*New FIRST LOOK at Hyper Scape + Gameplay!! (Hyper Scape)

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100+ komento:

For everyone asking - its going to be free on PC & on consoles
I thought this was a new apex legend lol
ishpreet singh
ishpreet singh:
It looked like wraith was in the thumbnail
Gterd 51
Gterd 51:
Essentially a battle royale where everyone is the titanfall version of octane
love it
Anyone else notice that he said ubisoft as oobisoft
futura freeze
futura freeze:
This gameplay honestly looks sick! Can’t wait for console release.
joseph danho
joseph danho:
I just feel its a chaotic game where everyone flies and shoots. Sounds like a deathmatch more than a BR
e e no e
e e no e:
I’m tryna think of a funny comment but I’m brain dead
This looks SOOOO confusing. Idk if I'll like this.
a sassy frog
a sassy frog:
As fun as this looks, it won’t have the amount of good lore that Apex has
Dis Guy
Dis Guy:
Just like Overwatch, there's too much going on on the screen for my liking. Since it's free, I'll give it a try but I'm not exactly hyped up over this
Mom can we have apex legends at home?
Mom "we have apex legends at home"
*apex legends at home:
I’m definitely gonna give this game a go
11:40 even when he doesnt play apex he still manages to reference it
Euro Juusto
Euro Juusto:
This looks actually something different than all the other br games its fresh
This reminds me of if Valorant was more like apex. I’ll definitely have to give this game a try
Cameron Dominguez
Cameron Dominguez:
Damn playing Raynday? That’s a collab I didn’t expect.
Cracked GAMER
Cracked GAMER:
The whole parkour thing is remining me the doom eternal.. I LOOOOVE IT!!
The movement looks fine but verry cluncky and limited
Yo this game looks like a banger bro! I will make sure to install it. Do you know if it will be free like apex? And when does it release?
Whovian Gamer
Whovian Gamer:
This game has solos so I'll be playing this now.
Caleb Sowby
Caleb Sowby:
He’s playing with Raynday!!!!!
Hi Friends
Hi Friends:
Lol, u playing with raynday I was thinking of watching his vid first
I don't really like how this game looks and feel to play...
Love the videos Janks!! You honestly have inspired me, to create my own content on YouTube! Super appreciative! 🔥💕
JanKz and Raynday! The duo I never thought I would see! Love it!
Eli Pixton
Eli Pixton:
Does anyone know if this game is free to play or are we gonna have to buy it?
Patrick Thurston
Patrick Thurston:
You played with raynday he is a great content creator
yi fei he
yi fei he:
1:05 I’m always scared they there’s gonna be some fall damage in new video games
Maddie Donaldson
Maddie Donaldson:
Whenever I finally get to play this, it will take me a long time to get used to the graphics and movement. Looks extremely fun though, can't wait to play it when it comes out on console.
Never thought I’d see the BackOffMyRaynday combo. Awesome! Need more of that when cross plat hits. This game looks dope, thanks for sharing Jankz!
luvely austin
luvely austin:
That game looks so hectic but fun!
Bro first seconds, thought that was season 6's map😂

I now read thumbnails
0:18 apex has mobility
(laughs in titanfall 2) the better apex
love the sniping cant wait for release!
Chris Placzek
Chris Placzek:
Time to kill sucks and the map seems kinda overwhelming however aside from that the game seems like a refreshing experience
SK Souls
SK Souls:
Seems like there's gonna be a huge skill cap, cant wait for the grind 😁
im wondering if they gave everyone melee weapons just to entice apex players
Unfunny Kid
Unfunny Kid:
Welp, I'm kinda early to the party ain't i
AverageSizeRick G
AverageSizeRick G:
I love watching the videos where Jankz is genuinely excited and having a good time
First name Last name
First name Last name:
I still remember me and my friend were just messing around in pubs in apex and ran into backofmyjanks one of the best gaming moments in my life
Ace_H1ghlightz Gaming
Ace_H1ghlightz Gaming:
Ah, after all that waiting the content has been released.
Lowlife Alpaca
Lowlife Alpaca:
Me early for a br: I’m calm
My brain: 🤫🤑
This reminds me of Unreal Tournament from back in the day lol
moein fathi
moein fathi:
" i knocked him out of his BALL ! "
why that sounded weird to me ??!
Tf he's playing on a controller
1k Nizu
1k Nizu:
This looks sick I definitely need this ‼️
vaggos the man
vaggos the man:
Game looks sick dude let's go i was getting tired of apex too. Buyin this right when it comes out.
Edit:im downloading not buying it :)
Monty Td
Monty Td:
I will be getting this it looks amazing and I love the mobility.
Deadass thought this was a new wraith skin from the thumbnail 😂
Josue Zaldivar
Josue Zaldivar:
Ever since I started watching you I've been committed to playing apex but seeing this game and how much fun it can be I'm going to give it a go, also keep up the great work man ❤
TheGamingNerd 4
TheGamingNerd 4:
My question is: Does this game have the same level of personality that Apex has? Everything about Apex has a unique style in the way it looks, feels, functions, and interacts with other things. Nothing is bland or generic, everything has a style and purpose, whether it's the story, maps, characters, weapons, or anything else. Does Ubisoft do the same with Hyperscape?
Shreyas Diy and Computers
Shreyas Diy and Computers:
When I looked at the thumbnail I thought the voidwalker skin had returned. Lol
Bailey Thomas
Bailey Thomas:
When does this drop
Aaron Dorety
Aaron Dorety:
Love the content Jankz! Super ready for this movement. Looks so damn fun!
Biscuit man
Biscuit man:
Been waiting for a game the pace of titanfall and this ones on crack so it’s great the fast pace is what I’ve been looking for in these br’s I love Apex but even then can be slow sometimes. This is great!
Colby W
Colby W:
Oh my lord this game looks like so much fun, I already know I’m going to be addicted to it
It’s like a overwatch battle royal 😂😁
Tyson Smith
Tyson Smith:
Seems like a mix of Overwatch, Warzone, and Halo! I love the rooftop but the hole map looks dope.
What happens when you get caught in a collapsed sector? Do u just slowly lose health like the ring in apex
Diego Serrano
Diego Serrano:
ima download this when released looks so fun
Cant Wait to Try this one ♥ ... If this get realese in a good start , I think Valorant player who were Apex Players before They might Play this Game ... I hope My rx 570 can run this ... Please i hope i can run this ...
Does Anyone know the required Specs to play this game ?
My pc specs : rx 570 4gb , I5 4th gen and 8 GB ram , can i run this game smooth ?
shadow 0614
shadow 0614:
Great graphics from Ubisoft there graphics is imrove from games like prince of Persia and assaisens creed great work from them
Sounds like they r complimenting with a gun to their heads
j l
j l:
I am so stoked to have another great BR to enjoy! I can easily see myself jumping back and forth from Apex to HS
Toxis 5
Toxis 5:
Looks great cant wait for ubisoft to add tons of mtx
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz:
I just want to know how you hit every shot in apex
omg i wanna play this so baddddd... a battle royale with speed and action of a multiplayer..sign me up!! i hope i gets 100fps out of my 1660ti :) ....btw is there a beta that we can enter for PC somehow??
"Ooby soft"
this game looks cool and fun i cant wait flr it to come out on console
It looks fun and fast paced. Though from what i see it looks like the time to kill is pretty slow especially compared to how fast the movement is.
Jamie Thomas
Jamie Thomas:
I got get my weapon out dude

