New Popular Songs 2020 - Top Songs This Week ( Billboard Hot 100 Chart )

New Popular Songs 2020 - Top Songs This Week ( Billboard Hot 100 Chart )
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TOP Music
TOP Music:
Top Hits 2020 - Top Songs This Week ( Billboard Hot 100 Chart ) - New Popular Songs 2020
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Mia Hallon
Mia Hallon:
0:00 - 2:59
Dont start now

3:00 - 5:57

5:58 - 9:37
Dance monkey

9:38 - 12:03
Work from home

12:04 - 15:17
Dont wanna know

15:18 - 18:07
I took a pill in idiza

18:08 - 20:02
Someone you loved

20:03 - 23:39
Send my love

23:40 - 26:46

26:47 - 29:52
Girls like you

29:53 - 33:23

33:24 - 35:33
Something just like this

35:34 - 39:47

39:48 - 42:58
I dont care

42:59 - 45:36
I'm a mess

45:37 - 49:00

49:01 - 51:53
Beautiful people

51:54 - 54:50
10,000 Hour

54:51 - 58:09
I love you 3000

58:10 - 59:38
Love you to love me
Kittipan nut
Kittipan nut:
0:00 Dont start now
3:00 Senorita
5:58 Dance monkey
9:38 Work from home
12:04 Dont wanna know
15:18 I took a pill in idiza
18:08 Someone you loved
20:03 Send my love
23:40 Memories
26:47 Girls like you
29:53 Circles
33:24 Something just like this
35:34 Perfect
39:48 I dont care
42:59 I'm a mess
45:37 Yummy
49:01 Beautiful people
51:54 10,000 Hour
54:51 I love you 3000
58:10 Love you to love me
Abraham Olea
Abraham Olea:
not eve the artist bruh
*me listening to this while making my PE project from home eating chocolate and trying to find sport pictures for my project like:👌*
Glorine Sam
Glorine Sam:
Where's the box by roddy ricch
Why not the originals ):
Natalie Kelly
Natalie Kelly:
i like the first song its music to my ears
Kaniya S.
Kaniya S.:
Don’t start now- 0:0

