Neuralink: Elon Musk's entire brain chip presentation in 14 minutes (supercut)

Elon Musk showed off Neuralink's new implantable brain chip and demonstrated it working in real time on a pig.

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Azaan Ashraf
Azaan Ashraf:
*"it's gonna blow your mind"*
Not the ideal way to start a presentation about a product that's supposed to be implanted in ur skull
Kevin Cyrenne
Kevin Cyrenne:
Math teacher back in the day: You won't always have a calculator on you...
He stutters because his brain works a lot faster than his mouth.
Haruto Yuuki
Haruto Yuuki:
What introverts be like when they are asked to explain a multi million dollar product
1 sub before 2021?
1 sub before 2021?:
Ever since I've got my implants I have had this intense desire to buy a Tesla
"You will have no noticable nurological damage" Well as long as i cant notice it.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui:
Elon: makes neuralink Also Elon: haha pig on a treadmill
Mark Dougherty
Mark Dougherty:
“Make sure you read your terms and conditions before clicking accept!”
-Elon Musk
Katomic Comics
Katomic Comics:
Other people: *uses this to help with disabilities*

Me: *uses it to play games without moving*
"Neuralink has detected you are chewing on food. Play this ad to unlock the taste."
Reno Match
Reno Match:
Elon, the cars and rocket are good enough... let’s stop there.
just a fellow mortal
just a fellow mortal:
I never thought I'd hear this phrase"It fits quite nicely in your skull "
Imagine getting a fade and your barber sees this
Desirae H
Desirae H:
Sounds scary and controlling. Never would I let anyone insert a chip into my body🤪
One day when Elon Musk's presentation skills drastically improves overnight, you'll know he got the implant.
Human before the implant: Ok
Human after the implant: " As you can see he is a happy pig "
David Sandusky
David Sandusky:
Anyone else getting some 666 end times vibes from this chip
Why doesn't he start off with the chip in his head
Yusuf Abasoomar
Yusuf Abasoomar:
“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

― Socrates
Just Nick
Just Nick:
Elon’s son in 10 years: “but dad, I don’t wanna go to sleep!”

Elon: “Alexa, shut him down”
"Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." - Ian Malcolm
Just Experiences
Just Experiences:
Just. Sounds weird 🤔 this technology in the wrong hands heads could be dangerous
"History isnt kind to men who play god" Bond
Elon: I could have a Neuralink right now and you wouldn't know

Me: Hmmm...
Got me worried when he said it's going to blow your mind
imagine the ads in your head at 3AM trying to play your music
Salah Jaradeh
Salah Jaradeh:
man, I get nervous each time I listen to him talking, his way of presenting is really bad.
The Phenix
The Phenix:
10 years ago I said there comes a point when they literally want to creep into peoples bodies with their tech... well ...
Adam Dede
Adam Dede:
I have a phd in experimental psychology and have spent years installing brain computer interfaces in animals and recording neural signals. The engineering here is absolutely amazing. The neuroscience is entirely unimpressive. I think that the ability to restore bladder control to spinal injury patients (which has already been demonstrated in rats) will come quickly. The ability to restore walking will be much more challenging than this presentation suggests. The ability to record and store memories will not occur. What will occur is the ability to read out images from visual cortex and auditory cortex and then record those, but that is not memory. The amazing thing about memory is its ability to instantaneously associate information across time. Every time you see your mother, you don't encode a new memory of your mother. You encode a new link to the increasingly rich mental avatar of your mother. This mental avatar is a rich combination of every experience you've ever had with your mother. When you retrieve a memory involving your mother, you throw the avatar into the mental simulation. You don't replay a video of the episode. You set the initial conditions (mother, living room, Christmas, childhood), and then you let it run. It's this live simulation that gives memories the feeling of mentally time traveling and experiencing the event again, because, in a way, you are experiencing the event. Each simulation run is a brand new event. A recording of information from visual and auditory cortices will be no better than wearing a go pro on your forehead all the time. Great scientists, often Nobel laureates from all fields turn to the problem of consciousness and mind at the end of their careers. They all believe it to be simple when they first approach it. Musk is making the same mistake, but he's no Nobel laureate.
Tobi L
Tobi L:
Apple: it fits nicely in your hand
Elon: it fits nicely in your skull
I see Elon is hard at work pushing us ever so close to satan’s beast system here on earth
Collin Shackelford
Collin Shackelford:
Elon: pig on a treadmill hahahaha
Achyutha Arjun
Achyutha Arjun:
"Elon musk" , destroyer of human race
Andrew Yoo
Andrew Yoo:
SAO fans-"IS there a log out button?!!"
Ankit Aharwal
Ankit Aharwal:
*People in 2020: No, you shouldn't make a neuralink, AI would take over the world.*
*2025: Overclocking my brain to run crysis on it.*
Elon: makes neuralink
Also Elon: haha pig on a treadmill
Митя Величко
Митя Величко:
"You can store the memories as a backup" aha, and reproduce it in other brain. New TV series of Netflix like a memories and some Ads like I'm eat this candies all my life.
Welcome to... the end of the world :D

