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Debunking! This week we are testing and exposing more fake viral videos.
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Hi, I'm Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it's filled with crazy, sweet creations made just for you. This week we are testing and exposing fake viral videos including a Tik Tok favourite using Coke to flavour watermelon? Making brownies in a bag in the microwave and cooking brownies on a hair straightener!? Banana and milk set dessert, dulces de leche from sweetened condensed milk and watch out for a sweetened condensed milk can explosion! Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video on Fridays.

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100+ komento:

If I had no oven and no microwave, I would cook brownies thusly: start a fire in the backyard (3-4 small logs) and allow to burn to coals while I mixed a double batch of brownie mix, pour into my (greased and floured) small cast iron dutch oven. Nestle the oven into the coals and using long bbq tongs add a few coals to the top of the cast iron lid. Bake for 20 mins in the coals, then remove the dutch oven and allow to sit for another 10 on a heatproof surface before lifting the lid to check on my delicious fudgie brownies.
Folding Ideas
Folding Ideas:
omg the paper bag brownie, my whole body cringed at the charcoal centre.
I would:

1: put on a mask

2: get my wallet

3: go to the store

4: buy brownies
Derg ay agenda
Derg ay agenda:
“She does look after me!” -famous last words
Kai Doust
Kai Doust:
the look of betrayal in Dave's eyes when Ann hands him the devil orange
Only My Opinion Counts
Only My Opinion Counts:
It would make more sense to just scoop out some watermellon balls and soak them in a bowl of soda.
Ann: *makes a debunking video*

Dave: Ah sh*t, here we go again
Keto Wolf
Keto Wolf:
"11 Oreos! That's nearly a whole packet! This better be for a whole family, not just for one person to eat."
Excuse me, I will literally single-handedly eat more than 11 oreos without even thinking about it, thank you very much.
Ananth Swaminathan
Ananth Swaminathan:
2 things stronger than the earth’s core,
Ann’s oven and Dave’s stomach

Edit: guys please I might have had the same idea because I haven’t finished Ann’s series
I wished youtube would just delete such deceiving and moneygrabbing channels.
Jon Columbino
Jon Columbino:
I thought she was joking when she said she was gonna go in her garage and bend her knife
Jazlyn Mitchell
Jazlyn Mitchell:
She is the sweetest, most savage, lady. Dusting that Oreo disaster with powered sugar had me dead.
Amyrissa Wyse
Amyrissa Wyse:
Their end brownie mix in the bag is just insulting lol
Hasan A
Hasan A:
I legitimately feel bad that you sacrifice so much showing the truth of these others channels BLATANT lies. But anyway to support content like this I will. I don’t even skip ads on this channel because I appreciate this work.
Gary Payne
Gary Payne:
It just shocks me to no end how lying is the new norm. Sickening. People will do or say anything for attention, a like, a comment........shameful and sad
yknow what- this is SO much more than a debunking of recipes, she's pointing out a serious flaw in media consumption that aren't enough people are aware of.
F.a H.C
F.a H.C:
Probably Dave years ago: “I am marrying an expert in cooking, food will never be an issue”
Citrus games
Citrus games:
I imagine that your children say oh no when they smell a bad smell coming from the kitchen
That fake mug cake was the biggest “expectations vs reality” I’ve ever seen. (ironic it’s one of the few edible ones 🙄)
Default Generico
Default Generico:
“how would you make brownies without an oven?”

every other person: well, maybe-

me: gasoline and blowtorch!
Jinhwi Son
Jinhwi Son:
*"Then pretend that, that was really easy"*
This cracked me up.
Lillian Schrader
Lillian Schrader:
“...That’s a really weird recipe. I’m *definitely* going to make this for Dave to try.”
When she still dusted that mug of wasted oreos, I love her so much
Raissa Caba
Raissa Caba:
The dislikes are the 5-minute crafts and blossom employees
Emma Harwood
Emma Harwood:
Dave: spits out orange
me: snorts and falls out of my chair.
Mary Christ
Mary Christ:
“It’s metamorphosis into charcoal”
Dave destroys me
Person McDudeguy
Person McDudeguy:
Ann: 11 oreos is enough for a family, not a single person!

Me: *sweats nervously*
The watermelon thing is actually also done with vodka sometimes, as far as I’m aware that version atleast works 😶
Ann: today we are doing another debunking video.

Her microwave: 😭
When we first moved into my new house, we didn’t have a microwave, nor oven, and my mom and I really wanted to make cake, so we searched and found a way to bake it on a stove. I don’t remember how exactly we did it, but if it worked with cake, why not brownies!