Senorita- 3:00

Dance monkey- 5:56

Work from home- 9:37

Don’t wanna know- 12:09

I took a pill in idiza- 15:13

Some one you love- 18:07

Send my love- 19:58

Memories- 23:39

Girls like you- 26:45

Circles- 29:53

Something just like this - 33:20

perfect - 35:35

I don’t care - 42:59

I’m a mess- 39:49

Yummy- 45:35

Beautiful people- 49:06

10,00 year- 51:53

I love you 3000- 54:50

That’s all the songs.... we lowkey got clickbated and the songs were a lil mixed up but I fixed it.
Vegan Aloha Kitchen
Vegan Aloha Kitchen:
Love this playlist for working out thanks for posting!
mire ganati
mire ganati:
i`m in lovvvvvveee with this music .......
Laura Harris
Laura Harris:
52:10 here it comes my fave
Laura Harris
Laura Harris:
50:00 here comes my fav
Mary Patnode
Mary Patnode:
i watched this is my 4th time
Ross Kizer
Ross Kizer:
Hello YouTuber I like your videos
Isabella canning
Isabella canning:
I love this song songs because it helps me sleep
Logan Busch
Logan Busch:
(▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)
Anika Jain
Anika Jain:
best so far cheers
ShiroWaffle うわー
ShiroWaffle うわー:
Ooh awesome! Stay safe and listen to the best music! 💙💙
Gregory Peralta
Gregory Peralta:
l love this song
halimah Yusuf
halimah Yusuf:
don't start now
dua lip
by i don't know
like if u agree.
Robs Borillo
Robs Borillo:
Who's singer .someone you love female version ?please
italiano secundaria
italiano secundaria:
muy buenas
Genesis Kiara
Genesis Kiara:
dua lipa is so prettyy
Goddess Sayuri
Goddess Sayuri:
Infinite Army
Infinite Army:
Hears a tik tok from the first second()
Emma Bushell
Emma Bushell:
i love your vodyos from lucy bushell
Jamsters Music
Jamsters Music:
Why are most of the songs the same as the last video?
ac and blue
ac and blue:
Sophie Nestoruk
Sophie Nestoruk:
Mary Patnode
Mary Patnode:
hmm what about bts
MiraMoji Sprinkles
MiraMoji Sprinkles:
Wow all of these songs are the best
Cyrus Ebora
Cyrus Ebora:
123 456
123 456:
put track names in description with timecodes if you want to be not a dum dum
Itsy& Paris
Itsy& Paris:
iconictammy x
iconictammy x:
Im sitting outside and these songs are on full blast!
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl:
Some of these songs are on tik tok
Arnold Buenaventura
Arnold Buenaventura:
The song list is stress reliever now a days,..
Kien Phan
Kien Phan:
Don’t die plz
Ross Kizer
Ross Kizer:
Leslie Emmerson
Leslie Emmerson:
Peter Downie
Peter Downie:
i love these songs <3
kateřina sádecká
kateřina sádecká:
do you have spotify account? :(((
New Hit Song World-wide
New Hit Song World-wide:
Udyog Khadka
Udyog Khadka:
Oh beautiful songs and nice music thank so much. We are enjoy Kathmandu Nepal.
Simulator Moster
Simulator Moster:
1 year later my sister says:Did you guy hear the new song don’t start know
angel rodriguez
angel rodriguez:
Emad Hussain
Emad Hussain:
Bruh these songs are old and not original
SendMe Nukes
SendMe Nukes:
wtf cover songs
Kenneth Villela
Kenneth Villela:
nice compillation of songs...
Kim Nguyen
Kim Nguyen:
The best song 😍😍😍😍😍
Presque vu
Presque vu:
fornite 4life
fornite 4life:
I love your songs
Daisy Rushton
Daisy Rushton:
Jackie Brinson
Jackie Brinson:
Omg 8 comment
G2_Azkia al Hikam
G2_Azkia al Hikam:
Top music The Best
Esther Adelakun
Esther Adelakun:
Ezekiel Casicnan
Ezekiel Casicnan:
beginner here. Can I get a hug from you guys, i will give back mine too. keep safe everyone PEACE!
milu villalba
milu villalba:
angel rodriguez
angel rodriguez:
Hi 🤩🤩🤩🤩
Most are covers
Ali Ajil
Ali Ajil:
Where's the box at?
علي حسين دكو علي حسين
علي حسين دكو علي حسين:
Abhijit Chatterji
Abhijit Chatterji:
MISSS IT IS Actually Despacito hello
Bøbå Ãñgėl
Bøbå Ãñgėl:
I am late I am sorry 😭 But I thx god I can still be able to hear the beautiful song ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🌟✨
jimmy Richardson
jimmy Richardson:
Need help what is Rita ora new song called not. Lonely one. Think she did one with Jonas blue I think. But can't remember song or how it goes only Heard it once.
Esther Adelakun
Esther Adelakun:
Some are 2019 songs
Phanie Joseph
Phanie Joseph:
and likee
Phanie Joseph
Phanie Joseph:
this is a tik tok song download it on wher you can download it ✌ out
Typixcal_Gamer231 *
Typixcal_Gamer231 *:
Is not even the artist is just other peaple singging and its so not enjoyably 🙄🙄
italiano secundaria
italiano secundaria:
Anabel Sanderson
Anabel Sanderson:
1:don’t start now: 0:00

2:senorita: 3:00

😏got you 😏
Reza Alizadah
Reza Alizadah:
I live you
RodySo1 RodySo1
RodySo1 RodySo1:
is not dua lipa singing.
is somone else
i like more the voice of dua lipa then this voice
the voice that in singing is ugly
romualdo dytianquin
romualdo dytianquin:
Dont start now its a tik tok dance
Celine Nguyen
Celine Nguyen:
How I

Rickie Cee
Rickie Cee:
I hate all these songs
sirine army
sirine army:
Where is BTS On ?????😐😕😑