Don't think it is necessary for people that does not have any brain problem
Imagine having dirty thoughts while you have this implanted
1 Subscriber by 2021 please?
1 Subscriber by 2021 please?:
He's definitely lagging. He needs to update his brain chip.
"Store ur memory and download it into another body"
Sounds like the The100
the future is definitely going to be wierd
ymot berub
ymot berub:
That is a big nop for me. This device could be charged by my natural electricity production and could be used against my will. Nop nop nop
Priest Guardian
Priest Guardian:
10 years time we will be walking computers with direct internet access
Hey Sam Graham Cartoons
Hey Sam Graham Cartoons:
"The future's going to be weird" -Elon Musk
Goliath Projects
Goliath Projects:
If it wasn't a fact that our world is a scummy place, this would actually be exiting.
Elon, good job, but humanity isn't ready.
Rattling Duck845
Rattling Duck845:
i love how Elon talks like a nervous teen at a school presentation, though I don't blame him
A F:
The potential of Neuralink can theoretically advance our technology exponentially. Implant the neuralinks in the minds of all scientists building Neuralink, enhance the productivity and intelligence of said team. Use that team with enhanced brain ability to create an upgraded and more advanced Neuralink. Replace said Neuralinks in the team with new editions. Rinse and repeat until the Neuralink team are all 5000 IQ geniuses. Meanwhile each version of Neuralink can be sold commercially.

Think of it like enchanting a ring in Skyrim with an enchantment to Enchant better. Wear the ring, enhance your enchantment, enchant a new ring with a stronger enchantment to enchant better. Rinse and repeat. (The game doesn't allow this because you become godly)
Some One
Some One:
"Loving life" Hah. Elon has high expectations for these live stock. He's a cutie.
James Reveres
James Reveres:
Bill Gates: I'm developing vaccines to eliminate various diseases.

Elon Musk: I will implant a microchip directly to your brain.
People: Ah yes, M U S I C
Uncle Gaming
Uncle Gaming:
We all experience stage fright when presenting somethin' like elon did.
Adam Jensen: "I never asked for this."
Reytz Journey
Reytz Journey:
SAO FANS : So, social distancing that makes 2022 nerve gear real
noname 1379
noname 1379:
Let's just keep in mind that he only funded this project and he has no clue how to build this
His only an investor reading off a script
hercules2075 gaming
hercules2075 gaming:
Everybody is a gangsta until musk orders to execute order 66
12:35 important to listen. Very interesting and alarming
poi weeb
poi weeb:
Finally in the future we can end the dispute of how cats feel about their 'owners'