I’m not much of a brownies girl tho 😅
Ankita Sukhija
Ankita Sukhija:
"I am definitely making this for Dave to try" here comes her devil words😂
Ann is testing her marriage strength everytime she has Dave taste anything
{ 桜の花}
{ 桜の花}:
When you realise that you'd probably fall for most of these "hacks": 👁💧👄💧👁
Coke flavored watermelon sounds kinda gross I'd rather just have a normal melon.
Melinda Mears
Melinda Mears:
Hey Ann. I thought up a recipe based on the banana thing and I was wondering if u could tell me if it would
1 work
2 taste good

So here is my idea:
When you add the milk to the blender what if u also add Apple and melted chocolate?

Can people please like this so that Ann sees this? It would mean a lot to me.
I would go to the store and buy brownies and pretend I baked them myself to increase my self esteem just a bit
yeontan’s angry eyebrows
yeontan’s angry eyebrows:
hair straightener: *wait what’s happening*
microwave: *don’t worry this is normal*
Simone AMS
Simone AMS:
I'd totally eat that solid skin off the condensed milk.
Eli Smith
Eli Smith:
Clearly the milk carton egg people have a magic microwave. In order for the magic to work, some things must be sacrificed. Their honesty, integrity, and part of the milk carton.
Charlotte B
Charlotte B:
Ann: "I'm confused what they are trying to make here."
"This is a weird recipe."
Also Ann: "I'm definitely making this for dave."
maureen skaar
maureen skaar:
as a vegan who doesnt use gelatin..i use agar..


Learn to pronounce


a gelatinous substance obtained from various kinds of red seaweed and used in biological culture media and as a thickener in foods.
Mindy Lingard
Mindy Lingard:
This is how I would make brownies without a oven or microwave:
1. Go to store
2. Buy brownies
Playlists and Comments
Playlists and Comments:
How I would make brownies without an oven:
Buy premade ones. They are a little too sweet and fudgey for me, but it's better than making a mess, starting a fire, or not fully cooking or burning your brownies.
Santanna Guzman Sr.
Santanna Guzman Sr.:
I’ve done the orange one over a wooden fire wrapped in foil. It was a basic cake mix that came out like a mini cake and had flavors of orange.
Dave was so excited about the orange 😭😂
A S:

my dad had that same face when he tried my cake where I accidentally put a letal dose of a baking soda
Can we appreciate that she literally bent a knife just to disprove an internet video
aminah waqar
aminah waqar:
If i had no oven, no microwave, i would take a pot, lay down a thick layer of rice on it and put a steamer rack stand in the middle and the brownie dish on it.
Idk why the rice, my grandma told me, apparently thats how they did it in "the old days"
Lisiak :P
Lisiak :P:
Actually we tried with a friend doing almost the same, but before Puting into the oven - mixing all with a wheap and put a chocolate inside. And we had ani easy souflet
Ivan Smith
Ivan Smith:
We need to pin the Purple Heart on this husband of hers because he is taking one for the team Go Dave!
"This looks disgusting! I'm gonna make it for Dave."
Okay but guys are we going to ignore Ann's hair? Like she's slaying that color holy moly 🥰💫💞
Demon Lullaby
Demon Lullaby:
Ann: why do you think it won’t work

Me: because it’s 5 minute crafts
Ondřej Novak
Ondřej Novak:
"Deep into the Dagobah system" wow Dave with a hidden Star Wars reference, loving that
Ryun Chan
Ryun Chan:
I need a warning in the video that says *No Dave was harm or poisoned in the make of this video
he's precious must be protected <3
Timothy Creighton
Timothy Creighton:
I've actually done something similar to the coke and watermelon thing. But I got a seedless watermelon, cut a hole, used a whisk and a power drill to blend everything inside and poured in lemon juice, mint, and rum
casey trader
casey trader:
Her microwave has been through so much for our entertainment....
Jilanie Taylor
Jilanie Taylor:
If I didn’t have a microwave or an oven to make brownies, I would either buy brownies or forget about it.
"That's smoke, not steam"
reverse Seymour Skinner
"Ten minutes is too long"

Found that out the hard way..
Joe Manwarren
Joe Manwarren:
"It's like you took a good watermelon...
and wrecked it" - Dave
Cracking up at the weird orange custard thing and Ann’s unholy glee at “I’m definitely making this for Dave to try.”
If I had no oven or anything at my home and wanted to eat brownies,

