My Honest Thoughts on The God of Highschool...

With the anime premiere this week, I wanted to check in with the webtoon. Here are my honest opinions with this series that combined Dragonball Z and One Piece!
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Kinda cringed when he said “the tournaments are the main focus”. If you know, you know
How much of this Webtoon did read? I respect your opinion but the webtoon is not 90% tournaments. There are MANY characters stronger that the man characters, they’re just stronger than most of the high schoolers.
Oof dog
Oof dog:
Bruh my guy hasnt even read 80% of the wtory smh, after the tournament the lore is lit
Crazy Crumpets_321
Crazy Crumpets_321:
Minor spoilers I guess...

The flashback came at the time he punched the heroine to show why he did this, he was incredibly desperate to save his only friend at the time, it gave his fight against Mori some more meaning and presented us as readers a view we simply would not have had if the flashback had not been shown. It showed Daewi’s time before he got to the tournament. Talking about power levels, Mori is only OP because —— (later you’ll know) and the reason why he’s so similar to Goku(and in turn, Luffy) is linked to this. The tournament at this time is only “preliminaries”(as in only a district of Korea) too, they do the actual tournament later on (after the part the heroine beats up the CEO I believe). The tournaments have an actual purpose(you’ll know if you get past the big ass sword part the dude mentioned). And only 3 have happened in the story so far(and it’s coming to a close soon).
For those who think I’m hating or all that shiet. I’m sorry it came out that way I just wanted to point stuff out.
Aleksa D.
Aleksa D.:
Yea they are op, and there is a reason for that. Altough in the current chapters many of the characters are around the same power level because mori loses his power
Mercury X
Mercury X:
I like how you got all this from the sample chapters...the SAMPLE characters. Like you are talking about character development off the introduction chapters which are like 2 minute reads each. Alot was obviously wrong in this video, as you told us what you “think” the series consists of rather than its actual contents. But I like that, because it shows that the direction the story actually takes is an unsuspected one. Good video!

They missed a few parts of the preliminary and also had some mistakes aswell like mori says he would only use his legs when he finds a worthy opponent and when he uses his legs his power level literally doubles but when he just normally uses his legs in the anime it just made me think wtf his power level is supposed to be 6 and he should have used his fists throughout the whole preliminary round except for when he used his legs against mansuk gang and then the executives would be like nani his power level doubled to 12 but the anime has changed it so I Dont know how the anime will explain how his power level doubles since he is already using his legs
AnimeFan OG
AnimeFan OG:
That "extreme" super powers you mentioned is what makes GOH exactly what it is! That's why everone likes this Webtoon!
Please read the WEBTOON Room of Swords. It’s extremely good 🙏🏽
O'Muir Cath
O'Muir Cath:
Read at your own risk, or read the MANHWA on Webtoon.

If you read further into it, it is not 90% tournaments. There are currently 6 parts to the MANHWA, and the tournament part is only 3/4 of Part 1.
3/4 OF PART 1!
+ 1/4 of Part 6.
Roko Miko
Roko Miko:
Heard this anime from a friend so came to check if it was worth my time. Likes like something ppl can really get excited for but i dobt feel it. Pretty meh vibes from my body.
Gotta say yall GoH fans seem very salty everythere. Like chill dude
Virtual Julian
Virtual Julian:
Later in the webtoon many characters are weaker so you get to see them train
Albert Legia
Albert Legia:
I can see where you are going at. I can agree that there are touraments within this webtoon. But you have to read through it to understand the purpose behind the tournaments. Because there is so much to unpack within the storyline. In short, I agree that the characters are op lol but you have to read the webtoon just to know the whole story in-depth. I'm actually still reading currently and about to catch up with the current chapters.
The pacing is damn Godspeed
the webtoon is 100x more than what you think it is. the story picks up a TON after you get into it. saying that the main focus is the tournaments is, no offense, 100% wrong, and shows that you haven't read that much at all.
Kyron Okolo
Kyron Okolo:
Could u do a video on how sad the WEBTOON is because it’s really emotional
GoH is bombing in Japan there is absolutely no way MAPPA can justify to work on a S2.
at least read 150 chapters and then judge, sounds like you read like 30 chapters
read the manga 🤷🏽‍♂️
sir wukong
sir wukong:
It isnt 90% tournaments it's about 15% tournaments throughout the story
Tshethij Magar
Tshethij Magar:
Tbh when I first read GoH I read it again it took time to understand, but I loved every moment of it, the story, the art, the characters etc. Story is very good.