Beep beep beep boop beeez : SLAVEEEEE FEED ME YOU USELESS BUMP
12:54 "The future is going to be weird". Well take a good look at all the people. I think present day is already beyond weird.
111 111
111 111:
"It's gonna blow your mind"
That's not a good thing elon
Crum_ Main
Crum_ Main:
Oh boy I'm ready to get stuck in a virtual mmo for 4 years
If it can send signal out, it can send a signal in, just remember that before you guys start thinking this is harmless and Mr Elon is well meaning.
Cain Abel
Cain Abel:
"6 feet of dirt makes us all equal."
Oh, wait... not if your hooked up with Neuralink.
Last Word
Last Word:
"No Noticeable Neural Damage" Its the unnoticeable part we still worry about.
Noah Plitt
Noah Plitt:
I love that Elon is worth over 100 billion and still speaks like a nervous 9th grader doing a presentation
Yusuf Abasoomar
Yusuf Abasoomar:
"it's gonna blow your mind"
Not the ideal way to start a presentation about a product that's supposed to be implanted in ur skull
I love how everyone just claps for the part cyborg pigs
gonna have to start plugging my
head into the wall
Musical theater kid with the Tea
Musical theater kid with the Tea:
Me: oh yeah you like elon musk then name all of the space x rockets that have launch
My space obsessed friend: you have under estimated my power
Michael Saxonson
Michael Saxonson:
" I think it's gonna...................blow your mind"
And for that reason, I'm out
Jitu Shirsath
Jitu Shirsath:
sometime I didn't get,what he is talking l,his way of talking is not clear; I think he stammers a lot
Starlink, neuralink, skynet and finally the matrix
Tanner Dikin
Tanner Dikin:
Imagine replacing a part of your skull with a lithium battery lol.
Beastbee 011
Beastbee 011:
This reminds me of that one Outer Limits episode omg!!!
Me: Ok Brain, i want to move my left arm

As a doctor my concern is that people in perfect shape and health will take the streets with pitchforks, campaigning against this, while they drown out the voices of the people who live with a neurological disorder and would give anything to improve their lives.
So this the symbiosis of biological beings and A.I he’s been talking about . Can’t beat them join them .
da levi
da levi:
wonder if neuralinks became so popular in the future , many student just insert neuralink in a its brain. like on movie the matrix instant super skill and smart hehehe
Elon Musk sounds like me trying to have a presentation in class
“Blow your mind” , not the best metaphor to use here.... :|
Hashtag Brownkatt
Hashtag Brownkatt:
😳 first time hearing him speak. Very alarming ... “microscopy”
laye dia
laye dia:
i thought he was worried about where we are heading with AI
Musk: We can write to brain
Advertisers: *It's Free Real Estate*
brs rafal
brs rafal:
this is crazy i dont like it they wanna upload your brain lol omg
Wave Man Mike
Wave Man Mike:
Teachers in the future: Alright class it’s time for your test, take the chips out your brain.

*Little Timmy has a second chip stashed in his spine*
samuel t
samuel t:
I like him even more after watching this. He’s not a great presenter, but he still gets up there and presents a brand new product. I always thought he was a great presenter as well as a gifted leader. But to know he isn’t, just makes him that much more amazing
Ancient Alien theorists: Elon Musk has extra terrestrial knowledge 🙄
Vidit Khanna
Vidit Khanna:
Just released, there will be a future where there is a possibility of immortality but we won't be there at the time.
Simon James
Simon James:
I love being blasted in the skull the radiation from inductive chargers
ShredZ Army
ShredZ Army:
Hopefully Elon Musk doesn't turn out to be a villain like in the movies 🤣
♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫
♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫:
Imagine this thing catching a virus, then a cyberzombie apocalypse is a thing
0 0
0 0:
You're telling me you can start making beats with this chip?
Ghillie Ghost
Ghillie Ghost:
3:14 imagine Forgetting to charge your neuralink and Falling During A morning walk.
Mark Bing
Mark Bing:
Pig: must think happy happy thoughts....happy
Doug Steele Guitarist
Doug Steele Guitarist:
"The future is gonna be weird."
- Elon Musk
mark pape
mark pape:
Also the pig's training, testing, can the pig, use the chip to learn more than it should.
jill Li
jill Li:
At the same time, it is possible that the memory is altered or stolen
SIDHARTH pradeep
SIDHARTH pradeep:
George Orwell's ghost : hmm... Dystopia is finally a reality
Sinno Poetry
Sinno Poetry:
Amazing till someone hacks me and play pp music at 3:00AM
unbothered kai
unbothered kai:
It’s all fun and games until you hear a mcdonalds ad while you’re sleeping
“ this is increasingly sounding like a black mirror episode “ he knows this is “ weird “ yet he’s still creating and pushing this mind chip ?