I'm poor enough to not think about brownies
Jin Mr. Worldwide Handsome
Jin Mr. Worldwide Handsome:
*18:34** "Thanks Ann!! See, she does look after me!" ~ famous last words 😂😂😂😂😂😂*
Kannupriya Pandey
Kannupriya Pandey:
"She does look after me. And I trust you"...
Bring the spoon suspiciously to the mouth... Dave's eyes-" I dont trust you"!!!
Smoov Fx
Smoov Fx:
The Oreo cup reveal nearly took me out😂😂

And she sprinkled the sugar and everything 😂😭
Matt The Human
Matt The Human:
Not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure Ann’s microwave hates her by now.
Beth T
Beth T:
Do these people know that convection ovens exist? For a good five years I cooked everything in a convection oven because I didn't have the money to splurge on a new oven.
I swear half of the so called hacks could be solved with a simple convection oven.
The Menagerie K
The Menagerie K:
Letting your husband taste test that orange was mildly abusive.
Cristine joy Jimenez
Cristine joy Jimenez:
When she said then pretend that that was really easy I was smiling,I can relate to that😂
Anand Nagarkatti
Anand Nagarkatti:
"I'm definitely making this for Dave to try" 🤣🤣🤣
Robin Lerner
Robin Lerner:
Conspiracy theory: all these fake channels are actually run by Dave's mates who want to see him eat gross things
Im a moron
Im a moron:
A good way to make a home made funnel without a bottle and for cheaper:

A single piece of paper
Some tape
Maybe some scissors to make a hole bigger
Couch Kisser
Couch Kisser:
This is the second time I’ve heard him say, “it’s like baby food!”
avi singh
avi singh:
Dave: I can trust you right?....right..
Me: dont count on it
those videos really look like good old meme:
1. Take random object
2. Put it in microwave
3. ????
4 .Profit
The look of pure betrayl on Dave's face when he spat the orange flavored eggs made him laugh to tears. Oh, man...
ukth hammden اخت حمّدين
ukth hammden اخت حمّدين:
McDonald's : * I'm lovin it *
How to cook that : * I'm D'BUNKIN it *
Toast Party
Toast Party:
the "lets test that out" with that smug face is an absolute mood XD
Fantasy Pencil
Fantasy Pencil:
If I didn’t have an oven I would buy brownies
her saying "ta da!" while bringing out the oreo covered mug genuinely made me laugh
With the failed "oreo microwave cake", the fact that she still dusted icing sugar, XD
Yeah, I'm totally in Lockdown with no Oven or Microwave but for some reason I have thix package of brownie mixture.
Skillfully Executed
Skillfully Executed:
2020, she experienced an explosion. "Man voice"
"It's like an omelet in an orange" - Well... YEAH? You put eggs and milk INTO AN ORANGE - how did you expect it to be SWEET?
Jason Crum
Jason Crum:
love how its called 5 min crafts but its always longer than 5 mins lol
Mega Mewtwo Y
Mega Mewtwo Y:
Ann : “Dave it’s time for you to taste some possibly crappy food”
Dave : “Yes honey...”
Frank Barone
Frank Barone:
You haven't seen anything yet. Wait a few more years, YouTube will be flooded with viral fake videos produced by creative A.I. enhanced publishing computer systems. These are systems that develop and publish fake videos to take advantage of the YouTube monetization feature. Once their off and running they create their own identity. and many different channels. They are so good at faking YouTube channels and content, I think you might be fake too.
Like my pappy use to say, "Son, don't believe anything you read, and only half of what you see".
Red NailPolish
Red NailPolish:
I'd make a fire in my back yard or in ny BBQ and bake brownies that way if I had no oven and were desperate for brownies for some reason lol
Geraldus Flabian
Geraldus Flabian:
11:44 i’m crying i thought she was joking i- 😭
Bless his soul! I can't even get my man to taste something I like! Much less something I found on the internet.
LokiWay _
LokiWay _:
I really appreciate that Ann ruins her microwave for us to test these "hacks."
Poor Dave......
Had his hopes up too high..

Dave: *intense sweating*
itsyeboi sarah
itsyeboi sarah:
press "f" for respect in dave's stomach and tastebuds
wow when he spit the orange eggs out i choked on the chips i was eating... that was hilarious and i definitely watched it like 5 times in a row
Ann: "eleven oreos, this better be for a whole family not just for one person to eat"

Me: "is this a personal attack?"
Random Thing CH
Random Thing CH:
I Love the channel That Debunks These Non-Sense videos, This type of debunking save a lot of Resources, Energy, And Everyone Time!.
Keep It Up
"In definitely making this for Dave too try!" Best part is when he tries this stuff lol
I've never tried any of Ann's recipes or hacks, but for some reason I'm always 100% sure they work.