intro with Henry and Shearer staring at you lol.
A Helder
A Helder:
This promo is amazing.... It's so emotional when all Premier League Champions Lift the Cup.
Infinite Pegasus
Infinite Pegasus:
pls dont do this to us. I swear this anthem will put me too sleep
Varun Gole
Varun Gole:
The last anthem was iconic how could you even dare tochange without even asking your fan base???????
Duc Hieu Pham
Duc Hieu Pham:
Nooooo bring back the old one
Ahmeth Maki
Ahmeth Maki:
What a video to watch it ❤
Music from Sims, when you are building your new home:
I agree that the previous one’s somewhat better and more fiery, but this one grows on you as time goes by. The issue with this one’s probably its tempo being too slow. Apart from that, I think it’s quite grande & dramatic thus giving a sense of heroism towards the match.
ery KiD
ery KiD:
This anthem more epic!
Onyx Core
Onyx Core:
The Corona Season ...
I just realized it was changed after playing a prem game on fifa 21.. This is terrible.. Old one's way better! 😤
Mariano Nava
Mariano Nava:
This Anthem Reminds Me
Hey Jude from The Beatles
Mark Isaki
Mark Isaki:
Eh, I'm sure it will grow on me, but it doesn't hype me up as the previous one.
Lalit Thapa
Lalit Thapa:
This one is my favorite in my opinion.I think a perfect balance of the past and the present events and the theme just makes you cry and for a moment make u feel so greatful that u are witness in one of the best league in the oworld where every game is important and no one is a set winner and anyone has a chance
I Love the Prem💓💓💓
Charlie S
Charlie S:
personally, saturday myself is THE premier league song for me
Needs a Robbie Williams vocal! :P Love it. Can't wait for the premier league to begin!
John Fagbuyi
John Fagbuyi:
It's nice, but the previous one was far superior. This one is more emotion and a lot less hype
The old one was so good I didn't even know the premier league had an anthem 😂😒
Nope, please get back the 2019-20 theme soundtrack. That one is a masterpiece and describes EPL at it's best.
Chris breezy
Chris breezy:
the last one sounded like EPL itself and it creeped in my mind every weekend ...this one sounds like a movie trailer.. doesn't even make sense
I'm just happy to see the Premier League back. The Pride of London is Back!
Gerry Shom
Gerry Shom:
Nooooo, you changed it?!? The last one is iconic man, can't be replaced

This one's too slow for matchday hype guys, come on
Anto Kibz
Anto Kibz:
Hope this ain't the premier league match day into😂
solomon ayodele
solomon ayodele:
Best ending ever 👏🏾
VK Modding
VK Modding:
They actually included the kneeling for black people clips lmao
The West is mad with SJW issues
Thameez Vk
Thameez Vk:
Nooo bring back the old one 😭
Kaushik Das
Kaushik Das:
Good to see Kasami's goal finally getting the recognition it deserves. 🙂
C. Lee
C. Lee:
All of Premier League's anthems are so amazing. Always.
I'll bet you guys will get used to new one. :)
James River CFC Reviews
James River CFC Reviews:
RIP old anthem replaced but never forgotten 👏
When I heard the previous anthem, I was like a guy that bought a new porche and ready for the first tour..

That one is like returning back after ı put the garbage into trashcan
Brook Solomon
Brook Solomon:
Last season's one was mad, this feels like a movie.
Kentucky Mushroom
Kentucky Mushroom:
Worst Premier League Soundtrack ever known to man
David Kamz
David Kamz:
Covid anthem ain’t cool man. Noo noo nooo!! Bring old one back.
Jordan D'Souza
Jordan D'Souza:
Sounds like the sims 4 song ffs
Dhruv Someshwar
Dhruv Someshwar:
Who was watching the video all the time and realised halfway that you weren't paying attention to the anthem running in the background? 😂😂🤣
dayana reyes
dayana reyes:
" You'll Never Walk Alone " ❤
Ritzy Rahat8
Ritzy Rahat8:
This is not what we wanted previous was the one which gave me goosebumps evertime I listened to it