AHEM I believe Wukong was betrayed by Bhudda thus he fought him later eating Tang and getting more powerful and than killing Bhudda while at the same time he is at deaths door, idk what happened later on but all I can say is that Wukong died, and later we see him in North Korea(I think) when Jin Taejin was there, Taejin fought Moris FUR and Mori was given to Taejin from the FUR, later it seems as if THE SIX atked Jin Taejin to either get Mori, or just to kill/fight him
Taejin leaves Mori to school, Mori lives his life, he gets invited to GoH, he fights with many opponents, Makes friends, and etc. There is later a bigger conflict and he regains SOME LITTLE BIT of his memory and yeah, he joins Park Mujin to save his Gramps, he goes to Sage realm to get his memory and clothes with others, later we get to see conflict between Mori and himself, questioning his behaviour before he was Mori, later we see fights blah blah blah, he is stuck in Sage realm but he sends a clone out to them, Sage realm blows up poof, it seems as if Mori is stuck in the 7 World's or outside it, like in space, while the others and His clone are fighting etc. Mori Jin is there stuck, later ilpyo comes they meet, the King intervenes, Ilpyo and Mori gets separated, Mori digs down to the world rules beats the floors, he meets Ilpyo etc. He looks helplessly as his friends get hurt etc. Mori later on breaks out of the heavenly realm and fights the gods, demolishing them, he later fights Satan and uses up alot of power and power that hurts him, he becomes supreme god, Mujin betrays him because of course Mujin has his reasons, Taejin is killed, but Taejin saves Mori, Mori is angry and goes berserk, and disappears, he is later shown to be at a place of house where he sees a little girl who had her leg broken because of Yeuoi and him not being able to control his power, he vows to take responsibility (I really love his Character development here) and deages or shape shifts into a child becoming the older brother of the baby, and pushes his memories back so he doesn't remember them, he later is forced to show himself, and of course still wants to protect his (Kinda fake) Sister so he decides to participate in GoH and later with Daewis plan, alot of crazy stuff happens blah blah just love the story.
F L O W _
F L O W _:
Well, the tournament is only there for the first 110 chapters. And later on there are a couple other tournaments but not as long.
Bro you have to read more than 150 chap to know how god it is
Exalted Pinecone
Exalted Pinecone:
I'm caught up and tbh I don't really think it's that good. Thing is though, I basically only read it for the hype, action, and just straight swagger.

And regarding the powers, yes, it does get absolutely bombastically over-the-top, but it's not really a negative. It's not hideous like Fairy Tail's power leveling, from my memory at least. Oh wait, no, it actually sometimes can be just stupid.
Andrew Epps
Andrew Epps:
youre wayyyy off the tournaments wasnt at all the main focus you must havent read that far and you would understand why mori is so strong in the webtoon SPOLIER hes not human was found by his adopted grandfather while he was on a mission after he changed into a more human form
No lol Mori's utter OP-ness is not cause of his's because of another reason...which totally justifies his power.
Ali Bdeir
Ali Bdeir:
You know, I wanted something like this anime to relive the good old days of dragon ball.
if solo leveling get a anime tho
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy:
Briaden Shen
Briaden Shen:
I'd say only 60% is tournament
Jhun Peralta
Jhun Peralta:
Japanese title?
Jason Chen
Jason Chen:
Isn't it releasing today
Jason Trotter
Jason Trotter:
Mazinger ZERO is a busted character.
Is it just me or the manwha gets boring after the 400th chapter 😐
ooo imma start watching it
Arabia YE
Arabia YE:
Stop hatin 😴
Abhishek Akula
Abhishek Akula:
Wendell Cobarde
Wendell Cobarde:
This anime is in webtoon and now that i think of it its like one piece characters
Dee jinn woo
Dee jinn woo:
It's "not your cup of tea" yet u still did a video on it for clout
To be honest the writing is so bad
D3g3narated W33b
D3g3narated W33b:
_Xen 24_
_Xen 24_:
Eureka Seven
Eureka Seven:
It’s just another generic anime
tsend batbaatar
tsend batbaatar:
GoH was good until it became supernatural.