Jankz- I’m running
Awesome to see you playing with Raynday! Two of my favourite youtubers
Karena Pukeroa
Karena Pukeroa:
This looks soooooooo sick nice game play bro!! Definitely gonna try this out when it comes out
Spectre 15
Spectre 15:
This game looks nice I'll definitely try this out when it's out
Daniel Latempa
Daniel Latempa:
This actually looks really fucking dope.

Like a cross between Apex/Titanfall and Overwatch
Faisal Al janabi
Faisal Al janabi:
I can’t wait for this game to come out imagine how fun it would be if people play it for a while and it becomes more competitive
billy bob
billy bob:
We know my boy janks has to have a sniper in everygame apex,cod,an overwatch
Boudy Eldeeb
Boudy Eldeeb:
When this game coming out
Panic Kaden
Panic Kaden:
When’s it coming out
Riki A
Riki A:
Fun gameplay! There's a lot going on visually tho and some of these mobility buffs (i.e. that dude you were trying to shoot with the weird immunity/wouldn't take damage while u were shooting perfectly) definitely shows this game cater to a specific crowd. Since everyone's got the same powerful mobility, it's really make or break-could open up interesting plays or make them uninteresting altogether. Hope people have fun with it though
ImSorry Ehh
ImSorry Ehh:
Anything that has scape at the end I instantly think "Runescape".
Who's who ?
Who's who ?:
I ain't gonna lie this game looks cool and unique I'm liking the movement to it. Also is different from other BR I play imo.
No No
No No:
Dude this game looks so cool I can’t wait til it comes to console
Leonardo Pinto
Leonardo Pinto:
Ngl I though voidwalker was in the thumbnail lmao
jose rafael francisco
jose rafael francisco:
never like too fast paced futuristic games like this. Im fine with COD MW 2019
Its interesting looking but Idk how I feel about it until I play🤣
E.B.R Mine
E.B.R Mine:
If you find a weapon that you already got then you can click f and fuse it so that it gets better. You can also do this with your hacks. If you fuse your weapons 4 times than you get a golden/maxed out version of your weapon/hack.
ultraviolet entertainment
ultraviolet entertainment:
The fact that you can change out ability's reminds me of spellbreak but please tell me this is just a game mode and hyper scape it has more to offer.
2:17 Doomfist plays
OcTaNeSpEeD4738 88
OcTaNeSpEeD4738 88:
I defiantly downloading this when it comes out
I saw the thumbnail and the title and I thought he was testing Wraith's new escape
Looks fun, although don’t like the idea of the crown with how fast mobility is. Should just be last squad remaining like other brs
JRose- 712
JRose- 712:
The BacKoFFmyJanKz and Raynday combo was great! I didn't think you'd end up on the same server as A_Seagull, since that is the case it'd be dope to see Jankz and A_Seagull collab too!
Brieghs Ramon
Brieghs Ramon:
When does this drop!
ImSorry Ehh
ImSorry Ehh:
This makes me think of Valorant+TitanFall 2 and a little overwatch. It looks pretty sick but I can tell it isn't my cup of tea. I don't have the time, or want to put the time into a high movement game to just stay "good" in it.
I think this game will go the way fortnite did in terms of the start being a lot of fun but then the skill/time gap taking over and it start dying off.
Apex is good because although there is movement, it's not as crazy as a game like this will be and not as nearly important. Sure movement is kinda needed, but you can still get away with just your aim and do well.
But that's all just my opinion, I could be completely wrong and am fine with that to. Much love Jankz! Keep up the great video's and just know that no matter the game, you'll always have a viewer here❤
Luca Scholtes
Luca Scholtes:
I really liked the game and the gameplay, keep doing your stuff!!
Brendan W
Brendan W:
I love the look of this game def gonna check it out